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  1. So did we - found we could overpay first mortgage so cleared it in 6 yrs (was only £40k) which as the house went up in value form £50 too £90k meant we had a £90k deposit to get the current house (£176k purchase) which again we overpaid and cleared in 15 yrs (5 yrs ago) and so we own a house worth c£400k outright and so if/when my/wife's job dissapears we have none of the worries of many despite the fact we have never had a joint gross income over £55k in any year and had 3 children of which 1 went to a private boarding school (ok that was on a huge bursary) and 2 are now at uni We didnt do foreign holidays but we did trek all over the peak district and dartmoor
  2. or software piracy (curse Acornsoft and their pesky Lenslok)
  3. my schoolmates dad (who had split from his mum so lived miles away) was head librarian for Kingston libaries, not only did he get to tell his dad what casettes to get ofr the music library but also he got him to start a computer games library - our tape to tape machines were red hot (helped i worked for part of BASF and we had a staff shop you could get shopsoiled blank casettes in)
  4. Personally given predictions of possible negative interest rates to come and definate bigger taxes on the horizon I would keep current house, live comfortably without spending any extra cash you have, literally put that somewhere safe in a physical means (even if that means taking £500 a month out of the bank as cash) then if the country goes to hell in a handcart, buy physical assets fast with your hard cash and you are protected from both govt tax grabs, loss of income and inflation If it does not you have the cash to buy things/experiences for the children
  5. Eygpt should not be just North of Slough and Enham Alamein shouldn't be near Andover P.S. Yes i know the second one of those got the Alamein bit post ww2 due to what the village is
  6. Also NEVER buy early picture CD's, my uncle was production manager at Disktronics in the 80's when they were the first commercial UK mass cd producer - he came to it from having been a printer and said from day 1 the inks they were using would degrade the plastic substrate of the cd - they did and those early picture cd's are horribly likely to be unreadable now Old scratched vinyl doesnt sound good but you can still discerne the song - cd's are binary, they either work or they do not
  7. No it does not I hate that song with apassion - 3rd to last song every firday at uni in 89 & 90
  8. Go and look at a Tesla - they are hugely wide, i saw a model X parked behind a transit at Costco (only place with big enough spaces) and they looked identical width
  9. London is different (legally) from the rest of the country in London you can't park on the pavement unless specifically allowed, elsewhere you can be done for obstruction if blocking the pavemtne but it is a criminal not civil offence so higher level of proof etc A bigger upcoming issue is electric cars, they need access to electric, no parking outside house, no recharging
  10. Currently only warranted wadens as opposed to civilian parking enforcement officers can deal with pavement parking as unless there is a double yellow then it is the offence of "obstructing the pavement" which is a courts matter not a fixed penalty ticket Every authority who has replaced warranted parking wardens with civilian parking enforecement has made a rod for their own back
  11. i used ot sit as motocyling rep on our towns transport users forum, this was going to happen "imminently" in the early 2000's A great idea in theory but impossible in practce - i lived in a 10'6" wide terrace house on this street, eou can not park without sitting on the pavement or there would be no roadway, they even demolished a couple of houses to create garages but a car is longer than the house widths https://goo.gl/maps/TGURGAG7mS3Yyt5p7
  12. I may be completely wrong on this - but dont a lot of islanders see Union as a way of getting out of poverty through scholarships at fee paying schools in NZ/Aus, all the time this is happening there will be a reason for youngsters to be seen to be preferring Union whether they do or don't. If there was a similar programme allowing scholarships for league then it would change - it is the same in the UK outside of the heartlands, strangely enough I was speaking to a junior Union coach yesterday who did not realise Reading Raiders existed, his son was in the Wasps academy but he and his son (now 19) prefer watching league but didnt realise there was opportunity to play it down south out of universities
  13. I would like to add Huawei phones Daughter has aphone we bought outright about 21mths ago, touchscreen stopped working, she spoke to them sent it off for warranty repair, they have passed to SPE their repairers who are saying there is a mark on the case which they believe is a crack and s as they "do not do partial repairs" they will not touch the screen repair under warranty but will repair for £95 - all offers of "ok we will pay the £11 for a new back as listed on your website" have been met with "i am working form home and can not ok that or escalate you to a manager, i will get one to ring you back" this has now been going on for 3 weeks and we are getting nowhere (even with threat of small claims court action) Using Covid as an excuse for poor Customer Service is stupid
  14. i actually think the country woud be in a better place if we did all require 40% deposits (i put that down in the early 90's on first house), the easy availability of mortgage credit is what has fueled the housing bubble more than restricted supply. If the banks had been restricted in what they were allowed to loan vs property then prices would not have risen as they have. I would take a 50% hit on value of my house (would still be more than i paid in 1999) to adjutst the market so my children have a hope of ownership Maggie, right to buy and HUGE loan to value ratios are what has caused the issue
  15. Similar thing down in SW but Tin & Lead mines - my sister in law worked in Camborne and we went to TuckingMill valley park to eat fish and chips one day when visiting her. There were some black and white prints up of people manhandling trucks of spoil, looked at the legend underneath expecting a date in the late 1800's and it showed that it was taken in 1968 and it was at the time an Arsenic Works, part of South Crofty Tin mine and a Fuse factory for mining explosives. It explained how nothing had lived in the area it ewas so polluted before a lottery funded clean up Originally children were sent into the arsenic flues run up the valley side to manually scrape off the arsenic crystals where they had formed from Wiki Within Tuckingmill Valley Park is a small island containing the remains of a chimney stack, brick scrubber building and collapsed flue. The buildings (circa 1905) are associated with the production of arsenic which was a valuable resource for Cornish tin and copper mines when production of the metals was declining and the mines were closing. More efficient calcining furnaces were built and the gases fed through convoluted labyrinths where they cooled and condensed on the flue walls. The walls were scraped and the deposits further refined to make 100% pure arsenic
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