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  1. Yeah, one of them Isaac Nokes 20 year old scored a hatrick….. he’s from Heaton in Newcastle cheers
  2. The main factor is we are used to starting in mid March, our community season hasn’t even started yet so we had always planned that the first couple of games to have low crowds we are targeting a 2,000+ crowd for Widnes on the monday night in April
  3. Exactly where they been forecast to be we have started earlier then normal, our gates pick up as it moves into spring. we will end up averaging our highest crowd since 1999 over the full season
  4. We played mostly academy players in the second half with 25 players getting a run great hit out for both teams
  5. Let’s put a few minds at rest….. We moved into the west stand last season due to the east stand being totally closed to the public and make a red zone due to covid restrictions Its not a case of downsizing at all, we have just under 400 seats standing of areas of 800 and then a 2,400 standing south stand terrace behind the sticks. And if we need it we will just open up the west stand…. It was about listening to fan feedback, they love the east stand and the club house, so that’s what we have give them Regarding Mick, whilst it’s sad to see him go, mick has a number of projects and worked limited hours (and he will still be around to help, and is a massive fan of the club) the day to day running of the club will carry on as normal by the same people. we are super excited to see what we can do on our first season back Full Time. And for information we hope to build on our home crowds which since 2014 has grown from 250 to just 1,100…. Let’s see what we can do this year in the championship Thanks Jordan General Manager
  6. Don’t fix what isn’t broken That was attempted in 2019 and look what happened Newcastle just works
  7. The pitch is marked in for RL with blue lines, the same as London at Ealing
  8. Yes there was a drop in 2020 due to the season not being played but it wasn’t a big drop Here are the registration numbers, this doesn’t include woman and girls numbers 2019 - 1124 2020 - 997 2021 - 1351 Now considering it’s only May and we will be registering new players all the way through to October that 1351 will continue to rise. There are goals to create more new clubs but our main focus is now to build up our current clubs and make them as strong as possible. from an academy pathway point of view this growth is really having a benefit because a few year ago there would only be around 70/80 U15/16’s to pick from each year but now that’s up to 120/130 players so the pool is bigger lots of work to do but it’s going in the right direction
  9. Good news story inbound North East Rugby League Registration Update Participation numbers up 35% on 2020 and up 20% on 2019 The % is based on a clubs current number of registered players compared to the number registered in 2020. 1 - Wallsend Centurions - 294% 2 - Whitley Bay Barbarians - 192% 3 - Catterick Crusaders - 178% 4 - Jarrow Vikings - 175% 5 - Durham Tigers - 129% 6 - Wallsend Eagles - 124% 7 - Hartlepool Hurricanes - 115% 8 - Gateshead Storm - 107% 9 - Cramlington Rockets - 106% 10 - Durham Demons - 106% 11 - Yarm Wolves - 104% 12 - Newcastle Magpies - 85% 13 - Alnwick Bears - 54% North East Total - 135% 2020 - 35% 2019 - 20%
  10. Yeah we have a very close relationship with Scotland RL, we have hosted U16 development days for the scotland academy side in the past and will continue to work closely with Scotland RL We can’t wait to host them this year
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