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  1. I'm genuinely not trying to appear awkward here, but saying that something "will be an issue" doesn't really mean very much. You really need to explain in more detail how much of an issue it will be, and what the impact of it will be.
  2. Having read the above, I have three questions of my own: 1) Are you saying that the questions are unanswerable? 2) If the questions are unanswerable, does that mean it's impossible for the UK to leave the EU, or can the UK still leave the EU, without answering the questions? 3) If it's not possible for the UK to leave the EU without answering the questions, and if nobody on planet earth can answer them, what was the point of having a referendum? Thanks.
  3. I think once some form of Brexit is delivered by whoever is leading the country, then things will start to heal themselves. There will always be some people who won't accept things - either because they didn't get exactly the Brexit they wanted, or because they didn't want Brexit at all - but I think the overwhelming majority of people will just get on with their lives, so long as things aren't completely a disaster.
  4. I don't know about timescales, but I'm reading and hearing people say that's what needs to happen. For example, I took the following from Reuters: Former foreign minister Boris Johnson, the favourite to replace May, was first out of the blocks, saying Britain should be prepared to leave the EU without a deal to force the bloc to offer a “good deal”. I understand that to mean that the deal can be changed. At least, Boris thinks it can. I guess time will tell whether you're right or he is.
  5. I meant get a better deal than the thing May got. Her deal didn't get through Parliament.
  6. I wasn't either. His reply about scoring points was just more of his rambling nonsense. It doesn't even mean anything. Points for what, from whom? I challenged him because he made a statement claiming that some people here thought throwing a milkshake at someone was worse than the three options he described (which included murder). I asked him to provide me with the names of those "some" people, along with some evidence showing how he had arrived at that conclusion. I'm still waiting. TICK TOCK © Steve May 2019
  7. I do think that No Deal needs to be on the table, in order to maximise our negotiating position. I think that's where May went wrong. The moment she accepted/allowed No Deal to be taken off the table, she pretty much killed any chance of ever getting her deal through. I think we now need to go back to the EU, with a new Leave supporting PM, and attempt to negotiate a better deal - one which Parliament can accept. Edited to add that IF this new deal again fails to get through Parliament, I'd consider a second referendum with the three options of No Deal, New PM's Deal, and Remain.
  8. Well, gingerjon said quite openly in another thread (I'm not trying to out him - he's perfectly fine about saying it, as the comment itself proves): "I've made like 20 posts saying I don't have a problem with someone flinging a milkshake at Farage." Gingerjon What I was pointing out to you, Bob, is that if you want people to do what you suggested, you'll need to persuade gingerjon. Because right now he seems to be in disagreement with your suggestion: Have a good weekend.
  9. That's maybe something for you to discuss with certain posters on here. Start with gingerjon. Who (here, at least) doesn't accept that? I may have missed it, but I haven't seen anyone say that "murder, plotting to murder, and lying about murder attempts" isn't wrong. I'll leave it there because you seem to be either making up false positions and then disagreeing with them, or making obvious statements that nobody ever disagreed with in the first place, before saying that we need to all accept them. It's like me saying that people here need to accept that today is Friday, even though nobody here has ever said it isn't.
  10. I agree. I think it's important that people who are lawfully campaigning or taking part in an election, aren't assaulted by having milkshake or the like thrown at them. I'm not really sure what you want me to do differently, Bob? I haven't even been the one posting the links to the milkshake assaults - I just comment on them sometimes when they occur. You seem to be inventing things that aren't true, and then saying you disagree with them.
  11. Here it is again, Bob8, You listed FOUR things: 1) throwing milkshakes at people, 2) assassination attempts, 3) murder, 4) lying about assassination attempts You then said Some on here think that milkshakes are the worst thing, whereas people who are not morally warped think the other three are worse. I assumed that "here" means this thread/this forum. Therefore, I'm asking you who the "some" are. I want you to name the people on here who think that throwing milkshakes at people is worse than the other three things you mentioned. You made the statement. Please substantiate it.
  12. Sorry, I genuinely don't know what you're talking about. I don't know how what you've quoted above relates to the question that I asked you or the comments that you made.
  13. I'm very serious. I want you to substantiate the comments you made. (Oh, I see you've now amended your post to remove the abuse)
  14. In my opinion: Fairly likely: He was genuinely assaulted by someone who is anti-Brexit Party Possible: Someone who is pro-Brexit Party threw it on him - either with or without his advance knowledge - in order to create another story to blame on Remainers. Not very likely: He threw it on himself I could spend time giving my reasons for putting them in that order, but I'll leave it there for now.
  15. Is that your opinion, gingerjon? Have you decided that the guy deliberately spilled it on himself? I'm not saying you're right or wrong, I'm just asking if you've reached that conclusion.
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