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  1. if big cats can get it from humans what about small cats and could they become vectors - that would be a huge issue
  2. She does have the same effect on some of the 15/16 year old's at her union club. 6'2" girl turns up on bike in leather, changes and comes out to ref them in pretty short shorts (i dont let her go on bike if she is going to be playing herself later and she ignores my comments on the length of her shorts)
  3. When my daughter goes out on her 125 i get her to txt upon arrival as she is still relatively inexperienced
  4. Ads already out on facebook seeking workers
  5. which explains why BoJo has disappeared [JOKE]
  6. Saw someone in my local lidl wearing one, came in from bike in full kit inc gloves, did their shopping and paid contactless packing straight into backpack and left - not an eyebrow raised
  7. All that will happen is either govt/authorities clamp down on this HARD or we have another spike in infections Going back to normal and it tailing off is NOT a possible outcome As for PPE - if you had read the post from an old school contemporary you would have been under no illusion things were "under control"
  8. Once did nearly £200 of shopping on a GT550 (went with wife and we forgot we were on the bike) that was "fun" ride home, 3 full Givi panniers and a few carrier bags - dont think i could have done more than 1 compost though (could have sat across panniers & pillion seat)
  9. My facebook is both worrying and heartening this am A thread in my old school compatriots group An NHS worker asking very late last night if anyone had access to the school's or any other 3D printer to produce masks and visors as they are down to last few and rationing (their trust's in Brighton), several people saying they could make the masks but not visors (clear plastic harder apparently), another member saying SevenOaks school have turned over their CDT dept to producing both and then a member giving contact details of a company in Portslade that can produce both and is part of a national campaign to produce them funded by a "gofundme" and the original person coming back to confirm they have an order in with an expected delivery tomorrow from them
  10. I was put on that but then before it came into effect (apr1) they changed it to furlough with no top up, so 80% pay 0 days a week
  11. ON a plus - nobody shopping so cheap steak at Lidl
  12. I did say "playing devils advocate" What about a kicker going out and knocking 100 balls over some posts - exercise or work ?
  13. Well the rules of the furlough scheme say you cant do anything related to your work whilst taking the money I guess playing devils advocate - if a player worked out and kept their skills/condition up they break that rule
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