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  1. I'm sure that will help, but I was meaning more that all of the top clubs (apart from London) are from one part of the country and therefore most people don't have a team from their area competing in the league structure or in the Challenge Cup (at least not at a high level or in the latter stages). There will only ever be so much interest when you're relying on neutrals watching Warrington vs St Helens. Rugby league is far from alone with that problem - probably only football and cricket are truly 'national' sports in England - but the other major sport that people will often want to compare RL with is rugby union. The difference being that rugby union has a much larger number of international matches/events, so most of the country can get their fix of RU simply by watching 10 or so England games every year. When you watch a quality game like Warrington vs St Helens yesterday, you'd have to hope that there is some untapped interest for the sport out there in the country. The challenge is how you access and promote that interest.
  2. I have no reason to wish him anything but the best. I respect anyone who puts their body on the line to play sport. I hope he does well and that his 'fame' is a positive in terms of attracting interest for the game.
  3. As for viewers outside of traditional RL areas, I think there will always be some - in the same way that people watch the NFL. I do think unfortunately that one of the problems RL has it that not enough people have a stake in the game (apart from when England/GB play). It's a game that is played 'elsewhere', even if it's on their TV sometimes. It's very difficult to change that though.
  4. I remember TVS very well (lost franchise in 1992/3 and replaced by Meridian) but I can't recall that particular show. What years was it on?
  5. 1) This game reminds me of some of the old GB vs Australia games where we tried really hard but got undone by the Aussies capitalising on every error. At the end you were left thinking how have we lost by so many. I feel for Hull - they've stuck at it, but Wigan just have that extra quality. 2) When I hear the commentator say Shorrocks, I imagine my friend in Bristol saying the word sharks.
  6. He's probably my favourite rugby (both codes) co-commentator. It helps too that he was a playing legend during my favourite era.
  7. Full credit to Australia. That was some fighting spirit they showed from 73-5.
  8. I used to watch it regularly in the late 80's and early 90's. I've watched it sporadically since then and I always enjoyed it. I'm not as good at getting the questions correct as I used to be though.
  9. I tolerate Southampton being in the EPL, but I'm desperate for us to get relegated a couple of times so that we can play some proper football against the likes of Swindon. I'm sure you want the same for Spurs.
  10. Great recovery. Just sneaking over 300 makes a difference psychologically too. Up to the bowlers now.
  11. I wouldn't even pay £5 for one of those caps if it was being sold at Newham Market.
  12. I had a similar experience. Years ago I couldn't be bothered to walk to the shop and therefore was struggling to find some sauce to put with my rice. Step forward a jar of marmite. Again, it wasn't really a "taste sensation".
  13. I haven't tried it so I'll keep an open mind, but it's not a combination that immediately appeals to me. I like both of them, but peanut butter is quite sweet and marmite isn't, so I'm struggling to imagine how it might taste.
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