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  1. Leigh reporting 2000 tickets sold so will have a decent following there. As for predictions, too close to call across the board.
  2. LeytherRob

    TotalRL’s 50 best players in the Championship

    The standard of hookers this year is very high. I do find it quite odd that some superleague clubs seem really light in that department when there's probably 6/7 capable of doing a job.
  3. No idea how Chris Kendall keeps getting a SL gig, twice he's been 5 yards away and relied on touch judges about 30 yards away for a correct decision before you even consider the howler of the mcmeekin try
  4. They shouldn't be, they got a gift with that mcmeekin try. Clear fumble.
  5. LeytherRob

    TotalRL’s 50 best players in the Championship

    I think that's a pretty solid list to be honest, the only glaring omission from a Leigh fans perspective is Jordan Thompson.
  6. LeytherRob

    Oldham and Rochdale to merge?

    Has there actually been any talks? Forgive me if I've missed something, but how did we get from Chris Hamiltons poor health to planned merger?
  7. LeytherRob

    TotalRL’s 50 best players in the Championship

    Did you pick an order? I'd be interested to hear your top 5/10
  8. Drinkwater looked great in his first game for cats, but as with his time at Leigh his good performances were often lost amongst many more performances like today.
  9. The bottom teams tread water without promotion and relegation too.
  10. I thought Salford might improve with Lui back but they look even worse than when we played them last week. After 4 good games yesterday this is pretty ###### watching.
  11. Where was the obstruction there? What a daft rule.
  12. I think the main factor will be that the Toronto match was on sky whereas Leigh's wasn't.
  13. Leigh win 42-20, massive result for our top 4 hopes. Ridyard off injured early in the second half for fev.
  14. LeytherRob

    Rowley and Toronto

    If you had seen more of Rowley at Leigh, you'd have seen us making all the same excuses.
  15. LeytherRob

    Rowley and Toronto

    And you're overlooking the recent announcement this week that toronto will have to follow the same home/away pattern as everyone else. They'll be just as jet lagged as everyone else except they'll be doing it 7 games in a row.