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  1. The entire thread is a trolling exercise Argyle is going nowhere he has made all the right moves and will continue to do so because away from rugby this man operates in a world where reputation counts for millions of dollars according to those who work with him for him and around him he is anything but a racist and given Toronto is one of the most diverse cities on earth that’s a decent recommendation go look on Twitter he has reflected on what he said and come to what he believes to be the right decision jose spoke to him and has stated clearly Argyle is not a racist but has something to learn from all this I doubt the lad would have thought Argyle would do what he has done either in resigning but there you go argyle has piled millions into our sport and taken absolutely nothing out of it other than the real pleasure he has shown simply being at a rugby match and even more so by all accounts when he sees his ambition moving forward with more schools than ever playing rugby regardless of the code oh! And the endless trope that negative and seemingly jealous trolls post on forums like this and spout at matches Ill informed ignorant and likely simply made up opinion pieces that without the internet wouldnt have any air time at all and frankly deserve to be binned off argyle is a committed man in his business dealings and I would suggest committed to rugby in Canada through his organisation. He is still the owner and will still take pleasure from his investment albeit out of the limelight which frankly again is very very sad as stupid as he has been i find it difficult to believe anyone would think Argyle would simply up sticks and walk away after the level of investment already. He was wrong to make the comments he did, he has sought out the player involved, apologised, and on reflection resigned his frontline roll because it has impacted on his organisation negatively. It was the right thing to do. if you want to ask him yourself or perhaps ask whether he is walking away and in doing so use the same trolling techniques you have done so here he has openly given his email address for you to support/lambast/criticise whatever you want to do and has promised to reply see his statement and offer on Twitter stop picking on the man, front up and show some balls and email him. Post the email and the reply. That would be worth reading. Jose and Swinton are both happy with the outcome and the matter is with the rfl. Argyle has lost a position he previously and quite obviously enjoyed enormously to the point of obsession. There really isn’t any other punishment that would hurt him more. i hope he is supported through this and that our sport which has a history of taking miscreants and turning them around can yet again have a successful redemption story that includes all involved and that this lesson is both heeded and learned. It’s odd this bloke can create what he has in a city with no league history where teams in the so called heartlands can’t with tied in communities and a hundred years start i for one would like his vision to succeed and I believe he will do everything to make sure it does, even more so now. Sadly for him he won’t be in the lens. Shame Perez moved on. I hope whoever takes the role has half of the enthusiasm this man has for rugby league. so again, email him, ask him yourself, troll him, post the answers. Go on, it’s only an email, it’s not like you have to actually be in the same room as him now is it?
  2. Let him go overt nationalism is a North American trait and to be fair they celebrate their past far more than we do in our rather reserved fashion the truth is we all fought for a better world back then and some of us still want that although even the Canadians around Toronto seem to have an authoritarian view to government a la mr ford right-wing tosh everywhere about time we all grew up and got on with caring for one another kayakman, found any booze in Toronto yet? That’s about the depth of politics in Toronto before the administration has a 4 month holiday boris by another name is mr Ford global trumpism lets not descend to that level eh?
  3. Well Harry, I suppose anyone could walk away from any contract, in sport where a 'licence' or 'registration' is held by the club you are contracted to play for the issue is yes you could walk away but you are lawfully registered to that club for the period you contracted for so in limbo. You could try and claim a wrongful dismissal or even that things got so bad you had no choice but to leave constructive dismissal both would be contestable and courts and governing bodies tend to enforce the registration until any arbitration or tribunal process rules otherwise. An enforced pay drop could be constructive dismissal grounds, depends on the circumstances and each are different. An acknowledged promise to increase at a certain point could be classed as an inferred contract clause that would be enforceable at court, especially as the player may have been playing week in week out in a poorer team that doesn't support his talents so he does not perform as well. not his fault - or hers for that matter. If the player had private means and a good cause great, if not its tie to get a job at Tesco while you wait. Or another sport, see SBW for instance, but even there a quiet dollar drop into an account shut up a few moaners And any agreement will have a covenant stopping any revelations about shady deals or otherwise coming out, enforceable by a large 'fine' for doing so through a court or tribunal The reality is that in employment matters only people who have a cut and dried case should risk a tribunal, everyone else will have a point to score and as such a period of reflection and negotiation usually prevents a costly tribunal process, lots of falling out and loss of cash that could have gone elsewhere. Depends on how grown up you are I suppose. Otherwise you could get a large payout, make your lawyer richer than you, and still have no pay packet next week. Best for everyone to look for a positive resolution, give a bit take a bit, and move on. It is true in the civil court that the people that really benefit tend to be those that represent both parties, rather than the parties themselves, a lot of the time.
