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  1. Kris

    Widdop - Wire

    Spice girls are touring hence the acquisition no issues with marquee signing I would suggest Moran will pay something close to his NRL value as Davey would have done good for sl well done wire
  2. So.... Who is the favourite to replace Rimmer on here? Not quite got that from the posts on here. I know it will get some backs up but going to the guy at Souths who was at Hull would be a good move if he wanted it, looking at a neutral altogether would be a good shout, but the contentious eye would be cast at RU - there are people there that would make very good administrators for our sport - the truth is in results they have achieved and the investment they attract. Anyone actually got any names? In fairness I am struggling. And please dont mention Lionel at the All Golds - that ship sailed a long time ago - I rather think he needs to be left alone to develop a south/south west legacy. Who else put up for the RFL job when Rimmer did? That would be a pointer as to what the alternatives were and could be again.
  3. Kris

    Worlds best player signs new 2 year deal

    I think its more to do its not having the on field coach at the club - he has had to carry the side a bit and Billy was blowing hot and cold - just goes to show as good as he is he cant referee as well as cronk can coach
  4. Kris

    Worlds best player signs new 2 year deal

    Should that be Worlds best Referee?
  5. Kris

    2019 predictions

    The RFL board (as a limited company) sell the game to David Argyle in an attempt to ###### off Elstone and SL and Nigel Woods idea of England RL v the Wallabies takes off again as both national bodies face financial ruin due to the increase in salary built in to Barwicks contract Coventry Bears sell 45% to the local union team and relocate - current chairman steps down and starts another Cov team at the bears current ground Skolars start to play a lot of SL standard players and Nobby is seen regularly on the terraces not coaching them West Wales finish mid table Doncaster and Newcastle thunder get promoted Thunder receive a boost financially from the falcons NYC start to ramp up the media assault for their inclusion in 2020 - in the championship - saving Rimmers job - and the likes of Hemel realise their licence to play as a pro team is worth hard cash as they and others start to sell and/or drift to regional leagues Leigh dont surprise anyone as the Begsy stays and ‘accidentally’ resumes control having conned hard working players he bought out of contracts and agin ‘accidentally’ invests big numbers Marwan is found to be a stakeholder in more than one RL team, including SL Cumbria gets a new stadium Lockers captains GB and gets the final hurrah he deserves although only manages a couple of matches TWP have a distinctly average start to the new season but win the division and announce Cameron Smith as a new signing for 1 year in SL And you never know some of this may actually come true - that’s why i love this game - no one has a clue what’s going to happen next - other than the blokes and ladies on the field will do their best to entertain us and that’s really what it’s all about Happy New year people!
  6. Kris

