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  1. FRIDAY 14th JUNE Hunslet 22 v 16 Doncaster would have been my prediction SATURDAY 15th JUNE London Skolars 72 v 12 West Wales Raiders SUNDAY 16th JUNE Newcastle Thunder 32 v 24 Whitehaven Oldham 28 v 14 Keighley Cougars Workington Town 16 v 22 Coventry Bears (hosts overcome by emotional return to former home)
  2. I'd be happy with that and seems others would too from Facebook reactions to the news. I've ordered one (adult size) already.
  3. Friday 7th June : Hunslet 34 v 0 Keighley Cougars (just a guess) Saturday 8th June : West Wales Raiders 8 v 38 Workington Town Sunday 9th June : North Wales Crusaders 18 v 22 Newcastle Thunder Whitehaven RLFC 22 v 22 Coventry Bears (should have been away win last year - Bears reinforced tomorrow with loans & DR from Broncos, Rams, Eagles) Doncaster RLFC 22 v 24 Oldham
  4. Got to accentuate the positives here. As Alan Robinson said, it's a chance to show the Bears to a new audience. As much as I like the Butts (5 minute stroll for me) I do like to visit new grounds.
  5. Popular design with the fans. Next year's strip for the First X11?
  6. Dave was interviewed on BBC Cov & Warks tonight and it's well worth a listen. Covered his new book and Coventry Bears in general and he's an engaging talker and was given the chance to tell lots of good things to the radio audience. He's on at 6.30pm... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0786jmk It's the Sport at Six prog 31.05.19
  7. That's a good-looking squad. Hoping the rain doesn't affect the pitch and we have an exciting open game.
  8. Just Brennan, Reid and Stead brave enough to make the return to the Bearpit tomorrow
  9. Was good to see Bears stand up to Oldham, and good to see their fans show their appreciation for the fight in us. I've always had a sneaking appreciation for the no-nonsense way they get their wins but think we are now in with a shout when they next visit Coventry. Also if you need any proof of global warming, the memories of leaving the Vestacare like a drowned rat are fast fading!
  10. *harumph I was much happier going to the Bears game at Oldham where they were also serving San Miguel and t'pies
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