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  1. Best signings we could make would be Golding, Briscoe and Sutcliffe IMHO.
  2. Cheers. Taking the kids to their first away game. Should be a great day!
  3. Spoke to someone at the club a couple of months ago who mentioned Danny Addy and Danny Kirmond as two we were in talks with.
  4. Well that's cleared it up for me, but it's leaving it late for fans planning to travel to the final. They could've been already selling tickets if they'd named a neutral ground at the beginning of the season.
  5. I've read this thread a couple of times and I'm still none-the-wiser about where the Championship final will be held. The words RFL, p!ss-up and brewery spring to mind.
  6. How good would twice yearly competitive Cas-Fev derbies in the SL be though? I've got loads of Cas supporting pals and traditional boxing day fixture isn't enough for me.
  7. Oh I agree, mate. Big fan of what Toronto have done and are doing for the sport, but I also think teams like us and similar sized clubs outside the SL still have a lot to offer.
  8. Our face doesn't fit as far as SL are concerned. We can't "grow the game" or whatever it is that Toronto are going to do.
  9. Maybe the DR arrangement will be with us once we've won the playoffs? Would certainly be good to give our peripheral players some game time at a smaller club like Bradford.
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