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  1. You can pay $20/£11 and get your name on the jersey! Just select “name on shirt” under the list of perks.
  2. Works for me :S try and select the $20 name on shirt option from the list of perks.
  3. This is a cool initiative. $20 or £11 gets your name on the team kit for their match against Millom in the Challenge Cup. I’m up for it. Similar to the Philippines jersey initiative.
  4. It is not zoned for any housing development
  5. dealwithit

    Rugby League World - Big in Albania!

    No it shouldn’t. Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Japan, France, South Africa should be the priorities. Nations that have high GDP, big industry, huge MNCs and wealthy Governments that can translate to more revenue for the game. If you had a WC with the above nations, Australia, England and NZ, you would have a world sport that every nation would want to play.
  6. dealwithit

    Have we given up on Russia

    I think we need to consolidate with what we currently have, make profit off 2 RLIF events and % from gate tickets for tests. Focus on new revenue (sponsors, tv etc) and fund the current nations. Then you will have more valuable and competitive RLIF world events, and you can fund more development staff.
  7. dealwithit

    Millom Vs Red Star live on the Beeb

    Does the RFL provide any support for travel?
  8. dealwithit


    Wildman is a private company. Argyle said new investors are publicly listed.
  9. dealwithit

    Season ticket sales

    Yeah they do. Makes it a bit of a competition between clubs.
  10. dealwithit

    Millom Vs Red Star live on the Beeb

    If you want this match to be the beginning of long term sustainable expansion, make sure you support the club’s youth development:
  11. dealwithit

    Millom Vs Red Star live on the Beeb

    Easier for a london club to get to belgrade than millom
  12. dealwithit

    Challenge Cup Solution

    Incentive based idea. Brilliant!
  13. Throw in a fiver Pom and maybe we’ll see RSB vs either hull team in the next decade or so.
  14. If parky donated a fiver for every ignorant post imagine how much they would raise 😆
  15. Done! Just donated $10. Jump on it lads and help out.