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  1. While all three mentioned have plenty of positives about them, I would think about moving on without them, thus freeing up funds that could be used elsewhere.- especially half back! In particular why carry three hookers in the squad - time to let the youth have a go in Dec and Blain surely
  2. Spot on. Now for Chris and the board only to sign players who can commit to a full training regime. No excuses
  3. Sad sad news real legend and local to boot
  4. Has shown the odd flash of class , but generally been a disappointment
  5. Is he available? Not been seen for awhile
  6. Rooke to full back then who plays wing? Just no options in the backs
  7. Bearintown


    Haven fan told me yesterday, the rumour is that they will refuse promotion due to lack of funding. Dont believe a word of it tho !
  8. Bearintown


    Here we go again , show the slightest doubt about the team/ club and your not a Town fan . Ridiculous.
  9. Thinking about it Penrice took over from Wood? So when was Billy
  10. In a moment of boredom I decided to list the previous Town coaches in my time as a fan. Not many on this list went out on a high! So is it correct and all opinions welcome.... Ashton Williams Walsh Sorensen O Reilly Tew Platt Murdock Wood McGinty Penrice Stokes Barker/Ashe Rotherham Charlton / Oglanby Charlton Vievers Clark Pryce Thorman
  11. Of the dozen or so fans I stand with at home only one other guy has ever gone with me to the wreck in many years- and hes given up this year anyways ( was a massive die hard). Had drink thrown over me and my daughter for celebrating Sammuts somersault try . Really are some idiots on the pop side and they are all middle aged men.
  12. Dont know if im going , hard to get motivated and most I know arnt going.
  13. I see Hewitt got two matches for tripping
  14. How much wider is the grass now? And of course how much wider are we going to mark out our pitch?
  15. Ok that was wrong, but its hardly telling the whole truth either. And isnt it true that earlier when we had only 14 players, three players were on hols -all authorized by Leon before he left? Were they down as unavailable as well? Point is why keep a secret when everyone who knows someone gets to know anyways!
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