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  1. With the new season just under a month away what are people’s view on who will win what league. From a Cumbrian view great to see Hensingham join the NCL.
  2. Cumbria1

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    That’s great for Cumbrian teams considering they travel the further than most teams to Away games
  3. Cumbria1


    Great news will we see a team based at Cumbria again like Scotland did
  4. Our good friend Allan Bewsher was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2018. Allan has been part of the Egremont Rangers club since his sons Peter and Matt started playing rugby for the under 8’s. He has worked tirelessly to raise funds to ensure Egremont Rangers has continued to maintain their high standards at both junior and senior levels. The ladies of the club have decided to do a club crawl to raise funds for Allan chosen charity Parkinson’s Uk. The crawl will commence at 1130hrs at Kells rugby league club. Then it’s on to Hensingham rugby league through Whitehaven. From Hensingham it’s on to Wath Brow through Cleator Moor and finishing off back at our own club Egremont Rangers. The just giving page is I would be grateful if anyone could make any type of donation.
  5. Cumbria1

    Challenge cup 2019

    Think this was the BBC seem to remember Wath Brow besting theteam they where following at that time
  6. Which teams put in the best after game food????
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    Just wondered why the NWM leagues are the only ones who seem run a England Lionhearts.
  8. Cumbria1

    NCL Premier 2019

    Good luck to Hunslet CP tomoz against York City Kinghts in the Yorkshire Cup
  9. With Hunslet Club Parkside sweeping all who lay before them in 2018, What’s people’s thoughts on the NCL premier this year??
  10. Cumbria1

    Barla cup 2019

    I take it the team your saying is Egremont as they sent mainly the A team to Castleford Lock Lane I think it was summit like 90-6. This result wasn’t the main reason they struggled had lot injuries to the team as well key players missing.
  11. Cumbria1

    Barla cup 2019

    When Egremont made the final a few years ago they had to play Oulton at home in NCL the Saturday and then play the final the next day. Most team double up that weekend
  12. Cumbria1


    Just looking at the fixture’s for Kells, Brow & Egremont and the league have done a better job at making sure all 3 sides are not at home or away on most of the fixture’s this year. My only concern is apart form two derby fixtures the rest see’s the 3rd team at home on the same day.
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    Anyone know when the fixtures will be confirmed
  14. Cumbria1

    Challenge cup 2019

    I think it would be best to have all teams enter at round 1 would mean better chance of a amature v pro club also bring back a bit more interest as well
  15. Cumbria1

    Challenge cup 2019

    Challenge Cup if you get to 3rd round and get a semi pro club away can cost a club more than what it’s worth.