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  1. Cumbria1


    Totally agree with what you have said
  2. Cumbria1


    From what I seen he got 4 games for that Flatfell, Last week Egremont had a player who's standing leg was attacked at the knee. The player was on the ground in pain and the assistant coach attended then player. The St Pats player then went to pick the Egremont player up while injured and from what I seen the assistant Egremont coach pushed the player and then was sent from the field. And from that Rochdale game Egremont also had a player banned for running in a punching as well. All am saying is Rochdale seemed to have gotten off lightly and if you where there at the game who would wonder how the grapple tackle which was a crusher tackle clearly hasn't got a ban with it.
  3. Cumbria1

    TV games

    Anyone know which teams are on this weekend on Freesports???
  4. I have just seen the recent disciplinary report and I am a bit shocked that from the Egremont v Rochdale game the Rochdale players seem to have gotten off lightly. One player who done a crusher tackle on the Egremont player but states on the report "Grapple Tackle-Lift & Drop" has not been given a ban as the sending off was deemed sufficient. I was at this game and am sure other people who attend will be shocked that the player who done the tackle clearly put pressure on the back of the Egremont player's neck which could of resulted in a nasty or season ending injury. Another player was sent off for "Punching in reaction to opponent" has not been given a ban as the sending off was deemed sufficient. I attended a Wath Brow v Kells game where two players got sent off for punching and from what I recall the Kells lad got a 3 game ban. We are at the business end of the season and with Rochdale fighting to stay up seem to have been given a boost that two of there players, one being one of there main player's will not be banned for a tackle that in Super League would carry a ban.
  5. Cumbria1

    BARLA Fiji tour November 2018

    I find it strange that we have County tri series to which the BARLA GB is picked from. I was on the understanding was England Lions are put forward by there clubs. For me there should be trial game for the England Lions as well as BARLA as on the new registration system I have had to register players for the NCL (Run by RFL) team then have them duel registered to play for the 2nd team (Run by BARLA).
  6. Cumbria1

    Cumbria Derby

    Kells are away to Underbank this weekend think its maybe one of the only times all 3 sides are not at home
  7. Big Cumbrian derby game this weekend as its Wath Brow v Egremont, I would say be looking at a crowd of maybe 1500 or more on Saturday
  8. Cumbria1

    Conference TV Coverage

    Whats peoples grounds like after the snow flurry last night, Is Rochdale game v Egremont in doubt??. I have checked weather forecast and no further snow is due but just checking what peoples thoughts are due to last weeks games mostly called off.
  9. Egremont v Myton & Kells v Rochdale I know are off
  10. Cumbria1

    New season - it's finally here!

    To be fair looking at the weather forecast I would be surprised if there will be many games on with the beast from the east about to hit and temps most nights looking at minus 2 or 3 most of the week. I think all 3 Cumbrian sides will be hard to beat at home, all 3 look to have healthy squads this year and hope all 3 end up in the playoffs come the end of the season.
  11. I disagree with showing Egremont in the bottom 3, They proved after getting lads back from injury that they are a very good team and nearly sneaked into the playoffs at the end of the season. Cumbria is always a hard place for teams to come and take 2 points away, would love to see all 3 teams in the playoffs this year
  12. What is the relegation for next season for the leagues, I have looked through and with 3 from premier, 4 from 1st division and 3 from division 2 the number of teams will be as follows in each league next year:- Prem - 12 teams Div 1 - 12 teams Div 2 - 12 teams Div 3 - 11 teams + any new teams added
  13. Cumbria1

    Grand Final Prediction

    Gonna day Siddal & Rochdale to very physical sides. But don't count The Brow out as they have a good record come playoffs
  14. Cumbria1

    Ineligible Player Outcome

    So I see Lock Lane been deducted 1 point for playing an illleagal player thought it was 2 points
  15. Hi has anyone heard anything regarding last nights meeting about Cas Lock Lane, Dewsbury Celtic & Stanley playing Ineligible Players.