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  1. It all looks positive up there, half an hour closer and i may have been able to convince the wife that i needed to go often!!
  2. Hi i've just tried the wesite for tickets but the link isn't working and the ticket tab takes me to falcons stuff. do you know if there is an e-mail address? i won't have chance to call in office hours for a while and i want to know if they are offering hospitality for this game for christmas pressies. keen eh? i'm looking forward to it already never been before but live in darlo so close(ish)
  3. Agree with that apart from the yellow card, I was at the game so I didn't have the pleasure of the explanation about the video ref intervening. There was a wild pass to in to touch from Trin in the second half which the ref thought saints had touched so he gave a scrum to Trin, but then reversed it after appearing to check with the VR because saints didn't touch it, did he check VR? Is that allowed?
  4. Awful isn't it,need to have planers going off for injuries, never mind hia, if the trainer comes on, you go off.
  5. Milky and his pen for a head high was massive play acting, i also think Leeming was really unlucky to get sin binned, i'd have brough back tomorrow if you don't want him. Here comes the sour grapes though, how many head injuries did hudds have when Trin were attacking, and why did luke robinson run in front of Finn (every time) when he was taking a conversion. Some pretty poor from there from my point of view. Huddersfield deserveed the win!!
  6. You are all eating much better than me at the moment. I just discovered you can customise the burgers at Mcdonalds so i had a double cheese burger, with extra cheese, extra pickles, extra onions, bacon, lettuce (but i didn't want to pay 20p for tomato)and small chips. £3 total, i thought i'd done pretty well, but jesus!! caviar, steak, some sort of pancake cake, fancy ham and i assume all washed down with champagne? i'm feeling pretty ashamed of my self. i'm going to have a sausage roll for tea on the train
  7. I have nothing but respect for all of this, i can only hope i'll be good enough to do the same for my parents and my kids will do the same for me. What if i don't? They suffer because i'm a jerk?
  8. are we really on?? https://www.nufc.co.uk/ i only looked because i want to bring a flask, i amuse i can't, but gonna call em, but this really did shock.
  9. How do you feel about dementia/living too long/inheritance/later life care tax, good thing? That was labour playing politics, smart, but rubbish as far as i'm concerned. The more we tax the elderly the better, they have way too much money!
  10. I get that, but you're a spiderman fan so I was trying to make it easy for you. i assume you have the pj bottoms?? 2000AD foreva
  11. Easy, spideraman is red, white and blue, spiderman is popular and wakefield trinity is famous for being red white and blue.
  12. Hi any update on this? I can't seem to get on the North East RL website. thanks
  13. Too true i'm afraid, i'm even tempted to join my local Labour party just to give the silly sod hell, but i'm too busy. p.s i'm not really busy, but i am very lazy.
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