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  1. dixiedean

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    Then we need to find someone who won't demand exclusivity. We may need to accept less money, but we need to be able to allow those who want to watch certain games particularly overseas to be able to do so. And allow people who don't live near their club a means of following them.
  2. dixiedean

    Christmas Derbies

    Wigan played Salford traditionally on Xmas Day, the day before playing Saints. They last did so in 1958. That year they then played Leigh on the 27th as well. 9 of the team played all 3 games. Games gone soft!
  3. dixiedean

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    This has always struck me. All games are filmed. If only for coaching purposes. And for disciplinary reasons, ref analysis, etc, etc. When I was younger, the video shops in Wigan would have games for rent, even of the short lived Springfield Borough. These days, just about everything and anything is online. Yet no one is attempting to monetise non TV games in any way. They are not available in full on YouTube. This may be for contractual reasons, but, if so, that part of the deal needs to go ASAP. The generation aged 25 and below consumes content this way. Toronto fans were frankly gobsmacked that there was no way of watching the Halifax game live. The economics of it I will leave to others, but is anyone even thinking like this? Or are they relying on a declining market in subscription based big TV coming in and making an adequate offer for exclusive content? If they are, we can kiss goodbye to younger eyeballs on the sport.
  4. dixiedean

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    It really is the future Michael imho. At the end of the current TV deal it should be mandatory for all clubs. I would be willing to pay a small sum for it, and I don't follow Bradford. Many thanks to you and all the team who put this together. ps, I always imagine your comments on this forum starting at volume 10 , and getting EVER MORE EXCITED WITH EVERY SECOND!
  5. dixiedean

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    That is what we should be aiming for though. The Bradford games coverage has got better as the season has gone on. Have found myself watching it and enjoying it, even though I have no particular affinity with the Bulls. Imagine if there were the choice of any game on. One could dip in and out, find the most exciting/ close/most controversial or important game. £100 really is not a lot compared to what SKY charge. The potentially vast content would make it value. Plus there could be a range of cheaper alternatives, such as club specific, or club away games only deals.
  6. dixiedean

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    We need a subscription app. £100 a year, every game live, SL to L1 similar to Bradford on FB. Extensive highlights available. Ability to buy one off games obviously, as well as monthly and weekly options. Cheaper than SKY. 250 k subs worldwide gives £25 million a year which is not unrealistic indeed probably Conservative. Add on more for one off games. Plus advertising. One game a week free. Pay TV on the SKY model is a dying medium. Heck TV is dying. My teenage kids don't watch anything other than YouTube Netflix on their phones and tablets. Eldest just gone to Uni, no one has a TV, let alone a SKY subscription.
  7. The romantic in me says well done for such decisive action. The cynic says with a 3 match ban plus? He's already been identified as not good enough for next season. A red card waiting to happen.
  8. Had a thought. Why not a Middle 4? 11th and 1st with 2 home games, bottom and 2nd 1. Allows 2 or none to go up, and would keep the best of the qualifiers, but get rid of the worst too long, 9th place in trouble, relatively weak 4th place getting beaten. Too late? Ah well...
  9. Don't ignore the influence of the Football League on all this (at the time an exclusively North/Midlands enterprise). It provided both competition for Northern clubs and a blueprint for how a competitive league could be organised. It had effectively wrested control from the Old Boys at the FA.
  10. Some erm brave predictions on here. A team which hasn't beaten a full time side since early Spring is going to win 2 in a row away from home, then win a third, probably away again , to stay up? It is possible, but I wouldn't put much money on it.
  11. Have some sympathy with that POV. However , the decision has been made . 12 it is. A 6 or 8 team SL would be super competitive a la NRL. But we are where we are ...
  12. Some say that , yet others say they are nowhere near SL standard .FWIW, I reckon they are where they ought to be. 12th best in the league atm.
  13. dixiedean

    Friends in high places?

    Rumour has it it was his admiration of Jimmy Hornby and Henderson Gill which led Kim to be a fervent left winger .