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  1. Little no it all

    Chris Hamilton

    I hope Chris is recovering also thinking of Anne and the other volunteers but where has the RFL money that pays Chris wage gone or is he on full RFL pay Who from Oldham attended the vote who from Oldham has reported the club news for the last 6 months CH being ill has stilted the club 3 clubs up we still failed Naylor 6 years in done nothing why CH not done anything cos he’s cheap
  2. Little no it all

    Chris Hamilton

    What is going on with Oldham rugby
  3. Little no it all

    Chris Hamilton

    Makes me question the RFL funding this club gets
  4. Little no it all

    New Coach

    Best prop in league 1 2018 how can this be a plus point for a team in championship relegation spot hornets have missed out on the best coach available hornets get a grip
  5. Little no it all

    Next coach?

    Matt called Not appointed Hornets coach hornets must have found a legend to take hornets out of the dark ages
  6. Little no it all

    Give them the heroes welcome

    What level did u miss Rochdale hornets are a professional rugby league club and it’s players get paid
  7. Little no it all

    Players Awards Night

    Will the CEO be they cos u have ignored my last post
  8. Little no it all

    Chris Hamilton

    Please can someone tell us who pay to watch this product what’s going on
  9. Little no it all

    Chris Hamilton

    Where please don’t forget the RFL pay a fee to this club
  10. It’s not hard to realise to a bloke who’s is CEO of a company recipient of £100,000 grant 


  11. Little no it all

    Crowds this season.

    Correct Oldham people want to have a drink and watch rugby which SL clubs have done well once they moved to new ground Warrington ground close to town centre St Helens ground close to town centre it’s not hard clubs failing Salford moved from supporters local Oldham moved were ever the rent is cheapist not where the supporters wanted When did the club ever ask it’s biggest asset what they wanted
  12. Little no it all

    Crowds this season.

    The directors loans are due to debt and bad desicions he made over the years so new investors shouldn’t be expected to pick up that problem
  13. Little no it all

    Crowds this season.

    Gents Let’s remember CH only put up £10,000 to save our club 20 years ago please feel free to slag me off But let’s look at what York have done chairman who engaged with local football club insured that team played in town and then promoted his dream to the town
  14. Little no it all

    Crowds this season.

  15. Little no it all

    2019 season tickets

    I don’t want to upset people again with my simple statements what is Oldham full time CEO doing to match this club rising above us with less York 2 years ago no ground no club but appoint new chairman who pays rent to football club and pays an acceptable rent for a ground who they will get preople to watch them by selling the club then trust a good young coach who models a team around local kids he knows