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  1. Wonderful! And we have a feature that's about your club in the next issue...
  2. The Toulouse/Sydney Roosters match-up had me thinking. I had no idea Sylvain Houles and Trent Robinson had played together. Who else is unlikely teammates? Thinking like Mark Flanagan and Gareth Ellis at Wests? I know Ian Sibbit and Keith Mason were both at Melbourne not sure if they ever played together?
  3. Point taken. I think it's just to give it a bit of character. If nothing else. Remember there's 84 pages. Best publications always have a diverse content set.
  6. It's CHRISTMAS! Just in time aren't we with an offer of the next four issues (including the current one) of Rugby League World for just £10 with this offer: We've got some good stuff planned, a big investigation piece on Toronto and Toulouse's omission from the Challenge Cup, looking at the West Indies too, a fan who travels 160 miles to watch his team, Matt Shaw's day at the Giants training with the first-team, Konrad Hurrell is our cover star next and a big player poll on a number of burning issues!
  7. Ash Hope

    Jamacian GoFund me

    Donated to this, sad for Romeo and the gang at Jamaica. Trying to raise funds for Burundi myself here: Jamaica would have to take a domestic team without the funds. Say what you want about heritage players, that 10,000 would help Jamaica take a stronger squad. Funding cuts like this weakens the international game.
  8. Greetings all. I have recently set up a GoFundMe page to hopefully have Burundi play outside the country and create Rugby League history for their first tour. I have helped their president Jean du christ Rusiga for kits before who has funded a lot of the sport's development entirely himself. But now we can really give him a project to make his hard work worthwhile.
  9. Amidst the tomfoolery on this thread, there's a feature in Rugby League World out Friday on German Rugby League. Headed by Simon Cooper, cancer sufferer and Halifax-born German international. They're doing it tough out there let me tell you.
  10. Ash Hope

    Hungary v Ireland test

    For all those knocking that it's the domestic side the Ireland Wolfhounds. What would Oliver Roberts and Liam Finn and co serve any purpose for?
  11. Both carbon copies mate. Just something better about having it in the flesh in my opinion. You do get it a day earlier if you subscribe online though. Accessible by PC, Mobile, iPad. I hooked my PC upto my telly and was reading it on a widescreen the other day. Harry Edgar would have laughed all those years ago if you said that would ever happen!
  12. I think if the World Cup was in Australia then Serbia would get your top end heritage players, but the travel to England is the question of their commitment really. If Serbia came to them you'd imagine they'd play. Blake Austin once played for Portugal in Australia despite erm being ineligible...
  13. We're only £20 away guys! I'm matching it myself also... PLEASE HELP thanks so much
  14. Ash Hope

    Cosa Nostra Indeed, we have loads of kit now thanks to donations and we jut need £20 to ship it! I'm matching the £200 myself also