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  1. I would risk one of them in here, but I nicked a napkin from the India if your desperate
  2. Hero, throw a few quid jukebox. Pick some good tunes (Which ones?) and the next rounds on me. What you havin?
  3. so we’re heading for immanent lock down here in Manchester. London is likely to happen first but I’ve been told by close friends in the police, banking and military Manchester will follow soon. Only essential service will be open and it’s likely to last till April 16th. Hope your all ok. supermarkets and banks will remain open. Supermarket will be better stocked they are now but will restrict access and implement sickest distancing measures. We’ll all have enough food and loo roll to get though this but will we still have a job?
  4. Oh no some idiot has turned up AT and is demanding to get served. He’s putting a few quid i the jukebox and selecting all Elton John. Time for the regulars to take a sand and help out the landlord.
  5. So since last night we've had to explain to a young group of staff (18-21) that as it stands without any financial help from the government the best option for us is to close the business and make them all unemployed, so when this blows over we have some cash in the bank to get the business restarted. it's a concept a lot of them are struggling to grasp. Only a few of them were willing to work because of the virus, they thought we were taking the ###### when we asked "but there is a pandemic why would you risk our lives etc.." and they all thought we could continue to pay wages indefinitely because the business was successful. Most of our staff are university students that need a second job to make ends meet. i hope today the government offers some financial help, payment breaks etc. and will also be talking to our landlord to see if they can help without it the cash in the bank won't last long.
  6. I run a club, i don't know if we should open or not tomorrow night. We've sold a load of tickets. Online half our customers want us to open the other half think given current advice it would be irresponsible. Our staff are split too (most need the cash) i have other bills to pay. so?
  7. Could it be there is more than one reason and your all right? maybe rl just isn’t that good and it can only thrive in areas where there isn’t much else going on? Or it’s new and has a certain novelty value in other locations.
  8. 49ers really testing the theory that defence wins games
  9. The poutine is something else (chips and gravy +11 for any one that hasn’t tried it) who would. You like to see the super bowl?
  10. Or you could try here http://thisisthebrotherhood.com/manchester/ they have stayed open late for years last few Super Bowls. or try messaging this place by far the best burgers in Manchester and have done super bowl nights in the past with a good local crowd https://cowtowngrill.com
  11. Ravens, patriots, buccaneers, packers, titans, chiefs, dolphins, eagles, seahawks, raiders, browns, vikings, rams, 49ers, bills, saints.
  12. Bears, falcons, ravens, browns, packers, vikings, 49ers, dolphins, colts, buccaneers, chargers, titans, chiefs, Steelers, seahawks, eagles
  13. Salford would be spending the same as now. Maybe a Better question would be, how many competitive teams would be left if teams could spend what the earned? another good question Why does it appear most think more money = more entertaining/better games?
  14. Bears, cowboys, saints, jets, colts, stealers, eagles, packers, panthers, buccaneers, 49ers, cardinals, chargers, chiefs, patriots, seahawks.
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