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  1. Almost wet myself laughing when I saw the Halifax result - particularly after how "superior" they were last week against us....
  2. Looks a bit like a shirt the Rhinos had. Looks good though
  3. What were the comments in the P&C?
  4. Any more updates on the Oz players?
  5. Away at Whitehaven - should see us through to the next round hopefully
  6. Does this mean that Keighley are definitely down then - there was some talk of the Championship being 13 teams to accommodate them, but this definitely says 12 teams?
  7. I think I understand it now.....
  8. Cracking post!
  9. Drove down fro Newcastle for the game - well worth it - great atmosphere. Loved it when the Fev fans gave some ironic applause to the Fax try. Also loved the constant announcement of the scores over the tannoy - particular the almost apologetic tone for the Fax score.
  10. Whilst I love the great tries we're scoring at the moment, it's the defense that's the most impressive thing for me - thought we absolutely knocked the stuffing out of them in the first half last night. It's as if they've been told they'll be shot if they miss a tackle - the enthusiasm and commitment never altered throughout the match. Morrison in particular looks like he was born just to tackle - I thought he was going to break some of their forwards in half - reminds me of Tuuta the way he picks people out of the line and then tries to run straight through them - awesome stuff. Best defense I've seen in years - it's saying something when you feel disappointed to concede a try in a 44-4 win against one of our biggest (apparently!) rivals.
  11. Have to agree with Grayshon - thought he was outstanding last night. Started a bit shaky in the blue'n'white, but is now looking like a quality signing. Can't wait until the grounds firm up some more - he's going to scare some people running out wide!
  12. You can't beat those "crazy horses" for me - glad to hear it made a welcome return the other week!
  13. I've been putting some photos up in the dining room and I wondered whether anybody had a good quality snap of the post office road street sign, preferably with the immortal "fev punks" piece of graffiti underneath it? Being exiled in the North East I get these occasional pangs of nostalgia.... Second question - who picks the music for the matchdays? Crazy Horses popped up my iPod over Christmas and I for one would welcome it's return to the matchday experience. There was something strangely Fev about it.... Happy New Year to one and all!
  14. Hope they do stay up - as a Fev lad exiled in Newcastle it's my only chance for a short trip to a Fev match!
  15. Any news on the work permits for our two PNG players?