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  1. I think with Broncos & Skolars both competing for the same pool of players (even more so if Broncos runs reserve team), Skolars are really going to struggle to get strength in depth. They might put out a competitive 13, but even last season it was noticeable the difference when Skolars had to call in the fringe players from outside the core 17. WWR may find it easier to recruit than Skolars (& WWR have improved yet on year), so i wouldn’t be so confident that Skolars will finish above then.
  2. This is key! Currently for whatever reason (self inflicted or otherwise) Broncos/Skolars are both in survival mode and could very realistically be in danger of existing - With both part time i really struggle to see how both are going to survive the reduced central finding & fighting over the same small pool of players. I do believe a successful London team would significantly raise the profile of RL, would attract higher end sponsors & SKY would like them hence help raise the TV contract, but... How they get there/what support they need/who is going to fund it etc & a myriad of other obstacles/questions in their ways leaves me thinking the ship has already sailed & it’s too late (Retrospectively the 2019 relegation & loss of most of the team thereafter shows just how far you can fall in 2 years. I know next season they have a shiny new stadium, but compare squad/set up then compared to the squad/set up now.)
  3. I think Skolars tie in the some of the sponsorship with their HAC business events & therefore the combined income is significantly higher than you might expect - without the corporate support at that level the club would have found it really hard to be financially stable. I really hope the big corporate names continues to support Skolars especially with the massive drop in central funding, otherwise they might struggle to remain a viable entity in the semi-pro game.
  4. just gone over the shirt... Front sponsors: Nasdaq, World Gold Council, Purpose Investments. Sleeve sponsors: The Royal Mint, EDI group, LINK group. Back sponsor: hanetf, GINSGLOBAL index funds.
  5. The replica & the match worn Skolars 1895 sports are exactly the same material/sublimated - it’s just the cut/fit that is different. The replica has been washed plenty of times, the match worn has gone through a season worn by a prop & is still in very good condition.
  6. I thought the away kit was very smart too last season. I think 1895 sports also did the Oldham & North Wales Crusaders last season.
  7. I know they are a one of the smaller companies, but really impressed with the quality of replica kit from 1895 sports. I ordered the home and away London Skolars kit (£42 for a large) from them at the start of last season and was impressed with the heavyweight material/quality of print/stitching etc... I sponsor a Skolars player, so have just received their match worn shirt & the replica is almost identical - the material/stitching etc is exactly the same. The only difference between the player issue and the match worn is the replica top has a more relaxed fit compared to the semi-fit tighter cut of the players & the match worn has the number on the back. The 1895 replica shirt is significantly better quality than other replica tops like my Hummel England/GB shirts and football teams.
  8. Well it does when Salford decided to default on the £1.5 million pound loan from the council - taxpayers money that could/should have been used to help the most disadvantaged in the Salford community
  9. Was there ever one? It was a massive blow when the development officers were cut. Since then Broncos themselves seem to be hell bent on self implosion & alienating their own fans. Coupled with fact Wigan are no longer supporting Skolars by bringing a team down for the capital challenge & add to that Keighley’s proposal at a recent RFL meeting to throw out Coventry, Skolars & West Wales! Who needs enemies when you have friends like these
  10. 50k = £50,000. From what i have read (so no official confirmation) ball park figures seem to suggest central funding going down from around £65,000 to around £15,000
  11. With 50k less central funding, no/reduced travel expenses from rfl, Broncos p/t meaning the 2 london teams are competing more for same pool of players & taking their better players & if Broncos run reserves potentially more players leaving/increased difficulty recruiting players i really worry about Skolars future. I just hope all the hard work put in by the board/sponsors/volunteers can keep the club going.
  12. I’ve only watched league 1 for about the last 6 years, but have seen most home & a few away games each season. The general quality of product on the pitch has improved year on year & even though my local teams results have not been great the games have been thoroughly enjoyable. Last season in particular was really good entertainment and seen some cracking battles. It’s a real shame league 1 doesn’t get better attendances. It’s not a criticism, but i do wonder how many people only watch SL on Sky and never go and see a league 1 game live that could be just round the corner from where they are sitting in front of their TV
  13. it’s all a bit of a sad & pathetic joke really It’s not just the teams that are in the dark, players are currently being offered contracts without knowing the structures of the leagues they are going to play in!
  14. I can’t remember exact details, but there was a reserves competition in 2019 - it was the SL teams that had academies plus the champ teams who also ran academies (London Broncos, Bradford, Newcastle & Widnes.) They played approximately 4 games before Covid kicked in & season cancelled. The SL clubs chose to cancel the 2020 reserves to save money, but said it would come back after Covid. Im not certain if it is starting again next season, but there are rumours it is going to be back.
  15. He was great at Coventry last season, outstanding in the 2 games i watched him play, although will be a massive loss for them - will be interesting who Coventry can get to replace him if they are to continue their impressive upwards push next season
  16. It’s wierd, i can completely understand why the younger ex full time Broncos players would easily choose a full time SL team, but my worry is the ones that seem to be on their way out currently are going to other part time championship teams, rather than staying part time at Broncos - must be more behind it than just salary
  17. Scrums are back now in the dark code at all levels.
  18. is this on radio anywhere? Stuck at the gym & can’t find a live commentary.
  19. Skolars did win 26-22 at the HAC against Wigan in 2017. Skolars beat London Broncos 32-30 in the ‘London Bash’ at New River in 2018. (The Wigan/Broncos teams were mainly academy & fringe 1st team players.)
  20. Really disappointing to see Wigan are not supporting the HAC event this year. I have been a regular for a number of years & they pretty much bring their academy team with a couple of 1st team fringe players, so I don’t see the word cup schedule as being the reason I just hope it’s not a example of the game actively making a choice to retreat/contract back to the heartlands in a bid to keep more money. Fingers crossed the regular high end city companies & sponsors will still be involved as the event normally brings in significant financial support for Skolars.
  21. Might be difficult to judge this as now Broncos are part time they may be more reliant on drawing from the same pool of players. If Skolars lose a few of their better/key players (to Broncos or Coventry) it could have a dramatic effect on their squad which seemed to lack depth once out of the main/regular 17.
  22. if this is true? Keighley give Cannibal’s a good name! Shocking! and a new low in a sport that seems to self inflict at every opportunity. So disappointed ... again
  23. If this is true, 99% of me is disgusted & appalled - the sport is desperate to grow & get new fans, but kills off areas that could with the right investment add significant new numbers. 1% of me just thinks if it is true, then f@@k it! - have the balls to tell Coventry/Skolars/WWR so their directors/sponsors can stop throwing away cash, volunteers can stop waisting their time & players will have to play union (a far inferior game - yesterday watched probably the worst game of RU in my life) where they will earn more money at nat 1 level anyway.
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