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  1. we have in the family a Yorkshire Amateur Cup Final winner’s medal from 1913 won by my grandad when he was trainer to Dewsbury Celtic
  2. Been away a while but I don’t seem to have missed much! Let’s just draw a veil over the 2020 season though it was certainly good while it lasted!
  3. Season 76-77 and Hull & Dewsbury going neck and neck for promotion - the original fixture at Crown Flatt was postponed and it was re-arranged for a midweek night and a thrilling 13-13 draw ensued in front of around 3 or 4,000 (always good to welcome the large support Hull took to away fixtures). Reporters said it was a marvellous game and both teams would have “no difficulty” in staying up in D1 next season.....in which Dews won only 2 fixtures all season (one satisfying against Leeds!).
  4. Requiesat in pachem Jack, thanks for all you did for us but I remember in particular the free entry you gave me and my pal into Station Road one Sunday- typical of your generosity to us travelling fans and how we were all part of the red amber and black family. God bless.
  5. I would have put Gregory Mounis of Catalans in there but he has now hung up his boots....so Les Halliday, Bob Haigh and Damian Ball for me as my Dews 3.
  6. Has to be Steve Lee - the only one on the 73 side who didn’t get on the pitch in the Final (and Tommy Smailes regrets it to this day, as he said to me at the 40th anniversary reunion) and the lad didn’t moan (well, not in public).
  7. As I don’t have to compose any sermons for a while I thought I’d share some musings on a topic that has always vexed me - is your team truly representative of the moniker it sports? If I switch to the round ball code for a bit and look at Arsenal - who on average have 0 or 1 English players in their side - do they really represent a suburb of N London? Or are they just a bunch of mercenaries seeking the best £ and have no real affinity for the club? Taking my own club and the others nearby, are they just a bunch of the same blokes plying their trade to the highest bidder, according to their ability, and does it really matter if the blokes wearing your team’s shirt turn out the following season in another (usually Featherstone for us Rams players)? I did a bit of research t’other day looking at season 1973-4 and the % birthplace of squad members for some teams: Dewsbury 26% Dewsbury born Feath 37% Halifax 4% Hull 67% Hull KR 65% Leeds 40% Leigh 26% St Helens 52% Salford 7% Warrington 10% Whitehaven 32% (though 90% Cumbrian) Widnes 68% Wigan 53%. It would be very interesting to compare with today’s squads though I suspect the lower down the divisions you go the more locals appear. In season 73-74 Wire were the dominant team and yet had one of the fewer home town players - buying success perhaps is not a modern thing. I just think that playing for your home town team is an honour and with the emphasis on RL being a community sport (as recognised by HM Government to the tune of £16 million) and if a team is meant to represent a town or district then it should really have at least one player from that place in the team at all times. I remember Halifax winning a title with almost 100% Antipodeans (apologies to Fax fans if the memory is playing up) but to me it is a bit hollow- at least a quarter of Dewsbury’s championship side were local. I am realistic enough to know that a return to truly representative sides won’t happen but I would not be averse to a “home town” rule whereby one of the starting 13 must be a local - thereby guaranteeing a place for one local lad. Then at least we would not fall foul of the trades descriptions act! Anyway something else for you all to chew over perhaps to while away a bit more before we reach the promised land of watching TGG live again (and my sermons are not as long, believe me!). Stay safe!
  8. Wasn’t Darren Fleary a Dews lad, though he played for Moldgreen?
  9. Showing my age but can’t see beyond Harry Beverley, Dick Lowe and Steve Hankins.
  10. My three: Alan Agar Richard Agar Johnny Woolford remember Shutty as a scrum half at his best for me; Paul Sykes is past his prime but can still orchestrate a game well.
  11. Eddie Rombo, Dennis Bailey and Adrian Flynn for me. However does anyone remember Mick Snee ex- Halifax? The name sticks in the mind but can’t recall any single performance by the lad.
  12. Has to be 1. Nigel Stephenson 2. Chris Mita 3. Jack Austin with an honourable mention to Marquis Charles. For me a solid runner who can draw the man to release the winger is the key along with a destructive tackle technique. Ryder is heading in the right direction....
  13. That’s right bb, I was stood on the terrace by the goal line Halifax were defending (I think it was standing still then at Wembley but the memory may be playing up and I could have been sat) but I will remember the way time seemed to slow down as Elia was over the line and Penders’ arm came over and smashed the ball out of his grasp. Thrilling stuff!
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