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  1. Careful is doesn't end up like Ben ,promoted, sacked and a great clubman lost forever
  2. As low as we are now, the job is actually a great opportunity. For someone that can motivate and truly coach!! Imagine if you could get someone who could get the team playing above their individual talents and could identify players with potential. Get a team that plays good rugby and gives a , and things will happen We may not be a sleeping giant anymore, but the support is there. A GOOD coach could make his name here
  3. Oscar looks the part at times but hasnt got the class or pace needed this year. Alex well he's gotten better lately putting the effort in, but come on, that was from a low level. Fast but zero threat in attack Tall but who would trust him under a high ball if there was a choice? Positioning - never in the right position to take that final pass I for one would be very disappointed if he was here next year. Better off getting Olstrum and Postlethwaite back.
  4. I rarely eat in the ground, but I think no pies, just burgers n chips, sorry marrašŸ«£
  5. Been going since 92 , went home and away through the freefall from SL, watched many false dawn and subsequent crashes. Quite honestly its been MUCH worse than this current crisis. BUT Ive never been so disinterested as now. Missed the last couple of home games , due to frankly having better things to do. Will go to the last two home games, but only out of duty
  6. No surprise but jeez where do we go from here
  7. Back when we got a few hundred K for the Squash club. I told the then Chairman dont spend this money on players!! Buy a couple of Townhouses that could accommodate overseas/travelling players. Think how much easier that would have been to attract players over the years!
  8. Well how would we know what he was like, somone never gave him a chance
  9. Couldn't go today luckily But I've thought for a few weeks now that it's time to accept our fate. Stop wasting money on 2 weekloans and players that a blind man could see arny good enough just for the sake of it Either save the money till next year or start signing good quality 1st division players who can stay with us in the coming 1st division campaign And for gods sake look for a quality half back!!!!!!! Sorry to say I've lost faith in CT now
  10. Luckily I had no choice today, off University hunting for daughter
  11. If that's the quality of team the club can field, then it's time to accept we are a Div 1 team
  12. Few well known names Second Diviision names in that Leigh side as well so not a scratch side
  13. My first season as a regular , should have seen it as sign.......ha
  14. So whos left as directors at the moment ?
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