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  1. I wasn't saying there should be. Just was asking for clarification as I often watch union and so was used to seeing that sort of thing penalised.
  2. Congrats to the Jillaroos. They are a fantastic RL team and fantastic ambassadors for the sport. I hope we can see them playing in England outside of World Cups.
  3. Let us raise our voices and proclaim, Papua New Guinea
  4. Have barely given the World Cup a thought up until now, what with the RLWC and so much other sport going on. I will be right up for it once it starts though. Just has a different feel to it right now because of the time of year - no warm up matches etc.
  5. Mexico 86. Maradona handball and genius. Collecting my Panini stickers and sniggering at the Korean players names, especially the one with Bum in it. This was in the 1980's though, so before racism was bad. England starting the tournament badly and then improving. Wilkins being sent off. Lineker scoring. Best WC final. ITV's amazing theme tune Aztec Gold (later used by Saint and Greavsie and my current ringtone).
  6. The slow "England, England..." chant is very suited to rugby because it works well both when you're attacking and defending. It just fits nicely with the pressure building up as you try to keep them out or find a way through, and it's flexible so that you can have things like one end or side shouting "England" and the opposite end or side shouting it back. One time it was started by a group in the corner near me by the big screen (the winning drop goal end) and it spread nicely to other parts of the stadium. I'm pretty sure it was the 62nd minute from watching bits of the match again on iPlayer.
  7. Gutted England lost but loved being at the game. Fantastic stadium, great atmosphere especially when England were chasing, and incredible tension and drama at the end. What a game that was!
  8. Yet again the Kangaroos and Kiwis deliver a sporting spectacle that is as good as it gets. Absolutely epic match. Gutted for the Kiwis, but congrats to Australia. Both teams should be incredibly proud of the show they put on. That deserved a full Elland Road. Just in awe of what those 26 plus players delivered there.
  9. That would have been an immense try, given where it started from. What an effort to score.
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