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  1. ....3 to play and The Dons defeat at Workington could prove costly with trips to York and Toronto coming up.Keighley could still sneak the 5 th spot . Probable play off line up....Barrow v Keighley/ Haven v York........All Cumbrian Final anyone...??
  2. Although we started out to include only those grounds where we had seen Barrow RL play it really is fascinating to see all those prewar venues...Tottington and Walkden etc...who knew..?? The overall total is then 156 ...give or take the odd one.So it's back to the original aim to see how many of those grounds you have seen Barrow RL play..??Use of a Tardis is strictly prohibited..sadly no prizes ...just bit of fun!! Wouldn't this be an idea for a companion publication to "Keeping the Dream Alive"...a separate entry for each ground with team details,match report etc... Just saying....
  3. ..good point Weighman but Keighley have "momentum" and could win all 4 ...with points difference they could pip the Dons ...similarly York are in good form but some massive games coming up. barrow v York..haven v Keighley...York v dons...haven v York...barrow v Keighley probably the crucial matches.
  4. ..not for the Championship..but the match that actually sees Toronto promoted with a home win
  5. With just 4 games to go before the top 5 is decided..who's going to make the cut..??Newcastle and Worky look to have too much to do and with Keighley having a better points difference than the Dons they could clinch the 5th spot.York might nick the 3rd place from Haven with the trek to Toronto likely to give York the advantage the week after..? I'm going for a Barrow v Keighley /York v Haven semi final line up with Keighley at Barrow for a second consecutive Sunday.
  6. ...more likely to be an overdose of Milk of Amnesia...????
  7. Hello Richard...good to hear from you...still can't remember being there and after an exhaustive search through assorted cardboard boxes there's no trace of a programme.Still we've established that Barrow played at the McAlpine and the Vet is correct...Huddersfield(3).
  8. As the Wolfpack hit the home straight with 4 home games..the gap between them and Barrow is just 2 points(albeit points difference worth an extra point). If both teams were to win their next 2 games...both at home(Wolfpack v Newcastle/Haven...Raiders v York/Worky) then the promotion decider will be ...wait for it....Toronto V Barrow ..9th September.....a Home win guarantees promotion,even an away win would probably just delay promotion by a week...??
  9. Cathy...yes..well spotted..Worky was on the list but missed it off my post. Can anybody put a date to the Maryport game..?? The Vet...have Barrow played at the Galpharm../ John Smiths Stadium/Kirklees stadium yet...wasn`t sure so left it out..??
  10. Mais Oui Monsieur Dave... As follows... Barrow,Batley,Belle Vue,Blackpool Borough(3),Blackpool FC,Bradford,Bramley(3),Cardiff(2),Carlisle(3),Castleford,Chorley(2),Coventry, Dewsbury(2),Doncaster(4),Featherstone,Gateshead/Newcastle(4),Gloucester All Golds,Halifax(2),Highfield(2),Huddersfield(2),Hull,HKR(2),Hunslet(4),Huyton, Keighley,Kent Invicta,Lancashire Lynx(2),Leeds,Leigh(2),Leigh Miners,Liverpool Stanley(2),London Broncos/Harlequins(5),London Skolars,Mansfield/Nottingham(4),Mayfield,North Wales Crusaders,Oldham(3), Rochdale(2),Runcorn,St Helens,Salford,Scarborough,Sheffield(2),S.Wales, S.Wales Crusaders,Springfield Borough,Swinton(5),Toulouse(2),Toronto, Trafford Borough,Wakefield,Warrington(2),Wembley,West Hull,Whitehaven Widnes,Wigan(2),York(4) plus 3 friendlies in the West Country..Camborne/Newton Abbott/Penzance and 3 more at Dalton,Millom and Roose Total of 110
  11. ..Doncaster Athletic track will count as an additional ground.With only (hopefully) two more away fixtures this season..it's a good time to update the list of grounds where you have seen Barrow RL play.Current total is 82(ish) ..League 1 adds another 12...excluding Oxford/Hemel/NWC/S.Wales ??. The Championship gives a further 9...excluding current HKR/Broncos/Oldham venues with a final 7 Super Dooper stadia not Salford/Huddersfield/Sts/Hull/Catalan. Overall total is an amazing 110 This includes the grounds not in use ..eg NWC at Wrexham FC/Oldham -Watersheddings/Oldham FC/Whitebank...etc etc Need to check on Hemel/ Oxford and probably a few more..!??
  12. ...now in w(h)ale(s)...was heading from York to Workington...but...
  13. ....spotted passing down the Bingley 5 locks ..heading for the Aire...then left up the Ouse..hopefully in York for the kickoff...
  14. ...3 Weeks..??..last sighting off Newfoundland heading east en route to away fixture at Bootham Crescent..kayak at full pelt..????
  15. The number of grounds has now passed 80....that's before we bring in the current Superleague/Champ and League 1 venues.To get to the overall total...not sure if Barrow have played at...Oxford/Hemel/NW Crusaders new ground/Oldham at Stalybridge Celtic/Swinton at Sale.