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  1. bromleybulldog

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Yep, I'm really looking forward to the 2015 World Cup
  2. bromleybulldog

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    Fev v Hunslet Parkside and Keighley v Bramley at Blackpool?
  3. bromleybulldog

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    Sounds like York v Fev and Dews v Keighley at York then?
  4. bromleybulldog

    2019 Squad

    Guarantee you won't be calling Day and Harrison run of the mill squad players by the end of the season. In fact with Davies you probably have the best back three pack players in the division. Wish we could have all three back at the Mount!
  5. bromleybulldog

    Magic Weekend Clash?

    Perfect! Divert the marathon route into the stadium and we'll have a full stadium in no time. All the attendance obsessives will be happy
  6. bromleybulldog

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    Think this referred to the Tyler Dickinson signing
  7. bromleybulldog

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    Could be what Kevin was referring to in his post on DR when he mentioned pre season friendlies ( no SL teams) and ' we know the clubs we can rely on'!
  8. bromleybulldog


    His DVD of highlights of games for Batley should be a best seller
  9. bromleybulldog

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    Good news that Alex is going round for another season. Always happy to see him in the team.
  10. bromleybulldog

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

    I'm in again.
  11. bromleybulldog

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    Nice one! Tough fellow, runs hard.
  12. bromleybulldog


    See the Batley Bulldogs topic pinned at the top of this forum. Thanks to Roger T for updating
  13. bromleybulldog

    championship 2019

    Unless SL decide to change their structure and go to 14 in which case all bets are off, probably no relegation again and two more up from CH1. Who knows, we'll probably find out what we've been playing for at the end of the season as usual.
  14. bromleybulldog

    Wish list

    Lee Greenwood, I think. If so a good call.
  15. bromleybulldog

    Dave Scott and Michael Ward

    And congratulations to Dave and Michael for being selected for Scotland and Ireland respectively. What happened to the close season? Half our squad will still be playing into November at this rate!