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  1. Cumbria1

    New NCL Teams

    But isn’t that defeating the point of joining the NCL is to play the best of the best from Yorkshire & Lancashire
  2. I have heard we could have another Cumbrian NCL team joining as Hensingham are just awaiting on votes now to join. It would be great if they do get to join. Anyone know whoelse is set to join
  3. Cumbria1

    Ncl Player of the season

    I see Jamie Field & Jamie Bradley won the player of the year for the NCL premier. Am a bit confused as looking at the player states Daniel Hirst of Underbank has more MOM points. So how does the player of the year vote work???
  4. Cumbria1

    BARLA GB - England Lions

    I see a poor lad from Millom who has been picked can’t go now as his broken his arm. Wonder which player will get a call up now. Also if a player who hasn’t played in county championship was to say have a staring role this season would they not get picked because they didn’t play last year??
  5. Just need this cleared up for me the England Lions team that played Wigan was:- Craig McShane (Hunslet Club Parkside) Nathan Hill (West Hull) Danny Ratcliffe (Thornhill Trojans) Ryan Hilyard (Pilkington Recs) Sam Ansell (Underbank Rangers) Kieran Murphy (Hunslet Club Parkside) Ben Lazenby (West Hull) Curtis Teare (Wath Brow Hornets) Jack Lazenby (West Hull) Gareth Gale (Featherstone Lions) Freddie Walker (Siddal) Fran King (Wath Brow Hornets) Dominic Wear (Kells) Reece Dean (Skirlaugh) Jack Reynolds (Leigh Miners Rangers) Tom Norner (Egremont Rangers) Jamie Fields (Hunslet Club Parkside) Matty Henson (Egremont Rangers) Marcus O’Brien (Egremont Rangers) Jamie Bradley (Hunslet Club Parkside) Ryan Wilson (West Hull) Jamie Bristoe (Wigan St. Pats) Ben Shulver (Hunslet Club Parkside) Danny Williams (Siddal) Matty Norton (Thatto Heath Crusaders) Sam Rochford (Underbank Rangers), Mike Stark (Thatto Heath Crusaders) Paul Brearly (Rochdale Mayfield) All these players are NCL based so I take it in order to play you must play for a NCL club. The BARLA GB team which is going to Fiji is:- Tom Hopkins - Askam Mark Tyson - Askam Sam Jones - Barrow Jack Howdie - Beverley Craig Savage - Lock Lane Jack Clark - Cockermouth Byran Richie - Distington Matty Henson - Egremont Marcus O’Brien - Egremont Dean Gamble - Featherstone Ian Jackson - Featherstone Jordan Gibson - Haydock Jamie Field - Hunslet CP Andy Hullock - Hunslet CP Robin Wilks - Milford Lee Postlewaite - Millom Ethan Kelly - Millom Aidey Gleason - Rochdale Dec Sheridan - Rochdale Jack Jones - Thatto Heath Andy Lea - Thatto Heath Darrion Ball - Wigan St Judes Danny Riding - Wigan St Pats Reece Rushworth - York Acorn So the above BARLA GB is made up mostly of NCL with a couple of regional lads in. So in order to be picked for BARLA you have to play in the county matches???, and to get in the England Lions you just have to play in the NCL??? Can anyone answer this
  6. Cumbria1

    Cumbria/Cumberland cup

    Hi, From what I know at the start of the season the Cumbria Men’s League dispanded so all Barrow teams either went to NCL, back to the Barrow league or joined a new league At the start of the season all West Cumbria teams formed the Iggesund Premier & division 1 leagues. At one of the league meetings the Cumbria Cup was drawn and it was stated that the Barrow side’s has not contacted to say they wanted to take part. The next day the league sent a email out to say they had been contacted by BARLA who advised the Barrow League had applied to run the Cumbria Cup but the CARLA league who have run the cup for a long time where not informed by Barrow they wanted to do this . All West Cumbria clubs were given the chance to still appear in this but the games would fall mid week and so turned this down.
  7. Cumbria1

