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  1. Les Ashe needs to get his act together! 😃😃
  2. Any info regarding admission prices for the Widnes game?
  3. We said that 2yrs back didn't we?
  4. Foxy?
  5. Not negative, just realistic. I would think that the only other club in a similar position is Bradford, which is a very bad sign. I'm not saying that the club won't put things right, but surely we need at least 6 more signed on in the next couple of weeks.
  6. Only came on yesterday I think.They said the away shirts would be avaiable from boxing day.
  7. Home shirts only though, nothing else available?
  8. Does seem to be a few concerning comments about the quality of this year's gear. Not good. Also Gary McK can you confirm when merchandise will be available online? It was supposed to be boxing day but still nothing on the buysports website?
  9. It'll have to look like that as right now that's all we've got
  10. What a disaster just found out from an (un)reliable source that he's made of chocolate and very injury prone. Coincidentally this info has only come to light since he signed for Town. How strange.
  11. Probably be aided by black shorts and socks.Agree with other comments, way better than the home shirt
  12. Very smart
  13. Any sign of it? I believe Jason had announced that today was the release day?
  14. Great! Suppose it will give us a bit more time to prepare for the league.