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  1. Is sky try still going ahead or is that coming to an end as well?
  2. So what is going to be left to introduce and develop the next generation of RL kids in London? Is it purely down to whatever Broncos & Skolars can provide using their own funding and community clubs relying on volunteers? Does sky try continue in the community? or something else...
  3. @BroncosMatchday is the official match day Twitter account giving scores/updates/commentary for @Londonbroncosrl. It also had live commentary yesterday of the London Broncos u19 35-28 victory over the City of Hull u19’s that took place before the 1st team game.
  4. Great player & fantastic lad too. From Skolars & continued to regularly play when Broncos scholarship had a free weekend. Was humble & a great role model for the younger Skolars youth team. Deserves every success. He is still young and in final year of u19 academy programme.
  5. dead man inc

    The League 1 Show - Season Preview 2018

    Very interesting (again) good to hear you are back for another season. Keep on promoting the division - it improves & gets more competitive every year.
  6. Don’t know how it works exactly - Skolars have had a few younger Broncos in for the odd game & may pick up a few that Broncos don’t offer 1st team contracts too.
  7. Hindmarsh is in Broncos 1st team, but still eligible for u19 academy. Other 3 are now in Broncos academy, but all 4 came through Skolars junior ranks.
  8. Broncos normally have a few more 1st team players in their squad, but this year had a number of 17 year olds in their ranks. To be fair though, 2nd half Skolars looked a lot more organised & actually believed in themselves. A significant improvement in team shape & attitude compared to the Wigan friendly.
  9. Daniel Hindmarsh, Christian Gale, Adam Green, Tom Scott all came through Skolars junior teams.
  10. It’s on the Apple Podcasts app
  11. dead man inc

    If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    I’ve been to the Skolars game the last 4 years & today’s was a disappointing performance from a Skolars team that seem to be suffering from senior players leaving/retiring & newer players needing time to get to know each other. However to quote another thread ‘This year Wigan brought 13 first team squad members and of those 7 have played in SL. Hardly an under19 side. ‘ it’s not surprising that Wigan performed so dominantly. Credit needs to go to both Skolars & Coventry for arranging these fixtures & testing themselves against superior opposition - not only raises the profile of the game, but also gives kids in London & Coventry an viable alternative to union. Much respect for Wigan/Leeds to get involved with supporting the lower division too.
  12. Compared to last year which was a really close game, disappointing from Skolars today. They looked to be missing a few senior players who have moved on/retired & seemed to be in need of a leader on the pitch to direct, motivate & inspire when the going got tough. Did Wigan bring a significantly stronger team this year?
  13. dead man inc

    Capital challenge ...anybody been??

    Been for the last 3 years, really good afternoon out & usually a close competitive game.
  14. dead man inc

    Major town/city WC final meetups

    Skolars are showing it..,