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  1. dead man inc

    Parking at ealing

    For 2019, parking at the ground is only available online before each match £5. Parking CANNOT be paid for at the gate. Last time I was there, parking around the ground in residential areas & side streets was free on Sundays. If taking public transport, take tube to Ealing Broadway then E2/E9/E10 or 297 bus. (Or it’s about a 20 min walk from Ealing Broadway to trailfinders.)
  2. dead man inc

    Who is your 2nd team?

    1-Hull KR 2-London Broncos/Skolars 3-Hull FC As a kid in Cambridge who played union I loved watching the challenge cup on BBC & was fascinated by the Hull Kingston Rovers name & classic white kit with red stripe, so adopted them as my team. Later went to university in Hull. At the time Rovers were in 2nd tier, so as well as watching them I also went to a load of Hull FC games. After university moved to London & caught the games against the Hull teams. More recently been following Skolars after seeing their youth set up & impressed with Broncos bringing through the academy kids into the championship & now SL.
  3. dead man inc

    London Broncos Announcement

    St Helen’s centre Ryan Morgan on season long loan.
  4. dead man inc

    London game day next season?

    Definitely agree from my personal experience of living in London. Tube much quicker and almost always faster/easier than car. Buses run frequently and you can download free phone APP giving accurate arrival times/route planning. Using public transport should not put any away fans off visiting to watch a game.
  5. dead man inc

    The future of League One

    That is not necessarily the case - I don’t know the exact terminology, but there are issues with visas/work permits/etc that means the RFL won’t let them sign for a league 1 team. Skolars have tried in the past to sign, but the regulations stopped them.
  6. dead man inc

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    Probably 3x as much? Any evidence on what the teams are actually paying their players? Not a lot from what I have gathered from the odd source that has given an insight on this. If the information i’ve heard is true, then it’s very likely Skolars are paying less per game than Coventry & Hemel. Rob Butler has played a number of games for Skolars this season on dual reg from Broncos. (The other 2 Broncos young lads have midlands links, so may be why they chose to dual reg with Coventry.) I don’t believe Skolars have progressed on the pitch in the last 2 years as much as they could have based on the season preceding them. The club however does have a significant focus on its youth teams & community work introducing rugby league to a number of primary schools - perhaps this development work takes up a significant amount of their finances that teams who do not run youth/community areas instead spend on players wages so can recruit higher standards. Skolars juniors regularly progress to the Broncos u19 Academy and scholarship teams - Daniel Hindmarsh being a perfect example. League 1 has got significantly harder/higher quality over the last 2 years - Toronto, Bradford and duel reg has skewed the competition even further. Skolars seem to have hit a plateau, but hopefully the David Argyle investment will allow them to inject some progress on the pitch.
  7. 7 for Leigh - great opportunity for the incoming SL Academy lads who will get amazing experience, but makes a farce of the integrity of the competition as a league and devalues the shield. It’s all too late now, but In my humble opinion i wold have preferred Fev to use their own Academy lads & if Leigh could not put a squad of 17 together then forfeit the game & league position so Batley as next in league could take part.
  8. Is sky try still going ahead or is that coming to an end as well?
  9. So what is going to be left to introduce and develop the next generation of RL kids in London? Is it purely down to whatever Broncos & Skolars can provide using their own funding and community clubs relying on volunteers? Does sky try continue in the community? or something else...
  10. @BroncosMatchday is the official match day Twitter account giving scores/updates/commentary for @Londonbroncosrl. It also had live commentary yesterday of the London Broncos u19 35-28 victory over the City of Hull u19’s that took place before the 1st team game.
  11. Great player & fantastic lad too. From Skolars & continued to regularly play when Broncos scholarship had a free weekend. Was humble & a great role model for the younger Skolars youth team. Deserves every success. He is still young and in final year of u19 academy programme.
  12. dead man inc

    The League 1 Show - Season Preview 2018

    Very interesting (again) good to hear you are back for another season. Keep on promoting the division - it improves & gets more competitive every year.
  13. Don’t know how it works exactly - Skolars have had a few younger Broncos in for the odd game & may pick up a few that Broncos don’t offer 1st team contracts too.
  14. Hindmarsh is in Broncos 1st team, but still eligible for u19 academy. Other 3 are now in Broncos academy, but all 4 came through Skolars junior ranks.