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  1. Sorry to hear the Roughyeds will be missing an ardent long-time supporter on future match days. I always enjoy reading your well-balanced opinions on here R34 and hope they'll continue. All the best to you and the family.
  2. I'm glad to see you're pressing ahead with a complaint to Ofcom. I doubt it will change anything but the BBC could at least show the courtesy of a prompt and proper response. Well done for taking action and persevering. It's always irritated me that Northwest Tonight's round-up of the weekends football games includes local teams in Leagues 1 and 2 but only Superleague and Championship rugby teams get a mention and the lower leagues are ignored. A big chunk of the RL heartland is in their coverage area so why the discrimination? Maybe the clubs should get together and organise a petition.
  3. Well done to the team on another win. Onwards and upwards.
  4. Why is there even a need to be asking this question? I thought the club had a new marketing team. Has the engine stalled already?
  5. Great win in spite of all the negativity surrounding the competition. Well done
  6. Ah, that explains why everyone had been so quiet about it
  7. How did it go? I hope it was a good turnout and all the kids enjoyed it so they'll be looking forward to the next one and recommending it to their friends.
  8. Well done to the players on a good win and the hoped for improvement to the 'points for' figures in spite of the long journey to Llanelli. Fingers crossed that this is a turning point after the lacklustre start to the season.
  9. I'm sure none of the above comments could have been aimed at the sterling job you do, Mr. Naylor. (I wish I'd seen your unedited post )
  10. Sad that it didn't work out for Langers at Hull but great news that he chose to return to the Roughyeds. Hope it does turn out to be a Good Friday for the Club, and the team redeem themselves for dozing off during the second half at Newcastle. Good luck.
  11. Great start, well done to all concerned.
  12. Good luck to all concerned for a great junior supporters club launch day. As has already been said, it's a no-brainer in the endeavour to bring in younger supporters. Well done to the Supporters Trust for the sponsoring it. The goody bag looks great and I hope Roary's Pride will become a roaring success ?
  13. The council in their infinite wisdom decided a decade or so ago that it needed a rebrand. The current logo that you see as a bullseye is supposed to represent "one Oldham" and I remember much criticism at the time about it resembling a Polo Mint.
  14. It's good to hear that Mr Hamilton was at Swinton looking well and in good spirits. However, having read the match report I'm not sure such a nip and tuck close game could have done his stress levels much good ? Best wishes to Mr H for his continuing recovery.
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