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  1. Week 14: Good Luck to one and all Poll: 3 Away Wins: 0 , Points: 326 Winners: Canberra, Gold Coast, North Queensland, Melbourne, South Sydney , Parramatta, Manly,Sydney
  2. Congratulations to Lucky 7 on his victory this week and congratulations to the minor prize winners
  3. I apologise if not enough I shall resign from the forum.
  4. Usually there is no post game on Sky but there's DCE telling Vonny two games in 72 hours and I feel fresh.
  5. Forward pass to Carrick denies Manly now Cowboys have one last shot.
  6. JT has ran for 260 metres. 95 of which were post contact.
  7. Cowboys down to 12 as McLean off with hamstring injury they have no interchanges left 9 mins left.
  8. Dunn down injured last few minutes after a bad landing.
  9. Cuts over from bouncing DCE kick that Morgan failed to control converted 22 -20 Manly 18 left.
  10. Ruben Connor on dayboo for Cowboys and scores try inside a minute. Bunker ruin his fun as they looked for an obstruction and found one.
  11. Manly lose Gosiewiski for 10 for commiting needless professional foul.
  12. Morning all this is on but I've been reading certain threads on the main board... I'm not religious but let he who is without sin ... Anyway half an hour to go Cowboys 20-16 .
  13. Thanks for the updates pleased for Newcastle to think a few weeks ago Nathan Brown was on verge of being sacked.
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