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  1. Batley Craig Lingard, Jermaine McGilvary, Carl Gibson, Darren Moxon, Norman Field, Glen Tomlinson, Billy Pratt, John Carroll, Brendan Cummins, Peter Fox, Paul Geary, Tommy Martyn, Sonny Whakarau, Subs Trevor Walker, Alex Walmsley, Richard Price and Len Johnston Wish we had that lot in their prime playing for us at the moment!
  2. Hallett? Thought he had gone permanently?? Holmes and Maher are theoretically available because they have played enough games but once they play in the end of season games they cannot move between clubs. So I imagine Cas will not allow them to play in case they are needed there.
  3. Well it only took just over four months but Buffalo appear to have looked at the website for the first time since March and have now corrected their ad. Symptomatic of the website as a whole though, not regularly updated, lacking lots of basic info (thanks Roger T for the player stats but why the official website can't do this is beyond me). Club really need to up their game re website- it is a bit of an embarrassment.
  4. After an appalling refereeing performance, justice done Inthe last minute
  5. 19 out of 19 in the last two games
  6. 82-4 in 2003
  7. And anyway I'm sure we scored over 80 against London Skolars a few years back - but certainly more recently than that Leigh game
  8. FT 26-12 Good win!!
  9. 26-12 5 mins to go
  10. 26-6 Smeaton
  11. 22-6 Cowling
  12. Leak try 16-0 HT
  13. Hope you will however be suggesting that all who attend make a donation to a charity linked to Jo Cox
  14. Smeaton Ainscough Davey Much better performance all round
  15. Interesting choice of words. No financial offer. No comment on the rumours that Fev have offered player swaps..........