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  1. NFL 2017/18 season

    Instant Karma. When his team kick a field goal to go 24-23 coach of the Saints turns to the Viking fans and taunts them with the "skol clap " unfortunately there was 25 seconds left....
  2. Why on earth would the English Premiership invite Glasgow's ugly sisters to join them? Who needs the sectarian bile they bring with them.
  3. How will Wigan go this season?

    40/20 came in post yesterday. They predict 7th.... hope it comes true
  4. NFL 2017/18 season

    Agree on 3 on the other I'l go Vikings
  5. I wonder if Alex is Australia bound? If he is well good luck to him. P.S. I will not be purchasing this year's Jersey as I don' like the large V
  6. From the wife a Saints polo shirt and new Saints mug. From my sister a new Saints training top. In early January I'll contact a certain shop in Wigan to obtain another classic old NRL shirt. I love those heavy shirts. This time go for an Illawarra Steelers one.
  7. Huge blow for the Rabbitohs

    Love that last line. Best Christmas cracker joke. Happy Christmas to one one and all and good health to all in 2018.
  8. "George Burgess has had both his hands amputated and he’s still playing" I would like to take credit for that witty comment but I discovered it reading comments on The Roar
  9. Ben Barba To Return To NRL?

    I had a feeling when Saints signed him that this would happen. Hopefully not. Here's to him staying this season lighting up Super League and leading Saints to victory in the Grand Final.
  10. Thanks Davo5 my preference is the black one. I will not be paying £95 plus postage plus customs charge. I'll wait to they appear on about £15- £20.
  11. Sisa Waqa - Big money troubles

    For a game that was basically built on people's addiction to " pokies". For a game that walks hand in hand with betting companies. Yet some people are amazed when stories like this come to light. Tip of the iceberg I would say.