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  1. Already am signed up Neil but was referring to the Cumberland leagues in the above comment
  2. Yes in excel,they are far from complete more a work in progress
  3. Is this off the BNA site ? Don't think I have seen it before
  4. I have compiled full results from 1898 up until 1907at the moment but tracking down league tables and aligning results is a nightmare as protests against ineligible players and early finishes were commonplace.Also got most of the regional cup results as well.Happy to pool any knowledge,have you any club photos from that era ? PM me if interested
  5. Mark,I have some from pre WW1 and the 1920s only picked them up on a random basis looking for other things.In 1929-30 it was reported there was some 109(from memory) entries including 8 clubs playing out a Welsh qualifying group.
  6. Can't be positive but it could be in the eighties,Chris Camilleri and Mark McJennett in Welsh jerseys,David Cairns in an England one ?
  7. Mark Gleeson in Wrightington Hospital Wigan on Tuesday.He had to wait like the rest of us as well
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