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  1. likely 90 may have been 91 - i worked on every gig in the SU for 3 yrs (which was 2 to 3 a week) so all the dates roll into 1
  2. Agree 100% one of the worst gigs i ever saw was The Fall at Reading Uni
  3. Road racing - Joey Dunlop Track - Valentino Rossi/Giacomo Agostini (too far apart in time to really compare like with like as the sport changed so much
  4. Yes i think moneyclaimsdirect is £35 for a sub £5k claim - get a quote for repairs, write back to council telling them having taken advice you are giving them 7 days to respond with why their contractors/employees are not to blame when the evidence is overwhelming before you submit a claim through the small claims court Copy in the legal dept on the email - it would cost them more to fight than pay up so they likely will (as they do with pothole damage if you can prove the hole was theire for a while or previously reported on something like fixmystreet)
  5. i have been made redundant (was told last week) I am likely to get an offer soon from an old business aqauntence which will involve selling a product very tied into a growing trend in homeworking and associated issues. Currently i do tech recruitment and know a lot of controlling companies are still convinced it will be business as usual in a few months so are requiring new recruits to be "based within a sensible commute"
  6. except a lot are "currently work from home" and employers will be looking for people reaosnably local still
  7. Mike Oldfield is from Reading, his dad was a local GP Also although not from Reading (they are from Oxford) Radiohead played lots of their early gigs here, for a while every lampost on the canal tow path had a 2" round flourescent green sticker with an r made of smalled dots on it from their ###### mates walking down there after a gig with a bunch of the stickers from the merchandise table - timing wise i know that was around the time the pentium floating point error was announced as i have meories of stopping a discussion on that when i saw all the stickers Hawkwind also live somewh
  8. My son changed his 3yr BSc into a 4yr MSc so he graduates next yr not this Only thing i can say is don't be tempted into thinking volume is the key, better to apply for 10 roles you know you can and want to do with tailored applications than apply to 1000 with the same generic one - there are no prizes for being "your cv is good but other applicants were closer to our requirements" 250 times. Be aware large organisations (especially on big graduate campaigns) will be using some form of auto sifting software on the bulk applications, make sure your cv mirrors the language on the adver
  9. I meant for the lower leagues to get their product out there - then if they get a bunch of people watching they can go to TV companies in future and say X people watched our stream. PLus if we arent allowed crowds it allows supporters to support and it allows non heartland peeps (like me) to watch lower level games which a lot of the time i only het to watch in the few early rnd challenge cup games the BBC is prepared to let us see
  10. Interestingly - womens RU provides a different solution. As there is basically no money in it the prem 15's clubs are filming themselves with their own comentary and putting it out on YouTube As there are no vested interests to feel they are being diddled out of paying subscribers htere is no backlash and should I so wish I could watch Exeter vs Saracens for nothing either live or after the event. The sound quality can be iffy on a bad weather day but the commentary is generally by someone knowledgeable form the home club at least
  11. Anyone on here involved n the management of large call centres as I need to pick their brains
  12. I was told it goes with both - you are vetted as an individual for a specific role/organisation The advantage is it shows future employers it is worth the hassle of starting the process as it is likely to come through in the end
  13. Selling short is telling your mates to give you £20 each for grand final tickets in the expectation you can go and pick them up for less, if it is suddenly a sell out, you have to pay the touts >£20 and take the hit yourself
  14. Massive simplification coming up Remember when they sold short Melvin basically sold a bunch a stock at $3 (or whatever it was I havent looked it up) expecting to be able to purchase that stock at £2.50 or whatever thus making a gain. They entered into contracts to deliver those stock on a set date at a price of $3, they now have to purchase those stocks to complete those contracts, even if the price they now have to buy them at is $240 now, at that point they will be buying at $240 and getting $3 for them. That is where Melvin lose money AND unless there are now vastly
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