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  1. Championship / League 1 Attendances

    Newcastle Thunder Home attendances 2017 London - 607 Barrow - 1,073 Toronto - 1,087 York - 2,111 Keighley - 786 Hemel - 620 Coventry - 568 Workington - 655 Barrow - 798 Keighley - 791 Total: 9096 Average: 910 some great attendances at York and barrow too
  2. Wales' Golden Generation?

    taking into account that this England Youth selection was a full yr 10 u15 side against a majority u16 Wales side not a bad score really

    Are you being serious?
  4. England Youth Squad

    More good news for the North East, to get two of Thunder's academy players into the squad is some achievement a sign of how far the game is growing in the region
  5. League one to be split regionally next season

    This idea wasn't on the table and won't be happening next year
  6. Name New York

    There's already a New York Knights and they are sitting top of the US North Confrence
  7. Toronto - Saturday Night RL is back

    We were at the game last week and even though the stands were only 75% full I had a walk down into the concourse and there must have been at least 500 fans milling about at the food and bar kiosks so I don't think it's unrealistic to say 7.5k was in attendance on Saturday bottom line is this is the best thing to happen to our sport in years!!! Get behind it
  8. The Toronto Experience

    They seemed to be loving it, I spent a while explaining a few of the rules But it's so similar to Canadian/American football that they pick it up fast they do view sport differently, always milling about in the beer garden, going to the merchandise tent and catching hotdogs that are being shot into the stands haha! It's a full day event for them with the local bars packed pre game and the beer garden rammed for a couple of hours after
  9. Toronto - Saturday Night RL is back

    It was heaving!!
  10. The Toronto Experience

    I'm currently writing this from our teams base in Toronto. i know the Wolfpack have got some stick from one league one club, but I can honestly say what a fantastic experience The Wolfpack put us up in a fantastic city centre location, it's the same place where the refs and home team stay, they put on breakfast and a couple of lunches for all the players and staff they paid for busses to take us up to the stadium and train, provided water and gatorade, after the game they provided food and enough drinks tokens to last a lifetime. The whole match day was incredible!!! It's something Rugby League fans will struggle to understand because It's so positive and the crowd was huge!!!!! Our game clashed at the same time as a Canadian Football League game but there was still over 7,000 fans all loving the sport! We have had a fantastic trip and the Toronto Wolfpacks hospitality has been outstanding! Teams should go over and embrace it rather then moan about it
  11. North East RL

    Really good Its very much Newcastle Rugby with both a league and a union club under its belt And a Newcastle Rugby Foundation that services both codes Even both academies are now working closer together. Would be great one day to have a Premiership and a Super League club
  12. North East RL

    Thunder are working very close with the community game, we host Friday Night Lights games where we select the highlight game to at our Kingston Park Stadium. We run and host the finals days. In pre season we have club nights where each local club can come in and use our venue and get coached by our coaches and players. Clubs are now having their awards nights at Kingston Park and we our against hosting the North East awards night in September our ground is very much becoming a bit of a Rugby League hub and clubhouse We very much believe that to grow the club it has to be done organically, and if you look at our crowds they are getting bigger and again looking to average just under 1,000 and it's more of a younger crowd with loads of family's and kids from the local community game
  13. North East RL

    Unfortunately MinersRL only lasted for a couple of seasons then folded, we are hoping to have them back within the next couple of seasons with Juniors The big focus in the region has shifted from just getting any team to start up at Open Age but rather to build from the ground up with U8's then each year just adding a new U8's team..... with the view that in 10/12 years down the line you have a full club feeding into an open age filled with Rugby League produced players Its a slow process but its ultimately the only way to make the game sustainable in the long run. Our thoughts with the Scotland idea would be to put a new Cup offering on the table to all NE and Scottish clubs in the form of a Anglo-Scottish cup to take place during the season. then to extend this down to u16 level too There is scope for Scottish clubs to have more games down here and the is absolutely scope for more NE teams to be entered into Yorkshire cups.
  14. North East RL

    incorrect again every team played 11 games min, and that has been the same for the past few years. we also have a 3 game Origin Series to extend the season into October This year we added a NE magic weekend where all games were played at Kingston Park on the same day And a 9's competition so every player got a minimum of 15 playing opportunities and the teams that make the final and cup final play 18 games Not really the big step backwards that you suggest, more of a step forwards really and with a new second team league next season and an expansion into Rep rugby at senior level its only getting better
  15. North East RL

    The NE cup took place this season and Jarrow beat wallsend in the final, for some reason a couple of the results failed to go onto STG website with an error message, but the games did take place for the past couple of the seasons the format of the league is as follows 8 teams play each other once then it splits into the Super 4's, you play another 3 games then the top 2 play in the final Cramlington Rockets will face the winners of Wallsend v Jarrow