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  1. Krzzystuff

    McDermott In As New Coach

    lol preseason starts in November sometime so if they aren't in it already it's starting shortly. absolutely no break for the guys. i wonder how much of the first part of preseason is just physio to get the body ready for whats ahead. good appointment and yeah as mentioned already getting the discipline is only a plus. on the full eighty podcasts Craig has been saying for a while now the he thinks the job is perfect for McDermott if it was offered to him. i guess the whole Leeds movie was all a lie as its really wasn't as good as it gets for him was i t? he's part of the pack now! Also wish Rowley all the best and am very thankful for him leading us to where we are. I know he gets a lot of stick from the English boys on these forums but he's been great for us and will be remembered fondly by Wolfpack fans.
  2. Krzzystuff

    Paul Rowley

    How is it tougher then lats season? We wont have a real idea until we get closer and the signings are all done and dusted but realistically Leigh are our of scope as a top team due to DJB's antics. Widnes are in and Leigh no change. Bulls have come up but London are gone, again depending on recruitment Bulls don't look as good as London right now so it's either a slight drop in quality or could be equal with a few signings Fax are still Fax and will be competing for the playoff spots. Same goes for Toulouse and Fev are a bit unknown right now but i expect them to be as competitive as last year. So the race for the top hasn't changed much and we now actually have a 6 team race for top 5 vs top 4 so its actually easier isn't it? Also i would say that the team next year for TWP will be better than what we had this year so...what boat did we miss?
  3. Krzzystuff

    Canada RL on Toronto Wolfpack

    Cap is totally blown now!
  4. Krzzystuff

    2019 Early Season games

    i don't think anyone wants the big blocks again. We will have a few home games on the road each year unless the season gets moved to start later in the year at the next TV deal.
  5. liberty village is a sanctioned hipster sanctuary so i'm sure he can see some businesses opportunities here during his time. looking forward to seeing the impact he has on the team mentality
  6. contrary to peoples belief we are restricted to the same salary cap and unfortunately we won't be able to sign him.
  7. Krzzystuff

    2020. Is it Warrington's year?

    lol going to be totally honest here...i didn't realize this was a 2020 thread..i though this was the 2019 one. as a side note it will give some grumpy anti wolfpackers something to smile about, so if i made the world a better place for some the it was worth it.
  8. Krzzystuff

    Team for next season

    he was injured for a while but then just wasn't picked. i thought he improved his tackling ability as the season went on so not sure what was happening. he was listed 2 years running as the teachers pet on Rugby Am's teammates for TWP so would be odd that him and Rowley fell out somehow.
  9. Krzzystuff

    Team for next season

    Fist bit of press on Brierly leaving TWP how ever I've heard some rumblings for a bit about it already.
  10. NVM Jy's signed for Bradford for 2 years. Good for him, hes a solid player. looking forward to seeing him at the Den next year when the bulls come to visit.
  11. Krzzystuff

    2020. Is it Warrington's year?

    No...its Toronto's year!! Grand final champions!!!!...of the championship Semi finals of Challenge least Win over last Doing 1 & 2 only will be considered a success but doing just 3 would put us down in the RL history books forever!!!!!
  12. Hopefully Jy Hitchcosk signs for us also and we could have our own podcast again!!! throw in Wallace and it should be a hell of a show. i hope he does help the players stay clam and wolfpack on when the pressure is up. He's a very raw and truthful individual from what I've gathered form the whippets & flat caps podcasts so don't see any issue with him criticizing something that needs criticizing.
  13. We still have heritage players but there are also local players in the team that play in the very small domestic competition. No superstars yet but hopefully the boys get a good showing at the tournament and can qualify for the WC.
  14. Krzzystuff

    Championship 2019

    am i wrong in thinking that Bradford has a backer with some cash and they will be more competitive than most in the league? I'll take a punt at the predictions right now and go with Toronto Toulouse Widnes Bradford Fax Fev York Barrow Batley Dewsbury Leigh Sheffield Rochdale Swinton
  15. here's a podcast that he's on and discusses all things Toronto. Good M62 rumor though, gave some people a glimmer of hope i guess.