  4. A possible get out a player is asked to leave with 18 months left on a contract ordinarily they would transfer list and sell recouping a fee and the player would negotiate an ongoing contract with no loss of income dependant on what had been negotiated into the new contract otherwise the club holds a players registration until he is off the books so they have a say in where that player goes as he is still contracted until he is gone effectively the player could choose to not play and sit around waiting for cash each month and be counted on the cap very messy legal arguments etc refusal to pay etc if club and player agree player gets to go somewhere else paid by them until he leaves switches to another contract with no break no transfer fee but in a salary cap sport a big club will be thankful they now have a space in the cap so everyone wins if the player already has a suitor so much the better for everyone as it’s an automatic switch off the cap at the right time for recruitment which can be done now in anticipation of the agreed move this falls down if there is no agreed move and its a possible move and not contracted then the players original contract is still in play and it messes the whole recruitment chain up a promise is just that and not necessarily a contract see Shaun Edwards for that one so yes as noted it’s cap space but if ended it’s almost a case of transfer of contract from one entity or club to another along with the cap amount transferred over which makes the Aus market so much more lucrative and the Aus clubs better suitors as a U.K. cap amount is pretty much a lower contract for them hence Canberra have some of our best international players in one team which would be very difficult over here In short if everyone is on the same song sheet great if not very very very messy as an aside David furner will have to be paid out at some stage in an undisclosed behind closed doors type of scenario as he was sacked because sinny didn’t like the direction he was going in. Not sure that’s a reason to sack anyone without an appeals process in place and smacks of knee jerking desperation imho mr caddick may well have to fund that one it won’t be a full amount for the entire contract I imagine it would be 50% cash pay off and a covenant to keep his mouth shut free money for doing nothing and to sweeten the pill and damage to reputation as furner isn’t a bad coach by all accounts so may be a small add on for that behind closed doors interesting stuff always interesting to see how these sme sporting business entities choose to conduct their business out of te glare of public scrutiny tim sheens will be another one although as Hull kr are run by an employment law specialist I imagine they have already sorted that aspect before the conversation took place
  5. Goes to show what Bernard can do with one match i get annoyed at the sl chairmen and. Others who decry Catalans and their presence in sl they clearly bring a lot not only to the game in the U.K. but to their own back yard too Toulouse would boost that if they could get in sl
  6. Sheens is the oldest coach we have had in sl for some time i did wonder why he stayed to be honest at his age I would be in Aus enjoying life a bit more morgan and Cooke? No I wouldn’t bother I’d go for James ford right now or how about Richard Marshall? He has dropped the radar quite suddenly which usually means a deal is being done somewhere then it gets leaked with the new academy and John bastion at kr that’s a good connection between academy reserve and first team as that’s clearly Marshall’s thing who is the no. 2 at kr? i reckon they might do a Leeds and hang on until the end of the current season before announcing the new coach
  7. If they did promise him a marquee rating it would have kept him at the club when bigger pay days elsewhere were beckoning so I think this is about loyalty not being repaid Kallum is deceptively strong he is every bit as good as Senior was and has skills to match with quite a few years left in him he came back far too early and it looks now like he was given t(e captaincy to get him back because as good as he is he was never a leader in the field a go to player yes but that’s very different leeds made a big mistake loading a player not ready to return with a captaincy that really should not have been his and now he looks at the large amount of cash he turned his back on from t(e well publicised union and NRL teams that have chased him in t(e PST no wonder his heads a mess any NRL team will pick him up on an increased deal to the one he is on at Leeds and it will still be cheap for them he is a world class player and they won’t play him until he is fully fit and happy as per his buddy ryan hall chomping at the bit to get back but held back while they made sure he was ready if I was him I would go tomorrow because where you have done your end of the deal and the club doesn’t loyalty no longer comes into the equation given a decent pre season with no England games and decent support to get him back to his world class standard he will be right up there time to go to where that sort of loyalty is appreciated and good for him! Remember the deals that all the other ration players have had in a team that famously never paid over the odds allegedly but won time and time again sinfield with his union cameo peacock with his Leeds job that led to a hull Kr job that led to a Leeds job maguire with his Hull kr role he has been recently lambasted for burrow at least has prove; he is good enough for the role he was given other clubs do it too meanwhile Kallum has sinny waffling on about loyalty with Hetherington sat on his shoulder then doesn’t come up with the goods unless it’s written down he is stuff d time to cut his losses and let the rot carry on at Leeds
  8. https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/kallum-watkins-leeds-dispute-nrl-interest/920270ae-8129-4b80-9963-a197f828b119 oops!
