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  1. Krzzystuff

    Toronto and Visa's

    Yeah lats year was a learning experience for everyone and that's why they partnered up with the Canadian immigration specialty law firm this year to take care of any issues so that there isn't any impact to teams traveling if possible. Rowley had an interview where he specifically talked about the first barrow game and he mentioned that some players lied about their history and that's why they got refused from boarding the plane in the UK. TWP told them they could be denied if they dindt disclose everything and that they needed to be honest and they weren't and then tried to blame TWP for not helping and using it as an know the usual BS. i think they waited rather late as well withe their forms.
  2. Krzzystuff

    Toronto and Visa's

    Hardaker might have issues next year actually, i think drug offences are a no no.
  3. Krzzystuff

    Toronto and Visa's

    Will you be coming over on the 30th? if so i would love to have a few pints with ya in person.
  4. Krzzystuff

    Toronto and Visa's

    Nope! We're in the RFL and that's why this is exciting. Not sure why NA people actually believe we would have our current squad playing in a startup NA league? Any new NA League or upgraded to the existing one will just have a farm/reserve team from TWP in it...we are in it for the long haul in the RFL.
  5. Krzzystuff

    Toronto and Visa's

    Just so we can all stand united again let's put the blame on the NRL as that seems to galvanize the forum users pretty good.
  6. Parky what ever will you do if (read as when...act surprised) we get into SL next year? One after another your dreams of TWP's demise get you have a backup plan to fill the void? I guess if another NA team gets announce you can send them all your love and well wishes instead of us.
  7. Krzzystuff

    Toronto and Visa's

    SL has taken control of all things SL since the season stated realistically so why would the RFL have to tell them to get their visas sorted out? Who has the most to lose here? The SL club and as such the SL club should be the one making sure they aren't at a disadvantage...especially when they knew that the 8's are likely to be scraped and their climb back to SL would be much harder in the future. Again if they don't do this its their fault and they can't blame anyone but themselves. After all we are talking about multi million sports organisations here right, not weekend school yard kids teams?
  8. Krzzystuff

    Toronto and Visa's

    SL is trying to become a more professional competition...if a professional sports team from the top flight can't get visas sorted out for it's players now knowing that there is a chance that they might need it knowing there is a specialty Canadian immigration law firm that the Wolfpack has an agreement with then clearly they aren't cut out to be in the new higher standard SL and belong in the lower ranks no?
  9. looks like Leigh are very likely to make the top 4 now even after your old washed up rejects make it a clean 3-0 sweep at Lamport in a few weeks. it will be good to keep the rivalry going in SL. 2-3 SL sides dropping down this year?
  10. Sheffield Eagles v Featherstone Rovers draw Toronto Wolfpack v Barrow Raiders by 60 Dewsbury Rams v Leigh Centurions by 18 Halifax v Batley Bulldogs by12 London Broncos v Swinton Lions by 36 Rochdale Hornets v Toulouse Olympique by 18 Fev is short on bodies and they just got rid of briscoe is some magical boomerang where he comes back, but if he's back it will be after playing a SL game 2 days prior so he wont be much help. i think fev might loose but think they can pull a draw out...maybe
  11. Krzzystuff

    Barrow's Third Visit

    We just call them Brits...Canada is much more politically correct i guess.
  12. Krzzystuff

    Leigh Game

    I do now! so get west stand tickets, gotcha.
  13. likely they are are both correct, they are talking about different votes. Sounds to me it was 7-5 at one point but the last votes were 11-1 so both are telling the truth in some way. Also it was the Leeds not Leigh owner.
  14. Krzzystuff

    Barrow's Third Visit

    at least we know Ponwall has no visa issues. will be odd seeing him at the Den playing for the other side. Quinn likely to get a run out if the Raiders are short handed.
  15. Krzzystuff

    Briscoe off to Leeds...why?

    Ok this is a small sport mentality. your top player wants to leave to play in the top worries, play the season out and come end of season we will SELL (money changing hands is key here) you to the club you want to play for. But it's NH RL so "Hey, were fighting for top 4 in the most competitive Champ in a long time and whats likely to be the last shot for promotion outside of winning the league outright...hmmm...i know...let's give our best player a chance to play for a club that could be in the relegation fight in a months time...cherry on tip let's let him leave for free!"