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  1. do we think cutsyke teams dont like to travel?
  2. i thought so too, theyve been running 2 teams? and signed rangi chase
  3. how do people think seasons going? i see afew teams in yorkshire league are not travelling or playing have they dropped out of league?
  4. big shame a big day for the club and community and some are going to miss out.
  5. thats shocking surely challenge cup has to be made priority over national cup thats no disrespect to national cup but surely rearranging game for week after wont hurt anyone
  6. should be a good day i think sherburn drig and toll bar will leave with the silverware
  7. if clubs wanted to play 2nd teams then they would enter 2nd teams. most 2nd teams are miles off the 1st team standard so it would be like sending lambs to slaughter in most cases not all.
  8. who enforces the bans? afew years ago a junior coach i know was banned for abuse to a junior ref. i went to watch his team play and he was on the touchline shouting and balling but that day the ref was an older more experienced guy who stopped the game and told him in no uncertain terms the game wasnt about him and the game would be abandoned if he continued. so surely if the league has teams/players/coaches/spectators whos been in trouble surely it makes sense to do random spot checks or send a league official to games but not broadcast it just turn up? rather than fining teams for not having correct colour vis vests on or sending in a result 10 mins late
  9. disgusting behaviour club needs to make an example of the parents and players
  10. what is the going rate for admission at game?
  11. its poor form reporting each other and just gets petty with teams going t#t for tat. ive always believed you play whats infront of you there was lots of ringers about years ago we just got on with it. also ill add if toll bar know the rules and admit theyve done wrong how could they appeal surely there bang to rights
  12. just seen on a different thread theyve bin kicked out upton are in final
  13. is that why no results on website or wasnt last time i looked
  14. sorry im not watching all that video is there somthing on it that will show why toll bar have been or are going to be kicked out the cup?
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