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  1. LeytherRob

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    Never a truer word spoke 😂
  2. LeytherRob

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    Such a shame the qualifiers are going, this year has been the best yet. After looking like the top 3 was set in stone a couple of weeks back there could realistically be a second SL club relegated this year. I wonder what will happen with regards to the parachute payments if 2 clubs go down?
  3. Crosby got away with that. Definite yellow
  4. Absolute cracker of a match. Might seem a bit odd coming from a Leigh fan but been looking forward to the qualifiers starting all week. Set up to be another competition of twists and turns.
  5. For me this is the first qualifiers where every single team has a genuine chance of being in that MPG. Despite the disappointment of Leigh's season not going to plan I must say I'm really looking forward to this competition, it's set up to be a cracker - let's just hope it delivers. Good luck to all!
  6. Gary Thornton on the drop goal- “It went over because the referee said it went over." Which would be a fair point if the next words out of his mouth weren't.. “I was more disappointed about the disallowed try. That was a try. I don’t see where the referee or the touch judges have got the decisions to make, because for me the ball’s been reached and we’ve scored over the try line."
  7. Seems a pretty straightforward weekend with top 6 v bottom 6, the only wildcard is what the DR situation is like with only a handful of SL teams in action.
  8. LeytherRob

    Briscoe off to Leeds...why?

    Massive risk from Fev, letting their best player play an extra game in the week for a team with rotten injury luck. I'd be absolutely livid if I was a fev fan.
  9. I think i got to the tangent about Pigeons and had to mute it, he's shocking. It's just a constant barrage of mixed metaphors (ploughing the road in the middle of the field?) and there was even a point when he starting to talk in broken English, clearly channelling his inner Joey Barton/Steve McLaren😂
  10. That was tense to follow! Massive result for us.
  11. Bit late to the thread as I was away on holiday for the match, did manage to convince an Irish bar in Dubrovnik to get it on for me. I don't think they understood what was going on but I think they definitely got a feel of how badly it was going as a free drink arrived at my table around the 35 minute mark😂 Both Reds were complete brain farts and really frustrating to watch. Mata'utia should never have let the ball bounce and should've been looking to just wrap Parcell up once he did get the ball, there was no need for the throw. It was a shame as he isn't a dirty player and the game was shaping up to be a good contest up until that point. Dawson should've known better and kept his trap shut, the game was well and truly gone and the try meant nothing, as for the ban without knowing what he actually said I can't really pass comment on whether the length is harsh or not.
  12. After some of your comments t about the ref last night you might want to read the one about people and glass houses.
  13. LeytherRob

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    Says the Leigh fan? What are you on about? I've posted at least once saying no headbutt on either side. For the avoidance of any further doubt, at no point in any videos I have seen are any instances where someone is headbutted. I've also repeatedly said that Rowley, Beaumont and even Anderson are all as bad as each other. You are the only person here trying to suggest that one side is innocent in this, which is quite frankly ridiculous.
  14. LeytherRob

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    It was about as physical as gene Ormsbys shadow boxing on Saturday, unless you count squirting water as a physical assault. Both Rowley and Anderson were clearly gobbing off and they both change direction and both lean in.
  15. LeytherRob

    Paul Rowley - Kieron Purtill beef

    You must be watching a very different video to me. Assault? Anderson squirts water at Rowley, which he shouldn't have done, then Rowleys squares up to Anderson and they get up close. There is no headbutt from either side. As for Police involvement, for what?