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  1. This one on Fittler? 17 minutes into video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wu67CsfrMzY
  2. I'm not old enough to have seen him play. I imagine many others are in the same boat.
  3. I've never played rugby league, but I'm wondering whether maybe the first two guys he got past not done a bit better? Or was it just a good move to get away and through them? After that though it was an excellent try, especially the step.
  4. I understand your point, but how is that ever going to change if those teams never play? I understood that one of the reasons for disbanding/splitting up GB is to promote the individual nations. The rugby league administrators seem to want to include Scotland, Wales and Ireland at the RLWC, so surely if that's an aim, something has to be done to promote these nations?
  5. I don't know if England should play France as preparation for the Australia series, but I definitely think that England should be playing France every year at some point. If you're serious about trying to develop other nations like France, Wales and Ireland, you've surely got to give their players and fans something to aim for and look forward to.
  6. What's the car thing about, Wolford?
  7. Good show, as always. As Wane said, it's now about doing the talking on the field.
  8. Plus it doesn't help not knowing if and when GB will play again. One of the reasons people buy stuff is to wear to the match/on match day.
  9. But GB look like Wakefield. Is that not a problem too to those who don't want to look like Saints?
  10. My overwhelming preference is for a white shirt. I probably also would prefer an all white kit, although I understand that the need to vary the kit design sometimes means that it's necessary to tinker with changes to red and blue in terms of the shorts and socks. That's what happens with the England football and rugby union teams (more so football). England cricket play in a wider variety of kits because cricket obviously has different forms of the game, so they use the kit change as an opportunity to differentiate between them. I think using the GB lion logo for England is a good idea. I can't see a place for GB in the foreseeable future (if ever again), but it's a very good logo and it's a shame to never use it. I would also like to see two red V's on an England shirt at some stage. If you look at other rugby league international teams, the vast majority seem to include V's.
  11. Can't have light blue. Too much like St Helens.
  12. Was hoping for a Utd win, in order to keep Watford firmly routed to the bottom of the table.
  13. You can't volley return a serve in tennis, so unfortunately DD and Tommy have gifted Scotchy the point. Away from the tennis, I think it can only be a good thing for rugby league if the sport is being talked about by politicians/members of the government.
  14. I would assume that he was trying to say that RL in Australia was born/began in Sydney. Perhaps he should have added the "in Australia" bit, but given the audience he is speaking to, I think that part can be assumed. Unless he's genuinely not aware of the history of RL, which I'd find surprising.
  15. I know you're being sarcastic anyway, but I hate that badge and I don't want it on any GB shirt. It's fine on the RU Lions, but not for GB RL.
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