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  1. Grow up in what way Rod? Should I start acting like a Chav and start using the f word in every sentence just to grow up, or should I act with a level of maturity fitting with my upbringing. I would say the person who knows and understands when it is acceptable to use bad language and when it is not is the more mature, would you not?? I watch numerous sports on TV with the volume on and very rarely do I hear bad language over the commentary.
  2. I'm not easily offended but there is a time and a place for swearing and at a family event on TV isn't one of them times, if it was acceptable then the commentators wouldn't have to apologise to the viewers would they. It maybe a generation thing but for me I wasn't impressed.
  3. Doesn't make it right or acceptable behaviour does it
  4. Maybe after 9pm on the bbc but not before, personally I don't like bad language at a family game.
  5. Oldham looked a well organised team who will win league 1 at a canter, Barrow looked worn out for the second half but did show some good spells in attack that amounted to nothing in the end, wouldn't read to much into this game with the players that were missing today. Bit of a sour note was the language used by some barrow fans that was clear to hear on bbc was disgusting and cheering on the fight at the end doesn't paint Cumbrian RL in a good light in the modern game.
  6. Who is going to pay for this merger and new stadium at Lillyhall, it would take an investment of millions would it not? The current plans for our new stadium in Workington i doubt will be super league standard with the current funding in place and will be a shared football stadium with Workington Reds. There was a strong rumour that both Town and Haven approached the RLF to discuss a merger quite a few years ago and were told the only funding they would get from them would be double central funding for 1 year, which would equate to 80k this season based on what Haven say they got.
  7. Merry Christmas townies here's to a successful 2023 utt️
  8. Whilst I agree teams should always push for promotion, what we don't want, need or can afford is a repeat of last season where we went into the championship with a league 1 team. We have signed so far a young team that needs developed and added to strengthen. I would rather watch a competitive team in league 1 for a few seasons than get promoted to early and be the whipping boys we were last season.
  9. Can't get to excited about Riley, has all the potential to be a real asset but hasn't played much in the last 4 years. Get his head right and he will do a job for us or don't and he's another olstrum.
  10. Finances will dictate the squad and so far our new signings show we don't have a pot to p##s in, agree we have to have a couple of seasons building/developing a young hungry squad capable of competing in the championship before we push for promotion unless someone comes forward with a heap of cash. Bringing in players on the verge of retirement looking for an easy pay day is not the answer for me.
  11. Cairan will go very well in league 1, build a team around him as these players are our future, great signing well done to the board for enticing him back to the pro game after this disaster of a season.
  12. Top of the list needs to be some big impact forwards who can make the hard yards
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