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  1. I'm with Zlatan. "The [playoff] system is sh!t." https://www.goal.com/en/news/the-system-is-s-ibrahimovic-critical-of-mls-playoffs/15p3akzx0bska1ukh5ghjd2e4g
  2. My understanding is that Marshy has been trying to offload the reserves coaching duties for a while as he's busy with the first team. Would be a shame if we lose the reserves setup after some fantastic results this season.
  3. I was just being facetious. IMHO fans have every right to boo the opposition, whether during the game or during a trophy presentation.
  4. It's coming to something when a set of fans boo the opposition. Absolutely no place for it in sport.
  5. Rather than signing up for squad builder for a year, why not just go and spend £120 in the club shop? That way, you'll get something for your money and the club still benefits.
  6. King's on holiday in Greece according to his Instagram stories.
  7. He got himself suspended so he didn't have to travel, if my memory serves.
  8. If that's the case, it sort of makes a mockery of North American expansion, does it not?
  9. I can see this going one of three ways: either we'll win, Toronto will win, or it'll be a draw.
  10. Best away support this season I'd say, edging both Widnes and Bradford.
  11. The thing about Kingy is he's a fantastic player but he isn't a gamechanger. As for Bussey, I felt like he held back a bit today. Probably not 100% after his arm op, but he did enough to nullify Hock.
  12. Day - absolute beast. never puts in a bad shift. Walters - getting better and better as the season goes on. Golding - recovered well from his early brainfart. Totally solid beneath the high ball. Let's enjoy him while we have it, because a SL club will come in for him sooner or later.
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