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  1. Saints good at picking up the inside pass, effective covering the outside pass and usefully with the direct drive. Not bad with the ball either.
  2. Pretty try from gardeners Greg.18-4.
  3. Bibby in after good play. 12-4.
  4. Salford playing well but right winger fields kick a poor pass to FB and ranking scores 12 nil.
  5. Nowt init then nowt penalty, another set and Massey scores. 6 nil.
  6. Cas RHS v Devils LHS. Cas right centre is..... Alex Foster?
  7. Today we only have one beer ie Elland Argo 3.7%. Lovely. May be ranting in due course.
  8. Didn't see anything of this game but I know exactly what you are getting at.
  9. 32-16. Time to worship at the Temple of Beer.
  10. Handbags two yellows. 8770 att. 8 to go.
  11. Clarkson takes ages to score.32-12. feels right tbh.
  12. Cas escape the cuagmire Gardener Greg plants one.26-12.
  13. Suggestions so far: rugby tomorrow/ Elland Road tonight. Rugby by Ref.