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  1. Never saw an attendance figure given for the 1895 cup match v Rochdale either.....
  2. Without Craig Lingard it's probable that Keighley wouldn't even have started the season. He stuck by the players, wasn't paid, put together a scratch team and took them to a position where without the 12 point deduction they would be near the top of the league. This is the thanks he gets. Loyalty gets you nowhere these days it seems.
  3. Just renewed house insurance with LV online and this apparently qualifies for a donation to BISSA too. One click and it was done (don't know how much yet) effortless and easy.
  4. Good result, lots of defensive effort. Now 7 points clear of the relegation zone, can we start to relax and actually enjoy games now??
  5. Do we have a date for this fixture yet? Sunday 2 June??
  6. No, please don't. This thread is already right up there amongst the most boring and repetitive threads ever. Please stop.
  7. Sounds like Ryan Brierley may have signed for Leigh on loan Sorry, Batley Bob, just noticed you posted this in another topic half an hour ago
  8. Wayne R. owes his teammates a performance and a half to make up for Friday! I'm backing him to score a hattrick!
  9. Imagine Brearley will get a game on Monday. There will be some tired bodies there.
  10. Wow! Where did that performance come from? To play over 50 minutes with 12 men, plus a further ten minutes with 11 and still win shows that there is some real team spirit there. Brilliant! Well done!
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