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  1. Thought that was outstanding today. Well done all
  2. Great man great Townie and a very sad loss to all RIP George
  3. If you start looking theres a few dodgy ones S. Hadi P .Lyman
  4. Every team needs a A.N.O. lol Is this during the Centenary season
  5. Meant Donny were in the bottom division the year after and we beat em to lose the wooden spoon lol
  6. First season after SL. We spent a load of money and got very little for it , finished bottom again and went into serious freefall . Only just saved from finishing bottom (for three years on trot) the year after ,by a win over Donny on the last? day
  7. Cant find a link absolute rubbish BBC site. then u put Radio Cumbria on and its a meggage saying no longer broadcasting on 14?? so 756 its on but mainly static. Twitter it is then
  8. Want to, and able to are worlds apart. The problem is we may end up with multiple foreign teams in the division and I think the thrill of the trip may wear off rapidly
  9. Nobody should be fast tracked - there would be a commotion if they were! BUT! the problem is once again semi pro players being asked to travel for days overseas. Imagine if theres more than one North American sides in League 1 as could happen with New York on the horizon as well. Players holidays might be in short supply as will Wifeys good will
  10. Agree with all this. Too much one out ,then when we did try and get it wide the passing was poor. Finished well though so much to build upon . Well done all
  11. Hope so, not stranding in the hole all season!
  12. Bearintown


    Baboon shorts ...lol
  13. Kitchen fitter!!! Seeing as we are in an arms race of insults, I will raise the stakes and say rumour has it, that youre nads are are as bald as your heed??
  14. If your going to insult me calling me a plumber Im going to say u have no hair to pull out. So there. Take that.
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