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  1. Coventry beat Thunder 32-28. A quite exceptional result.
  2. 28-18 Skolars ft. Much, much more competitive this season from WWR!
  3. This chatter came up yesterday on the TWP Facebook page. What, if any, other evidence is there for this rumour? Not trying to be provocative, but who is saying this?
  4. Good contest overall. Would have been a thriller if the Pies had conceded 10 soft points in the last 8 minutes rather than the first 8. Cooper Cronks kicking game is outstanding.
  5. Toronto certainly looked more the sum of their parts today. Didn't look like conceding when the game was a contest. Ground down Vikings up front in a tight first half. Then put the foot on their throat when they got on top. Scored some good looking tries too. Will be difficult to beat on that showing.
  6. Yep. 6 points conceded in 2.5 games plus now. Won't lose many like that.
  7. Yeah. Tough half, not much to choose. Dropped ball from innocuous kick is the difference.
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