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  1. Brian Noble was on the terraces and I said to him that he must be desperate to come and watch this rubbish- but without a hint of irony he said it was a good game.....
  2. Very entertaining game and we played really well, just a bit over anxious at the end but I would not have complained to come away with a point. At least we showed heart and determination, just lacking in execution. How many times were we over the line and couldn’t get the ball down? But a steady improvement over the last few games so I am content. And a decent performance from the ref too.
  3. Well played Rovers - it was a highly entertaining game and your defence at the end was terrific though maybe with a bit of composure we could and perhaps should have taken a DG and a point. Still, we are heartened by our performance and you know you have been in a tough game.
  4. 1973 Dewsbury beating Leeds of course to win the Championship at Odsal 1978 Dewsbury 8 St Helens 11 CCQF and 10,000 packed into Crown Flatt to see us come back from an 11-0 half time deficit and pound their defence for all its worth (especially Harry Beverley’s knees scattering the defence for our first try) GB v Oz 1986 and Joe Lydon scoring at the Stretford End Dewsbury 1 York 0 in the mid 70’s - despite the scoreline it was an exciting game! finally us beating Leeds again in late ‘78 in D1 when we had not won a game all season and Syd Hynes confidently expected a 30 point hammering - the joy of a Phil Artis orchestrated 18-12 win was priceless and is once again why we all love this game!
  5. Give over Harry, I’m the only one who can do that!
  6. Agreed a good 2nd half turn around but still fragile defence is a worry - but now I think we have the breathing space to assess for next season and see how Lee can mould a team to do more than just survive. And it’s the last time I be sustainable and use the tram- absolutely soaked walking back to the town centre.
  7. Commanding second half performance from the Rams in the pouring rain to win 32-12 and now should be safe from relegation, Thank the Lord!
  8. 12-8 to Hornets at half time, very scrappy game but bad conditions (steady rain).
  9. With the correct attitude we should win, just need to cut down on silly errors and be disciplined. Then again many is the time I have stood at Alt Park and Canal Street in despair at our inept performances over the years when we should have won at a canter on paper.....
  10. 90% of people don’t use the train but they all still moan about it....when do you expect engineering work on the scale planned for Kings Cross to take place? Believe me it is far easier to move the CCF than to get four or five train companies to agree to rail closures...all who voted Tory in 1993 have got the fragmented rail industry they deserve
  11. We should win but have a nasty little history of what I would call the Runcorn-Huyton syndrome, inexplicably losing more often than we should to bottom teams. It will be closer than I would like: Hornets 16 Rams 21
  12. I for one glad we don’t have the artificiality of the golden point as I thought a draw was a fair result. I didn’t see the alleged late tackle on Murrell (nor did the officials) but I did notice the Fax no.8 was “liberal” in his interpretation of robust tackling. However I will be disappointed if it is indeed shown to be a deliberate late tackle and hope he is ok for the S/F. And the best and worst of Rob W. was on show of course! An entertaining game caused in part by weak defence which is still our Achilles Heel but hopefully a win next week should remove any lingering doubt on relegation.
  13. I think we are ripe for at least one unlooked for victory out of the remaining games - Bradford may be one if not this Sunday - perhaps the lure of being on the Beeb next week may keep Murrell quiet enough. It is always an interesting dilemma for the Pro - you are paid to do your best in theory but it will always test your mettle in terms of avoiding injury in the match before the final or SF - do you take the ball up one more time or brace yourself to stop a rampaging Iggy or Kyle or take it easy out on the wing so your skills are on show and appreciated by the million*or so on telly as opposed to the thousand at t’Tetley? * optimistic viewing figures
  14. How about adding Wood Green as an RL town!! Was in a coffee joint close to Wood Green tube yesterday and they had Skolars flyers on the tables, nice bit of marketing.
  15. I travelled in hope rather than expectation but once again am cursing as we could have won but the evil twins of indiscipline and poor defence strike again to frustrate us. However it was an enjoyable game and we stood up well on attack though McGrath was horribly exposed twice on the wing. The Batley game grows in importance each week....
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