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  1. After Havens win against Barrow aren't they the ones hitting form? Suppose that's the beauty . . . Anything can happen.
  2. All personal opinion really isn't it. My teams are usually the players I've enjoyed watching most, even if others had a bit more ability. 1. Mulligan 2. Drummond 3. Kay. 4. Fawcett. 5. Baildon. 6. Ellis. 7. Sammut. 8. Pickering. 9. Limmer. 10. R. Phillips. 11. Stack. 12. Williams. 13. Hepi. Bench - JT, Sione, McKenzie, Oglanby. Could probably start again and pick a completely different 1-17.
  3. Didn't release him before the end of his first season either. And I think Joseph has played more minutes this season than Fifita did in 2 years
  4. Released? Why, because he's been unlucky with injuries?
  5. Doesn't his Twitter say that's he's looking forward to playing??
  6. James Feather has been given a 1 match ban and will miss this week's game. Nicholson, Tonks and Barnes will all have their hearings tomorrow (Weds 5th)
  7. Can't see us finishing any higher than 7th so Toronto at home it would be for us. Whitehaven and Barrow definitely going over there though.
  8. Szostack and Rooke to miss out for me Alex regularly looks like he's struggling so if there's a younger fully fit body to step in then they've got to play surely. Rooke done nothing wrong but will have a bit of quality in front of him and if Fells in the squad then he's going to play. Fell Ritson Mossop Rasool Hambley Forber Doran Curwen Howarth Ryan Moore Phillips Singleton Bench: Davies, Prior, Byrne, Maudling.
  9. We've given a couple of the lower end teams a thumping already. It's not going to happen to the mid-top end teams because we simply aren't good enough.
  10. Doubt we could afford him. Haven would demand a transfer fee surely, and wouldn't be to keen on giving up his registration.
  11. I think we'll struggle to be honest.
  12. Although I see where you're coming from non of those lads are tearing it up for a bottom half Champ 1 team never mind the Championship.
  13. Who would they take from us to play championship rugby?
  14. Chamberlain starts for Widnes at Magic Weekend 😲😲
  15. Not sure if they still do it but Barrow used to produce a poster for every home game and then put it on their forum so anyone and everyone could access it, print it off and display it wherever they saw fit. Maybe something worth looking into?