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  1. Make the most of it Ron...checkout the Railway Museum next to the excellent Steam Whistle brewery,the Mill St Brewery over at Distillery and the wonderful Amsterdam Brewhouse down on the waterfront at Queens Quay West.That should be enough to while away the hours...or take a coach trip to Niagara.
  2. If the format is the same as last year...then...deep breath... Team finishing top play 4 home/3 away Home against 2/3/5/6 Away at 4/7/8 Team finishing 2nd play 4 home/3 away Home against 3/4/6/7 Away at 1/3/8 Wolfpack v Raiders again anyone...? In the 35 degree heat of a Canadian summer.....
  3. Harsh...very harsh.Ok...I admit to looking up Mike Wilton but I did remember Dent(try)... Or was it Tri-Dent.Perhaps worth 5 pints...??
  4. A tricky one for a jet lagged,very tired memory...the easy bit was Tony Dent,the try scorer,the other ...after a lot of head scratching (and page turning)...Mike Wilton from Narooma in Oz.I therefore claim the extra 10 pints...sure you meant pints ..not points.After all that Craft Ale in Toronto it will be good to get back to some decent English Ale.๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  5. Many thanks for the info. chaps....looking forward to the game and just hope that it's a decent contest with the ominous rumours about the Raiders visa /eta problems.
  6. Is the curtain raiser game on the same pitch as the main game?If the box office opens at 15.00 would access be possible without a ticket...we have vouchers to exchange at the box office for match tickets?What level/standard is the curtain raiser... A league game or a "friendly"? Are there any bars near the stadium which would be showing any of the Super League Magic Weekend fixtures..?
  7. Emmitt took an early guilty plea ...2 match ban Wallace and Kay are at the disciplinary now(17.30 and 17.50 Tuesday) for grade B offences ...1 or 2 matches likely . Penkywicz got off ...no ban
  8. Ref for Toronto game is John McMullen Disciplinary meeting today to determine grade B offences committed by Blake Wallace(17.30) and Liam Kay(17.50)...1 or 2 matches whilst Jacob Emmitt has received 2 match ban after his eventful Oxford performance. Sean Penkywicz ..no suspension
  9. Leeds v Doncaster.....5097 Leeds v Raiders ........5226
  10. ..is that a starter for ten...?
  11. Aah but if you trace their family trees back to the Stone Age...they all have Canadian roots....๐Ÿ—ฟ๐Ÿป๐Ÿบ
  12. You can't have your Kayak and eat it ...as the expression goes up here in the North.The Wolfpack need to cut the rough stuff and play some decent expansive rugby before the disciplinary record catches up with you.....less of the Paleolithic Approach ...Mr Palindrome๐Ÿ‰๐Ÿบ
  13. 9/9/84 ...Ian Ball scored plenty of points ,Steve Mossop was in the team and seem to remember coming back from 40-29 with 5 or so minutes left.Played at Elland Rd with just over a 1000 ...those were the days ...I was there .
  14. Good coverage on BBC''Look North'' news at 18.30 last night.Interviews with Cresta and the Chairman interspersed with archive footage from the 1955 Cup Final showing Willie Horne holding the Cup aloft.Sure I caught a glimpse of a Bear Cub scampering along the touchline behind the Barrow team at full time.
  15. RFL website has a page on the semi final draw....on RFL Facebook page at 12.30 pm tomorrow....Monday 3rd.To be drawn by Paul Anderson and Dave Woods....big chance for All Golds or Oxford to make the Final at Blackpool..??