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  1. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    Crazy though came to me literally 30 minuties ago that ties into the last bit of your podt, what if Perez is doing a separate bid for Boston for 2019 and he's doing it all proper and quietly and this Wiley guy tried to steal his thunder by announcing his team first? If the RFL has two bids on the table for teams on the US any chance of both starting at the same time? Perez did mention he knew of a few places in the US looking at teams and I cant see him being involved in all of them. I do however believe that he's talked with the NY group but maybe he's doing Boston at the same time? He also mentioned in the 5live podcast that he was in the UK specifically for two expansion bids, one 2019 and one 2020
  2. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    Except that it' slow and complicated. Legue is fast paced and has more similarities to NFL. Since we play in the off season it's very likely that people will come to check out a RL game and get hooked on the crazy guys with no pads hitting each other! NFL is king in the States so being somewhat similar and giving NFL fans a contact sport to watch in their off season is really a great niche market.
  3. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    He was the man to originally start RL in the US and is still involved in RU in the states. The RU vs. RL culture isn't as prevalent here so maybe they discussed potential american players as "Made in the USA" is a big factor to anything done in the states and the article specifically discussed him thinking about using american talent as a key to their success. Looks like we are just going to have to wait for some more information, only one week before the WC and we can focus on that for a while.
  4. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    He's not a port of the team no, he has consulted them in getting their proposal ready...kind of like Niu isn't part of the team, they just had a general discussion with him.
  5. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    Bah I missed the two second part where he said its in the US earlier, I delete my prepared post and everything. Below is the 5live podcast that: 1) Basically says its not Hamilton so go away 2) Says next team will be in the us. later they mention that one in 2019 and one in 2020 so if you add those comment it means US 2019 and Canada 2020...Math in real life application folks! Perez starts at 17:28 and 18:14 he says across the boarder.
  6. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    1.5 years away, lots of time to get things sorted and deltas to the public Niu was just asked for his input and has nothing to to with the team. The interview below they talk about the work they are doing with the US RL teams in NY.
  7. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    He can't be the front man for all the NA clubs. He's working on getting people together to get it started, he ha said that he's working with established sports franchises going forward and that he will likely be a part owner of the next Canadian franchise but only be one TWP board.
  8. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    Can't find the podcast/interview he says its the US for 2019, will keep looking but he definitely said that its going to be US for 2019 and Canada in 2020 and i'm 95% sure iut wasn't an article.
  9. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    This wasn't where i originally read it but this was poached form the same source. "They seem to have a pretty good bid," said Wolfpack president Eric Perez, who has done some consulting for the New York group. "So hopefully it goes through."
  10. Larroyer to Leigh

    Said it already but the Championship will be the must division next year, hopefully there is a way for fans in the UK to watch it.
  11. League 1 twitter

    Wasn't it mentioned in the threads a while ago that they would be merging the championship and league 1 twitter accounts together? Is it fair to expect an announcement on the 2019 structure when the fixtures get announced in November or is that too far fetched?
  12. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    Definitely the one that Perez is supposed announce before the end of the year for a 2nd Canadian city that's not named Hamilton and most likely speaks french!! And no it's not Sudbury either! I still think the whole NY thing is wait and see. Perez has said the next team will be in the US for 2019 and he has consulted with this NY consortium, just focus on the word cup for now or start talking about how far will Canada get in the 2025 Cup. I take it that a Perez led bid won't have the same nay saying since he's made it work already once or will it be all of this again just for fun but with Montreal in place of NY in the threads?
  13. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    Ok so safe to say expect a lot of pro and anti arguments as bits of information, romurs and theory get spouted until its either officially announced or binned thus giving victory to one side, doing nothing but infuriating the opposition into moths of heavy thread siege...right? lol Looking forward to the adventure, hopefully it all work sour but time will tell. since the NY adventure is still just in it's infancy stage I think they are reaching out to everyone in the US RL community for input and that's why this Niu guy is being involved in talks. Nothing mentioning that he's driving anything or part of the consortium, just looking for his opinion folks. Just because he has an ego doesn't mean he wont have legitimate opinions and viewpoints that could benefit the whole project.
  14. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    Seems odd that they would be liked with him when in the interview on the league express podcast they mentioned working with the USARL local teams and body I believe. Question to everyone, when did you start getting concrete details about TWP when we were being touted around as a potential team? I randomly stumbled upon the story on BBC World a few months before the season started and we never really had any coverage in Canada until the season was going so i don't know what information you guys had and how much thread theory activity was going on the years before we started. With the potential start in 2019 being over a year away is there ore coverage and details about the NY team at this stage then what TWP ha sat this point?
  15. David Niu involved in NYC bid

    Whats the story behind this guy? Did a quick google but nothing jumped out at me and clearly I'm missing something big here.