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  1. There is an Elephant in the room that the clubs are ignoring and that is post Brexit with new restrictions on immigration some clubs will be struggling to put out a competitive side on the pitch, as a lot of overseas players won't meet the criteria set out by the home office, as they wont be current Internationals , or have not played a certain amount of NRL games in the recent past. That is the folly of certain clubs only paying lip service to youth development.
  2. I like the name of the Robins for HKR so I will say Robins by 16.
  3. Johnson puts out sound bites and see's what the reaction is and then decides whether to pursue with the policy or not. Sometimes called policy on the hoof, and make it up as you go along
  4. They sometimes refer to this as "The union calculator"
  5. To close to call for me, and I'm in the camp that who ever wins will be in the million pound game
  6. lucky 7

    England coach could be the answer for Penrith

    A match made in hell i would have thought with Goulds ego. Nobody is going to last long under Gould.
  7. If he does it would show guilt on trumps part and he has always pleaded his innocence
  8. lucky 7

    New league structure revealed

    I really can't understand why we are having 3 up and 1 down. Why not just have 2 up, and no relegation from the Championship?
  9. lucky 7

    Manly owners looking at New York

    I know this isn't quite the same as we have heard in the past, but in the past we have heard from NRL clubs who were going to play regular season games in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Dubai, PNG, Fiji. Wembley ,and just like them games Its not going to happen.
  10. I look at it as a development tool for new clubs who have ambitions to reach Super League (Toronto, Toulouse) and for long established clubs who have fallen on hard times to rebuilt.
  11. lucky 7

    Tonga v Aus is on

    Now the question is are the Aussies purely doing this for the money or are they doing this to help promote Rugby League or a combination of both?
  12. Only a fool would think they wouldn't. As been's said before they played trump and his minions like a violin.
  13. lucky 7

    Bulls struggling again?

    A tongue in cheek from you John, but i think it could work.
  14. lucky 7

    Bulls struggling again?

    If the Bulls get promoted and are successful in the Championship it will be fine. The problem as i see it is, if they don't get promoted this season there could be issues and further issues if they don't get promoted next season if they are in League1.