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  1. red square

    8's fixtures

    OF those who are tipped to return I feel Charnock may be the most influential one and give us a bit more structure.
  2. red square

    Raiders v Broncos

    No blame can be attached to the officials after that display. Nor can the excuse of new players or players out of position justify that performance. I am not doubting the effort just the manner of play. Fair play to London who put us to the sword. An early indication of the dire afternoon for Barrow was indicated by Londons' first soft try when our defence melted away. We then went up the other end and had 3 sets of tackles and looked clueless and disorganised. There then followed two other shocking lapses in defence as the Broncos racked up the next 2 tries. The body language of the Raiders players was worrying even at this stage. No one seemed to be trying to lift the spirits of the team as they stood behind the posts - where were the leaders? We were, to say the least, flat and predictable in attack and often pedestrian in moving the ball especially from the acting half-back - this no doubt contributed to the number of hurried kicks and kicks being charged down. Once London realised they could simply get amongst us and nullify our attack we had nothing to offer. Where was plan B? Parata was wasted defending out wide. It may be the fashion for the scrum-half to defend there but in following that fashion we moved one of our best middle defenders from where he is very effective. I'll always support the Raiders and don't want to be overcritical but if we continue to play in that manner then future prospects are not promising.
  3. red square

    Interesting news at Leigh

    There is an interesting article on the Leigh forum. They appear to have accepted the inevitable and are letting players go if they can find a contract elsewhere.
  4. red square


    Looking at the video I saw several "line balls" but even with the video I doubt that they are forward. It is the timing and the positioning of the stand-off as he passes the ball which makes them look forward. The ref. shaking hands with the other team - I bet he shook hands with the Raiders players as well - they tend to after every game.
  5. red square


    Too many couldn't tackle, pass or undertake any of the other basics. The team had a lack of organisation and purpose. A poor advertisement for the Raiders. It won't have people flocking along to Craven Park. What is most annoying is that we seemed to be out-enthused.
  6. red square


    A Barrovian by birth who has made money in the USA has pumped money into his home town football club. He has now decided that he cannot compete with the millions being put into similar clubs and is trying to bring the spending under control - using the likes of local talent (ring a bell with anyone on here?) and urging people to turn up at matches (again ring a bell with the users of this forum?) I appreciate what he has tried to do for the town and the money he has invested albeit I would rather it was the rugby. Why is it necessary to have a dig and try and points score over the soccer on a rugby league forum? Dallimore, Bullock, Fieldhouse, etc are not locals and the the soccer don't have imports from the other side of the world. Glass houses and all that - just appreciate that someone who has made a success of his life has chosen to try and do something for the town.
  7. red square


    I like "sky puppets" - instead of calling teams a S.L. (super league) team how about prefixing them all with the initials S.P.?
  8. red square

    Come on someone cheer me up

    As regards the forward passes - it was good to see the officials picking up on them ( both sides at fault) - we do not play American football! When they were going through their drills prior to k.o. the Barrow team threw a lot of forward passes which possibly the coaches need to have a look at - although with some refs they wouldn't be picked up. To play well below par yet still keep in the game and nick it at the end speaks volumes for the team spirit and attitude of the players. I thought Dean Parata had a big influence when he came on. He looked as sharp as anyone on the pitch and some of his head-on tackles on their big guys was first class, not many slipped the ball away once he had them in his grasp. He should play as many minutes as his stamina will allow. Lewis Charnock is a huge miss for the Barrow team, we always seem to be having to make do and mend with players not operating in their best positions. Similarly Tom Walker's absence is bound to have an effect over the next couple of months. Perhaps not a great performance against Batley but without doubt it was a great win and testiment to the spirit in the camp
  9. red square

    Toal Brothers

    The club no doubt has rules regarding conduct on and off the pitch. If they ignore breaches of it then what message does it send out? The club are not the ones who have conducted themselves in such a manner as to warrant time in the cells. If you want to point a finger, point it at those who cannot behave like adults and have disgraced the name of Barrow RLFC in the press. I don't often say this but well played the board, not expanding on the brief press release you gave is the right course.
  10. red square

    Raiders v Sheffield (league game)

    I too dislike dual registration but it is in the rules and if other sides want to use it fully so be it.I certainly wouldn't complain if Barrow could pick up a decent stand-off to cover for Dallimore. Without doubt for the first 30 minutes today the side with the D.R. players was the one playing like a team. I think our forwards just got on top in the end when we started to defend off the line with more speed and vigour. Sheffield then struggled to get field position. We tackled everything that moved for the first 30/35 minutes of the second half. The defensive display in the first half especially on the Barrow left was atrocious. Some of our passing at times was woeful. Personally I would like to have seen Marwood given a chance. He tends to pass with more precision and gets the ball away from the play the ball faster than anyone else so the benefit is reaped from a quick play the ball. Having said all that - what a comeback. Some superb tries and strong defensive efforts were justly rewarded with what in the end was a convincing win. I thought the ref had a pretty good game. He blew for infringements at the play the ball early on so everyone should have got the message. I don't know what the penalty count was but I would guess we were more or less squeaky clean in the second half which allowed us to build pressure. The team spirit, fitness and determination not be be beaten saw us home in the end. Onwards and upwards.
  11. red square

    Planned change to Challenge Cup format. 😈

    They published the viewing figures for rugby league last year. Guess which attracted the most viewers the challenge cup or super league? Don't forget we on here are which believe it or not is a niche sport- most poeple (even in the heartlands) don't view super league on Sky. There is little live sport on the Beeb nowadays but when there is it still gets the highest viewing figures. If I was an advertiser I would be pay considerably more to be on terrestrial TV reaching millions more viewers.
  12. red square

    Cumbrian lakers

    What the good Doctor did seem to hint at is that any new club would be away from where the present clubs are with Barrow, Town and Haven acting as feeder clubs. I would suggest he is more likely to want a stadium near to the M6 to attract supporters of all 3 clubs and those that make their weekly trips to Saints, Wigan etc.
  13. red square

    Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    According to the Raiders facebook page the game is off due to the hard ground
  14. red square

    Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    Wind, waves & weather forecast Walney Island Airport - Windfinder This is the most accurate weather forecasting service for Walney Island (Barrow) It shows temperatures reaching 4 degrees
  15. red square

    Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    The weather is forecast to get a little warmer. The trouble is that one side of the pitch is in the lee of the stand and does not get any sun (no matter how weak it is). I presume it will be frozen solid now - whether we get the weather to thaw it sufficiently for the game to go ahead is in the lap of the gods.