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  1. Yes i think 100% of people on here will be united in thinking he is a grade 1 C0ckwomble
  2. I heard a great program on it on R4 a few weeks ago on my way back from training - they were explaining how meddling and penny pinching killed what should have been an excellent idea - our current welfare system has grown organically over decades and contains just far too many different benefits which can interact with each other in arcane and seemingly counterproductive ways so as a concept the idea of simplifying it all so people dont need a degree in benefits claiming to be able to get what is due makes total sense. It was also meant to better taper with wages so that doing work always paid and there weren't sudden issues like having to work under or over a set number of hours for certain benefits The biggest issue has been the subsequent policy choice of making it a monthly not weekly paid benefit and that it is paid in arrears combined with the time taken to set up first payment - that means a min wait of 5 weeks and more realistically 8-10 weeks prior to get your money at the exact time you have no spare cash. The reason for that extra delay is that the IT systems are just not up to it and they don't talk to each other correctly which causes delays I have had personal experience of this recently - to cut a long story short in 2017 my company were given slightly the wrong tax code to use in the 2017-18 tax year - last july i got a letter telling me I was due a refund but stating an unfeasibly large £550 - this was the same time as my son was doing student loan applications and part of that you have to enter all the amounts and to quote "do not approximate or round, use exact numbers" it then goes on to make you give them permission to check the figures against HMRC and says discrepancies will lead to the account going into dispute and no funds being paid until sorted (inc the £9k tuition fees). Luckily his application obviously got through before the issue but it took until yesterday to get that sorted and that was after finally getting a senior technician at HMRC involved via complaints (he is one of few left and reducing hours prior to retirement). I am due a refund but it is far less (about £200) and they are paying me £100 in compo for their c*ck ups. One of the issues seems to be all payroll packages now have to real time report figures to HMRC, a failed software update subsequent rollback, the timing of HMRC recording what it said and their insistance they could not be wrong along with using outsourced customer services people with no tax knowledge have led to me having 6 months+ of issues - and I have a simple tax code and have not changed job in that time
  3. Actually the concept of UC is great - the idea that there could be a single benefit payment that took into account everything and just paid in a single figure is brilliant, much more efficient and less prone to some people failing to claim what they were due whilst others gamed the system. Unfortunately it started to fall apart when others (not IDS) saw it as an opportunity to also make savings in the overall welfare bill not just in the administration of welfare. (There are also issues with the interaction between benefits paid to individuals and households that cause issues but the interaction with austerity is what caused the major issues) IF it had been introduced as IDS planned it (and i am no fan of his) then the total level of benefit payments would have remained similar but have been better/more fairly distributed and i doubt there would have been half the implementation issues/protests
  4. And we have come back to the same point - Vote Leave left it vague so ti could mean all things to all people - only need a couple of million voting for trade, a couple of million voting on race grounds, a couple hundred thousand worried about the wales and there you go a leave majority despite them wanting different things
  5. Ellesmere Port better hope they make a decision fast on Brexit as i don't see uncertainty (or the certainty of heavy tariffs) helping it's case https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/opel-german-plant-may-get-astra-production-uk-factory Opel/Vauxhall's parent, PSA Group, will decide in the coming weeks which European factories will build the new-generation Astra, due in 2021the German business paper Handelsblatt said PSA is considering two options, the paper said: 1. Allocating 75 percent of Astra production to Ellesmere Port with the remaining volume produced in Ruesselsheim, instead of Gliwice. 2. Building 75 percent of Astras in Ruesselsheim, with Ellesmere Port producing only right-hand-drive versions for the UK, Ireland and South Africa.
  6. Why If it can be shown even a small % of votes were swayed by fake/misleading videos put out by one of the official sides - then how on earth can respecting the results of that vote be anything other than disrespecting democracy - we are not talking about general unorganised partisan facebook posts we are talking about organised misinformation by one of the official parties in the campaign funded by one of the biggest donors to the leave campaign If it had been a 60/40 split then it would be irrelevant but we are talking about a majority of just 3.8% 1.27m, only 635000 (about a Glasgow) needed to be persuaded to vote leave not stay
  7. https://www.channel4.com/news/revealed-how-leave-eu-faked-migrant-footage Basically Ch4 purport to have evidence that a a vid of how easy it is to get migrant into the uk and of a migrant attacking a woman in London were created by Leave UK and were not all they appear to be - in response Aaron Banks has accused Ch4 of creating "fake news" themselves - as in their expose of his fake news is fake news not true news and his fake news was really true news - see simple
  8. Well the welsh uplands will revert to nature pretty fast if all the hill farmers go bust due to cheaper imports and no subsidies (p.s. I know the govt have said they will continue to pay the equivalent but they only guaranteed it until end of 2020 - https://www.gov.uk/government/news/funding-from-eu-programmes-guaranteed-until-the-end-of-2020)
  9. As a total aside i have just been told the just ex receptionist at our sister company's reason for voting for Brexit was animal right based as she believed the EU was putting it's trade deal negotiations ahead of Whales and they should have demanded Japan stop whaling as part of the negotiation and if they didnt want to save the Whales then she didnt want any part of it So there you go another absolutely mad and random reason for voting Brexit
  10. I don't fully understand the intricacies but doing a bit of research it looks like the credits are for a full year so when they were handing them out they assumed the UK would not be in the EU for this year - they fact we now are is not thier fault - there are a set number of "freebies" and then the rest are auctioned off - I "think" that what has happened is because all the freebies were allocated without including British businesses (as they wouldn't be in the EU for the Apr2019-mar2020 year) as they would have to sort out their carbon credits with the UK govt and whatever post Brexit scheme we put in place now. In the absence of either a UK scheme or free EU credits the businesses have to "buy" credits in the auction. If we had actually planned out replacement then even still in the EU those businesses would have a fall back option - we didnt so they don't - hence them asking the govt for a bailout As i said this is my impression from "some" research, if anyone has a better informed understanding please feel free to correct me
  11. think of them as a ration of CO2 where you get a certain amount free but anything over you have to buy at market rate - they just lost their free ration
  12. which march ? - the bikers were all there for the "support soldier F" ride
  13. I think the best example of this dates back 20 odd years when they used to say in IT "no one get's fired for buying IBM" - it didn't mean it was the best or the most appropriate solution or the cheapest just it was "going along with the crowd" and thus easy to justify because "everyone else is doing it" - that is Brexit in a nutshell - most MP's behaving like Lemmings and not wanting to be the one to stand out from the crowd even when their brains were screaming " NO DON'T DO IT" - it's not like it is their money they were wasting
  14. The £1.5bn is just the No Deal preparedness costs - not the costs of Brexit (inc £2bn to DUP to prop up the govt)
  15. Well as i have said my Brother gave evidence to the treasury select committee over effects on parts of the financial services industry and in his own words they just kept saying "but surely if we do x" and he would so "no that wont work/is illegal/is against all accounting rules because" they would just go "oh - that's interesting and just scribble it down" - at the end he told his company (one for the big big accounting/consulting firms) he definitely did not want anything to do with consulting work around Brexit solutions and they should put a bid in 10x what they would normally to ensure they didnt win - guess the others did similar as they still got asked to provide more info on that bid. In his opinion it was a poisoned chalice of a project only suited to someone nearing retirement who could treat it as a final big payout
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