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  1. Connor mcb

    Chris Hamilton

    Pretty sure the lack of news is that there's nothing to say
  2. Connor mcb

    2019 Squad and signings

    Hope swinton get relegated so Tyson might come back again
  3. Connor mcb

    Supporters Player of the Year

    Think Danny langtree might win it
  4. Connor mcb

    Crowds this season.

    Everyone seems to enjoy throwing around the idea of becoming a supporters owned club , but do is there enough fans to be able to afford to buy it? I doubt it the club must be worth a couple of hundred thousand.
  5. Connor mcb


    Just think about that for a minute who in their right mind would buy a club with 400 fans? Without Chris we'd be in a right mess
  6. Connor mcb

    Danny Bridge - disciplinary

    Does anyone have a clip of what happened
  7. Connor mcb

    Workington Town

    They were too big for us today up the middle. Definitely could have done with a duel reg prop instead of Phil joy today.
  8. Connor mcb

    In 2015

    Nice collection
  9. Connor mcb

    Keighley Cougar's

    Danny langtree and the bald winger were incredible today
  10. Connor mcb

    Lewis Palfrey

    shouldn't this raise a question about the safety of just taping players up when they get a cut and sending them straight back out?
  11. Connor mcb


    I think everyone needs to just take a breath we lose a couple of games and everyone kicks off. We will win next week and all will be forgotten
  12. Connor mcb

    Try of the Month Competition

    Great concept but maybe the choice of tries is too high
  13. Connor mcb

    Clean sheets..?

    Hemel next week and they are awful...
  14. Connor mcb

    Gene Ormsby

  15. Connor mcb

    2018 shirt

    Looks nice that