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  1. If Widnes had scored more points than us they'd have beaten us.
  2. As stated previously, I live round the corner from him. His house has been for sale for a number of months and this week a 'TO LET' sign went up, suggesting they're in a hurry to get out.
  3. This whole thing stinks of The Sun's shenanigans. They knew what they were doing trying to send a hack to Anfield, just like they knew what they were doing when they paid Wayne Rooney £250,000 for an interview or when they cornered Graeme Souness into appearing on its front page.
  4. The Premier League? Is this not what happens at every Liverpool home match?
  5. The costs should be covered by anyone participating in racist chants, or dismissing racist chants as banter. Call it an idiot tax.
  6. Great news. His form dipped at the start of the season, my sense was that Carr was unsure how to best use him, but he seems to be getting back to the same sort of performances that made him one of our best players last season. Also a fantastic sign that as a club we're planning ahead and not just focusing on the short term by handing out one-year contracts. The more settled the squad and the coaching staff, the better.
  7. In the last fundraising meeting someone suggested raffles, but they got the wrong end of the stick.
  8. I'm all for seeing us play at Wembley, but to an empty stadium after everyone's gone home?
  9. Best way to treat this comp IMHO. We've got a couple of reserves, a few DR, but mostly first teamers. Could come back to bite us in the @ rse if we pick up an injury or two.
  10. The Manchester Swintons has a ring to it. The Blue Devils.
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