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  1. Is a loan any different than him just playing for them since we are DR partners?
  2. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    Butler Fleming on a month long loan at Bradford. He had a great debut vs. Swinton but maybe they don't expect to give him a lot of game time in the near future?
  3. Now i know these cups are very European and especially British but i think having it open to everyone for the possibility of having a big upset is what makes them special. No point having more games among t teams in the same division for a separate trophy as already have a league for that no? There should be some incentive for teams to push and try to to win the Cup. financial rewards for teams who make the semis and lost, a community shield type game between the SL winner and the CC winners? The Europa league made itself more relevant by giving teams a pathway into the can the CC make itself more relevant to teams in today's climate where financial needs can outweigh the desire to be in the competition? Do fans value their teams winning the Cup? Lower division fans, how satisfying would it be for you to scalp a team 2-3 divisions above you even if you don't win the Cup? do players desire to lift the trophy or are there eye's fixed on bigger prizes? As a newbie i'm genuinely curious, i saw what the English boys said about the Cup on Wolfpack TV and it seems like for the majority of them it's still a very special competition but new crops of payers that grew up in the SL era might be missing that reverence...true?
  4. Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    I will diverge form the conversation and head back to the OP for a second. Will Gareth be the main kicker for us now over Brierley? Just realized this guys kicks lol, its Mr. MPG Drop Goal everyone!!! Brierley is so so, tough conditions and he's poor and at this level and especially in qualifiers those conversions, penalties and drop goals WILL be the difference between winning and losing.
  5. I think outside of Canada you guys have to pay for access to these but they basically have all the players and coaches talk about the Cup and their memories of it they all say that this is the one that everyone wanted to win since childhood. No worries about TWP not going all out top see how far we can make it, I would pick winning the Cup over SL promotion this year easily although the Cup will be a much tougher ask than promotion. For the CC you need to beat the top SL teams, for promotion its the bottom ones.
  6. Challenge Cup Run

    I would for us to have a home game in the CC. maybe next year if we make it to the quarters vs a SL team that's FT they can come down for the game. would be a great way to spread some of the cup magic locally.
  7. The Frenchies and TWP are RFL "Guests" or something of that sort o it's optional for us. Like Kman said i hope TWP go all in and see how far we can go.
  8. It's a trend in all sports for these types of competitions. it all depends on the teams realistic ambitions, squad depth and fiances. If a league 1 team knows that realistically they don't expect to be fighting for promotion then they will be all for making it as far as possible to get as much exposure, experience and money as they can. If you expect to be in the promotion or relegation fight then less games = less risk of injury and you will want to avoid the "nuisance" of cup games. If you have a big squad you can play your non starters to get the into match shape and try out some new combinations. If you're a community team you might want to go as far as possible because you want to try yourself against the pros to put yourself in the shop window and see if you can get a giants scalp. Apply this to any sport and it holds true. In the end its 99.99% that a team from the top tier wins it because they are in the top tier for a reason.
  9. Through the Total RL website naturally so you really weren't corrected...just enlightened.
  10. DJB has put a on of pressure o the Leigh players yesterday in his interview with talks Sort 2 when he said he was looking for some players that might respect the shirt and that if they don't make top 4 the decision will be made for him to leave the club as he won't support the fiances for the current contracts. The big kick up the backside that was needed or wrong tactic?
  11. A few interesting things that DJB says in the podcast, his call starts with 19 minutes remaining. He's upset with Jukes for resigning before he could find a suitable replacement, wasn'tt prepared for the resignation Looking to recruit some new players who will respect the shirt Doesn't care if they get knocked out of the CC this weekend Asked if he's thinking of leaving the club and says the decision will be made for him if they don't make top 4
  12. Gareth O’Brien off to Toronto

    ask you shall receive
  13. 6 expected contenders, similar to any sport and any league you have the expected contenders and then the others, anything can happen but are you saying that Swinton and Rochdale should be considered for making the top 4?