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  1. Irish Saint

    NFL season 2018/19

    Interesting week ten. On Thursday Steelers go over 50 on Carloina and on Sunday Saints go to Cinncy and do the same. As I have said before Patriots aren't going to the Superbowl with that defence and on Sunday Tennessee beat them 34-10 Brady sitting out the the 4th quarter. Rams beat Seahawks in a feisty encounter with Todd Gourley running for 120 yards thankfully the game has not become who can throw the most.... yet. Current champions the Eagles go down to Dallas they will not be going back to back. Wins also for Chicago, Washington and Kansas City who consolidate their leads in their respective divisons.
  2. I hope Tommy has an absolute stinker tomorrow as hopefully Freddy and Greg will be watching him for the first time😁
  3. Irish Saint

    BBC Sports site - Rugby League.

    This is quite common on the BBC league page. Sometimes there are more comments from union trolls than league fans!
  4. 64. Let us sing Thread completely de-railed. Blame Graham he started it.
  5. The little problem is that he will be 60 on the 23rd of this month😁 but I am fit. Therefore ideal for Cronulla
  6. Irish Saint

    Golden Boot 2018 (Merged Threads)

    I like Fittler but for me this is nothing but pure ignorance. Subscribe to Fox Brad believe they show superleague. I f the Australians want a winner then play more internationals. some of their teams are back in pre-season training already their season start in March. Some teams pre season last longer that their chances of making the eigt.
  7. Irish Saint

    Golden Boot 2018 (Merged Threads) Take a bow Tommy.
  8. Irish Saint

    NFL season 2018/19

    For me biggest game of week10 is tonight's Carolina at Pittsburgh.
  9. Irish Saint

    Golden Boot 2018 (Merged Threads)

    On last night's Rugby AM Shaun Johnson stated that the year he won the award many were surprised as the Warriors didn't even make the top eight. He won because of his performances for New Zealand.
  10. report that Cronulla enquiring about Shaun Johnson who is in last year of his Warriors contract. Warriors have stated they can not offer him such lucrative terms again. This is a change of policy for Cronulla who usually sign old crocks
  11. Irish Saint

    NRL New Kits for 2019

    Brisbane Broncos. IMO best so far
  12. Treat people the way you would like to be treated yourself.
  13. If I remember correctly you were quite delighted that the Australian shirt during the World Cup had a lack of advertising. Looks like the same stance doesn't occur to the Wests shirt as there is not much room there for any more advertising. Nice plain back or just one small advertiser on the back I may have purchased one myself. Something like this one
  14. Great looking shirt until one clicks the link and sees the back of the shirt!