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  1. Proroguing Parliament isn't going to happen. Nobody would dare to do that. Johnson just doesn't want to get pinned down by making commitments at this stage, so he's adopting the line that every option is on the table.
  2. What a game! So many twists and turns. I think we massively rode our luck, but that's sport. Sometimes you get the luck, sometimes you don't. The cricket gods were definitely smiling on England on Sunday. Full credit and respect to New Zealand for the way they played, and for the way they conducted themselves throughout. I think they were the slightly better team on the day, but the luck just didn't go their way. I know it won't feel like much of a consolation right now, but I hope in time they can look back and realise they played a huge part in an epic cricket match - one that people will be talking about for many years.
  3. Agreed. She also came across very well in her interview afterwards. It's a shame in a way that it was only best of 3 sets. I would have liked to see more of that match, and see if Halep could sustain it or whether Williams might have fought back. When you think of the epic men's matches over the years, they tend to be ones that have gone to a 5th set. Unfortunately, the women's matches often end before you really get that feel. I really hope they change that in the near future. It would be great to see a 3-2 women's final with both of the players pushed to the physical max.
  4. Halep has played brilliantly so far. Williams hanging on by her fingernails. You can never discount her though.
  5. England were on the ropes a few days ago, but the way that they've bounced back has been fantastic. Tremendous wins against New Zealand, India, and Australia. The return of Roy to partner Bairstow has been a huge part of that. I hope the weather is good tomorrow so we get a day of uninterrupted cricket. Great that it's on free to air television. Hopefully a few kids will get off their Xboxes/Playstations for bit and watch some of it. Come on England!
  6. So far. I think you'll get some form of 'leave' in October or in the not too distant future.
  7. No, it's not fair. The women should be allowed to play best of 5 sets too.
  8. I'm afraid that your anger is misplaced. All I did was link to a couple of websites that I had googled, and threw them into the discussion regarding what we supposedly give to and receive from the EU. I didn't make any claims about them, other than to say that it's not a great surprise to me (and I assume others) if it's the case that some countries pay in more than they receive, and others vice versa. The article from inews has the headline "Who pays the most into the EU – and who gets the most back?", and they then give some figures, which is where I took the £7b from. I didn't say anything more than that. If you want to dispute that particular set of figures, I suggest you contact inews to do so. I didn't claim that those figures represent the whole discussion. In fact, I even went so far as to point out that the Remain position - which is referred to further down the article - is that despite the apparent £7bn net contribution, it's still worthwhile the UK being in the EU because of the overall 'package'. As it happens, being a naturally pro-European, co-operation favouring Remain voter, I actually believe that the overall benefits of EU membership do outweigh the negatives - benefits that go beyond purely financial considerations. I also have no issue at all with the UK paying in more than we get back (based on the inews figures), because we are a wealthy country and thus better placed to make a more significant contribution than countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, and Hungary. I don't see it as any different to wealthy people paying more taxes than poor people, or wealthier regions/areas of the UK paying in more to support the less affluent areas. That's how it should be in a civilised country/organisation.
  9. https://inews.co.uk/news/charts/much-uk-pays-eu-much-get-back/ https://fullfact.org/europe/uk-one-biggest-contributors-eu-budget/ So, as you'd expect, some countries pay in more than they receive back. According to those figures we paid in £7b more than we received. However, the argument from the Remain side is that "the UK’s net contribution is worthwhile given the amount of money that is generated thanks to Britain’s partnership with the EU."
  10. It's been back in the news because no action was taken against the judge. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-coventry-warwickshire-48909227 I think it's disgraceful that no action was taken. At the very least the judge should have been reprimanded and been made to go on an equality course. You cannot have a judge making statements like that and for nothing at all to be done about it. I'm sure most of us have the suspicion that men and women are sometimes treated differently by the courts, but that's not easy to prove and therefore you can't really sanction a judge when you're not sure. But here you have a judge openly stating that to be the case, yet no action being taken against them. That is wrong and unacceptable.
  11. Ok, thanks. I saw the programme was called "Britain's Next Prime Minister", so I thought maybe the audience would be mixed. But as there was only applause and no groans, I began to think they must all be Tories. I'd say that Boris seems to be getting more applause than Hunt so far.
  12. Is the audience for the ITV leadership debate made up only of Tory party members/supporters?
  13. Sure, but that's one person saying one thing at a given moment. Is that supposed to somehow define what not only Boris Johnson thinks, but all of "those behind Leave"? You're going to have to do more than that to convince me that what you wrote is accurate.
  14. That's quite a conspiracy theory you've got going there. My own opinion is that you're way off the mark and that you'd probably be better off accepting that some people have a different view to you as to what is best for the country. I assume you've got some evidence to support the claim that they "didn't even care".
  15. Parliament should just hold the Leavers to what they campaigned for. Deliver the Brexit that they campaigned for, and it's tough luck on them if they've since moved the goalposts. Job done. Brexit sorted. We can all have some jelly and ice-cream.
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