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  1. Agreed. Surely anything that raises the profile of rugby league in the town can only be a good thing.
  2. What a lovely letter, and how kind of Ian to take the trouble to write it. Fingers crossed that the club is still around and going from strength to strength by the time Rosa is old enough to join Elise and their parents at many Roughyeds games in the future.
  3. It is indeed a great website and it is my first port of call too. Like Dave, I refuse to engage with FB or anything else connected to Meta so the more news, photos etc. that are shared on the website, the better in my opinion.
  4. Wishing a happy and healthy 2022 for everyone on the forum, and hoping for a successful season for the Roughyeds
  5. Agreed. Good luck, hope all the hard work pays off.
  6. You may not have broken forum rules but I'm in no doubt that you have total disregard for forum etiquette. Such long post titles are just not necessary. What Dave has asked of you is perfectly reasonable and has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech since you repeat it all in your actual posts.
  7. From what has been said previously, it sounds as if Whitebank will have to suffice for 2022 but I agree with Art's suggestion. Surely sharing with a local RL club would be a win win situation and it's surely worth exploring.
  8. It's easy to sit in the comfort of your armchair and criticise, and although supporters haven't always been happy with the way CH has run it, would ORLFC have survived for the last 24 years without him? My guess is probably not. As for the lack of a permanent ground, CH isn't to blame for the Club being sold down the river when they were forced to leave Watersheddings in 1997. No doubt there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes regarding a ground and they'll surely make an announcement as soon as they're in a position to do so.
  9. I agree that the "Bears" is too reminiscent of failure and demise. But does anyone outside Oldham know what Roughyed means? I like Tony Mac's suggestion of Oldham Orcas. The alliteration makes it catchy and I'm sure someone with a bit of artistic talent could design a decent orca logo.
  10. That's because Dave had realigned them to light up his bedroom
  11. A few short weeks ago there were some doubts as to whether Roughyeds would still be around to play in 2022. So now that a team is being assembled surely a bit of optimism wouldn't go amiss rather than all this negativity before the season has even started, Can't you just wait until there's a full squad and they've been given the chance to show what they can or can't do on the pitch before you write them off?
  12. They're certainly not doing themselves any favours by maintaining a stony silence and they absolutely owe it to you guys to at least say something. Even if, as you suggest, they don't know themselves they could at least say so and give some inkling of what their plans are.
  13. As someone who is on the outside looking in, that sounds like a perfectly reasonable suggestion. But I'm certainly no expert and maybe others on here can see potential flaws in such a plan. As for why ORLFC haven't tried it already (and as far as I'm aware they haven't), it's one of numerous questions that could be asked about the running of the Club, including Art of Hand and Foot's pondering on whether or not they actually want the backing of the entire town etc. But these are questions that only CH can answer and I don't envisage that happening any time soon.
  14. As I'm not, and have never pretended to be, a paying supporter I don't feel entitled to voice my opinion but I certainly agree with you M.R. but I'm not sure some others on this forum would welcome his return. During his stint as coach, whenever the Roughyeds hit a bad patch there were posts calling for him to be sacked. He must have been well aware of and felt demoralised by the negativity so I can't help wondering if he would even want to take on the job again.
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