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  1. AndyD

    Town V Skolars predictions

    Karl’s fine, he will start on Sunday stop panicking 👍
  2. AndyD

    Newcastle away

    Ask him then that’s what I did 😂
  3. AndyD

    Newcastle away

    Ritson will not be coming back to town
  4. Did the Warrington fans sing Catalan songs after they’d won?
  5. AndyD

    Bradford Predictions

    You lot are next in the bin
  6. AndyD

    Coventry reaction

    Another day same old town, rubbish
  7. AndyD

    Falling gates in Rugby League

    It’s the standard of rugby dished out down at DP to blame, it’s always stupid penalties, errors, or just down right can’t be bothered until Penky now or sammut and Matty in the past drags us through the game, I always leave DP frustrated at our performances and ever since I’ve watched town I’ll always say not many teams beat town, town always manage to beat themselves
  8. AndyD

    200 club draw v Keighley

    Grass is green, sky is blue, Abigail wins the 200 club draw again #fix
  9. AndyD

    Sundays predictions

    Not a new signing
  10. AndyD

    Sundays predictions

    I don’t believe out unless it comes from Donald
  11. AndyD

    Sundays predictions

    If this was start of the season I think we’d of gone on to lose that game after half time, big 2 points today, we go again next week. UTT
  12. AndyD

    Sundays predictions

  13. AndyD

    Sundays predictions

  14. AndyD

    Sundays predictions

    Stand by for some announcements UTT
  15. AndyD

    West Wales Raiders predictions

    Sorry Donald I wouldn’t call either of them high profile IMO, not wanted in the championship so shopped about in league 1, both lads will go well IF they can manage the travelling but I don’t think they will