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  1. The only reason I can think of for a bond would be if TWP are subsiding other teams travel costs then if they went under it would/could affect other clubs finances But that is the ONLY reason I can see for wanting some kind of surety
  2. I guess it will depend if you are legally "in charge" - you can get done for drunk in charge if you are sleeping in your car p*ssed (on public land) but have the ignition keys on you.
  3. And in the worldwide scheme of things our junctions are VERY close together and our motorways narrow - it is one of the issues they are having with the concept of road trains where semi autonomous trucks drive nose to tail with the lead one taking control over the others. 3 lanes and one of those 4 trucks long in the centre lane makes getting on and off very hard
  4. If all cars are self drive fine, if no cars are fully self drive fine, if there is a mix madness Humans are too unpredictable so a mix of human & machine control is a recipe for disaster There have already been issues with for instance the software which manages lane changing - https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/01/24/biker_sues_general_motors_autonomous_car/ I ride a motorbike and dont fancy getting sideswipped by a robo car which failed to notice me
  5. Remember talking to the SEAE Bike club about 1992/3 and they had turned up at a military endurance bike race and whilst they and most other units had standard Armstrongs one of the units had fancy Honda Dominators and was just lapping everyone for fun
  6. Used to regularly see the REME trainees out of Arborfield riding the 350 & 500 Armstrongs on LPlates when that was unusual. They often come up in surplus sales i understand. Got a mate who has just returned from 5 weeks touring around EU on a F850 - 2 up with all camping gear etc, they made it as far as Poland
  7. Just found this thread - have ridden since i was 16 and only got a car licence when wife was 8mths pregnant CP50 CG125 GT200X5 (for 2 weeks as it scared me senseless as a 17yo) CB250N Superdream GT550 (kwak) GPz900r (still have it in back of garage) XJR1300 (current commute) Also wife has gone through GS125, GS500E and now Triumph T509 Speedtriple (rode the 1st 2 of those lots but she won't let me near the Triumph even after 4 yrs) plus daughter just got a Honda 125 Varadero as 6'2"
  8. Under the most recent study i saw on ageing and health - they were saying people who were fit in their teens but then became inactive, if they started exercising in their 40's their bodies responded better to that training (in terms of fitness levels) than a similar person who had not been fit in their teens. It appears there was a "memory" in the tissues So I guess much the same as the argument that if someone has been a drug cheat with steroids even if they have been clean a couple of years they have already seen the benefit the same could be said of a he to she trans player who transitioned after they had done all their initial growth and strength training. BUT as i think we are talking about vanishingly small numbers of possible players, I see no issue with it as a blanket rule and would happily see it dealt with on a per player basis. If for example your 17 st prop was an ex U19 SL academy player who transitioned and came back into the game as a female player, then I would ask an independent body to carry out a risk assessment for the other players in the league and agree to be bound by that
  9. Check if the agency will sub it out of first weeks wages or if they maybe run a minibus to the estate - nowt to lose from asking
  10. Why not just use this - i know it is union so heresy to admit they may have something correct BUT can anyone see any issue with their policy at all ?
  11. Could they be buying and selling tickets ?, basically purchasing tickets up front then showing as an asset on books until they sell them when they turn back into cash
  12. I actually asked that question back in June/July when the Union sides issues were blowing up as to whether it would affect the Rhino's Without anything else there is the loss of the rent they get for the use of the stadium surely and any economies of scale they got from sharing any suppliers. If they did those same suppliers are likely to not only be smarting at their own losses but wary of giving Rhinos decent deals in the future
  13. Try Henley Regatta - it is close to me and I had to run a spare part up for a mate's generator he had hired out to a hospitality tent. Went round the back of it towards the generator and there was a woman in a fancy dress and hat squatting down having a ###### while her mate was stood next to her yakking up with a bottle of fizz still in her hand - the fancy portacabin bogs were about 10m away Any "sport" where the craic/hospitality becomes more of an occasion than the competition itself is heading in this direction
  14. But then you get into self fulfilling prophesy time Cant suspend/demote refs for poor performance if there is no one waiting in the wings to take their place who is better. Who would wan to be a professional ref with all the stick they get and the worse it gets the worse the recruitment issues will be. You want better refs in a couple or few years then start treating them well now Don't whinge about "earning respect" respect the shirt they wear and then hope that respect translates into better motivated refs and improving quality as we go fwd as otherwise it is a spiral in the other direction
  15. In league can conduct of junior teams affect the first team ? I know in Union once a club gets noticed for bad behaviour (measured as 5 reds across the club) they get put on watch. Too many more red's even from a U18 team and the firsts get docked league points. If those red's are for things like dissent or professional fouls (stamping etc) the sanctions come in sooner and harder. I played in 3 games at the end of last season where anyone even in that 4's game got a red and the firsts would have suffered demotion
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