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  1. Well I have just got my new ST as a sign of faith but no idea how my trim bit of plastic will work? Now having reached the grand young age of 60 can some tech savvy Ram tell me why and how it will work - presumably a card reader on the ST turnstile? Not the same as ripping out a ticket stub! And for some reason (age no doubt) I posted this previously on a thread about Salford....
  2. Can’t think why this appeared here - it is my age, obviously!
  3. It hasn’t stopped me getting my new season ticket - or should that be my bit of plastic? As I have now just reached the grand young age of 60 can a tech savvy Ram tell me how it will work? Very unsatisfying than ripping out a ticket stub....Will they have card readers on the ST turnstile?
  4. I’d like to see you drive from Hudds to Manc in 30 minutes dead without breaking the law!
  5. Pleased to see a good few Rams fans braving the rain to pay respects to Steve today as the cortège passed Owl Lane.
  6. How about a season ticket with every house purchase? 200 odd houses is around £30k in ST @ £150 apiece which is peanuts to a house builder wanting to show they are contributing to the community instead of simply building on our green and pleasant land for profit! In fairness the site is allocated for housing in the Local Plan along with the 4,000 houses by Lady Wood and the industrial estate for Churwell....
  7. Brilliant RPH and many thanks for drawing our attention to it - some fab memories and I’m only half way through- but I do recognise the arch at minute 28, it is the Queensway or Kingsway Arcade I think which runs between Foundry Street & Northgate just by the old Gas Showrooms (where Bradford & Halifax Roads split). The pic shows it before it had a roof and what is now a cafe was Wigfalls electrical store, source of many old tv’s and cheapo record players in the 1960’s & 70’s. Time to look at the rest I think - one q for the old timers, where was Lady Wood as shown in one or two pi
  8. I was at the oz game too, remembering it was a hot afternoon and many sat on the concrete terraces of the long stand. Can’t recall much of the action though except hurling abuse at some winger who just grinned back.
  9. Steve was a lovely bloke, a very talented musician and was the least miserable bass player I ever knew - requiesat in pacem
  10. Well I have a memorable dream! Dewsbury were unbelievably at Wembley (though the old Wembley) and even more unbelievably their opponents were Oldham! And we raced into an 18-0 lead, Graham Mook scoring alongside Nigel Stephenson and Chris Mita but in typical fashion it became 18-all at half time; I never know what happened in the second half as I woke up! Otherwise as I have said many moons ago it has to be March 13th 1977 Dewsbury 8 St Helens 11 challenge cup quarter final, us in D2, with 10,000 in CF packed to the rafters and the best try Harry Beverley ever scored (those knees!) plus one f
  11. Depends of course - if it is a group stage first then I am sure we somehow will be in the same set as Batley so the Boxing Day match can be even more meaningful!
  12. I hope the lack of apparent interest on this and other recent topics is not a reflection of the tailing off of interest in the WP?! (Not that it has kept the hysterical types over the water from still venting their spleen on the whole project of course)
  13. What’s the latest on the stadium? I still have visions of seeing the Rams one more time at BC I’m afraid, though I hope not as it would be good to have at least something in the the “interim” season (as I suspect it will be) to look forward to! Is it still the plan to run buses from the station to the new ground?
  14. Didn’t see if the tweaked rules apply to leagues below but if so and abandoned scrums I think we may struggle with the supreme pace we currently have at half back? At least scrums allowed for a bit of creativity with 12 players taken out so it will be interesting to see how it pans out. Any other Ram a fan of the six again? Could be ripe for abuse if you deliberately seek to slow down the ptb in your opponent’s 20 but could be fascinating to watch how the tactics pan out.
  15. we have in the family a Yorkshire Amateur Cup Final winner’s medal from 1913 won by my grandad when he was trainer to Dewsbury Celtic
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