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  1. red square


    Another problem with a "performance" like that is that we are playing Dewsbury at home when Man Utd and Liverpool are playing. Would anyone like to guess how many are going to say sod it and watch the soccer (which is their right) following a result like the one at York
  2. red square


    Just listened to a few minutes of commentary. Stack in the bin, more penalties given away and a team warning issued. I have received some stick on this forum for complaining about the penalties Barrow give away but nothing changes - someone needs to get a grip. It cost us last week ( and not necessarily the last contentious decision) it was the penalties given away throughout the game with at least 2 being on the 5th tackle (Mr Stack at fault for at least one of them if not both). Our attitude is at times amateurish when it comes to testing the referee. We cannot do anything about the other teams pace, size etc but we can cut out the garbage penalties and stop having to play with a self imposed handicap.
  3. red square

    Sheffield predictions

    Hoping for a Barrow win. I find the Walney Windfinder site the most accurate of the weather forecasting services. I hope I haven't put a jinx on it but its set fair but breezey for this afternoon. P.S. I know some on here will think it is abhorrent but I actually watch rugby union - PLEASE don't let the announcer etc ruin it for those who are taping England v France so we can to Craven Park.😁
  4. red square

    Josh Johnson signs from Hull KR

    Reading his C.V. he spent time on loan at Batley so will have a better knowledge than most of the slope. Well done the board.
  5. red square

    Wigan 26th Jan

    What is to be expected a few first team names and no doubt some of the others in the squad on Saturday will feature during the season in S.L. Given the Wigan coaching they'll all have had it should prove a good test I see that there is a special offer of £10 admission before 1 pm. To be honest I would have thought that £10 was a fair price which would attract punters rather than the £15 I'll end up paying because I don't want to watch the curtain raiser. I think the cost will put off a few non-committed fans who will keep their hard earned cash for the league fixtures. I think the board have done great up until now but this should be looked at again.
  6. red square


    I thought the Paura was deserving of the M.O.M. He was busy round the ruck but most importantly you could see he was telling players where he wanted them to be. Hard to judge on a first showing but it looked to me that he a rugby brain. Charnock once again played well above his weight in defence and proved a good link player. I thought Carter had an excellent game and he should be vying for a regular place in the squad if continues to play to that standard. I am truly amazed about one thing however - there are no moans about referee Hewer on this page and he didn't get the usual stick from the terraces!!!!!! About bl**dy time we stopped blaming him for all our woes🤣
  7. red square

    1st Friendly Barrow v Oldham

    What do people expect - you ask. Well I for one expect them to have learnt their lessons from the past couple of seasons and stop giving stupid penalties away. For example, 2nd half we are deep in their 20 when a shocking pass from the acting half back arrives at Dallimore's boot straps, understandably he knocks on but to compound matters he then fouls the Oldham player who ends up with the ball. Another 2 penalties see Barrow defending their 20 and shipping a try which seems to have given all the impetus to Oldham. Will we never learn? I don't think Oldham would have got near our line with that wind without our charitable donation of yards via penalties. Yes the first match, but I presume it was the same for Oldham. I haven't lost faith in the cause but I am feeling frustrated by the amateur mistakes/penalties rearing their head at the start of another season. It needs getting to grips with now by the coaching staff
  8. red square

    1st Friendly Barrow v Oldham

    I don't do predictions but I am really looking forward to what should be good encounter. The players can get their muscles warmed up whilst I get my vocal cords tuned up!!☺️
  9. red square

    Where will we finish?

    The club have made some super signings and I am looking forward to the new season with relish. Given that other clubs have also been busy in the market-place how do feel our signings shape up when compared to theirs? There are another 3 freed up by Toronto who will be looking for contracts probably on the M 62 corridor. My opinion is that Barrow will be at the least competitive against everyone and there should be some great games at Craven Park but we'll have to be at our full potential to be sure of getting in the top 3 or 4. What do you think?
  10. red square

    Ground share

    If I was responsible for Barrow AFC I would not up sticks and move to Craven Park without having a share of the assets i.e. the ground. You could not expect them to sell up their tangible assets (Holker St) without then protecting their long term interests by having a stake in the ground.( which Leigh and other clubs would die for) How would that sit with the restrictions placed on the ground when C.P. was first given to the people of Barrow? Would any major development fall foul of modern day planning laws as regards the provision of parking facilities etc. I am not simply trying to be negative but realistic.
  11. red square

    Barrow Afc

    My view is that is a forum for fans of the Raiders to express their opinions or state their views. If something is posted on the official sites it will no doubt be raised on here but I don't see it as the clubs' job to put it on here. This forum is separate from the club and is a vehicle for supporters to air their views which at times may be at variance with what the official club viewpoint is.
  12. red square

    Barrow Afc

    The F.A. will not alter fixtures because another sport plays on the same ground. They play home and away at 3 pm on alternate Saturdays unless television rights intervene. They will not back down on this - even with local amateur clubs the changing of fixtures is problematic. Hence rugby league will always play second fiddle. No doubt this what causes some of the problems with the RFL unable to sort out a reasonable home/away fixture list.
  13. red square

    New Signings

    The arrival of these two players for pre-season will generate publicity and interest. It should add a few on the gates of the pre-season games. Potentially superb signings, lively south sea islanders always seem to strike a chord with the fans. Good work by the club.
  14. red square

    8's fixtures

    OF those who are tipped to return I feel Charnock may be the most influential one and give us a bit more structure.
  15. red square

    Raiders v Broncos

    No blame can be attached to the officials after that display. Nor can the excuse of new players or players out of position justify that performance. I am not doubting the effort just the manner of play. Fair play to London who put us to the sword. An early indication of the dire afternoon for Barrow was indicated by Londons' first soft try when our defence melted away. We then went up the other end and had 3 sets of tackles and looked clueless and disorganised. There then followed two other shocking lapses in defence as the Broncos racked up the next 2 tries. The body language of the Raiders players was worrying even at this stage. No one seemed to be trying to lift the spirits of the team as they stood behind the posts - where were the leaders? We were, to say the least, flat and predictable in attack and often pedestrian in moving the ball especially from the acting half-back - this no doubt contributed to the number of hurried kicks and kicks being charged down. Once London realised they could simply get amongst us and nullify our attack we had nothing to offer. Where was plan B? Parata was wasted defending out wide. It may be the fashion for the scrum-half to defend there but in following that fashion we moved one of our best middle defenders from where he is very effective. I'll always support the Raiders and don't want to be overcritical but if we continue to play in that manner then future prospects are not promising.