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  1. Maskill has confirmed on his twitter that he's not with us next season. Can't find the link at the minute though. Maka has posted what sounds like a farewell on insta and is currently in Oz (
  2. Kingy's training in his Fev shorts...
  3. This seems to suggest he'll be playing Super League next season:
  4. I'd much rather see it go to Channels 4 or 5. Huge potential for the sport with a terrestrial audience.
  5. Give over! By the way, this is the new training top...
  6. In Briscoe's case that was down to injury. I can't see him troubling the Leeds first team next season unless they have an injury crisis. He's always been one of our own so hopefully he'll be back for the start of the season.
  7. There's certainly an argument that Sky / Murdoch has caused more harm than good to the sport by taking it away from terrestrial viewers. There's been a lot written about how the sport of cricket has been similarly damaged: https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2019/jun/11/cricket-world-cup-televised-coverage
  8. My 14 team Super League would look something like this: Chongqing, China (population: 30 million) Shanghai, China (pop. 24 million) Beijing, China (pop. 22 million) Istanbul, Turkey (pop. 15 million) Karachi, Pakistan (pop. 15 million) Dhaka, Bangladesh (pop. 14 million) Tokyo, Japan (pop: 13 million) Moscow, Russia (pop. 13 million) Guangzhou, China (pop 13 million) Shenzhen, China (pop. 12 million) Mumbai, India (pop: 12 million) Sao Paulo, Brazil (pop: 12 million) Kinshasa, Congo (pop: 11 million) Tianjin, China (pop: 11 million) Huge potential for growth, and some cracking derbies in there. I'd have Magic Weekend at Anfield.
  9. Probably because the rumour undermines Marchy's position and they want to keep him m happy since he's so highly regarded by the players and backroom staff.
  10. Has Sammut worked with Webster before? And what are the implications for Paul March?
  11. FB 1 Nigel Barker RW 2 John Marsden RC 3 Steve Quinn LC 4 John Gilbert LW 5 Ken Kellett SO 6 Alan Banks SH 7 Terry Hudson (c) PR 8 Michael Gibbins HK 9 Raymond Handscombe PR 10 Steven Hankins SR 11 David Hobbs SR 12 Tim Slatter LF 13 Peter Smith
  12. Could end up being Sammut or nowt.
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