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  1. Putting aside the politics of it all for a minute i would presume that the RFL are having talks with The Sun to get Results and match reports back in The Sun.
  2. Wins. Raiders, Titans , Cowboys, Storm, Panthers, Eels, Dragons, Roosters. Points scored. 295. Away wins. 2 Poll. 2
  3. Tips. Knights, Raiders,Storm, Eels, Cowboys, Broncos, Panthers, Dragons. Points Scorced. 312. Home Wins. 3 Poll. Broncos v Titans
  4. If Leeds were to finish bottom of Super League and were not relegated through a smoke and mirrors job, i and many others will be finished with the game.
  5. Clubs have been known to use the island for preseason warm weather training. Tie that in with a 9's tournament and bingo it would work
  6. In the unlikely event of Leeds finishing bottom my money would be on fact that they wont get relegated. The rules would be changed so they didn't. London and Hull KR wont get the same favourable treatment if they finish bottom
  7. Tenerife is nice in February and lots of Brits there to escape the British winter
  8. Perhaps Super League could organise a weekend 9's event for preseason.
  9. I always thought it was going to be at Anfield for 2 years anyway. There is a lot to review in my opinion and first thing is getting more people to the event for starters and secondly making sure more people in Liverpool are aware of the event as well. "The only way is up" as they say
  10. At some point Leeds will turn their season around into a positive and with London being a poor side this could well be the game
  11. Wins Eels Sea Eagles Roosters. Raiders Broncos Rabbitohs. Storm Sharks. Points scored. 290. HOME WINS 4 POLL Broncos
  12. We need augment our junior playing base. Some clubs are not doing enough to development juniors. Some clubs need to stop going for stop gap player solutions and plan for the future with British talent
  13. Winners. Storm, Warriors, Roosters,Titans Eels Rabbitohs Knights, Sea Eagles. Score. 320. Away wins. 5 Poll 1
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