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  1. BARA

    Anyone got a team sheet?
  2. Away shirt

    Which away kit ever does?
  3. Town website

    I think they are as strong as last year.
  4. Town centre Pop up shop.

    Cheers Scott
  5. Town centre Pop up shop.

    I forgot to ask when I was in, are they selling season tickets?
  6. Town website

    Agree with everything you say marra but he's still never been best outside SL
  7. Town website

    Was never that and never will be
  8. Town centre Pop up shop.

    Shirts, Polos, Fleeces, Hoodies, 1/4 Zip Jackets. All good quality stuff as well.
  9. Town website

    I might have missed this but, was he even a Town player? Did he sign a 2yr deal or an extension??
  10. Pre season gym

    I've read it back 4-5 times and I'm still as baffled 😃 . . . Unbelievable Jeff!
  11. Town website

    Would be nice if you can get a bit of help from the board Scott just to help push it on a bit. I notice Haven have an option to buy numbers online for their version, the 300 club. Keep up the good work mate.
  12. How many more?

    Karl Dixon - Some player there Gonch, do you think he'll ever chance his arm in the pro game?
  13. How many more?

    I think JP would go well at 13
  14. New kit?

    No sizes for under 5's has saved me £70 😕