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  1. Wheeldon's on Fev Archive as debuting for us way back in 2005 (under Gary H Price)? https://www.fevarchive.co.uk/players/scott-wheeldon/1062/ Wikipedia disagrees?!
  2. Apparently he was keen on a return to Rovers. He told friends that Wild Horses couldn't keep him away.
  3. Not sure of the source of this but Senior plays wing / centre and Wynne plays fullback.
  4. Two more loan signings to come, apparently.
  5. Which Rovers players, if any, can we expect to see at the World Cup this year? Coops and Halton are both eligible for Ireland, Blackmore and Fergie for Scotland, Chizzy for France and Parata for Italy. Anyone else?
  6. Wish we could've afforded Wigan's lawyers!
  7. My bet is the ban would've been a lot less if he'd simply accepted he'd done it and then apologised.
  8. Lots of well wishes from rival fans, players and club officials on Twitter too. I hope he sees them all!
  9. Got a soft spot for Boas even though it didn't work out for him here. I hope he recognised the affection!
  10. No. You think we on this forum need to explain the actions of someone at the game? They speak for themselves, not the club or the fans as a whole. Just like I'm not judging your club or your whole fanbase for your ignorant "villagers" jibe.
  11. How's everyone feeling about having to wear a mask tonight even though we're outside? Also there's nothing in the current Government guidance saying we must wear a mask in an outdoor setting. The only mention of stadium says masks must be worn in "indoor stadiums". If the club waited until we'd bought tickets before announcing this, I'd consider that poor form. I also think it was poor form from the club to announce the ban on alcohol and not selling food and drinks until after everyone had bought their tickets.
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