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  1. Just watched the Catalans Cas game and to be fair blatant cheat as the cats player wasn’t even in the way just chucked the ball at him and the play the ball was rushed to do it! Apologies by the way didn’t see the other thread.
  2. Watching the game on OurLeague Saints v Bradford, I was struck by how a good old fashioned play the ball looks so much more ‘professional’ than the quick roll under a foot you see in the men’s game. They actually make an effort to do this. As the NRL teams do and the ladies NRL teams. I dont think men’s teams in the UK gain any real benefit from a sloppy play the ball, so not sure how they get away with it all the time? Watching the good Friday matches there were a lot of examples of players not gaining their feet then rolling the ball backwards and ‘stepping’ or ‘jumping’ over it that would have been penalised in the past. Have I missed the memo? New rule? New referees discretion? Or just something we all got used to as the game got faster. It doesnt in reality add to the spectacle and I would say may even detract from it. If players were made to play the ball properly that extra split second may also allow players caught in the ruck to get out of the way instead of that silly penalty for having just been left on the floor and unable to roll away quickly enough. Its odd that watching the Saints and Bulls ladies play the ball ‘properly’ that it stuck out so much. English players in the NRL even play the ball properly whereas say Bateman would have just rolled it backwards in the past he doesnt now. Time to stamp this out?
  3. Will the constituent teams change as if played in different countries?
  4. Get the train in lovely walk to bootham crescent about a mile
  5. Great guy great commentator So was Steve in his pomp and many others - but there has to be either a sparing amount of these people so they dont become stale - a bigger commentary team covering matches - or a very definite succession plan in place for when they do Stevo had his time as did Ray French as did Eddie Waring before him. Eddie Hemings was one of the best and I for one am immensely proud of what he has done for our sport, his professionalism has been there for all to see Now is as good a time as any to go, before its too late and he tarnishes what has been an incredible career as the leading voice for a whole sport - not many people can ever say that and he is one of a handful in sport today that can. I hope he and the Sky producer thats also leaving have a happy and positive retirement from their roles because they have earned it. Thanks Eddie - being a Yorkshireman i could say something pithy but on this occasion a thank you is the very least you deserve
  6. Sl teams now dont have 100% English and they have been playing for over 100 years in most cases Catalans have a good percentage but not enough and there needs to be.a second elite french team - the french leagues dont cut it at all As for NA - a squad of 24 with 4-5 North American’s in it within 10 years so say 12-15 players across three teams out of potential 72 players —- if Ottawa. Are truly about growing. The Canadian game and are happy to run the same timeline Perez has touted then why not? - they wont be out of the championship inside the next 5 years on his timeline - he has inferred they have had talks with various players and i believe that includes local union teams in that area as well as sevens players. Again why not? If a decent Canadian or USA RU player became available at the right price then I cant see TWP or NYC or Ottawa turning their back on that - player wages arent that good over there from what i have read - especially the recent spats with the sevens teams. so anything between 10% and 20% of squads being North American born in the next 5-10 years would be a winner - watching Catalans play i wonder sometimes how they can field a team with so many non french in it but there you go - if you dont expose your best french players to elite rugby they wont grow and develop - but thats not really the clubs rationale is it? They are there to represent Catalonia via Perpignan and they do that very well. Same goes for Ottawa TWP NYC TOXIII - or London for that matter or Wigan or Leeds. I am not sure demanding teams field at least 50% home grown players is the way to go. I think making sure teams lay down meaningful community links and stimulate the growth of the game at a level below is more achievable and a better measure of what they are doing - a strong amateur presence and a community that supports the elite level TWP are a different model for many reasons and in reality they are a bit isolated from any amateur scene in Canada - but Toronto is the second biggest city in North America -so as a strategic target its bullseye and a success to date - its how that model extends and grows that is important With the new bids its about that sustainable approach as there is an amateur presence in NYC and a league albeit amateur - Ottawa have already put up a model that fixes the many whinges on here My concern is not any of them but TOXIII - they have swum against the tide for a very long time, the refusal to allow the long promised development of their ground was mystifying and very suspicious as they are now dependant on the good will of the french ru teams around them - I appreciate french ru is running out of steam a bit but a wounded snake is something to watch out for. We dont want to lose them now.
  7. 12 teams in sl - add TWP TOXIII Ottawa NYC Bradford Widnes and 2 others = sl 2 X 10 divisions - throw in an Irish team as speculated late last year and say Newcastle Thunder - two viable leagues play offs top three from each division - home and away each team in your division = 18 plus 10 for the other teams in the other league = 28 If 27 or 28 games a season plus play offs is the desired number then this is it If not add 5 to make 23 - you play the five teams odds or evens depending on whether your table position is odd or even top 3 either division into top 6 play off - winners of divisions play one game less to make it to GF - so at worst 3 matches = 26 to win it from 2nd or 3rd, 25 from top. Split the top derbie teams to keep them as special matches later in the season TV deals all over the place - sky would be a bit odd not wanting a piece of this - cheap and easy way into directing the growth of a new sport in a strategically important global market territory there is even a realistic wcc and international window in there. Then again what do i know? SL and the RFL seem to crawl to get there - hopefully they do have something like this in mind, if not, well, there’s always saints v Wigan eh?
