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  1. Referee for York Game

    who is it please?
  2. Try OLEOLE TV or VIPBOX.COM they usually have links to games.

  3. Once Upon A Panto

    I hope no one minds me posting this but angling for a bit of free publicity! I would like to apologise if this breaks any rules! Once Upon A Panto is an original pantomime written by Paul Barron and Sarah Dyson- 2 of the cast of the show! It will be performed at Castleford Pheonix Theatre on Thursday 1st December 7:15pm Friday 2nd December 7:15pm Saturday 3rd December 2:15pm Saturday 3rd December 6:15pm tickets are priced £8 adults and £6 for concessions and are available on 01977 518194 until 25 November and 01977 664566 from 28 November with group tickets 2 adults and 2 concessions for £25 This is an excellent production by an excellent cast including me so come along!
  4. school hols

    Have checked with club for you and unfortunately it has not been carried forward to summer hols so kids are £3 tonight!

    Good look to all at Featherstone Rovers on sunday. You are a credit to the shirt and to the club. It is been an honour to be associated to this great club and the history and tradition. I wear my shirt with pride and I look forward to sunday with pride and trepidation. All the very best for sunday. I will be there.
  6. Super League Picks

    just with choices being made today it made me wonder about it
  7. the Nerves

    omg dont start me on nerves again I cudnt sleep the night before semi final and cant remember being as nervous about a game as i was about that but now someone menshuns nerves again and suddenly the butterflies come flooding back again. Biggest game in years for Featherstone Rovers and after the season we have just had I have nothing but pride when i wear my shirt. Whatever happens on the day I will continue to show pride in Featherstone Rovers and our accomplishments this year on and off the field. But then butterflies are still there. omg omg omg omg! We will win ... or will we? Yes we will win! We will?? Yes we will ... I think
  8. Super League Picks

    What does anyone think to the current s/l format as to the top placed team can pick their opposition? I think it shows remarable bias to the top placed sides and should be a regular format like championship
  9. congratulations

    Have you got the link to this topic on their forum? i cant seem to find it when i look
  10. Dominic Dee

    I suspect this could be another shrewd signing and good competition for dickens tonks divorty unless one of them is leaving
  11. attendance

  12. championship player of the year

    Think thats a major confidence boost for those players and fitting recognition for the hard work thats gone on at Featherstone Rovers throughout this season on every level. Congratulations to all on your nominations and lets hope Featherstone Rovers can clean up.
  13. nervous then?

    nervous? nervous?? am not nervous!! honest. I not eaten anything today and am sure i wont be able to eat tomorrow!! Butterflies doing cartwheels in my stomach like you wouldnt believe. omg omg omg good job i got no nails else i wouldnt have any left now through biting em. Cant remember ever being so nervous about a match including NL2 Grand Final. Think I might need extra uw tomorrow night at about 7:29pm Nervous?? dont know what you mean!!
  14. Thursdays Officials

    This year we have had hicks three times. Beat Batley at home 36 10 leigh away 24 16 and lost at home to sheffield 30 32
  15. Featherstone V Halifax.Thurs 9th 19.33

    If fev can defend half as well as they did the last two times we played fax, it should be a comfortable win. However fax are coming good so I will go for .... Fev 36 30 fax First try scorer Hardaker MOM Briggs Attendance 3268 Does this ring any bells anyone?