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  2. Danny Lockwood tweeting that the game is off as Bradford' can't raise a team'.:
  3. Walton signed for Featherstone
  4. Yes, sorry. I was referring to the article in this week's League Express which misses out Hitchcox from from our signings.
  5. Well spotted BSJ. I don't see Jy Hitchcock mentioned as a new signing/loan.....??? Although he's there with a squad number??
  6. And me!
  7. Think lord Lucan is booked to ride Shergar this year.
  8. Haven't read all the posts on here (too many) but see that there is the usual negativity and moaning. So my take on yesterday. Firstly the crowd of 35000. Agree that the scheduling of a Sunday afternoon was not good for fans travelling from the North but on the basis of fans in block 237 there was hardly a northern accent to be heard, lots of newcomers to the game, lots of positive comments. Same on the tube to and from Stratford- lots of locals, very few M62 ers. On this basis I think 35000 is probably actually a good attendance. On the game, Aussies professional as ever, hardly make any mistakes, whereas we gave them two attacking sets when we missed touch and should have been attacking their line. Two missed opportunities (Percival and Burgess) which if taken would have changed the whole dynamic of the game. Were we much worse than the Aussies, no I don't think so. Our kicking game was poor, but we made chances (just didn't take all of them). Aussies took all of their chances, they just don't panic, keep up the pressure knowing they will eventually force a mistake out of the opposition. We don't have the winning mentality or confidence to wait, so we force silly offloads, or put in hopeful rather than threatening kicks. I think Bennett, as long as the RFL have patience with him, will give England that confidence to actually win tight games. Of course I'm disappointed, I've been watching England for over 50 years and am completely fed up with our never ending failure to win the important games but yesterday was not as dire a performance as some of the posters on here would have us think.
  9. Preseason games with Cougars,Bulls and Tigers all at home!
  10. Great news Dane Manning confirmed on 2 yr deal
  11. Danny Bravo, I think
  14. Out of interest- the updated squad list posted by Nick07 lists 27 players. Who is the mystery man, signing no 28?