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  1. Thanks Woolford, I would agree that Webster and Green were big misses for your guys as you always looked a little light in the arm wrestle. Was my first time seeing Ethan Ryan in the flesh and he looked dangerous everytime he got the ball.
  2. It looked a heavier challenge than a push to me, so I think it's unfair to say Woods was play acting. Half backs on both sides got some big hits today.
  3. The red was for Fleming punching Ian Thornley, it was Tangata who put the hit on Woods which wasn't punished.
  4. Another ignoring the fact the player both called David argyle out straight away and reported to the RFL. These snarky remarks about him putting this on Twitter are ridiculous. It's appalling that the lack of action from either had left a player feeling like he has no other alternative than to take it public.
  5. He did, he explicitly mentions calling him up on it straight away and argyles response was to laugh and give him a beer token. Some classic victim blaming here.
  6. Where are the anti wolf pack comments? All I've seen is very measured and reasoned debate, as another member posted it's probably been one of the more civil threads on here recently.
  7. Maybe I'm wrong, but the only comments I've seen from Dave was that at the time we didn't know if it had been reported to the RFL or not, and what actions they had or hadn't taken it if it had. Obviously now we know for sure it had and whatever action(if any) has been deemed insignificance enough for Kenga to feel he has no other choice but to go public. You'll find absolutely no argument from me on the RFL here Scotchy, I'm very much in agreement with you this is going to be the latest in a very long line of PR gaffes of this current regime and depending on how this snowballs, could bring about some real change at the top. I also agree with your assessment of the severity, obviously this was a joke in very poor taste and is not the same as direct abuse but that doesn't mean this isn't serious. Rugby League has, overall, a much better record on these sorts of things than most sports and has a long history of being a very inclusive sport welcoming of all race, religion and cultures. This is going to bring some pretty bad headlines to the sport that I will take no joy in whatsoever.
  8. In Dave's defence, I think he's been taking a very balanced view based on the evidence available at the time of each comment. I think the fact someone hasn't made assumptions shouldn't be used as a stick to beat them.
  9. Kenga is pretty clear across his 2 statements that he confronted Argyle about it straight away and reported it to the RFL. The fact that he's felt the need to go public shows he clearly feels let down after using the official channels. As for the crusade you speak of, as Dave T has stated repeatedly, no one on here is demanding some form of extreme punishment. Only those trying to brush this off as a joke and those saying it is more serious than that. If you are going to bring up Leigh, maybe you should take a step back and think about how your reaction might differ if it had been Derek Beaumont making those comments.
  10. Or how different it would be if it was someone like Beaumont who said it instead.
  11. Jose did try to speak to him face to face about it, it says so in his statement.
  12. Pretty shocking stuff, Jack Hansen who i assume is being referred to in the post was pretty quick to retweet and seemingly corroborate his account. It'll be interesting to see what happens next.
  13. Agree with this completely. There were plenty on here claiming Lomax was done a few years back when he spent a couple of years out. It's mental how short memories some folk have.
  14. Announced today as AB sundecks, I look forward to yet another 10+ page thread on why DB is the antichrist.
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