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  1. My abiding memory of Hugh is when he was captain of Carlisle and after a hard fought game against Dews he shook the ref’s hand and marched straight to the burger van in his kit for a plate of chips. Whole hearted player and I shall light a candle to his memory. Requiesat in Pachem.
  2. Not to forget he was in charge during our most successful period in history during WW2 (challenge cup winners no less) with his ahem! ability to entice players the calibre of Jim Sullivan and Gus Risman to turn out in the red amber and black....
  3. Done - though you are not the first to venture into RL as for some long forgotten reason I have a copy of a dissertation done by some London chap on the impact of RL in London.....good luck with the research.
  4. As a resident of a “small northern town” I have consistently welcomed the Wolfpack into the RL family and for me it is heartening to see many new Canucks taking to TGG as there cannot be 9,000 ex-pat Tykes, Cumbrians and lesser types (that’s Lancastrians to the uneducated) in Greater Toronto surely! For me it has also been interesting to monitor the Canadian press, though I notice on The Star webpage you are yet to secure your own moniker page like the Leafs and others - any chance of this happening now you are in SL and the profile should in theory be raised? Or do you have to still earn your spurs to get a dedicated page, or is the Star as bad as some of our dreadful tabloids here? Which is the best Canadian paper for coverage of the Pack?
  5. Commiserations Feath but your defence was truly heroic and you did us part timers (and Yorkshire) proud.
  6. Congratulations to the WP as you reach the so called promised land - enjoy the ride! And a message for K’man - I think a lot of SL fans will struggle with your obvious enthusiasm for the team and the game but don’t take them too seriously!
  7. Ah BSJ memories of the cup tie we won 27-26 over the Chemics with seven 40/20’s courtesy of Eaton Agar and even Graham getting in on the act - happy days!
  8. Agreed BSJ - some ill informed comments at the Batley game against Lee but he did not knock on 10 times in the first half - at least our ball control was better yesterday, but flaky defence again. With a full pre season ahead we can hope to be a bit more competitive and not in yet another relegation dog fight. At least in my profession I can always find a bright side....
  9. Requiesat in pachem and condolences to the immediate family and the wider RL family especially Dewsbury Moor RL and Bulldogs.
  10. Brian Noble was on the terraces and I said to him that he must be desperate to come and watch this rubbish- but without a hint of irony he said it was a good game.....
  11. Very entertaining game and we played really well, just a bit over anxious at the end but I would not have complained to come away with a point. At least we showed heart and determination, just lacking in execution. How many times were we over the line and couldn’t get the ball down? But a steady improvement over the last few games so I am content. And a decent performance from the ref too.
  12. Well played Rovers - it was a highly entertaining game and your defence at the end was terrific though maybe with a bit of composure we could and perhaps should have taken a DG and a point. Still, we are heartened by our performance and you know you have been in a tough game.
  13. 1973 Dewsbury beating Leeds of course to win the Championship at Odsal 1978 Dewsbury 8 St Helens 11 CCQF and 10,000 packed into Crown Flatt to see us come back from an 11-0 half time deficit and pound their defence for all its worth (especially Harry Beverley’s knees scattering the defence for our first try) GB v Oz 1986 and Joe Lydon scoring at the Stretford End Dewsbury 1 York 0 in the mid 70’s - despite the scoreline it was an exciting game! finally us beating Leeds again in late ‘78 in D1 when we had not won a game all season and Syd Hynes confidently expected a 30 point hammering - the joy of a Phil Artis orchestrated 18-12 win was priceless and is once again why we all love this game!
  14. Give over Harry, I’m the only one who can do that!
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