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  1. bromleybulldog

    New signing alert

    Assume this is 15 before Alex R was turned away at the airport, so 14 (including Danny Maun)
  2. It's probably a crafty calculation by Mr Hetherington. Leeds sneak into the top 8s and they get 3 home games, Leeds stay in the bottom 4 and they get 4 home games. Gates are not shared, so likely to be win/win for Leeds in the middle 8s!
  3. bromleybulldog

    Toronto match thread

    Sorry to say this- but this is embarrasingly amateur. We knew there could be problems but none that could not have been solved with a bit of preparation. So we go to the league leaders with maybe 13 players plus an assistant coach. Not going to end well....
  4. bromleybulldog

    New signing alert

    This is not looking good. I'm sure Danny Maun will give 100% if he plays and he won't let us down but it is looking increasingly like a repeat of the Barrow and Dewsbury visits both of whom failed to get 17 players on the pitch. Lots of reasons for this ,I know, injuries,suspensions, time off work, prior commitments, visas etc but it's not as if this game comes as a surprise to us, it's been in the fixture list for months and if we are short handed and also have to give Danny a game it really doesn't reflect well on the club. We should have been planning for this trip for months and had back up plans, contingencies in place in case we had the sort of problems we are currently seeing. Just hope we can get a full side out and don't embarrass ourselves.
  5. Come on Rev!! backing both sides in the Fev-Rochdale game!!
  6. bromleybulldog

    Ryan Hall and Carl Ablett.

    Ablett actually manages to 'win' more penalties than he concedes, I think.
  7. bromleybulldog

    Batley v Sheffield

    Think this is the link :
  8. bromleybulldog

    Batley v Sheffield

    Just watched highlights of this game on the Sheffield youtube site. The two touchjudge decisions in the second half to deny Davey and Galbraith seem even more unbelievable than they did at the time. Can't see anything wrong with either try ( and nor did the ref to be fair at the time).
  9. does this include the amateur player from one of the local clubs and the guy coming out of retirement I read about on the Barrow forum? If so a very worrying situation......
  10. bromleybulldog

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    Agreed, we were actually by far the better team in the second half but you can't win if you turn two tryscoring passes into interceptions and hand the opposition a further 12 points by missing kick throughs. Given the team we had out, injuries in the game, it could have been much worse. We do need reinforcements from somewhere though, not sure if there will be 13 fit players next week, never mind 17. See that Barrow travelled to Fev with 15 players only, so we're not the only team doing it tough at the moment
  11. bromleybulldog

    Injuries and replacements.

    It's a good job that Mark Aston doesn't agree with Dual reg, we could have been in trouble yesterday if Sheffield had had some DR assistance
  12. bromleybulldog

    Bulldogs V Eagles MOM thread

    Davey Rowe Crookes
  13. A RFL with any cojones would expel Lenegan and his cohorts for subverting agreed processes and effectively declaring independence. Would these few clubs, even if they are amongst the biggest clubs, be able to support themselves as an independent entity. where would they get their players from? The RFL actually still has a strong hand to play but apparently not the players to play it. SKY would not be willing I imagine to keep funding a small clique of teams forever playing each other week after week. If only the RFL had the imagination and will to go for it, they have the majority of clubs, competitions, players right down to the amateur and junior levels. But they have no one at the top with any vision to counteract this takeover by a minority of big club owners. It may seem unlikely at the moment but I believe they still have the power to force the big clubs back in line- if only they had the leadership.
  14. bromleybulldog

    £250,000 FOR GOOD CAUSES

    It's quick and easy to register and by the looks of the NCL league table at the moment Stanley Rangers need a bit of a boost. Will take 2 minutes at the most to register and vote and money for a good community club could be the reward.
  15. bromleybulldog


    Brown in the 18, still no Cowling Only 18 named- shows how short of players we are!