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  1. You are really only buying a place in League 1. Worrying given what has recently happened to Hemel Stags
  2. I have always defended Naylor as I thought the good times have outweighed the bad under him. However it does seem the team may have gone stale under his guidance and maybe it is time for fresh ideas. Would love to get Paul Rowley given his record in League 1/Championship but know that isn't going to happen so would settle for Tim Sheens
  3. He might still be back if Wakefield decide he can still learn from playing in League 1
  4. Agree with this, this season seems so disjointed. Should have had the system used a few seasons ago with the League 1 Cup at the start of the season with the final at the Summer Bash. Going out of the 1895 cup is a blessing considering some rounds are scheduled for mid week.
  5. Just noticed this on eBay, would be an interesting piece for a collector..... New Picture (17).bmp https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rochdale-v-Oldham-Infirmaries-Rugby-league-Charity-Cup-winners-Gold-Medal-1924/202662885582?hash=item2f2fa638ce:g:x2UAAOSwBG9cwyds I wonder what else is out there in someone's loft regarding Rugby League and Oldham?
  6. I feel that due to the depleted number of teams in the League and the number of 'off' weekends it has produced isn't helping to get any team into a rhythm or flow
  7. Hopefully they might consider a draw when we have home games of all members with the chance to be the match mascot.
  8. Straight Knock out. I think we should take it serious, if you consider that the top teams in the Championship will focus on promotion to SL then you could say the 1895 winner could come from the bottom half of the Championship or top 5 from league 1. I fancy our chances against some Championship clubs.
  9. On a serious note, you could have a cartoon Roary that is used for kids merchandise
  10. Agree, I didn't vote yesterday as i don't like any of them. Why didn't the club ask for submissions and then a vote rather than going with 6 designs that appear to be a non starter with most fans? It is also concerning that Dave's thoughts have been overlooked despite his design skills.
  11. Weird choice of opponents though (for both teams).
  12. You will find out on Sunday Baron!
  13. It is ok for Scott to comment on this but what about the Oldham Rugby CEO who draws a wage of £500k from the RFL think about this? Not heard from him from his sick bed or the Oldham Chron for that matter!
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