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  1. Bearintown


    Baboon shorts ...lol
  2. Kitchen fitter!!! Seeing as we are in an arms race of insults, I will raise the stakes and say rumour has it, that youre nads are are as bald as your heed
  3. If your going to insult me calling me a plumber Im going to say u have no hair to pull out. So there. Take that.
  4. I see they were beaten by Underbank But league express made me chuckle with an estimated attendance of 50 can they not count that high in wales
  5. So then, who's the next ex Town player to become England coach Main qualification is not to play more than a handful of matches and retire injured
  6. I think Haven fans,and ours if we were in their position, have just got to accept that they have done well to get in a higher league. Accept that its going to be hard and that the club shouldnt bust itself by overspending. so long as the team tries, just enjoy the visits of better players and hope!
  7. Looks like Doran had to stand further back to get him in the picha But only 20 players so lets hope these extra bodies turn up soonest
  8. Ahh but 1 more hour celebration drinking after
  9. you can get away with full price for a derby but not for any other friendly , its just fleecing the die hards
  10. Couldnt knock the lad for effort , but either due to lack of confidence or talent, he just wasnt good enough
  11. So so predictable that ending! Thought we played very well second half. of the newcomers liked the look of Hanley Dawson and Fell, but the potentially the biggest signing could be Elliot Hall, looks to have real speed
  12. Was planning to go but 17 is steep for a friendly. Maybe we should add some spice to the game, losers have to have - we are the jam - printed on their shirts for the season
  13. It seems to say clearly that the council has bought out the clubs lease for only £77k. Surely that cant be right. This one needs to be commented on by the club .and hopefully denied
  14. Next year no doubt on past form
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