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  1. What is it with these blokes and nudity. First of all the Bulldogs with their naked drunkenness that resulted in them losing Jaycar sponsorship and now this. Imo pathetic.
  2. When you go on holiday next year you can email me one of those spreadsheets save me making a copy on an A3 sheet.😂
  3. Congratulations to Farmduck . Champion Tipster for 2018
  4. Irish Saint

    Obituary Thread - 2018

    Kevin Beattie ex Ipswich Town footballer died of a heart attack today aged 64. A superb defender.Rest in Peace.
  5. On Forty20 TV. A mention of a certain B. McDermott being at Toronto next season.
  6. Three great games decided by one point on Sky this weekend.
  7. Week 28: Good luck to one and all. Poll: Storm/Sharks Points: 68 Winners: Cronulla Sharks, Sydney Roosters
  8. Congratulations to Graham on his victory this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners.
  9. During the week I was reading an interview with Cleary he stated that Wests Tigers had played their opening five home fixtures at 5 different venues! His personal preference was for them to play at Leichhardt.
  10. Final Rabbitohs 13-12 Dragons.... damn
  11. Yes they have Reynolds drop goal 13 -12
  12. Have Dragons just shot themselves in foot running on last
  13. Disagree player was in line of intended pass.
  14. Young Zac converts 12- 11 Dragons