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  1. Hi folks. Took the close season off this forum to focus on other interests. Had to return to say... JESUS H CHRIST RFL!!!!??
  2. dixiedean

    Toronto six it up....

    Perhaps, as importantly, he ticks 2 boxes. A native French speaker. Non-Canadians probably don't understand how vital that is for publicity and marketing purposes. Secondly, of course, he is black in a nation of immigrants. Oh, and he'll be a decent forward at that level.
  3. dixiedean

    Jamie to London?

    Not sure "knuckle down" is the best choice of phrase TBH.
  4. dixiedean

    swinton v salford

    Well we were 2 of those 1 438! Played a Lancashire Cup u 16s final at Station Road on the night of the CC Final replay of Hull v Widnes in 83 (?). Was a great away trip. Swinton sides played some lovely football in the early 80s.
  5. dixiedean

    85000 at Wembley

    Watched a bit of Everton for my sins. Was comparable to the 80s. Then again RL had the same in 70s. Wigan Wire on the Kop in those days wasn't necessarily pretty
  6. dixiedean

    85000 at Wembley

    Went to see LA Rams in a playoff game more than 30 years ago in Anaheim. Interestingly, it wasn't sold out, and there was some serious crowd trouble as LA Raiders fans had infiltrated the ground (not reported at all). Was fun. Impressive to see Eric Dickerson break open the game by breaking a tackle and going 80 yards....similar to Ellery Hanley in full flight. Not as good as RL obvs, but can see the appeal. Not sure it is the game for the uninitiated, but sure was an event. Crowd surprisingly critical and cynical. Lots of moaning ...felt right at home.
  7. dixiedean

    Man of Steel 2018

    His missed tackles on Lineham had a big impact on who wins SL, that's for sure.
  8. dixiedean

    Man of Steel 2018

    Hopefully they passed him his award. If he'd had to catch and bring down the person with the trophy he'd never have got it.
  9. As in AstroTurf. Sorry, it is the standard NA term for an artificial surface. I am not sure if that is the dimensions of the artificial surface or the RL markings. 3.5m either side of the touch line and it will be full width.
  10. dixiedean

    What now for Toronto?

    Not to mention one of the best, and certainly most important tackles of the season, holding up Wallace when he seemed a certain scorer.
  11. dixiedean

    What now for Toronto?

    He did. Incidentally he broke a finger and dislocated 3 others in that disallowed try in the second minute!
  12. 110 by 75m according to Wikipedia. Don't know if that is the dimensions of the turf , but that seems plenty big enough.
  13. dixiedean

    What now for Toronto?

    I guess the point I'm making is that if anyone had said before the season they'd lose the MPG by 2 points, that would have been seen as a great success. The narrative changed for 2 reasons. 1 The total failure of Leigh to compete. 2 Widnes proving to be the least competitive SL side since London were last in. Toronto became favourites to go up somewhat by default, rather than any breathtaking form of their own. Probably they have missed a golden chance to go up, but the very worst thing for them would have been to have gone up, had this squad's obvious shortcomings exposed on a weekly basis, and got relegated.
  14. dixiedean

    What now for Toronto?

    Except. And sorry to labour the point, they weren't favourites this year. Before the season that was Leigh. Having seen almost every Bradford and Toronto game this season, the Bulls are a long way behind. They are a young squad, yes, who will improve of course, but I cannot see them, York and Batley competing at the top end without massive recruitment.