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    Fev Rovers.Reading,local and national history,holidaying in Cyprus and France and my beautiful grandchildren,all 13 of them.
  1. Bob Crowther

    Credit to the game

    Having watched the students world championship final at Headingley, I thought that the overall standard and application by these players was outstanding. Real skills on display and some reight "hit ups". The refereeing was also first class. I believe that he missed one forward pass all the game and the rest of his decisions were "spot on" as Stevo would say. Unfortunately, after leading 10 nil at half time, England were swamped in the second half. Great match, great speed around the ruck and intelligent in play kicking. All in all, a credit to our great game.
  2. Bob Crowther

    Team Warnings

    Not being the least bit cynical, but I do think that the new ruling regarding issuing a full team warning, is there to be exploited. Why not just send a man off as normal for an offence. Strangely enough, prior to this new rule, the yellow and red card were very rarely seen. A player can be dismissed and then "doubtful" decisions can be made in order to reduce the team strength, a little further. By the way, what would happen if a team was reduced to say seven players in a matter of minutes?. Scrap the rule and instruct the refs to have the guts to discipline a player as per normal.
  3. Bob Crowther

    Another fine mess, Stanley

    Statement from the Border Agency that foreign players on visas are not to be allowed to become dual registered with Championship clubs.due to their visa contracts. This damned bureaucracy and red tape
  4. Bob Crowther

    Alive and Kicking

    Saturdays attendance of 2500 at the amateur finals at the Bigfellas indicates that the grass roots support is still strong in our heartlands which obviously bodes well for the future of the game. Cracking rugby even if a bit scrappy at times due to the glue like surface. A credit to everyone involved.
  5. Bob Crowther

    Shut that door

    When are the SL refs going to start to wear some reight shorts?. No wonder they keep shouting "Hold".
  6. Bob Crowther


    Why, for the past few home games, has the exit gates "D" to the rear of the family stand been locked?. They would usually be opened by the stewards about 15 minutes before the final whistle. The majority of the family stand use this exit and it prevents fans mixing on the car park along with cutting down on the crowds in the car park and interfering with traffic leaving the car park. Upon questioning a steward, he was unaware that the gates had remained locked but stated that it must be a management decision. Any explanations?.
  7. Bob Crowther


    Congrats to everyone involved in the pantomime last night. A very good show according to my grandchildren. Everyone appeared to enjoy. Thanks once again to everyone for their time and effort.
  8. Bob Crowther


    Have I missed something along the way, but can anyone explain why we have a lengthy period without a game and then we have two matches within five days. There is no wonder gates are dwindling when supporters have to cough up double entrance money out of a weekly wage packet.
  9. Bob Crowther

    makes a nice change....

    Robin. If I receive first class service, in no matter what area, I always either drop them a line or give them a ring to convey my appreciation. However, if the service is not up to standard, I contact them with my criticisms. If everyone took the time and trouble to do the same, I am sure it would lead to better services and a better world. Regarding the comments of the Leigh fan, this is what we have come to expect from our great club. Well done.
  10. Bob Crowther

    One for Peter Kaye

    Todays L.E. Halifax fire station activity day this month. Places available. Contact Frank Watene.
  11. Bob Crowther


    Let us hope that we are not going to suffer a shortage of heavyweights for the start of our campaign. Bostock and Tonksy suffering injuries, plus nothing heard regarding Morrison's comeback.
  12. Bob Crowther

    Warrington Ground

    Taking into account,"new grounds", I think that Donny takes some beating. Dont know why the finals were not played there, or did they expect Widnes making it through?.
  13. Bob Crowther

    Warrington Ground

    A souless ground, lacking the atmosphere. Seats designed for stick insects to sit on.
  14. Bob Crowther

    Why Kick to Halifax

    Think that the team looked "jaded" during last twenty min's. The dropped ball by Hardman led to the floodgates opening. With a lead of 22-4 with twenty min's to play, we just had to play basic rugby with a good final kick but our attack at times was very flat and support play disappeared. Ha well, I have enjoyed the season, plenty to cheer about, see you all next year.
  15. Bob Crowther

    Gentle Reminder

    Me and 't wife an,all Maureen