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  1. Yorks Tim

    NW Crusaders Warm Up Match

    I'll have a beer for you, Mr C 🍻
  2. Yorks Tim

    Leeds Rhinos 2019 Match Report

    Was a great game. Now twice as excited for the real action to kick off
  3. Game is available on the website for £3 now if anyone wants to watch. Handy for me to get to know the new lads https://www.cleancutlive.com/
  4. Yorks Tim

    Happy New Year to everyone in the Bears family!

    Not much longer to wait for our first taste of the 2019 team. I can't wait.
  5. No arguments with Garry's predictions BB but would hope to see Coventry challenging for 6th /7th. Looking forward to the Rhinos friendly to see how the new squad is bedding in.
  6. Yorks Tim

    Your Favourite Memories from 2018

    Some memories I'll be glad to lose but vastly outweighed by the many happy ones. We've had some great years in our short existence but last season was definitely the best.
  7. Yorks Tim

    Bears Strike Bold Look for 2019

    Popular with the fans from what I've seen on social media. BLK polos and hoodies are usually good too.
  8. Yorks Tim

    West Wales points deduction

    The points are deducted from their 2018 haul I think. They'll start 2019 on zero like the rest of us.
  9. Yorks Tim

    West Wales points deduction

    Headline says 3 - text says 4 !
  10. Yorks Tim

    2019 kits (Merged Threads)

    Well that's my Christmas money spent 😍
  11. Yorks Tim

    3 away trips to make in 2019

    Loved the away games last season, despite the odd mauling, and only missed one or two. The win at Skolars was huge for us and it was sunny at Oldham. Was sad to see our last ever game at Bootham Crescent (old haunt) but happy to see the beautiful Cumbrian countryside twice. Really cannot wait to get going again.
  12. Yorks Tim

    2019 Fixtures

    My Facebook Memories are telling me that fixtures have been released this week in previous years.