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  1. Little no it all

    New Coach

    I don’t agree the bloke is not level 3 coach he’s just a mate of a bloke who might invest in hornest
  2. Little no it all

    General forum etiquette

    Even Donald Trump didnt ask people this hard what a shame on Oldham fans
  3. Little no it all

    NCL Premier 2019

    I am confued by comments with players being paid in the NCL
  4. Little no it all

    Public Meeting at the Vestacare Stadium

    Will the club then tell and inform the fans of the running costs over the last 10 years
  5. Little no it all

    Dave's logo the new club badge

    So have Oldham fans agreed a logo colour which your CEO will over rule from his sick bed and blame someone else
  6. Little no it all

    2019 Squad and signings

    So if I read correct Scott Naylor has sad no to DR This blokes successes has only been when team full of Huddersfield kids or Salford players
  7. Little no it all

    Pop up shop

    How about they speak to Saddleworth st Anne’s and waterhead Oldham rugby is a professional club but I know they have never phoned st Anne’s who have a full time steward
  8. Little no it all

    Fixtures 2019

    If telling a tale please get it right Runcorn played Wigan on that day
  9. Little no it all

    Players Awards Night

    A grub I might be but has any Oldham fan questioned the financial cost of Anne is she another volunteer like so many others it might be harsh question but how much is Oldham rugby paying a CEO who is not working it might be nothing to do with me or you cos it’s a private company
  10. Little no it all

    Monday News

    I am sure local clubs would engage with Oldham rugby if they ever contact us I am sure we would do a bucket collection at our grounds we maintain and pay towards Joke or not singe the interaction from Oldham rugby to local clubs is nil local clubs don’t get a penny from the RFL but manage to run clubs houses grounds youth sections correct me if I am wrong Oldham rugby get at least £75,000 pounds and play at a ground that use to rent free until they ###### landlord off for not paying a pepper corn rent
  11. Little no it all

    Public Meeting at the Vestacare Stadium

    The ground is nothing to do with chat Oldham rugby didn’t pay rent to Oldham council for 2 years hence why Whitebank has nothing to do with Oldham rugby
  12. Little no it all

    2019 Squad and signings

    Scott or Pete have never spoke to anyone at my local club but the keep signing kids from league 1 sides who can’t pay wages and ended up mid table Has anyone from oldham rugby watched a game at Saddleworth or st Anne’s this year
  13. Little no it all

    2019 Squad and signings

    What is the oldham’s coaching plan 7 years in the job why have they not spoken with local clubs to create a scouting team to make a pathway for young lads
  14. Little no it all

    2019 kit

    Oh so the private company that we can’t question do get RFL funding So why has everybody got an issue with me asking questions about the running of a club funded by the RFL happy to take the money but not questions