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  1. Krzzystuff

    SBW to Toronto??

    happens all the time in sports. new coach doesn't fancy a player so player doesn't play. Brierley is a fantastic guy and great player so I wish him all the best in the future. The last Full Eighty Podcast was discussing his situation if you have the time to listen to it, best RL podcast out there currently.
  2. Krzzystuff

    Widnes problems

    They said their RFL license is dormant but still valid so buying it would make it easier to get the club going than starting from scratch TWP voting rights I believe which is likely the biggest draw.
  3. Krzzystuff

    Widnes problems

    Argyle is is...we're on the same page!
  4. Krzzystuff

    Widnes problems

    moving aside would it hurt to have a major fan of the sport with business acumen and the benefit of the game as a whole in his intentions the worst thing to happen to Widnes and RL in the UK? if you had to choose between Argyle, DJB or Dr. Kwack who would you take?
  5. Krzzystuff

    Widnes problems

    I don't actually. I just read it and saw it wasn't mentioned in the thread so threw it out there folks.
  6. Krzzystuff

    Widnes problems

    the Argyle quote was directly from an interview with Fox news in OZ I believe, its at the very end of the SBE article.
  7. Krzzystuff

    SBW to Toronto??

    Brierly is on a marquees contract and he's looking for a new home because he's not in Big Mac's plans from what I
  8. Krzzystuff

    Widnes problems

    The game caller is saying on twitter that Argyle is looking to buy a stake in Widnes if he can relocate them to Liverpool and Perez is after Hemel to relocate them to NA (Boston or Hamilton perhaps?)
  9. Barrow Raiders v Dewsbury Rams by 8 Batley Bulldogs v Rochdale Hornets by 6 Bradford Bulls v York City Knights by 4 Featherstone Rovers v Halifax by 8 Leigh Centurions v Toronto Wolfpack KO by 50 (might be 60 if O'Brian learns to convert from the left corner) Swinton Lions v Toulouse Olympique by 40 Widnes Vikings v Sheffield Eagles by 10 (thinking the negative news about the club will have an impact on Widnes, otherwise I would have thought they take this game)
  10. Krzzystuff

    Leigh Is Bugging Us Like A Mosquito Again!

    I agree. Although I must say they are doing much better than I thought. I was honestly worried about their fate after DJB ducked out and left them hanging by a thread. Kudos to getting the team back on its feet and competing above what I think is most peoples expectations. Having said that we're coming for you and still remember those "just a team of washed up, over the hill Leigh rejects" comments...50-nil game for us, would be 60 but O'brian has issues kicking for the left corner still and let's face it, most tries are coming that way. All of Leigh needs to get their lobby cooking so they have comfort food after the coming onslaught.
  11. Was a fantastic game! Best Wolfpack performance that I've seen. The conditioning of the team look's fantastic especially in the big boys. Hidgson was much improved playing through the middle. We really kept the penalties down and the defence was amazing. Really looking forward to what we can do as the team finally gets clicking. Too bad Rimmer is such a great business man and decided to keep us out of the Challage Cup and going up against done SL teams. Let's smash the Centurions next week and keep our spot on top of the food chain.
  12. Krzzystuff

    Vegan Warrior Joins TWP

    New forward joins the pack from Leeds.
  13. it's the the pasty English that were worried about.
  14. Sheffield Eagles v Bradford Bulls by 18 Toulouse Olympique v Rochdale Hornets by 30 Toronto Wolfpack v Widnes Vikings by 8 Dewsbury Rams v Swinton Lions by 12 Halifax v Batley Bulldogs by 8 Leigh Centurions v Featherstone Rovers By 10 York City Knights v Barrow Raiders by 16
  15. this is going to be a real test for us. York were very though but this is a game where the sides are level. I'm not overly impressed with O'Brian's kicking so far this season, only two games but only 50% conversion? Wilkin was also supposed to the getting our boys to reduce the penalties, I guess he's done that but he's the one doing silly things last game. Hidgson isn't impressing me either but ackers and Russell are beasts and that left wing is looking very potent. Will Kay play on the right once he's healthy? Can't wait for a proper game this weekend!