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  1. well the traditional date of transfer of farm leases is michaelmas (29 sep) as that is when ou have least animals on a farm (reduction in herds for winter) so Oct 31st is not a bad date for a hard brexit if you have to have one
  2. I believe there is a plan in the lords to timetable some essential motions which would mean parliament can't be prorogued until then Also I am sure I read that BoJo does not become PM upon winning he has to basically win what is usually a simple procedural vote to be affirmed - obviously with no/low majority it is hard for him to do that and thus May will not be able to get the queen to crown him as it were
  3. Under the fixed term parliament act is it that easy though ? Oh and look now the ferry companies saying No deal means chaos https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49019511
  4. I was about to say the same - plus all the slaughtermen and abattoir vets will have gone home
  5. Now BoJO has apparentlylined up Daniel Moylan to be his Brexit advisor Here is a piece he wrote which gives an idea of where he is coming from (hint he does not like the backstop - but recognises a lot of the problems are due to not choosing a preferred future as it would divide support)) https://brexitcentral.com/northern-irish-backstop-makes-draft-withdrawal-agreement-unpalatable/
  6. If we leave with No Deal then it is the GFA we are throwing under the bus as a hard border would be required - That would then mean (if you believe Nancy Pelossi) no easy trade deal with the US, if we keep in line with EU standards to allow no hard border then we would have to continue to keep out certain US foods/types of meat so we would not be able to get an easy trade deal with the US
  7. Remeber the 3 way issue only came into effect when May set out her redlines and got into Bed with the DUP. I suspect a lot of MP's who had thought through the problem just assumed there would be an effective customs border in the Irish sea as checks take place on vehicles before embarking on ferries anyway - unfortunately the DUP are adamant they will not accept that and without them the Tories do not have a majority
  8. Don't you go bringing your pesky facty facts in here - just think more positively, covert your blue passport and be glad the overvaluing of the £ is being sorted
  9. I am the same - i usually cook form scratch and eat a lot of stir fry's or roasted veg (as in tomatoes/peppers/courgette/aubergine thrown in the oven for an hour) - I am also meaning convenience sauces, people using Dolmio red or white rather than making a simple ragu or white sauce
  10. And i really do think the growth in convenience processed food is the issue - it may be different for others but if/when i eat ready meals I find they only fill me up for a short time and then i am peckish again - I think it is the sugar/salt/fat mix compared to a home cooked equivalent
  11. I notice similar in the local Cosmo (an eat all you want "world cuisine" restaurant https://www.cosmo-restaurants.co.uk/ ), because when busy it has a time limit on how long you can be there you see local families of obese people who are literally trying to get there moneys worth by spending all 1.5hrs shovelling in as much as they can, whilst there will be a family of chinese looking students who have small plates with small portions eating and chatting at the next table over "Eat as much as you want" becomes "eat as much as you can"
  12. I was more coming at it from the direction of all food not being equal even if the headline calories are - if people can see a choice between 2 foodstuffs both of which they like and both of the same headline calorie but one has less "effective" calories then they can make a choice to eat the one that may fill them up more for the amount of calories actually staying in their body I hope that makes sense
  13. https://www.irishtimes.com/news/crime-and-law/cross-border-smuggling-the-organised-crime-element-worries-me-1.3715099 A view from the south “In south Armagh at the height of the Troubles there was one British soldier for every three residents, 18 watchtowers, the best technology available at the time, and they couldn’t lock the Border down. If non-compliance was to escalate that would be a concern,”
  14. During WW2 gov actually had high approval ratings - i am too young to remember Korea and Malay etc, did we have low respect for politicians then
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