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  1. I think there was a question in Parliament about this, I believe so and rugby was specifically mentioned with the clarification being, yes but not with scrums.
  2. I took that as being anything that could be considered a stadium, as in not the touchline separated by a bit of rope at a local club.
  3. Only 3,300 will be allowed in at Widnes for their first game back with fans, who are going to be the unlucky 3,300?
  4. Dacia signed a 4 year deal in 2018 so them still. Hummel still I assume for the kits? Shame we couldn't get Cazoo along with Hummel we could have looked like Everton playing away.
  5. It was dribbled away by teams wasting it trying to stay in Super League.
  6. That's a good post. It's tough to accept but if there's limited funding it probably doesn't make sense for Widnes to have an academy when we have Warrington, St. Helens and Wigan on our doorstep. If we could fund our own way that would be different but the club was financially decimated by the last administration and the new owners aren't especially wealthy so aren't able to bankroll it. The issue Widnes had is that when we produced players of promise they eventually fell out of contract and moved onto bigger clubs with Widnes not gaining any financial remuneration, or, we had promising y
  7. For me in South East I have to go into central London and then back out again to get there. Easier than Ealing but not by much.
  8. Was a bit of a wild one. I opened the link expecting some facts or inside information which was sadly lacking. We don't need to go to the main site to get uninformed nonsense we have it right here!
  9. Only got to one gig when presumably he was pretty ill. The band were good he wandered off stage for most of it. Big fan of the albums, well except the mid-90s ones.
  10. Reads like they're offering Sky a restructure and seeing what they make of it. A little bit of a caveat that while they don't expect a change it may well change.
  11. If we wanted to be a bit cynical about it and generate as much media attention as possible we would immediately re-appoint him as a non-royal patron. Doubt he'd be up for it though given the ructions it would cause.
  12. Also an argument for having a place for these players to eek out a bit of money for their last few years while they transition to normal life. I think if I was a young player debating whether to turn pro or go a different path that might factor into my decision.
  13. I do wonder if there is an expectation that a few clubs simply will not survive COVID making the decision a little easier to stomach.
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