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  1. Any ideas when the next signing/ resigning is being announced would love to see some new faces being announced.
  2. Calvin Wellington confimed at Ottowa
  3. Why does it always end up a Town Haven c##k fight its embarrassing!!!!! At the end of the day both teams are where they are trying to sign the best team within a given budget albiet a small one, both teams have had great players and some horrendous players in the bucket load over the years, some sign who are going to be superstars and end up being sh*#e others we think "why have we signed him" end up being decent. Both teams have had there fair share of financial problems over the years to so why do we insist on dragging up ######. For the sake of Cumbrian rugby let it go what will be will be. Heres to a great season for all Cumbrian rugby league teams.
  4. Very quiet on here last few days. Whens the next signing announced heard its a very promising young amateur.
  5. So why include him in todays press release if theres a chance hes not going to be here. Surely it would have to be a sacking as it would cost to buy out his contract, personally i hope your wrong and its all pie in the sky.
  6. So if your that much in the know what is happening tomorrow??? it look very much a load of rubbish to me about Pryce unless Danny Tickle signed over a week ago and only being released now as hes in the photo and DT mentions him in the press release.
  7. oh well not him then ??
  8. Great news could it be Brett carter coming back he was rumoured earlier on to be signing for Haven
  9. Why not state that ???? im not on twitter or Facebook so i havnt seen anything to the contrary other than the rumours on here but as a fellow poster has put the rumour is now on another Facebook thread which obviously has a wider audience. All i was saying was when this rumour was first circulated it could of be killed off before it gathered a wider interest with a simple statement. Would that be too difficult???
  10. regardless of who or where this come from its potentially damaging to the club and could be nipped in the bud. i agree with not responding to rumours around signings but a simple statement saying rumours around this are unfounded is surely better than saying nothing as silence is fueling the fire.
  11. Granted but not all rumours have the consequences on the team as this one could, I agree with JMB that a quick statement would quash this immediately. it cant be hard with the reaches of social media nowadays.
  12. Over recent years its ended up more like a football game which is shocking for our sport, it could end up with fans being segregated which takes away alot of the family atmosphere which should be there.
  13. GJ you will find both sets of fans are as bad as each other, theres nothing wrong with a bit of rivalry but between us its quite embarrassing really.
  14. Think he means Fafita the Aussie
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