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  1. Krzzystuff

    2019 Season TIckets

    just go with it DP
  2. We have a short history but is sure is full of W's isn't it? 2 years old (almost) and 3 RFL ashtrays in the bag baby!!! next year we want a trophy!! We will settle for the SL monstrosity but its the CC beauty we want.
  3. Krzzystuff

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    Sooo is it just a coincidence that Jr. Vaivai is the Rocks cousin and the first game he's here they are doing a wrestling match after the game? I can almost smell what the Rock is cooking
  4. Krzzystuff

    2019 Season TIckets

    well they have to make sure that the visiting team can travel wherever we're going so i think the destinations won't be very fancy. SL is full of convicts who never made it to Oz in the original purge it seems.
  5. You have the retro themed Wolfpack kit? looks Hullish
  6. but their form makes you think they are!!!!!
  7. It definitely is, it's the first time a SL team has played in Toronto...the first of many.
  8. Krzzystuff

    2019 Season TIckets

    People are talking on the restructure thread that Toronto will take its early home games on the road until the weather is good enough to play in Toronto, so that's why there is only a 10 home game guarantee. SL wont allow us the big block fixtures, which in reality no one want's anyways, so its a good enough solution. Hopefully in 2021 the season can start later and the amount of games are reduced and we won't be missing any home games.
  9. that explains the min 10 home game guarantee by TWP in the season packages.
  10. Krzzystuff

    Hull Kingston Rovers

    who's team you on?
  11. Krzzystuff

    RL on Canadian TV

    actually no. i had no issues before but now i get the following message. i think SKY is the likely cause here, might have been part of the agreement to have our games shown live on Game TV?
  12. Possible solution for 2021 but right now they are just scrapping the 8's and duct taping the leaky raft to make it to 2021. it won't be pretty and most won't be happy but no one wants to sink so we will ride the leaky raft to 2021 and look for a new vessel at that point. They have said many times now that any promotions and relegation's are binding this year so no one will be saved/blocked. I'm not sure how DJB coming back to Leigh will be beneficial as he clearly isn't that wealthy and he's not the best at making great business decisions. Would any leighthers want him back?
  13. Krzzystuff

    RL on Canadian TV

    you just sign up for free unless your outside of Canada.
  14. no one cares about the S8's because they are pointless. One spot is up for grabs in a mathematical sense but in everyone expectations top 4 are locked in so its 7 weeks of waiting for the semifinals. once the semis start everyone will be back in SL mode again.