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  1. Nope the defensive line can move as soon as there is daylight under the ball being lifted which is WAY before it leaves the scrum halfs hands. If you think about it your definition would allow a scrum half to pick the ball up and run laterally half way across the pitch and the defensive line could only crab across. Slowing down the play the ball by making it an actual play the ball needs to be balanced by stopping "lying on" to give the defence time to set. If you just tidy up ptb you move the balance of power to defence and if you just stop any lying on you would move it to the attack. It is a delicate balancing act
  2. I feel League is easier to play at a low level on artificial or rock hard pitches compared to Union. So if you want to grow the game a good place to start is getting the grass roots game going in hotter countries with less full grass pitches
  3. Print of every Email and collect all correspondence - take them with you in a folder. It might make an HR type realise they have c**ked up and sort things out. By the way a verbal offer is as enforceable as a written one it is just harder to prove so any and all correspondence referencing you starting is evidence you had been made an offer of employment.
  4. https://www.fiaformulae.com/en/watch/ways-to-watch?country=9425e0dc6a1c4d93a797303e40cb7ad6
  5. I heard a story of a rugby tour where as they left the club there was the delivery for the new toilets/changing room fit out sat outside. A bog was given to the tour virgin who was told he had to protect it all tour - this was fine until the last night after all games played when he had it in his tent, got bladdered and used it for a s77t and to throw up in. He had to clean it up hungover to return to the club (his tent went in the bin)
  6. I only did sundays and living in a rural place a couple of the places were big farms that took everything - one was Sunday Times/Observer/Harpers&Queen/Horse&Hound and Tatler, but i didnt mind them as even though i only got £3 the £5 total each week at Xmas they had left out a mince pie, mug of hot mulled wine and a £5 note tip - as a 14 year old the Mulled Wine was the clincher
  7. Press 1 to give a penalty to Home side for £1 Press 2 to give a penalty to Away side for £1 Press 3 to activate the electrodes on the refs testicles £10 Press 4 to power those electrodes £100
  8. I love even lower level bike racing - especially supersports where the bikes are close to what you can buy. Same with touring cars and things like Ginetta Jnr
  9. But it takes away from the technical prowess of the team or driving skills of the Driver Going a bit too much towards the film Deathrace or even MarioKart I like single make series etc where you know it is the drivers skills (and their teams fettling prowess) you are watching not a twitter popularity contest
  10. I enjoy it apart form the random "powerups" or whatever they call them which seem like a computer game gimmick "drive on the glowing arrow and you get extra power"
  11. Why do kids in bands sign up at pay to play venues If the clubs think they have the support then they will pay - if they can't sell 13k for a final they ought to be asking themselves who they are playing for as it is obviously not fans Think it is a great idea - they could use some as sweeteners for sponsors, rewards for people like ball boys etc. Imagine being able to say pay £x for sponsorship and if we get to the finals you get 10 tickets - likely you could up the sponsorship enough to cover the outlay on those 10 tickets
  12. SBW vs Haskell - in a Jungle at Xmas fighting alternate rounds boxing / MMA How about that for expansion ?
  13. Did that as well aged 13/14 had 2 huge bags of Sunday papers to deliver did one bag down the hill then 1 in opposite direction (pretty flat) got £3 the lot but great tips at Xmas form the big houses (the ones that got a collection of Sunday papers and things like Harpers&Queen which weighed a ton) Living in the country the round was geographically big for the amount of properties and involved cycling along national speed limit country roads whilst the locals sped past madly
  14. 68 1/2p per hour working on the tills at Tesco Xmas 87. I was so desperate to get off and party New Years Eve that rather than enter the amount spent on the carbon paper thing you had to put on the credit card and swipe in the machine I instead entered 18:22 (the time as i was off at 18:30). The customer was too honest for my good and went to customer services with his over £100 of shopping and the credit card receipt and I got a rollicking. Not only was i only paid 68.5 p per hour but i had to buy my uniform of black trousers, white shirt and black tie from the shop (at no discount) which used about 2 days money
  15. That is why i suggest it be sent as a very public directive to all refs and coaches pre season that this is a law that will be being enforced heavily. Yes first few games will be a whistle fest (like whenever the other code tightens the high tackle laws) but coaches will adapt tactics and players will learn or lose
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