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  1. Racism, hompohobia etc. all need to be stamped out of the game as much as possible. We're a reflection of society as much as anything else, but doesn't mean we have to tolerate it. Stronger bans and sanctions are needed. A serious approach. Rugby AM using Wagga in "blackface" is unacceptable, especially when not apologising for it, and blaming "PC gone mad" Whether intentional or not, we all need to be better.
  2. Of course it does. A final.of a tournament deserves more coverage that a quarter final of another. The Super League Show should be on in a better slot, but is also a poor programme. Ask why the womens football highlights show is on nationwide and not our highlight show and you wont get a satisfactory answer. Would they have whoever the union equivalent of Robbie running on the pitch during a game? Pick the right battles.
  3. The union game was their Grand Final, not some random match. If they make a fuss of the Barbarians, a made up team, then have a moan.
  4. He's a "legend" according to many after he retired. They also said Lee Smith was one though. Not in the top 20 of the Super League era at all. Carried by much better players.
  5. Key words in bold, but, again, how many bigger clubs don't even do this?
  6. I think it's slightly harsh to have a go at someone who obviously has a budget of 0p, and it really isn't that bad for what it is. I'd keep my scorn for those Super League clubs, and those running the sport, who expect people just to turn up, most of the time.
  7. Does Super League's Head of Creative have any plans to create their own show to "sell" to others? That said, would I trust them to do it right or just get the usual suspects involved?
  8. Better than an agent who constantly hypes his players on social media, but never talks about the naughty ones.
  9. Better to ignore it and pretend everything is great? Why do people want to defend people who use racist language, or, in other cases, homophobia, use of flares/smoke bombs, and other anti-social behaviour? We call ourselves the family game, but turn a blind eye?
  10. "It'd sell out if the Bulls were there." is a theory I imagine is thought by some of the RL media.
  11. The BBC website had a nice advert, sorry, article about it. It'll go nowhere.
  12. I'm not disagreeing about where we are as a sport, but women's football gets far lower attendances, and there's stories about netball appearing more frequently. Why is that?
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