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  1. bromleybulldog

    York’s cup match thread

    22-18, not long to go.... FT 22-18
  2. bromleybulldog

    York’s cup match thread

    6-18 at HT 10-18 after 44 minutes Bulldogs now playing downhill with a strong wind at their backs Now 16-18 after 47 minutes
  3. bromleybulldog

    Confirmed: Wolfpack buy stake in Skolars

    Well, I 'm as keen on expansion as anyone, but Parksider is at least pragmatic and realistic. Ignore the points he makes at your peril, he may turn out to be right
  4. bromleybulldog

    Conference South returns - details announced

    Hope Nottingham find a league for 2019
  5. bromleybulldog

    Gary Schofield predicts

    10th from Gary Schofield is good. Last year he had London Broncos in 10th.........
  6. bromleybulldog

    Challenge Cup 1st Round Draw

    Played Shaw Cross at Motspur Park a couple of years ago but played at Skolars last year
  7. bromleybulldog

    BISSA needs YOU !

    Just added £1.18 by buying Christmas wine online. Easy!
  8. bromleybulldog

    Players For 2019

    Alex will be fine for you. In fact, he is so good I think we signed him five times!
  9. bromleybulldog

    Catalans v Wigan in Barcelona?

    Well, I'll be going anyway. Went in 2009 to the Warrington game and it was a wonderful weekend. Great city, great weather, food and wine. Have already contacted a friend of mine who is a Barca season ticket holder and we'll be meeting up there. Can't wait!!
  10. bromleybulldog

    Shirt Sponsorship 2019

  11. bromleybulldog

    Batley Bulldogs

    I think he's still injured from last season- the reason why Fev have released him
  12. bromleybulldog

    Reserve grade for next season

    Great news that Fev are planning to have a reserve team next year, I think all teams in SL and Championship should be required to do so, BUT looking at recruitment for next year it appears that you will struggle to turn out 17 first team players unless Leeds offer DR help again. Where are the reserve team players coming from? Imagine you would need a squad of 40 or so to support two teams and you don't appear to be anywhere near that at the moment?
  13. bromleybulldog

    RLIF Announce 8 year Cycle

    Yep, I'm really looking forward to the 2015 World Cup
  14. bromleybulldog

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    Fev v Hunslet Parkside and Keighley v Bramley at Blackpool?
  15. bromleybulldog

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    Sounds like York v Fev and Dews v Keighley at York then?