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  1. They need to sort it as currently decent talent leaves league for union Look at Abi Burton of Wasps and GB 7's, she is from Castleford, daughter of Danny Burton and her brothers are/were in Rhino's academy. I have seen her training girls at Union wearing a Tigers shirt
  2. Not really true to say "There doesn't seem to be many all-girl teams across the sports in the area", Mansfield and Newark Union clubs have u11,13,15 & 18 girls teams. I know because the Mansfield u18 team were runners up in the Union National Girls cup in 2019
  3. I watched Reading Raiders vs Swindon A at Reading Rfc Union ground where they will be for the season p, very onesided 96:4 but great to get out and big crowd (guess into 3 figures)
  4. likely 90 may have been 91 - i worked on every gig in the SU for 3 yrs (which was 2 to 3 a week) so all the dates roll into 1
  5. Agree 100% one of the worst gigs i ever saw was The Fall at Reading Uni
  6. Road racing - Joey Dunlop Track - Valentino Rossi/Giacomo Agostini (too far apart in time to really compare like with like as the sport changed so much
  7. i have been made redundant (was told last week) I am likely to get an offer soon from an old business aqauntence which will involve selling a product very tied into a growing trend in homeworking and associated issues. Currently i do tech recruitment and know a lot of controlling companies are still convinced it will be business as usual in a few months so are requiring new recruits to be "based within a sensible commute"
  8. except a lot are "currently work from home" and employers will be looking for people reaosnably local still
  9. My son changed his 3yr BSc into a 4yr MSc so he graduates next yr not this Only thing i can say is don't be tempted into thinking volume is the key, better to apply for 10 roles you know you can and want to do with tailored applications than apply to 1000 with the same generic one - there are no prizes for being "your cv is good but other applicants were closer to our requirements" 250 times. Be aware large organisations (especially on big graduate campaigns) will be using some form of auto sifting software on the bulk applications, make sure your cv mirrors the language on the advert and do not assume knowledge as "obvious" Many years ago i sent a guy for a Unix Pre-sales consultant job and was amazed he did not get an immediate interview - 2 weeks later i got a call from the line manager desperate for candidates (i wasnt allowed to ring him), i asked him and he had not seen the cv. It turned out HR had a new HR administrator, her job was to take cv's off the fax (shos how long ago it was) and check against criteria for each role only forwarding to line manager if they passed a certain score. She has not known the table on the front page of his cv showing all the different versions of HP-UX, DG-UX, Irix, Solaris/SunOS, AIX he had worked on referred to Unix and so she literally binned it - by that point he had an offer on the table so that company missed out. The software is now doing the job of that HR Admin so ensure if the ad says "needs in depth Unix" your cv says it rather than assuming the reader will know Irix was the Silicon Graphics version of Unix etc etc - This can also be used in reverse - if you do not have skill X which is asked for but you know you have something similar there is nothing wrong with putting "i have experience of Y which is similar to X" that will still be picked up by an auto sifter as having X in it and likely passed to the next phase where there is a chance of a human reading it
  10. Anyone on here involved n the management of large call centres as I need to pick their brains
  11. I was told it goes with both - you are vetted as an individual for a specific role/organisation The advantage is it shows future employers it is worth the hassle of starting the process as it is likely to come through in the end
  12. Selling short is telling your mates to give you £20 each for grand final tickets in the expectation you can go and pick them up for less, if it is suddenly a sell out, you have to pay the touts >£20 and take the hit yourself
  13. Massive simplification coming up Remember when they sold short Melvin basically sold a bunch a stock at $3 (or whatever it was I havent looked it up) expecting to be able to purchase that stock at £2.50 or whatever thus making a gain. They entered into contracts to deliver those stock on a set date at a price of $3, they now have to purchase those stocks to complete those contracts, even if the price they now have to buy them at is $240 now, at that point they will be buying at $240 and getting $3 for them. That is where Melvin lose money AND unless there are now vastly more shares being traded than Melvin has to purchase the individual micro investors will get their money as well, they are providing the shares for Melvin to buy However it is a bit of a pyramid scheme, you dont want to be one of those left at the end with a share bought at $200 when Melvin has fulfilled all it's contracts and there is no demand left - at that point the price will drop back to it's true value
  14. Just seen this on the BBC - a glimmer of hope MND might be reversible https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-55718363 They discovered in human stem cell models of MND, the axon - the long part of the motor neuron cell that connects to the muscle - was shorter than in healthy cells. And the movement of the mitochondria, which travel up and down the axons, was impaired The scientists showed that this was caused by a defective energy supply from the mitochondria and that by boosting the mitochondria, the axon reverted back to normal. Dr Arpan Mehta, who led the study at Euan MacDonald Centre for MND research said: "The importance of the axon in motor nerve cells cannot be understated. "Our data provides hope that by restoring the cell's energy source we can protect the axons and their connection to muscle from degeneration.
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