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  1. He was the England RL academy half back wasn’t he? Good for him - welcome back.
  2. No They need to spend as their current crop are frankly sub standard
  3. It’s a sell out - that’s good news - if some people decide not to turn up tough - look at the stadium site for tickets - sold out all gone Dont forget firefighters were offered tickets when it was down to the last few thousand so hopefully that uptake has gone to people who deserve a day out!
  4. Kris

    Happy Yorkshire Day

    Had a pint in Pickering today travelling around yorkshire white rose flags everywhere been living in Exeter for 17 years so seeing everyone happy and pretty much united across south north west York’s and East Riding really cheered me up happy yorkshire day
  5. Kris

    Boom and bust.

    This model clearly doesn't work. Its time for those in the championship to figure out how they make the championship a sustainable league in which they can build their clubs to a sustainable level. Its time to give up in the idea of risking it all in the hope that you are the lucky one who gets up, then risking it all again in the hope you can stay up. It just doesn't work. Interesting comment that - one i dont disagree wholly with but there are caveats 1 - the strength of the game on the field its the player pool - we should look to strengthen and go to two leagues full time professional with a semi pro pyramid below that - take the hit on the standard on the field now and rebuild the strength in depth - 2 - franchised for 5 years against set criteria 20 teams geographical spread all receive exactly the same - 4 up 4 down top 8 play off the difference then is what you get for being a winner - those that invest wisely have better facilities, better academies and that will produce better first teams and more fans - everyone else fails and if you cant make it work you lose the franchise - go bust lose the franchise 3 - The RFL own the franchise and give it to a club - the club cannot sell a franchise - the RFL can take it away and award it to someone else - due diligence 4 - As part of that criteria the clubs are given stewardship of those outside the game along with the RFL - feeder teams - and those teams fail the franchise fails - they can be run as academies or as reserves but they are run professionally and adequately funded, that’s 20 further semi pro/amateur teams in two further leagues geographical spread The aspiration would be where a franchise is failing in one area its feeder team could become the basis for refreshing that franchise. If the pro club fails the feeder team is retained in the system. Feeder teams that are clearly outperforming the leagues are allowed to pitch for a franchise every 5 years on the understanding they no longer partner their pro franchise if they step up - they can mirror it and use its expertise as a successful franchise to take the next step - best practice is rewarded Expansion happens through new teams entering direct every 5 years if a foundation franchise is failing - they have 5 years to plan create play roster a team and can seek to buy out a franchise through the RFL - the money then goes back into the whole game Altruism, realism, shared experience and a whole game approach. and then there is SL - a CEO signed to increase revenue and promote SL (see Lenigan comments not mine) is now dictating the structure of the game - so lets just cut the rest of the game loose and fund SL and hope the corporate trickle down effect works! Sounds like Elstone has his own little book of contacts to produce new money into the game, or did i miss that connection? We need a whole game approach, the above may not be perfect but it strengthens and grows teams in a protected environment and forces self interest out of the window to an extent - it gives teams in traditional heart land towns a future - they cant do boom and bust they just bimble on and will eventually fade away - that cannot and should not be allowed to happen without at least trying, as a game, to halt and reverse to some degree that decline and that starts with strengthening the base. £75k for a championship/L 1 team? That’s it? SL teams with academies could fund that and refloat the whole game if they were made to do it - at their own advantage as well. Cov bears step forward - that’s what you can achieve with absolutely ###### all. Anyway, just a thought, put out there before. Elstone isn’t the answer, nor is ring fencing the SL comp at everyone else’s expense. Anyone recall Woolies or BHS? Rationalise, rationalise, rationalise. Until you have nothing left to offer and nothing left to effect change because its too late. They over reached, shrunk back too far, ignored the bit about why they were a failing business, died. RL is in danger of doing that without the over reach bit. Governance and structural strength creates a winning business in a strong competitive environment. RL is a sport - its also a business - Elstone and co need to swallow their pride and look at whole game answer with SL before its too late. Doffs cap gets coat goes to pub!
  6. Growing interest is one thing growing a sport on a telephone line is another Assets? Resources? Refs? Playing fields? Sponsors? This is far from an exhaustive list Have a chat with USARL and see whether you could do some work for them under their badge and funnel people into that organisation In fact they may well have a membership section - you could tap into that and help them - i would imagine they would be very very welcoming What you are suggesting is a great idea but needs substance otherwise its just an expression of interest If you get a tie in please let me know more than interested
  7. I think you should stop talking to yourself its difficult to hear over the surrounding laughter in any case 😎 Melbourne storm took hundreds of millions of ausd and time to embed - TWP will do well because they are showing some resilience as a bridgehead into NA - they don’t play our game there you know but do seem to like it lots! time will tell - dont be so hard to judge - on your metric we have succeeded in only a handful of spots in the north and should stop wasting cash now - clearly we should stop now before someone accidentally makes a success of themselves by accident and embarrasses your world view now excuse me as i doff my cap and plead to be readmitted to the rfu
  8. Funds Leigh for another year in the championship? Seriously very good question and I hadn’t considered this so glad you brought it up. That’s a sizeable amount and as a good will gesture the clubs in the championship they have played agains should benefit or how about 30k each across league 1 and the championship? I reckon that’s TWP sponsoring the competition to the tune of 750k plus travel expenses etc so well over a million - someone needs to be nice to them paying to play and all that - very interesting when you start top tot it all up just as a guesstimate EDIT And then i got an answer above, so no cash then only if you fail to go up? What do you get if you do go up?
  9. Kris