  8. Redundant question surely? Both every day of the week - but it’s not our decision is it? If the fiscal structures are in place then there is no discussion its get on with it If I was Rimmer i would have every spare body surfing on the back of every deal TWP NYC and Ottawa put in place - you licence your IP at the very least and IP value can be quite lucrative If the RFL value their IP they do the due diligence, get the teams in if they pass that test, and make sure the IP is protected and its value is realised - simples
  9. Well done very professional player does the same thing very well every match, well enough every time not to be shut out. Not a flair player but a 100% committed player and ruthless with it always looking for that extra 1% whether thats reffing the ref or the niggle he does have in his tackling technique. A player that was created not necessarily a natural player. I dont think he could play any other way, but very dependable and one of very few elite world class players in his position. But so is Roby and as we saw with his current coach, one of the best all round players in the world. If you want true consistency though and real natural talent an all time great who is head and shoulders above the likes of Smith for points, matches played, talent and creativity two words - Neil Fox. Put Fox in a Melbourne shirt in his pomp and I truly believe we wouldn’t be talking about Smith - the world doesn’t start and end in the NRL and as we can see at Canberra and elsewhere the best players in that comp are not Australian and that includes Smith now. Great player none the less.
  10. TWP announced afex as their currency partner an ongoing partnership interestingly it was plastered all over saints socks tonight and their plastic interview board As I understand afex they are bloody huge with a presence in most money markets globally offices in Manchester and Dublin as well as Toronto they sponsor ru clubs soccer clubs and the rabbitohs as well as na sports teams I reckon they may be looking at the transatlantic angle and have sponsored the world club challenge in the last 2015 or 2016 I think Might be them or an associate
  11. Giants by 4 close game but some decent players back for the giants after nearly beating a good Wakefield side think Cas are due a loss again playing roster must be knackered out by now cowbells to the fore please gentlemen! COYG
  12. Giants by 10 as I told the Legend on twitter - bet him a fish supper at Wetherby whaler york. Hes not answered but. I guess that will change if Wakey win eh? Giants have a settled side, the forwards are actually running fast and hard and seem to be up to speed. Only word of caution is the London match they lost the last quarter and Wakey are fit enough with a touch more skill to make that count if they get a roll on. Jordan Turner to get a hat trick - mans on fire at the moment.
  13. Retirement. Home for yesterdays. Players having one last swan song - Giants 2nd team, as they have been called for some years now. I reckon they should thank us for all the ‘quick’ deals they have had good value from over the years. ?
  14. Perception is everything in the media - what has Barwick achieved? I don't know and no one else on here seems to. But I do agree that the negativity without actual fact that portals like this showcase is not helping our minority sport. Because that is what it is. Money talks and no one has been spending any, period. We fall from the national consciousness because of that. Being the best thing ever doesn't mean you will be put on a pedestal, far from it. Be rubbish but repeatedly tell people how good you are - -we have all seen this work, so why the surprise? The RFL is run as a private gentlemen's club, the higher up the tree you are the more influence you have. Until someone has the balls to convince all the other owners and directors that the only way to grow is to let go and put your trust in someone or a group of people to take the sport forward. And that instead of the internal struggles and vested interest that pervade now these same owners and directors and chairmen and women need to become investors in the sport instead of trying to drive the sport in 30 plus different directions. And that's not SL or the RFL - they aren't sporting businesses to drive the business of our sport forward - and there is the disconnect, the single point of failure. Saints, Leeds and Warrington are the only teams with future certainty as they have their own grounds, large amounts of cash from an owner behind them and as a result have created teams that know how to promote and grow their businesses. If Carter at Wakey gets it right now they own the ground and can attract investment to help redevelop as and when the cap increases (or goes) as it will, there's the big 4. Unless someone on the inside spills the beans I would suggest Barwicks biggest achievement has been to keep open the promotion/relegation aspect and prevent SL walking off into the sunset, as he will know that would make everyone else redundant and in one self interested diabolical stroke kill the game as there would be no meaningful expansion only contraction over time. Catalans are French, Toronto/Ottawa/New York are self financing and may well be financially huge as they own or will now own their own income streams to the detriment of the whole competition. But without them there would be no expansion - damned if you do damned if you don't. JFDI. With Sky showing the Bash and Toronto paying the broadcast costs to showcase not just themselves but the Championship teams they play against to those teams benefit (!) I would also suggest someone somewhere has pushed the fact there are assets that aren't being developed to Sky, who need as much cheap filler as they can get. Don't be fooled by the preponderance of RU at a lower level on TV - there is a cost they are paying and surprisingly the RFU seem happy to sacrifice 7's to get some domestic exposure - Twickers owes the banks, I assume we are all aware of that? The RU home nations are investing in US franchises to expand their businesses - that is after the RFL have been successful with Toronto, at no cost to themselves. I would suggest Barwick may well have been a big enough hitter to keep SL on board and the SL within the RFL to agree a way forward that may be beneficial to the whole game. If so then I would thank him for that alone. I noted an earlier poster stating Elstone was around in an era when players were well known and everyone was skint. I recall speaking to a business owner in Halifax at the time, long term RL supporter, wouldn't sponsor anything RL related, all the teams he had been involved with reneged on their agreements and it was well known most of them didn't own their own grounds the banks did. It appears we don't learn and I do hope Elstone isn't wearing the same rose tinted glasses Uncle Mo will have leant him back in the day. Mo was Wigan, but he appreciated Wigan needed opposition and as a business it needed a national profile - and he backed the sport internationally. I am not sure Elstone knows what he has walked into but its not as simple as one big club and a lot of clubs hanging on their coat tails financially anymore. Barwick from hi communications stated he had to wait for something to fall into place then he was happy to go. Whatever that was it wouldn't surprise me if we owe him something for his time. But don't forget the real power is Rimmer now, and that to me is very worrying, without a person with a widescreen strategic view to mentor him, I am not sure where the RFL go next. I hope I am wrong, I hope there are great ties ahead, but without a level of transparency none of us will know and we will repeatedly chew the same bones of discontent over and over. Thanks for coming to the party Brian, but why did you spend so much time in the kitchen?
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