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  1. Little no it all

    Lack of signings

    I think when you suggested a joint team running the club you were about to inject £30,000 into and help save scared the CEO who has run this private company single handed for the last 20 years with only the help of the RFL handouts the same bloke who invested a lot less over 20 years ago who I believe is a accountant has been a paid employee of Oldham rugby league since 1998 so how has he loaned money to save the club it’s money the RFL fund for a pro team in Oldham which CH takes and funds his own life Rugby in Oldham is still massive saddleworth waterhead & st Anne’s have hundreds of kids playing every Sunday I might be wrong but each club has a team playing from u7s to u18s that’s 200 kids per club over 600 kids in Oldham playing our great game so over 1200 parents watching rugby every Sunday morning I might be wrong but I have never seen Scott Naylor or any of his staff attend a U18s game I have never seen CH attend a local game or engage with any local clubs surely the 1200 parents who turn up every Sunday morning might be intrested in the product you sell via RFL funding How are is it to see what’s wrong with Oldham rugby
  2. Little no it all


    What most miss off this post is why Oldham rugby aren’t playing at boundary park which is a ground in oldham
  3. Little no it all

    Ken Oldham

    Hi Joan I will try to be there Ken was a nice bloke
  4. Little no it all

    Hemel Stags at home - GAME OFF

    It’ can’t be AVRO Call why a pro rugby game is off local clubs have to get refs to inspect pitch Have people seen what NCL team have said about their full time team
  5. Little no it all

    It's that time.......again! HMRC

    Totally agree fluffy bed but Oldham rugby had many chances to stay in Oldham brough and bring the money you talk about but the private company who own our rugby club didn't pay its rent to the football club and then to the council which are us tax payers so yes Oldham rugby took business to Ashton but it's cos the private company trading as our team did this to make more money not for rugby reasons
  6. Little no it all

    Gene Ormsby

    Roughyed34 Are u you telling me that a person imployed as a coach of Oldham rugby has not signed his son from Salford academy its not Peter Carey's son so don't pick hairs with me how disrespectful are you of young lads playing in Oldham that these coaches paid by you fans can't be arsed to even look at them and they wonder why people don't connect or support there team
  7. Little no it all

    Sneaky tactics.....

    Clifford the 25 year lease they have might help your plastic pitch might help but if you don't pay your rent to your landlord a part time football club they will kick you out
  8. Little no it all

    rochdales pitch.

    If I remember rightly Oldham rugby folded in 1996 and a new club was formed by a private company owned by Chris Hamilton this company have no rights or expectations of the local tax payers to build them a ground that they can live rent free in for life
  9. Little no it all

    Barla National Cup

    Then true to BARLA thoughts then it will stay the same cos it has always been regardless of what needs to happen
  10. Little no it all

    Pennine League Fixtures

    Marauder I think u are mistaken with RFL and BARLA the pennine league is part of BARLA and have no idea of what's going on
  11. Little no it all

    Pennine League Fixtures

    MJB you talking a load of BARLA play games when they want nothing to do with the RFL how can the Yorkshire cup finals be played when the national cup is starting just shows thry have no control
  12. Little no it all

    Radio Manc

    The bloke lets rugby league down shame on BBC to allow a bloke who knows nothing about RL to host a show he saves money to host a show he knows nothing about
  13. Little no it all

    Plastic or Grass

    Oldham have no choice they play were ever they can afford so debate should be pay or no pay
  14. Little no it all

    Gene Ormsby

    Lad played for Oldham st Anne’s so he’s more Oldham than the lads naylor and the bloke from folly lane who only signs Salford cast offs and his son
  15. Little no it all

    It's that time.......again! HMRC

    Council written debt off for surrender of lease to f Whitebank so Oldham council bought land for Oldham rugby a company owned by a private company Don't get it Oldham rugby league is a private company owned by one man getting council hand outs and allowed to default payments to us tax payers