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  1. Do bigger stadium means bigger crowds?

    Absolutely not. You need a good product both on field and the event experience to draw people in but that doesn't determine the amount of people you will get either. Why doesn't every club in Spain have a near 100,000K stadium like Barcelona? there is a life lesson here, live within your means. a smaller stadium near full capacity is much better that a large stadium half empty.
  2. Could it get worse for Toronto?

    The filed is domed and used for other leagues during winter. it's a city stadium and they have contracts in lace for these programs , once the are done the work will begin.
  3. Could it get worse for Toronto?

    If you look at it through the eyes of a cranky M62er the OP is correct. Not all M62ers mind you, just the cranky ones that don't like change and think that the RLF should figure out a magical way that they can get their clubs to SL with a crowd of 5 people and no sponsors.
  4. Could it get worse for Toronto?

    How old is this article? This was one of the first articles released about the renovations wasn't it? It's not relevant now as they have moved the Halifax game and posted that the Swinton game in early May will be played at Lamport. Just in case you missed it Michael Jackson is dead and Trump is president.
  5. Home games

    Haven't read it yet but these things are rarely up to date so something that was just announced today and not by the team isn't likely going to be in there. Give it a few days. People need to remember that TWP actually has a very limited amount of people employed and one person usually does multiple roles
  6. Toronto v Halifax venue

    Sooo you ignore all news from your team telling you not to book something because its not confirmed and might change and put your money on the line?
  7. Toronto v Halifax venue

    OR No one picked up the rights for the RLWC in Canada because the game times were horrible and it's a sport that is just starting here, Perez doesn't actually own a TV network so not his fault unfortunately. Being away from family was too much for Craig Hall and he requested to leave, he has young kids Its the offseason and there is less stuff to talk about on social media. Still mentioned all the WC games for both men and women and ran contests for fan interactions...again in offseaon Perez was the driving force for getting the team started yes. But he set people in place to run the team as that's not his forte, all those people are still running the team and were getting new players, new sponsors and are opening magic weekend while playing in the championship...hardly going backwards. Lastly Perez mentioned in all those interviews that TWP is his team and always will be so while he is trying to spread RL in NA (like he said he would from the get go) he will always be a part of the TWP and won't be resigning as CEO. But hey who like facts and all that eh?
  8. good read
  9. Interesting figures on UK sports

    i assume that the 2.3M is the number of tickets sold right, what are the dollars associated with those, is that available?
  10. Toronto has a hot dog gun and a kick ass beer garden and that works pretty well.
  11. Home games

    how does one delete a post?
  12. Toronto v Halifax venue

    this is most likely a troll post. TWP and the potentially affected teams all notified fans not to book as you mentioned and this is the first post for AS
  13. Toronto v Halifax venue

    not sure how recent this update is as i haven't checked the official page for a while but states that May 5th is the first game at Lamport. Also shows us playing Toulouse at magic weekend
  14. Home games

    We will open in Leigh, as for home it will be at Lamport and the date of the first game at Lamport is Sat May 5th, similar to last year
  15. Toronto v Halifax venue

    Toulouse maybe,the Lamport upgrade is because TFC II uses the filed along with us. it's not our stadium it's city owned.