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  1. Sounds like Ryan Brierley may have signed for Leigh on loan Sorry, Batley Bob, just noticed you posted this in another topic half an hour ago
  2. Wayne R. owes his teammates a performance and a half to make up for Friday! I'm backing him to score a hattrick!
  3. Imagine Brearley will get a game on Monday. There will be some tired bodies there.
  4. Wow! Where did that performance come from? To play over 50 minutes with 12 men, plus a further ten minutes with 11 and still win shows that there is some real team spirit there. Brilliant! Well done!
  5. Seem to have mislaid this somewhere in the Total RL meltdown Thought I'd better reintroduce, better late than never?
  6. Looking at the video, all three Widnes tries came through missed tackles by Smeaton. A hard weeks tackling practice needed, I think
  7. The pre match sequences required Harris to score a try. I seem to remember there being numerous 'takes' of the sequence. The crowd managed to be enthusiastic and cheer for the first couple but by the time the director was happy(can't remember how many takes they had but it was plenty) jeers and ridicule were about the only reaction. Think they must have spliced the early enthusiasm onto the final on field action!! Certainly no cardboard replicas/cut outs near where I was!
  8. Come back 2010, all is forgiven....
  9. Well, IF it's who I think it is and IF he's coming for the right reasons and IF he can get fit quickly, he COULD be a good signing. I also think he still has enough credit with a number of Batley fans for providing the moment of magic that provided the best memory for a LONG time. I would welcome him back if he came with the right attitude. IF he could be fit for the end of the month ,play in the game v Lock Lane, we could have JC, Mauny on the sidelines, Paddy playing for the Lane and if Wayne doesn't fancy a family reunion, we could temporarily import Alex from across the Valley (maybe he could bring his coach with him too) and it would be 'Back to the Future'! All we would need then would be Paul Handforth and Batley Bob's signature page could come back to life!
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