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  1. Whats occurring over there? Cutting costs or going for better players?
  2. If thats true hes gone from the very top of the pro game to the bottom. Cant knock his time with us but I think we need to move on to a younger generation on the way up!
  3. The reason usually given is that they will get much larger gate and so more to share between the clubs. Still poor like.
  4. Can't really bring him to mind, which is kinda worrying, but may be due to my old age
  5. Well at least he has one hand, maybe a half back...
  6. Next member of squad it says. Maybe not a new one?
  7. One reply to his signing on Havens forum, speaks volumes I have to say
  8. Bearintown

    1895 cup

    Play each other 3 times - 30 games simple. Might not be ideal but better much better than we have God knows if we could get a full team tho.......
  9. Bearintown

    1895 cup

    What we need is more league games
  10. Haven fan toldme Forster didnt want to play Championship rugby again
  11. While all three mentioned have plenty of positives about them, I would think about moving on without them, thus freeing up funds that could be used elsewhere.- especially half back! In particular why carry three hookers in the squad - time to let the youth have a go in Dec and Blain surely
  12. Spot on. Now for Chris and the board only to sign players who can commit to a full training regime. No excuses
  13. Sad sad news real legend and local to boot
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