  9. Powell is a coach who has a reputation of improving players I am not sure thatb8s what Leeds want or need and if there is rot in the club a la sinfield comments then Powell won’t necessarily be the answer to the structures around the first team so unlike Cas where he will have a very real presence in the whole structure of the club at Leeds he will have a much more limited but higher profile role and no right now I wouldn’t want to work under sinfield who by his own admission has a measure of ocd and is now under a great deal of pressure having already tendered his resignation and being preferred to furner by Hetherington That’s not a healthy place right now agar will have a guaranteed job and may even have a taste for coaching even though he wasn’t employed in that capacity however he would do well to stay out of coaching now and go back to the job he was employed to do otherwise keeping a team up raises expectations that team won’t rise to for some time unless there are new faces brought in for key positions and that’s not necessarily the best players but the right personalities agar can’t coach like Powell and he doesn’t have a good track record as a head coach although he has a good rep as an assistant of all the coaches waney is exactly what they need for the next few years but has a very limited shelf life and would not flourish under sinfield if furner who was said to be sinfield friend couldn’t rub along with him then waney who clearly likes to be his own man has no chance same with most of the names on that list the one who could ride that oversight would probably be Ian Watson at Salford who seems to be able to cope with not knowing who is playing where this year let alone next and still gets a reasonably consistent level of performance out of a team of mercenaries Richard Marshall would be a very brave move but again he has had free reign at Halifax and was very successful with not a lot of resource whereas he would have pretty much everything he has never had at Leeds and far less control Watson for me obvious choice if wane doesn’t want it in the short term but at some point sinfield needs to learn it isn’t his team he is not the coach he needs to facilitate not dominate all the time more than anything though they need to stay up and sort out recruitment for next year now because they don’t seem to be in a hurry to get a new coach in whoever gets the job will inherit sinfields recruitment decisions with agar and Hetherington acting as consultants on what’s needed Not sounding that good a job really is it?
  10. It’s easy to forget he was in a great team on merit and his trophy cabinet says it all leeds needed that type of player and they took a very promising back rower and created a bit of a monster from a young age he was very much an enforcer who actually did the nasty rough stuff no one else in that team did quite as well and I would stick my neck out and say without him doing the dirty hard stuff Leeds would not have won as much as they did we can’t all be Kevin sinfield now can we he was ver6 effective at what he did and he created a real platform at his best he was as good as many other forwards so yes probably does need to be in a top 20 for sl era forwards his problem is that no one really liked him not even the Leeds fans I recall they thought he was feral I remember the Redford confrontation amongst others and bailey got taken off because he was clearly too aggressive and would scream and shout at the dominated player he had just walloped enough to have to be taken off for his and the teams well being he could pass and he had speed for a forward so yes a top 20 player for his impact on matches and doing the ###### stuff no one else would do reminds me a lot of a Trent Merrin type of player but with a lot more aggression so no surprise to see Leeds go with Merrin this year
  11. If there were issues between furne4 and Sinfield it sounds very much like Sinfield wanted to coach? Wasn’t that furner job? sinfield is known t9 have ocd so perhaps a little micro management going on? Furner struck me as a very strong person an alpha male type which is great when subservient to a captain on the field great weapon to have but as an equal on who your reputation rests ? Not really a surprise when yo7 actually dig down sinfield isn’t a coach but whoever jumps in will have to have sinfield on the coaching team whether either of them want him there or not interesting quandary
  12. Said it before and I will say it again Elstone is 1. Stuck in t(e pockets of a lot of self interested self serving club owners 2. Was their unanimous choice simply because he will always represent their inward looking views and 3. What do you expect from a mo Lindsay clone? he is stuck back in an era we left b hind long ago, the man has more road to Damascus moments in a week than most of us have in our lives cause he doesn’t understand how League fits into the sporting landscape in the 21st century then he gets up off his ###### goes to Toulouse and is ‘comfortable’ with expansion int9 an area it’s already played in - read comfortable offering a new team a place at the table not expansion at all - its simply an offer to join the old boys club toronto Ottawa and the rest must keep this man awake every night of the week in fear of losing* what little control he has as he doesn’t have any with them at all on merit you would cosy up to Toronto not Toulouse if you want to expand exponentially into a new and unsaturated sports market that is clearly eager for our style of entertainment the bloke bottled it when he went to his mates at Liverpool for magic strategically we have a Newcastle team screaming out for assistance and a location where the matches worked and were attended well instead we get a few k more for Liverpool less people now give a and the concept is very much in the doldrums if he doesn’t get it right sooner rather than later an announcement