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  1. Sorry to go crosscode but the RFU have told clubs to ignore that and stick to their roadmap for return to play
  2. And that is the worry - a sudden spike in cases in an area with an R over 1 and slow feedback on the rise in cases (as in if it takes a week to get into the public domain) could easily see even just a small reservoir of positive people people a large number and with more movement around the country it could spread fast. Yesterday was the first day since lockdown when e have had less deaths than that day (and Mondays are usually low reported death days) so we are only just about where we were then - easy for it to spiral again
  3. yes let's hope But a rise to c.8 BEFORE the opening of pubs is not good - and a rise above 1 means infections are growing again, so it could all ramp up again - i don't mind it sitting at .95 or if overall new infections are low enough even .99 but not 1 or anything over 1
  4. news just in on local press page New government figures show the coronavirus R rate in the south east could be as high as 1. The rate in the south east now stands at between 0.7 and 1.0, which is a slight rise compared to last week's 0.7 to 0.9 The R rate measures how many people with coronavirus are infected by a single case of Covid-19. The figures were released on Friday, June 3, hours before pubs and restaurants were reopened,
  5. Report back from Son who worked in a spoons Sat/Sun Sat - he did opening until 7pm glass collecting - steady trade had just reached reduced capacity of 168 as he finished - apparently was ok until other local pubs shut at 10pm and everyone tried to get a last pint in - then security had a few arguments - manager reported Sunday that they had "just about broken even on the day" Sunday steady trade all day with a lot of food sold so they did make money
  6. just sent that to my son who is working ina spoon today (glass collecting 11-3pm half shift only luckily)
  7. just walked past the bear garden of my local which opened at 12noon - it is rammed, absolutely no room to move at all, outside screens showing the footie, every table full, BBQ going and playground full of kids playing together. I dread to think what it will be like by 6pm let alone 11pm
  8. 2 of the 4 in Reading shut - 1 (Monks Retreat town centre) became a stonegate pubs pub, the other (Baron Cadogan) has been sold on open market and was only just reopening pre lcokdown (that one is in posh caversham over the bridge)
  9. PS as it is just south of M4 J11 you could likely find a Swindon St George or Reading Raiders match to watch as well
  10. Warning - the parking is just a dusty chalky car park and there is pretty much zero on site food drink wth just portaloos - so plan where you will go local for lunch. If not going on an official open day you can park by the church which is closer to the amphitheatre but it's car park is rammed on open days (only takes about 8-10 cars) Oh and if going to Reading for the museum parking is horrendously expensive
  11. They run a FB page as well which gives updates on what they are up to digging wise When happening the organised open days are worth the visit (free as well with just a donation bucket) Have seen some great talks there over the years from Lindsey Davies talking about how she researches before writing the Falco series to an experimental archaeologist (Dr Sim ?) who was an ex sheffield steelworker making replica roman era weapons on an open air forge (inc human powered bellows) and demonstrating a Falx on a fake shoulder of ballistic jelly covered in legionary armour
  12. I thought the council are pro but want money from Highways England as they are the ones planning on spending nearly the same amount on pouring in concrete and sealing it ( i think the numbers are something like £5m to seal safely or £6.5m to restore and open as cycle route
  13. When they were explaining how the Burnley embankment of the Leeds Liverpool was all built by hand !!
  14. I think winner has to be Crossness pumping Station - I mean does this look like a sewerage pumping station
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