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  1. I agree with those who say it would be great if there could be two international windows - one in the summer and one in the autumn/winter. It would be good to see England play teams like Wales and France on a warm summers evening - it might even encourage a few more families and kids to go along. Then they can play the Aussies and Kiwis etc. in the usual November slot. I also agree that it would be good idea to try and play some of the England games around the country. You could have England v Wales in Bristol, England v France in London or south coast, England v Scotland in Newcastle/Sunderland/Middlesbro, etc. When the Aussies/Kiwis come over, it makes sense to use Leeds and Manchester, so the heartlands won't be being ignored either.
  2. Still, good news about the girl on girl jelly wrestling.
  3. Presumably this was known about when the decision was made to award the museum to Huddersfield? When would the Wigan museum have been ready by?
  4. We seem to be getting bogged down in the reasons why TWP maybe can't do certain things. I'm more interested in what have they actually done so far. When I went to the Wigan Warriors website, I quickly found the following: School provision: https://www.wiganwarriors.com/community-education/rl-development Rugby camps: https://www.wiganwarriors.com/community-education/rugby-camps These are the sorts of things I would expect to see clubs doing - especially Super League clubs because they have greater funds. If we take the year 2019, did TWP do anything along the same lines as what Wigan Warriors do?
  5. I don't see a need to be so sensitive. He wasn't saying that it's "all" anyones fault. He simply was explaining that while some people might want and expect stories about certain issues (things that perhaps require from the journalist a lot of time, effort, and risk - in terms of upsetting people), that once those stories are produced they don't necessarily attract enough interest from readers to have made the effort worthwhile. Certainly not when, as Matt explains, there are much less time consuming stories that the journalist could pursue.
  6. I think Matt just wanted to explain how things are from his side of the fence (so to speak), because perhaps people aren't always aware of the difficulties that journalists face. It's not uncommon for someone to say that journalists should be doing XYZ, and so Matt is giving his insight as to why sometimes things happen the way they do. Personally, I found it interesting and thought provoking to read what he had to say. I can understand why he would feel frustrated sometimes with the circumstances that he's describing.
  7. It certainly seemed to me to be a strange decision, considering that the weather forecast for the first two days was cloud and rain etc. It's windy too here today.
  8. I thought West Ham were looking in good shape after their recent results, but if they lose tonight against Burnley that's really going to put them back in danger. The games against Watford and Villa are going to be very interesting.
  9. I notice that Newcastle are the unfortunate victims of the Man City rebound. Similar stats to the Saints game on Sunday, but Newcastle are losing 4-0.
  10. Before casting my vote, I will just wait a few minutes in case someone else comes along and says that your proposals are rubbish. Stranger things have happened.
  11. I think it's going to at best be a disrupted day of cricket. Shame really considering the amount of good weather we've had recently. During the lockdown period we hardly had any rain and it was hot and sunny most days. Still, it's good for my allotment.
  12. Good for them. I also like both RU and RL. I don't think RL as a sport can afford to turn people away.
  13. I can't really understand why any club (new or old) wouldn't be promoting the sport in their area by running junior teams and/or putting on coaching sessions for local kids etc. Are Toronto really not doing any of this? I would find that amazing if they aren't.
  14. I think I'm right that London got the name Broncos because of some sort of link up with the Brisbane Broncos. What is the current situation with that? Do Brisbane have any involvement nowadays?
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