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  1. Irish Saint

    Widnes problems

    Feel sorry for the fans. Remember watching BBC that Saturday afternoon in the eighties when Joe Lydon lit up Wembley. May they rise again.
  2. report that Payne Haas has been fined 20,000 dollars and suspended for the first four games by the Broncos for failing to comply with the NRL.Integrity Unit over an incident involving a member of his family. Let it be known that Mr Haas has not been accused of rape or drink driving. The NRL really needs to get its act together.
  3. Irish Saint

    Irish Rugby League

    Arrived home to the latest edition of Rugby League Journal. Article by Ron Bailey the former Featherstone secretary and in a segment he remembers that in May 1962. Featherstone, Widnes , Workington and Huddersfield all played in Dublin to promote the game.
  4. Irish Saint

    Irish Rugby League

    Nail on the head. Every so often there will be a thread that will amble on for page after page about an Irish team entering league 1. Until I win one of those large euro millions jackpots, there will be no Dublin Blues tho personally with me they will be called the Stormont Silence.
  5. Irish Saint

    Good Luck Let's hope Belinda is a success.
  6. Thought I would post this here so "managers " could search for unknown cheapies to fill out their squad. For me Payne Haas of the Broncos a shoe-in. Unfortunately, with the update of our computer system at work certain sites are now blocked of which NRL Supercoach appears to be on that list.
  7. Enjoyable game. Never be a Roosters fan but Cronk and Robinson are pure class. Robinsongiving one of his masterclasses with Wells at the mo. For all that don't think Roosters will go back to back.
  8. Will he still call himself Kahu or will he be going by name of Kahukauranui that he played under in the All Stars Game? Good signing.
  9. Irish Saint

    Sharks Troubles

    had a look at a Sharks forum . Yes a lot of truth in this though the word in the street is that Feki may be off-loaded to keep Johnson. In other Sharks news the NRL have kept digging about the recent salary cap breach and the premiership could be stripped. With the season less than a month away Cronulla have no sponsor what major sponsor would want to be associated with the sport after the off -season antics of certain players. Like any other team in any other sport it's the fans i feel sorry for
  10. NRL expansion? Well not according to one of its immortals Andrew John's ,just scrolling through YouTube on the tv late last night came across a recent interview on Channel 9 with John's being interviewed by Joel Cain. John's was not advocating expansion but instead a complete realignment with a reduction to 12 teams basically diluting Sydney of teams and adding another in New Zealand and another in Queensland. the 12 teams would play each other home and away. He did say it would never happen but there is no doubting he would like it to happen.
  11. Todd Greenberg's silence on this compared to his action on Ben Barba. I am not condoning Barba' s behaviour but he has not been charged butJack De Belin. The action of Greenberg has affected the livelihood of not only Barbs but his partner and their children. Does Greenberg have the right to do that?
  12. Any update did he return for the second half.
  13. reporting that Barba and other Cowboys players had to be evacuated from their homes due to the monsoon weather that Northern Queensland has been experiencing.
  14. If he does come back hopefully Tony Adams can get a hold of him. May his partner also get the help that she needs.