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  1. AndyD

    Newcastle thunder

  2. AndyD

    Newcastle thunder

    Gonna be tough with 16
  3. AndyD

    Hock gone?

    He has gone hence the Johnson signing expect another one to come in early next week
  4. AndyD

    Josh Johnson signs from Hull KR

    Gaz Hock has left you guys
  5. AndyD

    2019 signings

    OldRake9 should I reveal your identity to the forum? 🤣🤣🤣
  6. AndyD

    Big Grin

    Nope x 2
  7. AndyD

    While in the making

  8. AndyD

    While in the making

    I honestly couldn’t care less
  9. AndyD

    2019 signings

    Penky will sign for Leigh. Gutted
  10. AndyD

    Bulldog inbound - Tyler dickinson

    Fantastic signing for you guys, I’m absolutely gutted Workington couldn’t keep him, he was outstanding in every single game he played for us, battered teams on his own at times. Some player you’ve signed trust me, all the best Tyler. Top man and player
  11. AndyD

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    1 player coming in, 2 if we are very lucky 13 with a sub
  12. AndyD

    Swinton v Town final, final, final

    We have 12
  13. AndyD

    Doncaster (A) Semi Final

    If win on Sunday I think it’ll be Leon’s last game in charge after what I’ve just been told
  14. AndyD

    Doncaster (A) Semi Final

    Fancied us all week to win today, 1-17 all outstanding but my MOM was Dickinson how good has this lad been for us? Absolutely colossal in that middle today, if Wilkes finishes this year I hope we do all we can to get him in that 8 shirt and build round him