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  1. absolutely 0 from what we have been told since day 1. They were all washed up, over the hill players that they didn't want so no loss to them right?
  2. Toulouse Olympique v Barrow Raiders by 40 Dewsbury Rams v Sheffield Eagles by 8 Leigh Centurions v Rochdale Hornets by 10 Swinton Lions v Featherstone Rovers by 18 Toronto Wolfpack v Batley Bulldogs by 30 Widnes Vikings v Bradford Bulls by 8 York City Knights v Halifax by 18
  3. Fash is just on a month long loan. I belie we have a rather long list of injures at the moment so hopefully in a month we have more healthy bodies. Jake was a great guy. Famous first impression in Toronto for the scrap he was involved in for our very first game at the Den and he always gave his all. He's actually looking very fit this year so I think he's ;leaving Toronto as a much improved player in his abilities so he should be a good addition to Leigh....who are maybe turning into a bunch of washed up Leigh rejects...who are welcomed with open arms???? lol joke's aside wish him all the best. side note anyone know when Sex on legs is supposed to be healthy again to play?
  4. so that was an ass whooping is seems. anyone know if there was any kind of footage form the game? Toulouse do play really attractive and when they get going are hard to stop. Any news of how our injury list is doing for the next game? just found the link to the highlights courtesy of TOXIII https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6XiVvcJOSM&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop
  5. I do hope they find the costume, my son talks about Jefferson when I mention going to some rugby games in the summer right away. Mascot has been a massive hit.
  6. Toulouse Olympique v Toronto Wolfpack by 12 Barrow Raiders v Widnes Vikings by 16 (Barrow golden point win if its a mud bath) Batley Bulldogs v Bradford Bulls by 8 Featherstone Rovers v Sheffield Eagles by 16 Halifax v Dewsbury Rams by 4 Rochdale Hornets v York City Knights by 12 Swinton Lions v Leigh Centurions by 18
  7. no, on one of the other posts I saw that this games won't be aired, it will be on the radio...en francais mon ami.
  8. A lobby gobbler in Wolfs clothing?
  9. Believe the season tickets mentioned a minimum of 10 home games?
  10. lol likely timbits from the local London Tim Hortons, maybe some Beaver Tails and it better be poutine too
  11. Just saying what I heard of the full eighty minutes. Craig is his agent and that show in general is very open and honest. if anyone still hasn't listed to it I highly recommend you do. They recently said they will try and get Perez on next time he's in the UK which would be fantastic. Episode 20 is when Crag talks about Brierly's situation I believe? https://audioboom.com/channel/the-football-hour
  12. Big Mac sat with him and his agent as the season started and told him that he's down his pecking order to let him know where he stands. This could give him a chance to change his mind, lot's of injuries in the team will see him play a bit more. The only reason he's still with us though is the negation over his contract. Salford will pay him less so Toronto will have to pay him a bit to get him off his higher wages, the amount isn't aligned on and its the only reason he's still here. He's a great guy, always plays with a smile on his face and I would like to see him stay but as I understand it its just a matter of time. Big Mac could have his mind changed and I'm sure Brierly would rather stay with us and get regular game time so there is still hope to hang on to.
  13. My pvr didn't record it and i didn't actually see it on the listing? Just program issues from game tv or was the game not aired? Either way I'm ######, missed a great game from twitter posts
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