    Tri County Championship

    Gary Hewer is the Cumbria coach who is also the BARLA GB coach as well. The Cumbria team is as follows:- 1. Russ Bolton Askam NCL 2 2. Liam Saunders Askam NCL2 3. Adam Jackson Askam NCL 2 4. Luke Crossman Aspatria ###### league 2 5. Mark Irwin Aspatria ###### league 2 6. Blain Marwood Barrow Island NCL 3 7. Jonathon Walsh Barrow Island NCL 3 8. Peter Rimmer Barrow Island NCL 3 9. Josh Banham Barrow Island NCL 3 10, Carl McBain Barrow Island NCL 3 11.Jonny Goulding Cockermouth ###### League 2 12. Peter Wood Cockermouth ###### League 2 13. Jamie Friel Distington ###### League 1 14 James Motum Distington ###### League 1 15. Liam McNicholas Distington ###### League 1 16. Matt Hewer Distington ###### League 1 17. Ryan Hodgson Distington ###### League 1 18. Luke Penrice Ellenborough ###### League 1 19. Jason Graham Ellenborough ###### League 1 20. Ryan Wilson Ellenborough ###### League 1 21. Phil Flavell Ellenborough ###### League 1 22, Gary Tierney Glasson Rangers ###### League 1 23, Callum Kinrade Kells A ###### League 1 24. Emmerson Allen Lowca ###### League 2 25. Bobby Wright Millom NCL 3 26. Jonathin Hodgson Millom NCL 3 27. Lewis Mason Seaton ###### League 1 28. Oscar Harris Seaton ###### League 1 29. Steve O'Connor Ulverston NWM League 30. Connor Saunders Ulverston NWM League The only lads selected for the Fiji tour from the 3 Cumbrian NCL premier side’s are both Egremknt lads. I just feel that both Lancashire & Yorkshire will have more NCL Premier lads playing, would go as far to say Hunslet Parkside will have at least 3 or 4 lads in
  8. Cumbria1

    Tri County Championship

    They done a Copeland v Allerdale trail game to make North Cumbria v South Cumbria. From that the Cumbria County team was picked. The games came at the business end of the NCL season where both Brow & Egremont we’re pushing for playoff spots & Kells who where in a religation battle. So you can see why none of these sides put any lads forward from there NCL teams but I know a few A team players did step forward from a couple of them.
  9. Cumbria1

    Tri County Championship

    Dessie the only players from the 3 Cumbrian NCL premier side’s that are on tour to Fiji are Matty Henson & Marcus O’Brien. That then leaves the likes of Kie Glenn, Franny King, Karl Dixon, and others who have not been selected as they didn’t play in the trail games.
  10. I can’t see Cumbria beating Lancashire or Yorkshire this year as am sure both will have a wealth of NCL players sprinkled with a few none NCL players. The Cumbrian team won’t have any players from any of the 3 premier NCL side’s as none put any players forward for the trail games. There will still be few lower league NCL players from Millom, Askam & a Barrow Island. On a plus side good to see a none NCL Cumbrian player get a late call up to the BARLA GB side’s tour to Fiji
  11. Cumbria1

    Tri county series

    I have said this before there should be two separate tri county one RFL ran which would cover players who want to play for the community lions. And a 2nd ran by BARLA which would be for BARLA GB. As said I know of players who are going on the Fiji tour with BARLA but have already played in the Lions trail game v Wigan u19s.
  12. With Egremont having a player sent off on Saturday will there be a disciplinary hearing this week??
  13. Cumbria1

    End of season play offs

    So Egremont have Made it to within 80 minutes of the grand final, many tipped Egremont for religation this year. The team is mainly the same as last year with only Stephen Fox who returned this year from Whitehaven. Am proud of what thy have achieved this season and for most part say in 2nd only go stumble towards the end which cost them 2nd place. Egremont to beat West Hull by 8 am gonna. Say
  14. Cumbria1


    Totally agree with what you have said
  15. Cumbria1


    From what I seen he got 4 games for that Flatfell, Last week Egremont had a player who's standing leg was attacked at the knee. The player was on the ground in pain and the assistant coach attended then player. The St Pats player then went to pick the Egremont player up while injured and from what I seen the assistant Egremont coach pushed the player and then was sent from the field. And from that Rochdale game Egremont also had a player banned for running in a punching as well. All am saying is Rochdale seemed to have gotten off lightly and if you where there at the game who would wonder how the grapple tackle which was a crusher tackle clearly hasn't got a ban with it.