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  1. Proper sliding doors stuff. My favourite is the quote from Steve Wagner, Rovers chairman at the time: "If you refuse [the Murdoch money for merging] there might not be a game in two season's time." 25 years later...
  2. With plenty of free time ahead of us, let's start a thread of some of the best hidden RL gems on YouTube. I'll start with a few of my favourites: Short news report on the proposed Calder merger of Fev, Cas and Wakey... Featherstone 12-7 Hull KR, from a 1992 episode of Scrumdown... Featherstone 12-6 Castleford, from an 89-90 episode of Scrumdown...
  3. A fitting backdrop, though, for what feels like the beginning of a post-apocalyptic disaster movie.
  4. The charity handshake-a-thon I'd booked the Legends Suite out for looks to have been cancelled, unfortunately.
  5. We played poorly and came away with the two points. I'll take that.
  6. Carey is (or was at the turn of the year) 24. Gale is about 26 IIRC. It's easy to forget that he has plenty of experience under his belt from his years with the Lions.
  7. He also turned up to our pre-season training, IIRC, when a certain Leyther coach went AWOL prior to signing back with Leigh.
  8. Good signing for Rochdale. It's currently his testimonial year with Leigh, incidentally.
  9. This week's Ponte & Cas reports in its sports pages that 15 of the Featherstone Lions' current 18-strong under 15s squad have now signed scholarship forms with Super League clubs. The numbers break down as follows: 5 to Leeds Rhinos 5 to Trinity 3 to Huddersfield 1 to WIga 1 to Hull And none to Featherstone, obviously. Are we missing a trick with such a wealth of young talent on our doorstep? Should we be working with the Lions to give talented youngsters a pathway to the Rovers' first team? I know we can't compete financially with SL clubs, but I think we can offer something those clubs can't, ie. better chances of first team action in the short term, plus the chance of playing for their hometown club.
  10. This is awesome. I hope it pays off for them. And I hope other clubs follow suit. I take my kids to a few Fev home matches a season at £5 per child per game, plus money spent on food and drinks for them. If they had free entry, I'd take them to most if not all of the matches. The likelihood of them becoming season ticket holders as adults increases the more games I take them to, so the question is are clubs willing to invest for those longterm returns?
  11. Millennium Stadium, Featherstone. Not to be confused with Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.
  12. Does anyone know if any unofficial fanzines are still in existence? Proper old school, but would love to pick one or two up.
  13. I recently shot some LomoChrome Purple 35mm film, which aims to emulate the old military infrared film by rendering greens into purples and pinks. Here are a few shots from the Isle of Skye. I'll be uploading more to Flickr... https://www.flickr.com/photos/heartbeeps/
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