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  1. I'm reluctant to side track this thread into a political discussion, but the notion that the leftwing are against building roads is one of the strangest things I've ever read.
  2. Rugby League Championships Limited

    My point was that they wouldn't take this step lightly and without discussions amongst the other championship clubs, not that the were being irresponsible.
  3. Rugby League Championships Limited

    That's what got my attention, Batley have always been one of the quieter, more responsible clubs.
  4. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11204343 Registered on 13th February. Connected to the potential new structure perhaps?
  5. Toronto by 38 London by 6 Fev by 2 Fax by 10 Leigh by 18 Swinton by 6
  6. Krzz 's Game Review

    I agree with a lot of your post but as for Leigh being miles ahead on team chemistry you're way off. Most of that toronto team have been playing with each other since 2014(and before in some cases) at leigh. We essentially replaced our entire squad post season with 10 players out of the match day 17 making their competitive debut yesterday and it showed massively. Team chemistry and the ability to stick together when the chips were down at 12-0 was what won you the game as Brierley himself stated in the LE. We on the other hand looked like a group of individuals by the end.
  7. I don't think you'll find any leigh fans blaming the ref after that one. Ref had a decent game, we were just brainless for much of the match for one reason or another. Well done Toronto, considering the preseason from hell you'd had I probably thought it was in the bag after 10 minutes (maybe our players did too), but you ground us down and by the end looked like we wouldn't score if the game was still going now. We looked like a group of individuals rather as opposed to toronto looking like a team. Hopefully as the season goes on we can gel properly and get some momentum in time for the summer bash. Roll on next week.
  8. Still got Kurt Baptiste to add to that squad too
  9. Sheffield Toulouse Fev Leigh London Batley
  10. What an absolute shocker from Atkins. Dreadful
  11. Toronto (Merged threads)

    Have toronto released a squad numbers list yet? Can't seem to find it anywhere
  12. 2018 Kits

    Pretty sure I can spot Danny Brough down at the front
  13. RL live is not held back by lack of feedback, it's the lack of budget as its a small Australian studio. The whole budget for the latest rugby league live game wouldn't run EA for day.