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  1. Newcastle Thunder will enjoy dual registration terms with Castleford Tigers in 2018 after the 2017 Super League grand finalists and North Eastern League 1 outfit continue to forge closer links. Under the terms of the agreement, Thunder will join Championship side Halifax as a club where players from the top flight stable can gain match fitness and game time, in addition to forging stronger links between the two clubs. Becoming dual registration partners is a relationship that Thunder head coach Jason Payne and Tigers head coach Daryl Powell have been cultivating for a number of months and a process which saw Cas’ senior squad use Kingston Park Stadium as a venue for a training camp earlier in the summer. Having witnessed first-hand the quality of the facilities and environment that exists at Thunder and with the agreement now confirmed, it is a partnership that Payne is excited by and one that he says will add further to his club for 2018. Payne said: “I’m really delighted Cas and Thunder have become dual registration partners and I’m looking forward to building the relationship over this year and hopefully, in the longer term too. “We spoke with Steve Gill and Daryl Powell about working together which led to their training camp which allowed us to show off what we have to offer for their players. “It’s an exciting opportunity. It gives us options to strengthen our squad during the season if we need to and also, it allows us to welcome in the attitudes, structures, and ethos from a Super League side and grow ourselves through that.” Castleford Tigers head coach Daryl Powell said:“I’m delighted that we have developed this relationship with Newcastle. We spent time at their facility last season and it is outstanding. “Their coaching team are quality and focused on developing players which will be great for our young players, playing for them. League 1 is a tough competition which will give our players a great platform to perform in and obviously we believe our players will benefit Newcastle’s drive for excellence in the 2018 season.”
  2. League 1 2018

    10,200 the best we have got so far was 3,033 against York in 2016
  3. League 1 2018

    The Magic Weekend just got bigger!!! Newcastle Thunder v Bradford Bulls Friday 18th May 19:45 At Kingston Park
  4. Things we can learn for 2021

    I think it should be 4 groups with top 2 going into the 1/4 finals The draw could be seeded just like the Football WC based on rankings example could be pot 1 Australia, New Zealand, England, Tonga pot 2 Samoa, PNG, Fiji, Ireland pot 3 Scotland, Lebanon, Italy, France pot 4 Wales, USA, Canada, Cook Islands This could be done at a proper live draw ceremony a good 16 months in advance and the draw could end up something like this Group A England Fiji Scotland Canada Group B Australia Samoa Italy Cook Islands Group C New Zealand PNG Lebanon Wales Group D Tonga Ireland France USA
  5. magic weekend/summer bash

    We do have a fixture on the Friday night before Magic Will be announced next Wed would be great to beat our record of 3,033
  6. RLWC 2017

    Going unnoticed?? Tonga v Samoa provided the best game of the comp so far Lebanon putting in a spirited performance against England cracking start to a great World Cup
  7. League 1 Fixture Delay

    Yes, incorrect this was the message everyone got “Our aim is to circulate draft fixtures to clubs by 12pm, Wednesday 8th November with the fixtures then being published on 8am, Wednesday 15th November”
  8. 2018 fixtures

    Toronto are having some work done to Lamport by getting a new 3G put in, that’s why they are playing a few more away games first
  9. League 1 Fixture Delay

    They were never due to be resleased today all clubs were were told they will have draft fixtures by the 8th and then released on the 15th thats been the message from the start
  10. North East RL

    Volunteers play a big part of the growth and there’s a genuine good work ethic between a lot of the junior clubs Thunder deploy three community coaches into the local schools and we have also recently employed a Talent Coach to identify potential players for the academy and look at talent transfers from other sports Thunder are really investing into the local game
  11. North East RL

    The PDP runs along side the Academy, i have listed below our development programmes PDP u11/12’s 6 monthly sessions PDP u13/14 6 monthly sessions PDP u15/16 8 weekly sessions followed by a Cat 3 festival Scholarship u15/u16, 2 sessions per week from Sep-April with 7 games against other Cat 1/2 sides Academy U17/18/19, play 20 + games against other Cat 1/3 sides Cat 3 College Academy, train and study at Kingston Park and play in the College League
  12. North East RL

    The Alnwick project will be starting at U8’s and 9’s next season and will add an age group every year so in 10 years time it will have u8’s through to Open Age there is currently RL getting coached in some local schools up in Alnwick and over 30 kids regularly attend rugby league camp so there is a genuine market there
  13. North East RL

    There is a few things we do different from u12 and below we have removed ALL leagues and replaced them with structured fixtures, taking away the must win the league attitudes that some coaches can place on the players We have our Player Development Programme structured into the playing season once a month so that no junior games can take place on these days so every player gets the chance to attend these sessions and gets s good amount of exposure to quality coaching. We also invite the club coaches along to these days and run CPD for them.
  14. North East RL

    More good news that shows participation in junior boys and girls rugby league in the North East is up 20% in the last two years there is now 907 registered active players playing the game The target is now to break the 1,000 barrier on 2018 with the launch of 3 new junior clubs into the league The 2017 season also seen the lowest rate of game cancellations in the last 5 years