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  1. hrtbps

    PLease sign this petition

    Nearest Premiership RU club is 60 miles away. Featherstone is RL and RL is Featherstone.
  2. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    Great signing.
  3. hrtbps


    Highlights are here for anyone who missed the game:
  4. hrtbps

    Hemel pull out of League 1

    Why not allow promotion into League 1 from the amateur leagues?
  5. hrtbps

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    For me this is the big difference between football and RL fans. In football there's genuine animosity between rival fans, but in RL there's more of a symbiotic relationship. We need each other. I take no pleasure in the misfortune of any other club beyond beating them in individual match or to a league position.
  6. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

  7. hrtbps

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    Would it even be in Leeds's interest to get us into SL, given that our DR arrangement relies on the gulf in quality between us? What are the rules for DR arrangements? Would our arrangement be voided if we gained SL status or Leeds were relegated?
  8. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    Personally I'd much prefer the sustainability and stability of being a strong Championship side than the slash and burn of clubs like Leigh.
  9. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    We're not cool, nobody likes us. We're Fev and we don't care.
  10. hrtbps

    2019 squad

    Yep. Carlile is a great signing for Newcastle. Would've loved to have him stay at Fev.
  11. hrtbps

    2019 squad

    Latest on our forum has Misi Taulapapa linked with a move to York. 37 years old but still has something to offer at this level IMHO.
  12. Looked like he injured his knee trying to stay in touch in a tackle. Seemed ok on it during the post-match celebrations.
  13. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    Latest from James Thornton, who was only signed on with us until the end of this season:
  14. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    Is that Carlile or Thackeray?
  15. hrtbps

    2019 Squad

    Same reason Keal Carlile's dropped down a division with Newcastle I suppose. He's gone where the best contract offer was.