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  1. I did in 2004. A thrilling 6-1 win at a sunny City of Manchester Stadium. I won't be going this time though, as I'm already getting my Wembley fix this Sunday for the play-off final. I would have been tempted with the CC Final this year (especially now that it's Wigan vs Warrington), but a family wedding on the same day has stuffed things up.
  2. I was hoping maybe Samantha Fox. As for Burgess, I think he's doing a great job. A future England manager.
  3. Terrific fight. I haven't enjoyed a boxing match as much as that for years. Glad I made the last minute decision to buy it, after discovering there wasn't any UK radio coverage. I thought Usyk was the worthy winner - not sure why Fury thought he had won most of the rounds, but he would do better to concentrate solely on fighting, rather than clowning around because he thinks (wrongly) that he's in control. I certainly thought Fury was fortunate in the (I think) 9th when he got a ten count while still leaning on the ropes, before being saved by the bell. Had the referee not intervened there, Usyk would surely have landed a knockout punch. Credit to Fury though for prolonging that moment long enough to get to that point - many a fighter would have hit the canvas after that flurry of punches.
  4. Would it be worth trying one year of?: Grand Final at Wembley Challenge Cup Final at Etihad/St James/Cardiff
  5. Etihad is going up to 62000 in around 2026, but that's still below most of the attendances the Grand Final gets. I would keep it at Old Trafford for now. Man Utd fans put up with it for 19 plus matches a year, so I think RL fans can manage for just one match, especially when there is no serious local alternative. Man Utd will probably sort out a new stadium/refurbishment in the next few years anyway.
  6. I was delighted to see the franchise boys take one hell of a beating by Crawley. 8-1! I was hoping Doncaster would have made the final, and I was surprised that they threw away a 2-0 1st leg advantage, given their excellent recent form. Credit to Crewe though.
  7. Tyrese Shade and Joss Labadie missed their penalty kicks in both games. That's a tough one to take.
  8. Would you keep it at 40 minute halves or reduce it to 30 or 35? I think football (soccer) might go down this route too. I'd be happy to see it trialed.
  9. I would pick 13 wingers because they always seem to score more tries than other positions. My team would be amazing.
  10. I'm watching Wattana against Pinches in the QF. Not a huge fan of the shot clock, but maybe it's necessary to keep things moving along.
  11. There must be a streaker in the other half of the pitch, because no one seems to be watching the action.
  12. Championship play-offs this Sunday. Norwich vs Leeds (12pm) WBA vs Southampton (2.15pm) Plenty of Leeds fans on here, I'd imagine, and is it Eddie who is the Norwich fan? How are you all feeling? I just hope we don't fall apart in the 1st leg and have to overcome a 3-0 deficit on Friday night. My dream would be to win 5-0 at the Hawthorns and turn up at St Marys on Friday and sing "Que Sera Sera" for 90 minutes, but that isn't going to happen. I'd take a draw right now.
  13. I tend not to watch the singing but I like to tune in to the results of the voting. Then I'll go online and check out a few of the songs that scored highly.
  14. That'll be Boycie flogging his pirate tapes - "Treasure Island, Mutiny on the bounty..." etc. I actually recently watched on youtube a 'big break bloopers' uploaded VHS. It was a great watch, just as the original show was back in the 90's. I also remember in the mid 80's being in the back of the car with my cousins and singing along to snooker loopy and the spitting image chicken song. I think the lyrics must have been in their Smash Hits or whatever magazine they had at the time. Happy days.
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