    Free Sports

    Elstone and sl get there way. I. Would say freesports and. Premier are a very good showcase for the lower leagues if i was freesports i would already have a Toulouse deal as well as a Toronto one pick up league 1 as well as good as ncl footy i would suggest and something clubs could promote
  10. Who said the 8’s are done? the rfl run the comp all the clubs have a vote on structure i dont see any vote taking place and i do not see a change of structure for 2019 Until one is announced i would advise a lot of caution elstone was employed to get more cash into sl not run the rfl or do anything to benefit anyone else other than the top 12 clubs he has no actual power and no staff he is a mouthpiece at present nothing more the time will come when we have a new tv deal or deals to discuss - that will be very interesting in the meantime the 8’s will stay - the only change that would have any meaning and progress the game at all would be to have a top 8 play off so 4 of the 8 teams actually also have something to play for - every minute matters after all Everyone else is having a whale of a time - or haven’t you noticed?
  11. Kris


    If its an English comp Catalans care gone — so a dead argument already for all the carping on here about supporting lower tier sides and lack of sl standard players may i points out its not the RFL’s position to develop players for a SL club or any other - they promote the game and support the community game quite well where they are allowed in - and anyone that knows the amateur game will know the politics there are worse than the top tier - talk about rats arguing over the plate after the cake has gone! No academies was a business decision left to all the clubs at the clubs request - also now we see the standard of business in charge at the clubs we support i think its clear to see why we dont have player pathways however we have enough players to play SL - that’s not a problem - we dont have the pathways to get them there - which is rediculous TWP bring something that no other team brings - a fresh approach from a new place and outside interest that does not play by the same rules we do - they dont give a monkeys about RU as a competitor nor do they care the team are not all from a small enclave within Toronto itself - in fact its a selling point - instead of a team with two marquee players to them the whole lot are - we need to stop being so parochial and inward looking The use of OUR GAME is particularly offensive because its not OUR GAME its A GAME and we should be INCLUSIVE and WELCOME new people to the sport not scare the pants off them by sounding like the sub committee of UKIP northern division. This sport has problems because it has not had a striking governing body at national or international level with the cash to back up any plans at all really -its all about cash and they were rubbish at getting any The clubs themselves are rubbish businesses - Wigan try to spread their reach but dont seem to be very good at it and they have an internationally recognised brand I dont think we realise this but the loss of the Bulls to SL was almost catastrophic in terms of brand awareness. They were poorly run but very good at marketing the brand and they had true national reach so none of the arguments on here where everyone is getting upset mean much if the bloke who runs your club and pays the staff is not very good at what he does because regardless of the standard of play on the field what lifts the sport is the business behind the players argyle took nothing and has created something at no cost to the rest of the game. That is a fact. He isn’t going any time soon as he has stated and still pours money into the game new money. In a well run club. That will slowly put down roots given time and support Incredibly the pinnacle of ‘rugby’ of either code in Toronto is a RL team. Let that sink in. In 122 years we have supported teams who have looked for hand outs to survive. We had the first derby because Wigan and saints could not play without external investment to get a game on for gods sake an d that was 100 years ago. What has actually changed in real terms? TWP represent a seismic shift in business