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  1. Reverend Ram

    Ch Shield: Featherstone v Dewsbury

    Listened to the game on Radio Leeds - to misquote Oscar Wilde to drop the ball after one restart is misfortune; after the second time is carelessness- but four times? Heavens above!
  2. Remember also the times themselves as the twilight of the Victorian era saw much change socially in any event (doesn’t every era!) - anarchist was a term with a different connotation then -well, maybe not as Russia was a bogeyman then too) but I like to think the introduction of the NU contributed to the breakdown of the class system accelerated subsequently by things like the Titanic and most bitterly the carnage of WW1. Mind, the pews were a bit fuller then...
  3. Reverend Ram

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    Heritage round yea, with unlimited tackles and contested scrums of course!
  4. Reverend Ram

    Barrow predictions ;

    I may inject a bit of caution here - hope after last week we don’t put the cue on the rack thinking that a combo of the win, Swinton winning and the dreaded re-org has saved us from unnecessary effort. We should play to our best regardless- do that and I will be satisfied though like ND I will be in absentia so will have to rely on a dodgy internet link.
  5. Saddened to hear of this; I will light a candle and pray for his family
  6. Harsh words Brother S, though I understand the sentiment behind it; in the cycle of RL life you are on the downswing again (mind, Dews seem to be stuck in a ferris wheel that doesn’t seem to go up or down - not sure which is worse!)
  7. Reverend Ram

    2025 World Cup

    Actually it is 2054!
  8. Rams triumphant 30-20 so at least the Sunday sermon will be short & sweet!
  9. Reverend Ram

    Sheffield away.

    Well I enjoyed the tram ride to the ground - and even more so back! Once again we showed heart where it mattered and despite the odd lapse (Speakman missing touch for one which resulted in a try) and some brittle defence we made up for it with some good stuff (Iggy’s try was Bosc- like in its execution). Well done lads!
  10. Well I am heartened to see the old RE knowledge has not completely disappeared so maybe more RL incompetence can lead to a religious revival!
  11. Reverend Ram

    Sheffield away.

    Well I will enjoy the tram ride to the ground if nothing else!
  12. Can we have you and your excellent humour in place of that rubbish that appears on Martyn Sadler’s page each week in LE (I mean the “cartoon” of course)!
  13. Reverend Ram


    Trrriific game! As a neutral tho admittedly with the Catalan fans it had high drama, the result most of RL wanted and even a decent performance by the ref! All credit to Steve Mac for turning the tanker around and even Monsieur Guach smiled 😎. Let’s hope the FRL use it to their advantage now....
  14. Has to be one of the best finals in recent years for a neutral, great atmosphere and the dracs fans were marvellous. Wire played their part in making it so and the errors to me add to the superb drama. C’est un magnifique jour pour les trezistes!
  15. Reverend Ram

    Wembley Crowd

    Stood at Wembley Park waiting for my ticket- heartening to see all the different shirts and judging by the number of berets les Dracs won’t be without support. Only one DRLFC shirt though so far and that’s the one I’m wearing!