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  1. I for one glad we don’t have the artificiality of the golden point as I thought a draw was a fair result. I didn’t see the alleged late tackle on Murrell (nor did the officials) but I did notice the Fax no.8 was “liberal” in his interpretation of robust tackling. However I will be disappointed if it is indeed shown to be a deliberate late tackle and hope he is ok for the S/F. And the best and worst of Rob W. was on show of course! An entertaining game caused in part by weak defence which is still our Achilles Heel but hopefully a win next week should remove any lingering doubt on relegation.
  2. I think we are ripe for at least one unlooked for victory out of the remaining games - Bradford may be one if not this Sunday - perhaps the lure of being on the Beeb next week may keep Murrell quiet enough. It is always an interesting dilemma for the Pro - you are paid to do your best in theory but it will always test your mettle in terms of avoiding injury in the match before the final or SF - do you take the ball up one more time or brace yourself to stop a rampaging Iggy or Kyle or take it easy out on the wing so your skills are on show and appreciated by the million*or so on telly as opposed to the thousand at t’Tetley? * optimistic viewing figures
  3. How about adding Wood Green as an RL town!! Was in a coffee joint close to Wood Green tube yesterday and they had Skolars flyers on the tables, nice bit of marketing.
  4. I travelled in hope rather than expectation but once again am cursing as we could have won but the evil twins of indiscipline and poor defence strike again to frustrate us. However it was an enjoyable game and we stood up well on attack though McGrath was horribly exposed twice on the wing. The Batley game grows in importance each week....
  5. Very enjoyable game and Barrow fully played their part. The owd wise heads of Sykes and the Mighty Finn came good and Iggy was excellent. I agree Barrow 11 (Smith I think) had a big heart and I liked the look of their PNG hooker too. But I did sleep better last night as I think we took a big step towards survival.
  6. I’m going, if only for the ultimate time of seeing the Rams at Bootham Crescent!
  7. Looking forward to what I assume will be the last time I will ever see RL at Bootham Crescent and the way we are playing at the mo it may be the last time we play you in the league for a while....unless as you say the re-org comes to our rescue!
  8. Congratulations Pack on a great performance- I’m not downhearted by the size of the defeat as it is one thing to be fitter, stronger and faster but you have to use the advantages you have and Toronto did brilliantly today, K’man will be purring all week no doubt.
  9. Can't fault our effort and Ryder, Sykes and in particular Martin at full back showed a lot of spirit but the Pack were very very impressive in throwing the ball about. Crowd given as around 6,000.
  10. Ouch! 40-4 to TWP at half time but I have to say it is not the Rams being bad - I doubt whether a number of SL teams could deal with the way the Pack have been playing in the first half.
  11. Very satisfying day at the office from all 17 and maybe just the presence of Sykes alone gave the side confidence- industrious performance from Trout and Day (And no doubt BSJ is happy being named twice as sponsor, well done) in particular but the pack overall took it to our opponents. Add to this the Mighty Finn kicking 100% and it gives us a great shot of confidence. However I do feel sorry for the loyal Hornets supporters who had to put up with such a poor performance- not what I expected from a team fighting relegation and they look destined for L1 I’m afraid.
  12. It does not matter how bad it gets - the true supporter keeps the faith and turns up no matter how bad the fayre on the pitch. Not that it should prevent criticism of course as these posts testify but as BSJ says we dust ourselves down and look forward to the next encounter. At least we can say that we have a good chance of beating the Lions as all our recent encounters have been very close. I will be there in spirit as a wedding takes unfortunate preference this weekend.
  13. Why do we put up with the agony of watching? Another game we should have won but pressed the self destruct button again....Knowles sin bin, inability to deal with a kick off and slack defence lead to the inevitable. Effort alone is not enough- we desperately need someone who has the composure to kill teams off. Swinton were not better than us but showed that bit more when it mattered.
  14. Half time 10-4 lots of effort but very little skill on show
  15. Morton try Finn goal 10-0
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