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  1. Kris

    The weekend just got even better...

    Very good question first page I flip to when I buy the mag from Smiths Have they removed the column now?
  2. Toronto “lost” the physical battle today in many areas and I thought were quite muted throughout rowley still has links to Leigh and twitter hasn’t been kind to him this last few weeks it’s never nice to have people you know making daft comments having said that he needs to shut up if he is stressed by that purtilll clearly wasn’t that bothered acton was and as such should get a telling off by the rfl otherwise storm in a teacup and lets move on
  3. Kris

    Shaun Wane Leaving Wigan

    That's been down to cash and available players not a rotten policy - they never make a profit and are at the top of the cap with currently 2 marquee English players Hence the heavy reliance on the youth system which unfortunately imo meant Wane blew out some good young kids way too early but success is what wigan wanted and he has delivered very well
  4. Im not sure about the FA Cup as it seems to have suffered a similar fate to the CC in that its a nice party at the end of the season but that's it - the teams you hear about are all lower league teams having their day in the sun - I agree with Joel Tomkins that the CC needs to open up for all teams at the start and stop the seeding thing - that's how dreams are made win lose or draw As for streaming it is the future, and usually separate rights to digital or other broadcast rights - seems Sky have all ours then in the more meaningful territories - good on the RFL for trying it with the Live RL app Its the future for sports - 2.5 of 6.5 million people watched the ECL final on a phone or other non-traditional device - I hope the Live RL app goes hand in hand with different devices and especially in Asia on Android devices. I am not sure why people don't like streaming - its just a different way of delivering the same content - I like what the NRL do with their app and I think its the future We wont get many more people following the sport because they see it on a Saturday on the BBC - those days are done - we need a new plan to spread the game and sometimes its about letting the broadcaster be creative with the output - otherwise don't like BT Sports but I have to say they have the platform for a top quality streaming service and perhaps that is where the RFL and the clubs should be looking to sell the game
  5. I appreciate there are a lot of stories out there, good bad and indifferent, but we care about the future of our sport Why aren't SL and the RFL on this project now? And if they are have I missed it? TWP lost a lot of friends last week when they imploded in spectacular style, but boy they know their onions- all promotion via online broadcasters and happy to settle for a sole rights to the Asian streaming market and no sky money if they are promoted as per the topic from a few months back?? This sport of ours is in serious trouble if it isn't looking at this sort of thing right now!
  6. Kris

    Hearns (again)

    He wants the Crown Jewels to promote the opportunity to promote is all we should let him have and if he is as good as he says he is that would create significant revenue for everyone involved if he promotes individual players watch out for match room central player contracts
  7. I think he will be what the kiwis need he is astute enough to let players like Johnson play their own game and would want 5he likes if Benji back the pack let that team down in the World Cup and he knows how to utilise his forwards very well I hope he doesn’t work out well because I am a lion not a kiwi, but I fear he may be quite good
  8. I thought the plain white shirt was very classy with the chest logo #wallofwhite i would take the student kit though I like the chevrons on the arms and if anyone remembers the kiwis about a decade ago if we can’t find a sponsor to pay what the shirt is worth then go without I also would not mind a red chevron on the chest if we had to have one the all white kit was kind of classy though
  9. Kris

    Kyle Eastmond

    I would have him at the Giants tomorrow but he wouldn't come - he seems to have a bit of an ego although the edges may have been knocked off by now. I think he would be very good at full back after a few matches to find his feet again - I don't know if he has lost any pace but I would guess he still has a fair bit as a union centre - may even be worth a punt at half back What would worry me is the attitude - he was woeful for the last handful of matches before he left, lost saints a few of those matches as well - if he came back and went for a world cup place he might be worth a squad place for GB in 2019 I don't think he will command the same price as he once did either - depends if he wants it or not - if he sees a future and is motivated he will succeed I hope he does come home, at 28 he may well have a good few years left as a good player and we need them in the game
  10. Kris

