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  1. bromleybulldog

    New league structure revealed

    This looks like a structure change that will actually increase the number of meaningless end of season fixtures. Admittedly a top 5 playoff system is better than top 4 but if a club is tailed off at the bottom of the table like Widnes this year, the teams above them can be added to those clubs already resigned to not making the playoffs. On the basis of this years table you could have top four already sorted by end of 23 games, Hudds and Wakefield playing for the fifth spot and Hull, HKR, Catalans, Leeds, and Salford going through the motions for two months. I understand club chairmen may believe 11 home games is not enough but at least they are likely to be relatively competitive, not have the boredom factor of repeat fixtures etc. I believe SL should either decide to promote the home games as an event and aim for increased attendances to offset the loop fixtures or if they are incapable of that then they have to consider a 14 team league. Avoiding player burnout versus dilution of quality?? Personally I think they should go for 14 teams, reintroduce reserve teams and fund national development officers again to increase the player pool .
  2. bromleybulldog

    Alex Rowe leaving

    Alex has been the cornerstone of our pack for a year or two now and i will be really sorry to see him leave. All the best Alex, hope you get Newcastle promoted so we can see you back at the Mount.
  3. bromleybulldog

    new league structure ideas

    Agreed, but your suggestion requires £11.7million pa to be transferred from SL to the Championship/L1 (ie over half the current SL shareout). Somehow don't see this happening.
  4. bromleybulldog

    new league structure ideas

    Wow!!! where's all that money coming from????
  5. bromleybulldog

    Batley V Rochdale MOM thread shield

    Gledhill Brown Farrell
  6. bromleybulldog

    BISSA SIGNING ALERT Louis Le Bulldog 2019

    Really good signing this.Well done to the club and BISSA for getting it over the line. Brilliant!
  7. bromleybulldog


    Maybe not quick enough to play wing but certainly looked good in the centre v Dews and has the build to be a great second rower. Really pleased how he has developed this season.
  8. bromleybulldog

    And on a wing and a prayer

    And he's re-signed!!
  9. bromleybulldog

    Has Harrison had his day.

    No Chinese jokes here please!
  10. bromleybulldog

    And on a wing and a prayer

    Any chance of pinning a 2019 squad list to the top of this site? Keep losing track of who has signed and the responses disappear in the various threads and I can never remember where to find them!
  11. bromleybulldog

    Has Harrison had his day.

    Love Rugby league site claims that Fev coach is interested in coaching Leigh next year due to financial cutbacks at Featherstone... Maybe Day and Harrison should take a time-out to think about things before committing to Fev (if that's where they're supposedly going).?
  12. Only replying since it seemed sort of sad to see this topic with no responses! Not that even I can raise much enthusiasm for these end of season games. Only Swinton and Rochdale seem to have anything left to play for, maybe.... and even that is not certain
  13. bromleybulldog

    Bravo BBC

    And another BBC who should be congratulated- the Batley Bulldogs community. Amid all the talk of poor attendance at the final, not enough neutral supporters, clubs outside SL contributing nothing to the game etc, it should be noted that 60+ Batley fans walked the last 10km from London Broncos to Wembley supporting Breast Cancer charity as part of the Bulldogs annual Pink Day fundraising. This small club, one of the clubs that SL would happily consign to the dustbin of history if they could, have so far raised over £65,000 for this cause. Allez les Bulldogs! Photos by Neville Wright
  14. It also helped that we didn't have commentators constantly questioning the referees decisions or Our Special Correpondent Mr Cummings going into interminable detail on every decision (and still getting it wrong).