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  1. Maybe they ought to change the party they belong to then From - https://www.businessinsider.com/poll-conservative-members-break-up-uk-destroy-party-stop-brexit-2019-6?r=US&IR=T&fbclid=IwAR3YbZWXtF2u_EDzC-fFlT5QTUgiuFPq5GJ2LtXW3a76TTpkg41RsCkjQ6w
  2. I live within an easy distance of Siren's Taproom and a friends wife worked there on their last open day but I am not a big fan of their beers (other equally good and cheaper alternatives), equally locally Sherfield village brewery does a Chestnut Stout which to me tastes identical to a Boots homebrew kit stout. I quite like a citrus type beer (as long as grapefruit not lemon as that reminds me of washing up liquid) but I grew up on King & Barnes in Sussex which was a very bitter bitter and then in Reading we had Brakspears form Henley which was another very Bitter bitter so I mush prefer that style over more floral brews - to me the old style Flowers IPA used to remind me of Palma Violets (yukkk)
  3. she was/is obsessed with immigration - look at her time at the home office pre referendum and her obsession with the 100k target
  4. Go read this https://www.bikerandbike.co.uk/loophole-means-older-motorbikes-may-still-qualify-for-ulez-exemption/ When you have a system in place where vehicles are only due to pay a fee because their V5 has no recorded NOx amount due to no official testing when new for those motorcycles and by paying £175 for an independent test/certification at a garage in E.London you can get it free - the system is badly specified. This was all pointed out to TFL pre implementation, they said they were listening then ignored all the evidence to ensure they could fleece the poorest (those that tend to old >11year old small motorcycles) rather than be fair
  5. The ULEZ is an abortion of a scheme. Motorcycle groups are fighting them at present as the standards for bikes didnt come in until later so under the current rules the owner of 4stroke 125 that does 120mpg+ has to pay £12.50 a day - it has then become apparent that the company who did the modelling did not model for bikes so TFL shoehorned in some other date - but used it wrongly so in fact the entire basis of why they are charging certain bikes is wrong anyway - but being a quango even though they now admit there data is a tad suspect at the very least their response is "so what". Equally if you go and get an independent certification on a model of bike that has no conformity certificate (due to no testing taking place on bikes) they will only give you a personal exemption they refuse to allow it to cover an identical bike owned by your neighbour. The one thing to take from the ULEZ is how NOT to administer a scheme
  6. And to do that they need funds and those funds come form members, hence they want as many members as possible so need to keep as many as possible employed in their industries
  7. That through her actions with the Tory party the Labour party in reaction had modernised and moved more to the centre such that even a Labour govt/PM would still continue with the core ideals of a free market and less state intervention would be my guess
  8. Loads of interest https://www.irishtimes.com/business/economy/ireland-pays-more-than-400m-in-interest-on-uk-bailout-loan-1.3053791 £358m in interest so far on a £3.2bn loan
  9. i doubt it - he will fluff and whiffle and guffaw and if it is just an "answer the viewer question" type of show not a debate then no one will pull him up on it and he will get away with it (again)
  10. The issue is that many (not all) Tory members do not want the gruesome details of "How" they just want to think they can trust a PM to "just do it". Once it gets into the nitty gritty they have to actually choose between unpalatable things
  11. no it is literally impossible to be done for speeding - it would have t be for careless/dangerous or furious cycling - the speed law ONLY applies to motor vehicles https://www.slatergordon.co.uk/media-centre/blog/2015/06/can-cyclists-break-the-speed-limit-or-does-the-law-only-apply-to-motorists/
  12. The fact that you as a member of the Tory party can even begn to call him "an extremist remainer, he is just saying "Brexit will be hard" not threatening to unilaterally revoke A50 without speaking to parliament (that would be fairly extreme remain) or enter a federal europe (that would be extreme remain).
  13. It is literally impossible to speed on a bicycle as the speed laws refer to motor vehicles - that is why i can be in a 20mph limit on my motorcycle fuming and be legally overtaken by a cyclist
  14. i agree - but if you take the place May was in after her GE the best course would have been to reach out to corbyn (more of a leaver than she is/was) he would have jumped on it and she could likely have got "something" cobbled together that he would have whipped the labour party to vote for which even without ERG&DUP would have got through - it would have been terrible (but in my view all forms of Brexit we could possibly get are) but she could have said "i did it" then faded away into obscurity
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