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  1. To be fair to the lad he didn't exactly get a lot of ball first half to show what he can do. There was a good 20 minute period where we didn't touch the ball except to reset the tackle count. He still managed to assist one try though.
  2. McNally and his family live in Leigh now, him and Abram expected to end up at Leigh this year.
  3. LeytherRob

    Leigh team next season

    Definitely, apparently he is very close friends with Josh Woods too so he should settle quickly.
  4. LeytherRob

    Leigh team next season

    Oliver Russell joined on a season loan to add some decent competition in the halves.
  5. LeytherRob

    Leigh team next season

    You might also be interested to hear that (although not officially announced) the RFL website is listing a preseason match between Leigh and London on 27th Jan. https://www.rugby-league.com/superleague/match_preview/99673
  6. LeytherRob

    Leigh team next season

    Only 18 officially announced signings so far with more to come but pleasantly surprised with the quality so far considering the uncertainty we had. We look good for somewhere 5-7th and anything more is a bonus.
  7. LeytherRob

    Toulouse sign Vaivai

    Good luck to him, don't think we ever saw the best of him at Leigh due to the unrest and his subsequent injury. As others alluded to he seemed to fully embrace the life over here and his first involvement on the pitch was to bump off 2 or 3 of Wigans first choice pack to score under the sticks in the preseason friendly so there is certainly some potential in there. Definitely falls under the category of a 15 minute wrecking ball prop.
  8. LeytherRob

    Jarrod Sammut leaves London Broncos

    Shame for London, was quite looking forward to seeing how he would get on in SL with them next year. Would love to see them go for drinkwater.
  9. Delicious degsy? Does he smell nice? Also, which players exactly are he inducing to break contracts? Edit - it's also worth mentioning this article in the YEP: Duffy signed a contract extension, to the end of 2020, in April, but revealed that hinged on Rovers securing a top-four spot. “I’m waiting for the club to speak to me at the moment,” he said. Read more at: https://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/featherstone-rovers-boss-duffy-determined-to-sign-off-season-on-a-high-1-9383753
  10. LeytherRob

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    Never a truer word spoke 😂
  11. LeytherRob

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    Such a shame the qualifiers are going, this year has been the best yet. After looking like the top 3 was set in stone a couple of weeks back there could realistically be a second SL club relegated this year. I wonder what will happen with regards to the parachute payments if 2 clubs go down?
  12. Crosby got away with that. Definite yellow
  13. Absolute cracker of a match. Might seem a bit odd coming from a Leigh fan but been looking forward to the qualifiers starting all week. Set up to be another competition of twists and turns.
  14. For me this is the first qualifiers where every single team has a genuine chance of being in that MPG. Despite the disappointment of Leigh's season not going to plan I must say I'm really looking forward to this competition, it's set up to be a cracker - let's just hope it delivers. Good luck to all!
  15. Gary Thornton on the drop goal- “It went over because the referee said it went over." Which would be a fair point if the next words out of his mouth weren't.. “I was more disappointed about the disallowed try. That was a try. I don’t see where the referee or the touch judges have got the decisions to make, because for me the ball’s been reached and we’ve scored over the try line."