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  1. If we had the money for it I'd be massively in favour of it. So long as there's P&R between the two divisions and no loop games by playing inter-division matches (like the NRL are looking at). The fact is though there's no cash to do it properly and fund all the teams to full time status, unless the rumoured resurrection of capital investment turns out to be true.
  2. There's a few moving parts to this, if true. Is the Sky deal for SL1 or SL1 & 2? Is the negotiations with Premier Sports for the Championship/SL2? Or the new Championship made up of the lower Championship sides and League 1 teams. All a bit confusing right now.
  3. His contract with NZRU is up his agent is doing the usual negotiating tactic of using printouts from the Totalrl dot com forums to drive up the price. "What's this about a European Super League with teams in Belgrade and Valencia?" "Whoops sorry wrong thread"
  4. Still can't get over that match. Johnstone went off and it just changed. Moved from our original seats about 15 blocks over to be with the rest of the Widnes fans, caught up with half my year from school, and endured us falling apart in front of 5,000 fans and 85,000 seats.
  5. If it's correct that there's no Sky exclusivity and in addition their team are filming every single game for the league to sell that to me is a really positive outcome. Obviously the headline figure is reduced and something needs to be worked out with the Championship but from an SL only perspective they've not lost an awful lot in income but gained an ability to sell and promote the game to a wider audience. It's going to be a million times easier to sell to say ITV, C4 or C5 something that is already being filmed and they can just throw a bit of presentation around. Makes it very l
  6. I agree actually, you should mix it. A. 1st in Sydney V 4th in Expansion B. 2nd in Sydney V 3rd in Expansion C. 3rd in Sydney V 2nd in Expansion D. 4th in Sydney V 1st in Expansion And so on. Allows for an all Sydney or all expansion Grand Final but obviously favours 1st place in each league.
  7. The Oxen training shirts are quite cheap to be honest. I bought a Widnes one online and have never worn it due to how shiny it is and the fact it's massively too short.
  8. I side loaded the the OurLeague app onto a fire stick to see what it did, it's not optimised for a big screen/remote input set up. Not tried it with the newest version but imagine it's not changed.
  9. Web browser on a TV/fire stick is far better than trying to cast to your TV in my experience. It's not an elegant solution but it works. An actual app for smart TVs and streaming devices would be ideal but I suspect the development budget's already been spent.
  10. Sorry you, a well known NRL aficionado, are criticising British rugby league for an over reliance on the gambling industry? Those machines in the league clubs aren't arcade games you know?
  11. It's one of those where I wouldn't change if only because we've chopped and changed too much. It might not be perfect but it's better to build some actual brand recognition rather than chasing perfection.
  12. It'd have to be a deep V! Maybe a mile long.
  13. St. George's cross then, probably offset to the right hand side. Will wait and see.
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