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  1. Toronto

    Think this will turn out for the best for Toronto. They may lose out in the marketing stakes by losing FuiFui and Taylor but long term these three guys are liabilities. And as stated above with Sims, Krasniqi, Sidlow, Emmitt and Hopkins available, they are not exactly short of front row power
  2. Izaac Farrell

    It's a loan for the season and the season hasn't started yet. Apart from that I understand that we would be paying his salary when he arrives so we're actually saving money at the moment . Having said all that, I understand he has already been training with us on a regular basis so it sounds like win-win for us!
  3. Darrell Griffin sacked - Fev drama

    And don't forget that star S. O. Else. Saw him many times up at Mount Pleasant. Master of disguise, managed to look different every week.
  4. Why is Yorkshire so far behind Lancashire?

    Quite obviously you've not been to Batley recently. Far from crumbling, Mount Pleasant has been redeveloped with three new stands, dressing rooms, lounge area etc- all built in the last 20/25 years- and all done without the help of councils or sugar daddies. Batley have one of the best grounds outside SL and Mount Pleasant is a welcoming venue where fans can enjoy their rugby and some of the best beer and catering in the league. (Advert ends, holiday bookings now being taken for 2018). Seriously, it's a great little ground. Go there, you'll love it!
  5. Todays game

    Remind me what it was that the Dewsbury fans were saying about Tom Hemingway.....
  6. New signing alert

    Dob 22 May 1997 From Bulls website
  7. Leigh receive parachute payment

    If true, it only makes a totally unfair situation even unfairer. The spread of centrally distributed funds ranges from (I believe) £750k to £150k. If Leigh are given an additional £500k on top of their £750k that will give them more than 8 times the funds available to the likes of Barrow, Rochdale and Swinton. NOT an even playing field!
  8. New season shirts

    But it is available.
  9. New season shirts

    Good luck! I'll buy one! Can still remember the Briggs try that won it!
  10. New season shirts

    No, unfortunately not!
  11. New season shirts

    Ravensport have confirmed the heritage shirts are available at £40. Website will be updated
  12. New season shirts

    Thanks, I'll get in touch with Ravensport. R
  13. New season shirts

    Can Beefy1 let us know when this will be available and how much?? Tks
  14. New season shirts

    Yes, my favourite of 'recent' (!) designs. I have a match shirt from the 1980 centennial game v Fulham- no 15 worn by (I think) Mick Frain which is this design. It is however extremely faded by now after much wear and washing!
  15. New season shirts

    Will this shirt be on sale? It's not on the Ravensport site at the moment.