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  1. Could it be there is more than one reason and your all right? maybe rl just isn’t that good and it can only thrive in areas where there isn’t much else going on? Or it’s new and has a certain novelty value in other locations.
  2. 49ers really testing the theory that defence wins games
  3. The poutine is something else (chips and gravy +11 for any one that hasn’t tried it) who would. You like to see the super bowl?
  4. Or you could try here http://thisisthebrotherhood.com/manchester/ they have stayed open late for years last few Super Bowls. or try messaging this place by far the best burgers in Manchester and have done super bowl nights in the past with a good local crowd https://cowtowngrill.com
  5. Ravens, patriots, buccaneers, packers, titans, chiefs, dolphins, eagles, seahawks, raiders, browns, vikings, rams, 49ers, bills, saints.
  6. Bears, falcons, ravens, browns, packers, vikings, 49ers, dolphins, colts, buccaneers, chargers, titans, chiefs, Steelers, seahawks, eagles
  7. Salford would be spending the same as now. Maybe a Better question would be, how many competitive teams would be left if teams could spend what the earned? another good question Why does it appear most think more money = more entertaining/better games?
  8. Bears, cowboys, saints, jets, colts, stealers, eagles, packers, panthers, buccaneers, 49ers, cardinals, chargers, chiefs, patriots, seahawks.
  9. Texans, cardinals, bills, bears, stealers, Miami, saints, raiders, lions, seahawks, titans, cowboys, niners, raverns.
  10. Stealers, cowboys, colts, dolphins, vikings, saints, redskins, panthers, ravens, 49ers, raiders, pats, rams, chiefs.
  11. Something like this has to be the goal. With changing viewing habits a dedicated subscription service is a must And I think one game a week on a free to air station is also a must for building the games profile.
  12. Waking up in the comfiest bed in the world with the in a villa in Islamorada. Fresh coffee salmon and eggs on an English muffin hollandaise on the side. Walk on a deserted beach Quick dip in the ocean bit of snorkelling. read message from neighbours back home cats are fine but it’s bloody freezing. Afternoon drive to Key West with the top down and tunes playing loud having a good sing along. End up in the Green Parrot for a boozy night of nfl and live music. Make some new friends watch Miami win there second game and possibly last of the season. Recover with a lazy day at the beach.
  13. If it’s Money your after it’s a pay tv channel but it doesn’t help grow the sport. id go for coverage on a free to air channel and look at sponsorship.
  14. Gosh I’m so stupid. Please indulge my thick brain just once. How many clubs do you think would thrive under a 5 mil salary cap right now?
  15. If the money didn’t come from a tv deal where would it come from? How many clubs could get close to 5 mil right now? How competitive would the league be?
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