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  1. We are hoping to run everything from U7’s up to U13’s a massive turnout in a area which hasn’t had rugby league before! Such a positive feeling our community coaches are working hard on the local areas and we are about to support them with the addition of another full time member of staff. There is now 14 clubs in our region with over 1,300 players Up The Mags!!
  2. Newcastle Thunder look to invest even more into our region with the addition of another full time development officer https://www.thunderrugby.co.uk/general/vacancy-community-development-officer/
  3. Check out our video from the launch of the Newcastle Magpies new pitch The Magpies become our 14th community club as we look to continue the growth of the game across the region #HowayTheMags IMG_1838.mp4
  4. Don’t worry about us! We have long term ambitions that haven’t altered because we have missed out on promotion, that’s sport. We continue with our plans on building a fully sustainable club with a thriving community game. Congratulations to oldham
  5. Wow if there was ever a rugby league response it’s there!! #PositiveRugbyLeague
  6. https://www.thunderrugby.co.uk/general/preliminary-final-tickets-now-on-sale/ Another example of forward thinking between both codes of Newcastle Rugby Get down to Kingston Park for a double Donny!!
  7. We would be happy to share any of our findings and ideas with anyone that wants to listen, it’s all about sharing best practice. One of our new initiatives is our SPARC festivals, I believe these could be rolled out game wide an put the focus back on development in enjoyable environments please have a watch of the video Any feedback is welcome as we are all learning
  8. Things need to be done organically When the owner took over the club he give us a task to grow our local community game and our academy Our main focus has been on growing our community game which includes the Teesside area and all the way down to Catterick, all the way up to Alnwick in Northumberland. Yarm Wolves was created 2 years ago on the back of our school delivery and it now has 120 players over u9,10,12,14 & 16’s We are about to launch a brand new community club in the west end of Newcastle in October In 5 years we have grown the community game from 869 players across 31 teams at 10 clubs, to 1346 players across 43 teams at 13 clubs, thats a 35% increase. By the time the World Cup comes around we want to have added an additional team at each club, and create another new club in Teesside along with developing the woman’s and girls game, with a target of over 1,600 players in the community game. Everything we do has to fit in with our North East Development plan for growth, if it doesn’t then we don’t do it. From an academy point of view we are now getting players selected at international level on a yearly basis, with two of our players in tomorrow’s international youth game, Jake Anderson for England and Oscar Fisher for wales, we now have a full pathway from U14 development programmes, U16 Scholarship, U18 Academy and Reserve grade all to support our first team. And for the first team we are not only focusing on the next generation of players, we are taking a student on our academy to solely be on a match official pathway. Keep a look out for a big bit of news that we will releasing in October about our legacy and community plans along with our ambitions as a club and where we want to get it. But to answer the original posts question, No. Another club in the north east would be pointless, because we are the club for the whole of the region
  9. To answer your question it 18% of magic weekend tickets were sold to North East post codes at the last magic weekend in Newcastle so that’s 12,000 tickets
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