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  1. Good coverage on BBC''Look North'' news at 18.30 last night.Interviews with Cresta and the Chairman interspersed with archive footage from the 1955 Cup Final showing Willie Horne holding the Cup aloft.Sure I caught a glimpse of a Bear Cub scampering along the touchline behind the Barrow team at full time.
  2. RFL website has a page on the semi final draw....on RFL Facebook page at 12.30 pm tomorrow....Monday 3rd.To be drawn by Paul Anderson and Dave Woods....big chance for All Golds or Oxford to make the Final at Blackpool..??
  3. All is not lost...The Wolfpack could still descend on Craven Park this season... The first phase of 15 games is followed by a further 7 games between the top 8.. No saying that Toronto will travel to Barrow but there is a chance 🐺
  4. Sure that I read somewhere that details of travel packages for visiting fans were to be revealed towards the end of January..anyone know owt yet..??
  5. The updated Canevas schedule on the FCL website is very handy.Will be over at Easter for the Catalans v Salford match and we're looking for an Elite game on 15/16 th ...hopefully Albi v St Esteve.On the last visit managed a trip to Lezignan for the Limoux game...brilliant place and a decent contest.Thanks for the help..Barnyia...very much appreciated.
  6. Thanks..that is very helpful.Looks like round 12 fixtures ..originally Jan 21/2 move to Easter weekend.Would be useful if the revised calendar could be placed on the FFR xiii site to avoid confusion.
  7. RS and Barnyia on the 20 th Dec mention revision of cup dates..will this affect the Lord Derby Final which was originally planned for Easter weekend ..April 15/16.?? If so is there a revised calendar anywhere showing Elite 1/cup fixtures...similar to the Canevas on the FFR xiiii website..?? Merci Beaucoup
  8. Coventry (a) 12/3 Hemel (h) 25/3 Workington(h) 8/4 Newcastle(a) 14/4 S.Wales (h) 6/5 Keighley (a) 14/5 Toronto (a) 20/5 Hunslet (h) 3/6 Doncaster(a)11/6 N.Wales (h)17/6 London (a) 24/6 Gloucester (h)1/7 Oxford (h)8/7 Haven (a) 16/7 No York fixture,no Welsh trip...but Toronto trip is on
  9. Bearman has spoken(see Barrow page)....Sunday 23rd at 19.00
  10. The League Express (10 th October) has an article on Scotland's Four Nations squad ...page 2 ...and says that the game against Cumbria Select on Friday 21 st October is to be played at....The Sir Tom Finney Arena at Preston's University of Central Lancashire....er....somebody better tell them it's at Craven Park
  11. Sounds like RL still working on fixtures ..likely to be released week commencing 23 rd October ...anyone Know any different..??
  12. 2016 fixtures were revealed on the 18 th October 2015 ..this was a Sunday so perhaps 16 th or 23rd for the 2017 games...??
  13. Hardly has the dust settled on the 2016 season and the 2017 fixtures are just around the corner..last year it was October 18 th.Assuming same fixture format...probably too difficult to fit in a 28 game home/away season for 15 teams...will it be a trip to Toronto ??League 1 looks a better bet than the Championship(7 trips to Yorkshire / 3 to Manchester)...with possible trips to Keighley/York maybe Toronto and the Welsh teams ..not forgetting Coventry /Oxford etc and the Jam eaters up the coast.Hopefully the Team finishing top gets automatic promotion with playoffs for the other spot .
  14. Clearly much will depend on the Toulouse result but are there any departures yet ...read that Hankinson(swinton), Bate and Pitman and ,of course ,Liam won't be around..??
  15. RFL have unleashed their secret weapon...the nuclear option....our mate Gareth from up the coast,assisted by Uncle Albert ...what can possibly go wrong.Assume that ref n linesmen going out on the charter flight on Saturday morning from Manchester...will they be allowed back for the return ...??