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  1. Big win for Barrow. 21-8 over Fax. Brings Swinton, Dewsbury, and, whisper quietly Widnes into relegation battle...
  2. Those aren't results! Skolars 18 - 6 ht. Hunslet 20 Donny 22 ft last night. Rest tomorrow.
  3. On the other hand, this is another good pickup by Thunder. Despite a dodgy start, they are still in the mix, and seem in better financial shape than many of their rivals for promotion. Would love to see a decently funded NE club being competitive in the Championship next season.
  4. 4920 is a very very decent turnout. Considering recent poor form, and the lack of sexy opposition. Well done to all concerned.
  5. Maybe they are trying to get a better deal out of the desperate for revenue administrator by seeking out alternatives? Hang on. This is RL.
  6. How many tickets sold locally? In Newcastle it was 25% of sales to NE postcodes. It is a big rugby area, and one without the usual anti-League prejudice prevalent Down South. Lots of Geordie accents at St James'. Liverpool is not a RU area at all. That alone could account for the drop in crowds.
  7. Ht scores. Cov 6 Cru 12 Donny 30 WWR 0 Ncl 0 Hunslet 16.
  8. Ht scores. Batley 6 Fax 6 Fev 10 Bradford 0 Swinton 4 Dewsbury 10 Widnes 10 York 10 Barrow 42 Hornets 10
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but I kinda got the impression that was the role Ottawa were meant to fill? All this talk of local players, not wanting to rise too quickly? Smells like a Wolfpack reserve team. Or am I reading between the lines too much? Or maybe I dreamt that idea?
  10. I would tend to agree with you. As ever it comes down to money. 14 is just a much better number. Home and away + Magic = 27 games. Not really in favour of keeping them up just cos they are London and Leeds though. HKR (or anyone else), I would feel the same. There hasn't been a team utterly out of their depth in SL this season. Toronto clearly have a decent squad already, and the money to compete. They wouldn't be the worst supported team either... A case could be made for the 2nd placed team too. Toulouse, Bradford, York, Leigh, Fax or Fev. Widnes too, though that looks implausible now. Sheffield not so sure. I would only be content though if it were earned on the field. Don't want franchises, or just chucking Bradford up too early cos they bring away fans. Or Toulouse, because expansion. Or York cos they have a new stadium and is a nice place to visit, etc, etc. However. There is a possibility now of a competitive 14 team league. I reckon we should grab it.
  11. Terrible news for him and his loved ones. Can only wish him, and them, all the very best luck from here on.
  12. Although John Major famously made a beeline for The Oval the day after losing one. Seem to remember Corbyn copped flak from the Press for being at the FA Cup Final during the last election campaign. (As an Arsenal season ticket holder, where was he expected to be?). Played into man of the people too, I reckon. Journalists don't seem to get politicians who are genuinely sports fans at all. Interestingly, the election itself was an RL AFL split. RL States swung to the government. AFL States (apart from Tasmania) to Labor. Not sure if that proves owt.
  13. All of that is true. However, direction of travel is important. Sacking the coach is meant to bring a boost, however temporary. There has been no improvement. Leeds look a directionless rabble. London and KR show some spirit and bottle at least.
  14. Would be entirely the right move for entirely the wrong reasons...Oh, and a 27 home and away plus Magic season to boot.
  15. That must be the biggest attendance for a stand alone regular season game for a very, very long time. Am struggling to remember one in my lifetime.
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