now of where it will be next year would be very good but unlikely he lifts the rfl media team almost to a man and woman and has done ###### all with them he was the main driver behind loop fixtures and continually justifies them when even my cat knows better and he just switches people off he is not a leader he is a mouth piece he is neither creative nor forward looking and there is nothing he has done or said that isn’t negative the only feel good factor I get from him is when he shuts his mouth he will make a partially positive statement then launch into a ‘ yes but’ speech for twice as long and finish on a ‘ and I’m sure it will be alright though’ when he has done his thing with it that used be called the sandwich or the Nike tick if you don’t like the sport Elstone do something about it stop being a and criticising people who are trying to do stuff that is positive ffs even Rimmer has managed to engineer an increase in playing numbers and a gb tour which is all nothing to do with good ole Robby elstone is a highly paid admin clerk for a board of directors who own super league and are very miffed other people can join the party in an ad hoc fashion they don’t currently control. HE IS NOT IN A GAME LEADERSHIP ROLE STOP EXPECTING HIM TO HAVE ANY ANSWERS TO THE GAMES WIDER ISSUES AND DONT EXPECT HIM TO MAKE ANY POSITIVE COMMENTS ABOUT EXPANSION WHICH WOULD UNDERMINE THE CURRENT SUPER LEAGUE MEMBERSHIP THAT EMPLOYS HIM in years to come the rfl will have the more valuable property with teams like Ottawa and nyc in their ranks and I think Perez for one knows this given his comments about not rushing to leave L1 or the championship in a mad rush like Toronto the business model has already changed we are just seeing the implementation of it now and the sl will ringfence ASAP with Toulouse preferred over Toronto think about that a team that pays rent to a union team because the same mayors office that pays a lot of cash to the union teams has prevented the league team from doing anything to their own stadium whereas Toronto dont Even take any cash from the pot and add immeasurable value by providing a conduit for brand expansion and awareness in a massive new market FOR FREE Elstone is a waste of time and money and any negotiations with Toronto will also include negotiations about that numpty representing them outside the U.K. which will not happen elstone is an inhibitor not an enabler someone needs to flick the switch and get was is supposed to be a very capable man back onside and grow the game outside sl as well to sl benefit otherwise bump him off back to soccer where he can retire to the FA board and earn cash for being its chairperson and counting votes
  13. Bulls were awesome just watched it again Hurrell was nullified Merrin was average at best cuthbertson added a little bit but really no one wanted to put in a decent shift other than dwyer who repeatedly ran laterally like a half back looking to pass and absolutely no one ran on to his line again and again and again i wasn’t sure who the halfbacks were on first viewing until about 30 minutes in poor McLennand [not sure spelling ] looks out of his depth and again looked short of energy and ideas sutcliffe looked like he wants to play but sat back too much Leeds looked disinterested is the best I can say and only really sped up in the last 5 but had lost it by then what sealed it for me was I think Newman (?) taking his strapping off talking to Lolohea and he looked unbothered by any of it at least Lolohea looked a bit shocked by the result I dont know what’s going on at Leeds but bending your back and making tackles might help on your own line schoolboy stuff at times the stats the bbc put up at half time told a familiar tale Leeds were at over 9m per carry to just over 7m and had made more metres with I think 6 or 7 less sets than Bradford so the stats for the 80m between the two red zones are good conclusion has to be Leeds are not fit enough and lack strike at one end and Dwyer and Hurrell and smith and virtually all everyone else can’t tackle on their own line. I mention Dwyer especially because what seems to me to have won the game for the Bulls was their game plan watching it a second time Bradford were structured disciplined and executed a game plan to a t. Kear is obviously a man who does his homework and the players he has clearly listen to him. everything leeds are not and didn’t do leaderless rudderless and no where near good enough and again watching a second time the ex Leeds players proved a point someone at that club has gone for superficiality - style over substance - and got it very wrong when they let those players go. I recall smith was suppos d to be the future captain of Leeds and a future international not on that showing Leeds playing to their undoubted potential would have walked that game in the second half there is enough quality to put the shoulder into it and crack on but they didn’t bother shocking really good for the bulls but the game could do without losing the biggest club in this country getting relegated we are still missing Bradford and all they bring in sl no idea how Leeds are going to turn this around even if they avoid relegation 2020 looks decidedly dodgy as well
  14. Great game to watch stunned at Leeds lack of desire Konrad Hurrell the only player that looked ###### if at the end Big big issues in that team sacking furner may be .the exclamation mark on the past but there is so much needs building and McLennan doesn’t look like the half back answer either sad to see after so many imperious years but no guile or skill matched with no effort I was surprised Bradford didn’t make more of it
  15. COYG cowbell army to win this one huge effort needed but the giants pack isn’t a poor one when it plays and could stop the saints go forward then again there are the backs as well hell with it COYG for a win
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