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  1. Indeed. Half of a female couple would never make such a comment about their partner
  2. I think that's a not a bad call but I'm not sure many others would agree. I seem to recall that when he was coach, many supporters complained that the style of play was too predictable. My guess is that a coach has already been appointed but can't be revealed until after the playoffs when the season is properly done and dusted.
  3. A bit of a nail biter but well done on another win in the bag and commiserations to Hornets.
  4. I remember there being a discussion about a name change on here a while ago but there seems to be a lot more enthusiasm for it this time round. As an onlooker rather than a paying supporter I accept that my opinion doesn't count but for what it's worth I agree with those who think Bears (or other animals) are outdated, and I also think it's better to move forwards than back. Of the names suggested so far, Vulcans would be my preference. But as TimG suggested, maybe the younger generation could come up with something better so maybe ask your children and grandchildren. They may come up with something more fitting for the 21st century.
  5. It's a team from West Yorkshire, I can't remember exactly which town they're from but they're known as the Goats. Or is it the Sheep? Sorry I can't be more helpful but I hope your friend finds out so they can be there to cheer the Roughyeds on.
  6. There's an application form on the club website https://roughyeds.co.uk/club-cash
  7. 1970 - Maybe Oldham didn't get the memo about it moving to Saturday and they were there on Monday wondering why you guys hadn't turned up
  8. Or maybe it's to avoid a clash with the Latics/Altrincham match at BP, just like it says on the website https://roughyeds.co.uk/2023/03/rochdale-game-switched-to-7.30pm-kick-off/
  9. Beating the alleged worst two teams in the league is a whole lot better than losing to them. Two wins out of two can only be a positive start to the season so well done Yeds, keep up the good work
  10. For anyone who hasn't seen it, I thought this Roger Halstead musing on the Roughyeds website was well worth a read. https://roughyeds.co.uk/2023/03/chris-sells-up-after-running-roughyeds-for-more-than-25-years/
  11. Everything I've read suggests that the Rothwell family are very keen for Boundary Park to become an inclusive community stadium for the whole town which already points to the right spirit of things so I doubt there's any need to worry.
  12. Magnificent news indeed, and a relief that all the recent speculation hasn't ended in disappointment for the supporters. Exciting times ahead. A big thank you to Chris for keeping the Club alive for the past quarter century and the best of luck to him for the future.
  13. Really?!! I'm sure I read a post on here just a few days ago that this would never happen
  14. I hope all the speculation is in the right ballpark or there'll be a lot of sad faces on here by Friday afternoon
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