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  1. hrtbps

    Player of the season awards

    Reckon we'll see Briscoe in a Fev shirt at all next season?
  2. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    Interesting that we've got him on a 1-year "permanent" deal rather than a 1-year loan like Whylie. I wonder what the ins and outs of that are.
  3. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    That's Leeds Rhinos and England Academy's Kiedan Hartley signed for next season. Plays as a full back, but I'd expect someone else to arrive for that position (Will Sharpe?) since the kid's only 18.
  4. hrtbps

    Changes to Championship funding as early as 2019?

    I think this distribution in funding is the fairest. Prize money decreasing slightly with each step from 1st to 14th.
  5. hrtbps

    Season tickets 2019

    Do you reckon they (Longo/Campbell/Duffy/ players) read this forum? If so, do some local craft beers on matchdays.
  6. hrtbps

    Ridyard receives the all-clear

    I'd use him in the final. Can't see much point of risking him before that though.
  7. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    A good signing, and a much better arrangement with Leeds than him just being available through DR. Let's sign up Newman next!
  8. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    Robinson's a fine winger, a hard worker, who's perhaps been overshadowed this seasons by Briscoe's record-breaking run. If he's going, good luck to him.
  9. Duffy has again said he favours having a reserve squad, so the signs are positive on that front.
  10. hrtbps

    Season tickets 2019

    What reasons did Campbell give for favouring the current system?
  11. hrtbps

    Season tickets 2019

    Our early bird offer ends on October 31st, as opposed to December 31st last season.
  12. He's been fantastic for us and if he wants to prolong his playing career, as he's suggested on Twitter, good for him. 👍
  13. hrtbps

    Why hasnt Brad Knowles been given a contract

    Perhaps. It's the coach's prerogative. But if we didn't watch him at all, I doubt we'd have even offered him reduced terms.
  14. hrtbps

    Why hasnt Brad Knowles been given a contract

    If we're struggling to compete financially with Sheffield, that's a worry in itself.
  15. hrtbps

    Season tickets 2019

    Have they said how many have been sold in this and previous years? Have only ever bought tickets on a PAYG basis but the early bird £150 membership is a very decent deal. I wonder if there'll be discounted tickets for members for the hypothetical reserve matches.