models and access to markets RL as a sport simply does not have the money to exploit so never will without them. The storm took hundreds of millions of AUSD to get to where they are from nothing. SL and British RL does not have the money and wont if we look to shore up teams that cant bring value as full time professionals. The only debate is what that value is, what the criteria should be, and TWP would hit just about all of them. One child boys a shirt and tells his mates he saw them play on Saturday - that’s priceless, that’s more promotion in a country of hundreds of millions than the RFL or NRL have done in 122 years. The UK is skint. Anyone anywhere will take on a RL club in the UK if you give them the cash to do it. That’s the UK way. We do not have that cash. Organic growth is happening very slowly in the UK for free on the back of people who are nameless and faceless and are never ever given the support they deserve on here. If you expect North America to suddenly spring up fully formed leagues in less than 122 years then i think you are deceiving yourselves. If they do it in 25 on our current expansion model they will have done well. So stop bagging them and start supporting them. They dont have to exist, we are better because they do, please dont scare them off now.
  12. True that its a bit of an issue - lots of people late 30’s onwards on the terraces not so many under so perhaps getting the local college social media team on board might spark interest? Most kids are looking for something to believe in these days - give em a chance
  13. Unfortunately doesn’t mean much other than SL status... thank the lord for that TBH the way we have been playing first half of the season i was expecting the middle 8’s and possibly the million pound game - i will be honest and say I thought dropping down might do us some good The turnaround using the same staff has been astonishing - and i put it down to 3 things only 1- Wolford is clearly a laugh and a half 2 - LEEEEEEERRRRROOOOYYYYYYYY! - plus Jerry and the right side attack sublime 3 - Brough has a new haircut, stops being a loud mouth, and badoooooom - talk about Jackyl and Hyde - he hasn’t played this well for nearly 2 years and i would love to know what’s happened to change his attitude - seems he is back on the same page as everyone else at last Good times - and nice to see Ken smiling - he must have got a kick out of the last few matches - wish his lass could have been here to see it!
  14. Moore will get this too well placed in the market now not to. The NRL would be showing. A lack of ambition by ignoring him - spiteful oh! Wait..... Sorry had to remember the RLIF would have to sanction a test not the NRL - so hopefully sanity will prevail, Moore will step up and cover the costs much like he underwrote Denver and we can all pull towards a successful 2025 RLWC And then i recall the NRL are the instigators and i heave a sigh of despondency yet again - of course they will want the USA to know its the premier rl comp, the USA should be dealing solely with them, they own all the players on show etc etc etc rlif needs to step up and show some marbles and soon me thinks - and by the way i am very worried that the players going to nyc will have too far to travel, have not enough time to acclimatise, get injured through tiredness because of the long season and terribly long haul flight, and then have to fly back in a state of distress. mothercare have comforters available at a knock down price i believe - if its played tonga will win and the sulking in Sydney will refloat mothercare over night - time to buy some shares
  15. Kris

    Chinese investment in Salford?

    I hope so too remember they got a blue chip sponsor Bon the front of their shirts so it could be anything Think its a bit rich taking the ###### before we even know who it is what people dont realise is that a social media search is done by all potential sponsors and if all they can find that is relevant and up to date is this then we are truly stuffed i do hope they are hooked by the sport and want to do great things with it and that the sport itself doesn’t scare them off its a lack of open mindedness and a great dose of negativity