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  1. Eddie Rombo, Dennis Bailey and Adrian Flynn for me. However does anyone remember Mick Snee ex- Halifax? The name sticks in the mind but can’t recall any single performance by the lad.
  2. Has to be 1. Nigel Stephenson 2. Chris Mita 3. Jack Austin with an honourable mention to Marquis Charles. For me a solid runner who can draw the man to release the winger is the key along with a destructive tackle technique. Ryder is heading in the right direction....
  3. That’s right bb, I was stood on the terrace by the goal line Halifax were defending (I think it was standing still then at Wembley but the memory may be playing up and I could have been sat) but I will remember the way time seemed to slow down as Elia was over the line and Penders’ arm came over and smashed the ball out of his grasp. Thrilling stuff!
  4. For me Don Richardson and Nathan Graham. I did see Langley play but he never seemed to be a standout like the Bates bros or the Stephensons in the classic championship team.
  5. My condolences to the Kelly family as I am sure part of Neil’s success with us was having a loving partner by his side. Requiesat In Pacem
  6. For me has to be John Pendlebury (I think!) on Mark Elia in the 87 CCF to win the cup for Fax v St Helens - text book attitude in never giving up!
  7. Well played Thunder - bit of an end of season feel with creaking defences but take nothing away from your spirit and attack - all the best for the next round
  8. Never change a winning team! Very weak on our LHS through having to accommodate loss of Ryder and the fast start by Thunder put us on the back foot and unfortunately Johnson and Dixon struggled. But take nothing from Thunder as they were committed in attack and their full back was for me their MOM.
  9. A horrible keen cold wind blowing round a bare Kingston Park and the sports mad Geordies have rolled up in their, well, tens - about 400 in the ground with five minutes to go. Wonder how we will fare without any mud on the ground?
  10. Reverend Ram


    Can put this victory down to solid defence and some peach passing by Sykes and Finn to carve out openings for the wingers in particular. Still problems with discipline to sort but all in all we are looking a decent side with some good forward power in comparison to last season. Still have concerns over creativity if Finn and/or Sykes get crocked but let’s be optimistic and enjoy the moment!
  11. Understandable cost cutting exercise though it will restrict our opportunities to obuse verbally the ref and opposing players and water carrier Keith Senior at close quarters for at least one half of the game! And if it rains and the main stand is full will they give out free plastic capes for us diehards behind the sticks? Or free RA&B brollies on a loan/ deposit system (not that they would be much use against our usual horizontal rain)?
  12. Understand where you are coming from Harry but I think DR can work in the right circumstances, as we are with Coventry - aspiring non heartland club with some local talent beefed up with our pros as and when - but us and HKR I agree is not right in spirit (and like Leigh we seem to be getting more in their A team than t’other way round).
  13. Clearly the team have decided to give up losing for Lent! Top class performance in challenging conditions and Sykes was terrific in pacing the second half in particular with judicious kicking pinning Widnes back time and time again. And think on - we didn’t make one clean break or offload all match and still won - so if we can start to do that as well it has the makings of a good season. Only concern really is the pitch, looking more and more like the Baseball Ground in the 70’s and can only get worse before it gets better unless the Bulls rent covers re-laying the pitch....
  14. Let us have a geography lesson mr W - it is not on top of a hill but is on the site of Shaw Cross mine; the hill continues up to the Gawthorpe water tower you can see on the skyline. Potato patch is a bit harsh on your hosts but let us see if you can cultivate something out of our soil perhaps? At least we own our own midden!
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