    Andrew Johns being treated for seizures

    I know people. With a bipolar aspect and some exhibit seizure as a symptom of emotional stress. AJ may be epileptic or have developed seizures as a result of continual physical and emotional stress Best left to rest and get back on top of his issues i think. He clearly doesnt want to open up too much about it so best to let him get on with it. I do hope he gets a handle on thus and gets some relief.
  7. If you go on form with reasonably fit sides from last season Warrington St Helens Giants Catalans Wigan Leeds Castleford Salford Wakefield Hull KR London Brough will be frustrated in his own bulk and lack of speed - that’s been his problem all along - his mind thinks his body is still 25 and it isnt - if he settles in and accepts this he will be a far better player Giants were close to being the form team last year and mostly with a patched up side - i do think a full pre season and the additions make them as good as they have beeen for some years - best backline in the league for me - and with less interchanges a great forward pack as well Leeds May well surprise everyone first half of the season but if fitness doesnt improve from last year they wont I really want London to rise but yes, a year or two early - TWP really do need to have aa good look in the mirror, a repeat of such a dire performance this year will see them fail - a lot of pressure there KR just dont do it for me - flashes of brilliance but no consistency FC - well, nuff said - could win everything if they could raise their game or end up relegated if they dont - everyone else bar London appear to have recruited really well, certainly enough to bury FC Dark horses to win the lot? - Catalans - I am not a McNamara fan but he doesn’t have to be brilliant just consistently good at SL level with an NRL mindset - consistency again, watch for them bang out of the blocks - if they win their first handful of matches they will gain enough confidence and they have a big enough squad to do it all Wigan, Cas, Salford Leeds - all pretty much mid table and that would be progress for all of themspecially Wigan who wont get full value from Lockers and the players they have lost now - very experimental season - i can see Edwards hand on lams shoulder and a real change in playing style and the type of player Wigan will focus on now - Hardaker will shine for half a season then fade as the pressure gets to him - still needs a lot of work that lad - they could do well restricting his appearances this season Cas - without more recruitment their moment has passed Salford - if they had depth and some quality in that depth top 5 for me but they dont - as much as i admire Hastings as a person and a player he cant do it all and they wont lift when he isnt there Saints - i seem to disagree with everyone here - when Barba was on fire so were they - when he wasn’t there they were good but not excellent - Walmsley back will give them some fire with Thompson up front but the other recruits are pretty much slight upgrades on what they had which wont be enough - bridesmaids again at best - and as much as i hate to say it they will miss Wilkin a lot - Wellen’s cant coach on the field like wilkin did because he isnt playing like wilkin was Warrington for me - Austin man of steel - wont win the LLS but CC and GF up for grabs - will take an excellent performance to take them out in both comps Really excited for this season, most open in years, and fancy Warrington to finally break through if not another new name on the SL trophy - just feels like that kind of year The championship looks very very tasty - TWP to win it but wont top the table - agree Macs draw card is his ability to win big matches not league form - but it will not be an easy ride for anyone there and quite a few surprises i think - might even be Leigh in the final with Olly Russell behind what is shaping up to be a strong local forward pack there
  8. 9 months or more of L1 and championship rugby? Really? Semi pro players? The weather is ###### until May/June and even then the wettest weather was late June into July, for the last few years and more. If you get promoted you only get an extra month, or lose a month if you are relegated from a harder faster comp - full time maybe and a parachute payment but still very unfair A stretched 9 month season so you can all watch a competitive winter schedule over the festive season is not on You either shorten the season through the summer - see every thread on this in the summer every year - or switch back to a winter season I am old enough to remember winter seasons - bloody cold and miserable and crowds were no bigger in fact usually smaller over the season - the sport was literally on its knees before the advent of super league - no SL. No RL - go back and look - only one team had any money and wasn’t regularly defaulting and that was the team with most of the GB team playing for them We have come a very long way as a sport - we have a very long way to go and desperately need some real leadership in the sport - but starting the season at the end of December when you finish in September is utter madness when you are talking about small squads and part time players or even full time players - careers get shorter, players fitness falls towards the end of the season, everyone is knackered and carrying injuries, and you want that for another few months and increase the risk of injury and rubbish matches in mud rain and snow over winter? The world has turned - there are far better was that have been discussed fully on here, of improving the comps - shortening careers by lengthening seasons and reducing rehab and pre season fitness programs is just dumb Our players are our greatest asset - so why even consider treating them like second string cattle when we should be building them up and improving the spectacle - we look at the NRL with some envy - its not a surprise they play less matches in better weather and are faster stronger and better prepared than anything over here Come on people, festive pre season matches are what they are, there should probably be more of them but lets not push it - the season is already too long without meaningless fixtures in ###### weather that no one wants to go out to - and as one poster above laughingly points out it has built in slippage for cancelled matches due to bad weather - say what? Get real. League on Boxing Day, brilliant, 10k plus at Leeds, brilliant. But get a grip. And while we are at it - no TWP or NYC etc in the champs if you revert to winter - they wont even get to play at home - unless we allow skates and skis!
  9. Steroid possession for sale isnt legal but possession for personal use is - in the UK - but then using cannabis isnt illegal in Canada but is in the UK - so using cannabis in Canada must mean using it as a sports person isnt illegal in Canada - its not, as far as I know, performance enhancing, rather the opposite unless you are a competitive eater! Still world drug testing is in place so I suppose this is covered by agreement?
  10. That’s an interesting point- say Ashton Simms had a puff or two on canada but blood tests in the UK showed up a week later - what would the RFL and UKAD do then? I suppose if the competition rules ban it so be it but UKAD might not have effect there
  11. Kris

    Hearns not coming to Rugby League

    Nothing to see here - move on in other news the best championship[ season for many years and a sl season with real star players all we need is NYC and I would be genuinely over the moon as it is pretty excited - might even take in a christmas or new year friendly
  12. Kris

    Elstone speaks!

    Its all about SL and only SL That alone is a great worry - top clubs take the money and spend it nothing ever trickles down With the RFL now skint and out manoeuvred by the very clubs that should be supporting it we effectively have the RFL, NRL north and south, and that’s it If I was the RFL i would now open the doors to expansion and remove the cap for clubs under SL - as a reason why look at how SL will profit in exposure alone from the Camp Nou game - on the back of Catalans winning an RFL comp not SL - and you wonder why potential winners not full members are being charged for the privilege of competing I am all in favour of SL doing the very best it can but not at the cost of losing the RFL and without internationals the RFL is sunk if it does not profit from the TV money coming into the game Post 2020 we all know who will be dealing with who and it will be a 16 team league with Toronto and Toulouse in. The Bulls are scaling up, so not sure whether Chhalmers is a champion of the RFL or just very shrewd. London are who ins if they have the clout and the development alone means they should be in - that leaves one place left - Widnes as a team v the LSV as a venue for SL A coup is a coup lets get it sorted and bring the whole game along - finance the lower teams properly and keep that one promotion spot open Expansion teams wont go down once the cap goes in 2020 - the promotion spot will be needed to make sure those that cant keep up get a second chance hence parachute payments The game has changed, it needs to be recognised accepted and managed to keep the whole game jhjealthy otherwise its a pro sport with nothing under it and i for one think it would be poorer for that
  13. In cases like this it is always very difficult and there will be an evidence gathering stage including but not limited to interviewing everyone that was there and witnessed what happened as far back in the night as is required to establish the context of the following events If anyone has seen anything that might. Be. Used as evidence please dont post on here as it might prejudice any court case If the lads kicked off without any real provocation it will all come out in the wash, looking at the video of what the door staff responded with they were sober and are professional registered doormen, they should have acted accordingly. I suspect they have used excessive force, but that is for a court to determine and although the clips on twitter suggest this there will be a bigger picture no doubt. It will be interesting to see what happens next Its a wait and see dont stir the pot sort of thing - enough of that on twitter and insta
  14. Kris

    Wolfpack borrowed from Saracens?

    What a load. Of tosh Cross code forum please let the kick n clappers debate this might cheer them up