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  1. I wonder if there relying on wifi or a non-stable connection to broadcast. An issue with old grounds.
  2. Leaving aside why he left the BBC, the commentators they used to use were much better than George Riley. Wonder how he got the job.
  3. A shame my Sky box said it was on at 6 tonight but must have started at 530. Useless channel.
  4. Going up against the Sky double header? I'm sure when Sky allowed the RFL to show games they didn't mean against themselves!
  5. Hasn't the changing make-up of the population been an issue for Keighley? Seems foolish not to even try and attract a new audience from non-traditional RL supporters.
  6. It is odd not to have a game. Seem to be spending more on it this season as well. Would would Sky hire Riley, but fire Keys and Grey?
  7. RigbyLuger

    Wigan Today Article...

    Anti-Hull conspiracy.
  8. I am odd. Elstone can't say he wants a more serious image for the sport, but then appear as a guest on a show which is at complete odds with that, and mug for a photo with the host. Will he turn up on Back Chat or a show where they might ask a tough question or just turn up for an easy ride with Simmo and friends? The Ourleague app sponsored the show, so assume they paid for that.
  9. Simmons is used by the RFL on the OuRLeague app, and Elstone went on their show a couple of weeks ago. The RFL were obviously sponsoring the show last year, so endorse the antics on show.
  10. https://twitter.com/steWild13/status/1097589270355869701 It's the one he's helping to promote, despite what he says to the papers.
  11. George Riley as commentator? Interesting.
  12. We want to "break out of the bubble" and move away from treating the players as comedy characters, and yet our latest new messiah goes on Rugby AM, a show which dresses Godwin up as a stereotypical Frenchman to promote a trip to Catalans, and has used blackface in the past, so at odds with those aims.
  13. RigbyLuger

    Super League Show on BBC

    The fact that show is shown nationwide first of all, despite there be no teams in many parts of the country, is odd when the SLS, as poor as it is, is hidden away.
  14. Utter stupidity. As if we're hiding away from the world.