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  1. hrtbps

    Man of Match Poll- Volunteer required

    Can we agree on how to differentiate Gary Boas and Gary H Boas?
  2. We beat Cas and Leeds in pre-season last year and ended up missing out on the top 4. Nothing matters before February. 🤷‍♂️
  3. My prediction for the season is that we'll neither be relegated or promoted.
  4. hrtbps

    fevnut's musing 2019 #2

    FWIW I enjoy reading the blog each week. 👍
  5. hrtbps

    Great PR by Featherstone

    Personally I think Dewsbury could've stepped up and offered a neutral venue for the Halifax/Fev tie, so I'd say Dewsbury are the villains in this piece.
  6. hrtbps

    Season ticket sales

    I picked up the early bird season ticket for Fev this year. Couldn't go wrong for £150 all in after spending £18/£20 on most home games last season.
  7. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    Someone on Reddit says they were speaking to King last week and he said he was signing for Leeds. Don't know how much truth there is in that, but I suppose we are a Leeds feeder club in all but name.
  8. hrtbps

    2019 captain?

    Give it Cooper til the end of the season.
  9. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    Quality signing, and more to come according to Longo. Hope he can stay injury-free.
  10. hrtbps

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    Also because the Dewsbury coach is in the same hemisphere as his team. 🙈 😂
  11. hrtbps

    Season tickets

    Got my season ticket through in the post today. What are the 10 "special vouchers" are the back for?
  12. hrtbps

    Reserve grade for next season

    Anyone know when the reserves fixtures will be announced?
  13. hrtbps

    The New Coach, what are our hopes and expectations?

    An exciting appointment of a coach with great pedigree. Campbell could've easily played it safe with a tried and tested Championship coach, so fair play to him for this. Welcome aboard, Ryan. Looking forward to seeing what you can bring to proud and historic club. Can't wait for the season to start!
  14. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    That was a different Bradford, who just happen by sheer coincidence to also have played at Odsal.