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  1. We've got loads to send thanks! But any is great. Just need help for shipping costs for first batch of £250 which I'm hoping to match
  2. Flying the flag for Zimbabwe

    On this note.. please help give
  3. Anything is a great help trust me
  4. Thanks so much! Appreciate your help mate
  5. Yes thanks haha! Why it didn't hyperlink is beyond me
  6. Greeting Forumites. I have recently offered to help Jean Du Christ Rusiga at Burundi Rugby League obtain funding for some kits. They are currently developing the game in its early stages and kit for players who are currently playing in bare skin would be a first step to their success ANY HELP IS GREAT THANKS ALL!
  7. Give the office a call on 01484 401895 tomorrow and they have a list of stockists or you can order single copies mate
  8. WH Smiths is always best be or you can order individual copy
  9. …
  10. Their decision isn't respected because video referee gives the chance to be 100% right 100% of the time. It's not healthy. Makes the referee just a voice for a computer, essentially. That's why their decision isn't respected...
  11. Certainly agree with you on video referee. It safeguards referees for very big decisions and I wouldn't expect anything less than using it for say a try that determines a Million Pound Game but constantly going upstairs makes rugby league a farce. There's a lot to learn from tennis whereinby players call to use Hawk-Eye. If teams were given a number of contests to decisions per game, I think video referee would serve its purpose better as a way of getting big decisions right and not being used to safeguard referees. If I was a referee I'd be going upstairs too, I'd want to get every decision right. But, if we limit the way video referee is used and is called by the opposition team, then their decision would be far more respected in my opinion.
  12. I've always had the respect for referees who are firm. Not always right. But firm. Part of the excitement of sport is refereeing inconsistencies, it's part of the show really, without them it would become very pedestrian and scientific. But what we don't have right now is referees that are willing to be firm, I think there's too much emphasis on getting every decision right and not enough on allowing the game to flow naturally and to achieve that, being firm and confident in their own abilities.
  13. Sorry. If we do anything drastic in the magazine again, we'll be sure to run a referendum. Then get someone to oversee the plan of action who doesn't agree with the result. It's the only logical way.