    Denver Test - Ticket Sales

    Its a development game - get all the top players on that field and produce a hell of a game and the USA will buy it - call it a loss leader - if it breaks even great - if it does big TV numbers and the advertisers like what they see - job done There could be one person there for all I care - if the project succeeds in opening up that market and the next match has 10 people there, the next 100 the next 100 etc and so on it is working. But the measure is and should be what the viewing figures are across north America, what the TV deals are and how wide they are spread, and what the reaction to that match is from those viewers and advertisers tee'd up to watch it. If its presented well and the North Americans like what they see all this angst about attendance figures is so much hot air and pales into insignificance against the revenue TV and advertising can bring in not to mention the exposure Anyone have an inside track on TV picking up the game and broadcast figures, advertisers signed up etc? The yanks are usually good at showing those sort of figures off approaching an event - great buy in - if its a popular TV event, people then want to go and see it.
  11. Gosh! Missed this gem The Bulls were ###### at running a rugby league team - now they have a new owner but the business is the same business following a court settlement, same assets, same playing staff more or less plus additions and a couple of sales, same off field staff plus or minus the odd owner and coaches When Chalmers walks the walk I will agree with him - until then the only pertinent fact is that the Bulls are the heralds of what can go wrong, and as a big club gone bad in a bloody huge city with no other appreciable sport to compete with, its about time they got their house in order That being said Chalmers has stated the blindingly obvious on a couple of points, mainly that the SL model we now have is ###### - of course it is - look what happened to the Bulls! 10 Obvious points we all know: 1. Sport needs money from outside that provided by the paying punter or it fails - all sports 2. TV revenues are falling and the sport needs a media strategy 3. Expand or die 4. Private ownership by a money bags owner is not a bad thing - we should stop pretending it is - no other sport cares about this 5. Teams that own their grounds make money and are growing as businesses - the rest do not - fact. 6. Advertisers follow exposure, any exposure, that gets a brand out there and makes them more money through more sales - they don't pay the big bucks to preach to the converted in small geographical areas 7. Raising the salary cap would destroy our sport as it nearly did before Murdoch gave us a period of grace love him or loathe him - as an example every team including Wigan were insolvent then - and they all jumped into bed with him as soon as possible to take the coin he offered 8. But on the other side of that same coin the salary cap prevents anyone from the outside investing in a successful team because they cant buy what they want so why invest to make up the numbers? - ground up organic growth I hear you say? - why would that work in RL where it doesn't work in any other sport in the world - go look - no globally growing sport starts at grassroots level outside its original territories. 9. We do actually have enough players out there to float teams but that will end very soon, imminently - to change this the sport needs to invest in amateur and youth sides which means academies and under 21's again as a clear pathway. We lose far too many of the precious resources we have and that is unsustainable - the RFL cocked up taking the mantle off BARLA - there was nothing wrong with one complimenting the other and that should have remained as the amateur administrator it was actually very good at - dismantling it was a huge error by the RFL as a cost cutting measure and to flex a sporting muscle 10. The RFL is a joke and needs leadership as soon as possible otherwise the whole ship sinks. Read all the above, and after every point read point 3 again. It's a liturgy of small minded failure, sitting on deck and having a martini as the Titanic gently sinks to the bottom. Chalmers is a bit annoyed and I understand why - I can honestly see a potential split in the sport if we don't get the RFL back at the helm simply because 12 mouths speaking for a lot more doesn't work. If I was Chalmers and quite a few of the lower league clubs that are actually breaking even off very small stipends from the RFL purse, I would go looking for every commercial edge I could and tell them to stick the stipend - as no Sky no SL end of - and if he is really serious he needs to sell to the city he is in first and foremost and then the wider market and promote the brand he has. For too long the SL money has kept failing clubs afloat and everyone else being dragged along, but without those clubs there would be no SL as the rest of the sport would not be able to step up. In short Chalmers is a very vocal symptom of a failing system and I for one would like a bit of revolution about the place.
  12. Kris

    Huddersfield future

    Already been in the examiner town not looking to buy the stadium no cost to them and they don’t have to maintain it more likely to develop a new ground Davy has already bought a training paddock for development and has a trust fund to fund the giants he won’t leave it was his wife’s great joy and his daughter is involved so another Leeds fan making guesses already knocked by info already in the public domain
  13. Interesting about the lack of home internationals perhaps it’s time to stack them up again ?
  14. 16 team sl it is then float new usa teams in the expanded sl 2 another 16 teams and off we go keep the 8’s the USA teams will get promotion at first or second go anyone who doesn’t strengthen drops down
  15. At least we are still trying I hope we get our best team on deck this year fit and ready to go we might genuinely trouble a lot of teams otherwise it may be a real problem facing relegation bring on Widnes then