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  1. Was it not ‘78 or so when the Borough got to the John Player Final? I have a hazy memory of seeing a fog bound Borough Park on Grandstand as BB beat Leigh in the semi final, or is old age catching up at last with me?
  2. May I say that your support for your club today in what is effectively a meaningless game was excellent and the result was a bit harsh on you as for long periods you were the better team but I suppose the experience of our aged half backs came good in the end. Who knows, we may still be in the same division again next year depending on which rumour you believe.
  3. I have seen many a game over the years but that was as poor a match I have seen for a long time - we didn’t really start playing until the 75th minute or so and I think Oldham deserved more for their efforts (and full marks to their fans for their support) but a win’s a win and nice for Liam to sign off with a victory. A big thanks for your efforts Liam and your contribution to the wonderful roller coaster that is DRLFC.
  4. Having been to the same educational establishment as your chair the one adjective he certainly isn’t is “divine”!
  5. If all else fails I can always ask for divine intervention
  6. Very pleased with the victory and the ability to hang on but let’s not get carried away - the three quarter defence was horribly suspect today and Widnes were probably overall the better of two poor teams but credit to Dean showing initiative in the drop goal which won the game and Ferguson obviously has a point to prove, he was immense in taking up the ball.
  7. Two evenly matched teams and we went off the boil in the second half in all honesty- discipline still costing us territory and points but I’ll settle for a point in the end.
  8. Are Oldham still playing at Stalybridge for the mo? Thinking of going so I’d like to go to the right place.....
  9. I never really mind getting battered by Toulouse as they always play with elan and are a pleasure to watch but we have the odd gem too and Oakes thoroughly deserved his try (and we scored when down to 11 too!)
  10. Woeful performance- error strewn and forward passes galore. I can only use my office and pray for a miracle here....
  11. I suppose BSJ I ought to make a comment about Beckett being a very God player but I’ll refrain from doing so...
  12. I’m sure the video ref would have given it...
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