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  1. Yes, it was the shirt they were due to wear before the NRL cried off. Been available to buy for months.
  2. The theory we shouldn't rename that trophy because it's been called that for years holds so little water it's untrue. Maybe the RFL's diversity board should listen to the Professor.
  3. Jermaine Coleman always seems to talk sense. An asset to the sport.
  4. Yeah, she's good. Not sure what Wilkin added really. A lot of stuff that sounded like it had been read off a bit of paper in commentary that wasn't needed.
  5. If it's a chevron, some will moan it's too Saints like, and for hoops, Wigan.
  6. Cas and Wakey weren't lucky enough to have a supermarket wanting to build a new store (though both should have done more of course.)
  7. And people forget, on that point, BBC Sport is based in Salford. I'm sure if C4 do pick something up there'll be many claiming credit for something they've had nothing to so with.
  8. Not sure Sam, with all the baggage at the moment, is the person to champion until all that is cleared up.
  9. Couldn't their mates chuck in a quid or two each to pay his/her fee?
  10. Seeing the clips on Twitter, I'm glad I haven't paid for the commentary.
  11. Bradford can hold their Pride Day on a Monday night. Kill two birds with one stone.
  12. I get it's "old" but why hasn't any other RL journo published it, or ignoring it like the Davies case.
  13. Still appears to be a deal for the sake of having a deal, to say we've got a deal.
  14. Might get people turning up thinking the drugs have arrived.
  15. Mark Foster retweeted that story, so it must be a positive one, and not reflect some views in this thread.
  16. Does Freesports get much bigger audiences than Premier? They always seem to be showing pool when I flick though.
  17. They sponsor the ice hockey, so that could be a Sunday thing, or any number of football leagues.
  18. Especially when, with no disrespect to the amateur finals at the weekend, they are being streamed and this should be more important.
  19. On a similar note, I'm not sure why the Yorkshire Post felt a profile on Ben Cockayne was needed last week.
  20. Some people are desperate for gossip and stories to believe, hence why some "journalists" don't deserve any of the credibility given to them.
  21. No journalist should even acknowledge the existence of these ITK accounts, and more fool supporters who believe them.
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