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  1. Whether or not Matt Diskin is the right guy to lead the Bulldogs this season, the club need to start looking at what's going wrong- and quickly. The difference between top 4 which we were good enough (lucky enough?) to get last year and 'also ran' in this division is approx £300,000 - a large amount of money to clubs in this division.The prize money is unfairly weighted towards the top 4 and tails off really quickly after that. I think we were good enough last year and with the signings we have made - are good enough again to reach the top 4 but current performances suggest otherwise. Players not performing or coach not getting his tactics right or board/COO taking their eyes off the ball? The players are certainly not performing. The coach is certainly having problems motivating the players. The Chairman/COO are remarkably absent from this forum or the totally useless website with it's lack of information. It's clear to me that it is essential that the board/coach/players get a 'no holds barred' clear the air meeting sorted out quickly. If there are problems or disagreements let's get them out in the open and sort them out. If the coach has to go- he goes. If players have to go-they go. If the Chairman has to become 'hands on' on a daily basis- then that's what has to happen. £300,000 is a lot of money, get to the top 4 , we can kick on and become a successful and solvent club. Fail to reach the top 4 and we're back to square one with our only ambition being not being relegated to Ch1. Time to act everyone!
  2. With Ainscough and Reittie injured, Squires apparently released,Southernwood and Cowling still out, maybe it's actually time to use the DR agreement with Castleford. Otherwise it's either Bretherton or Chandler in the backs for a while. Thought we had a big squad but it's amazing how quickly we can be back to the bare bones
  3. And the webdesigners still haven't bothered to correct their own mis-spelled advert. Poor all round. Website looks to have been abandoned, only updating things well after the event, no previews, prematch info, team news etc. No video content since the Oldham match etc etc
  4. Neil Kelly according to Danny Lockwood on twitter!
  5. Penalty count 19-7 against Hornets at Batley yesterday. They may or may not be thugs but they certainly have a discipline problem which is seriously hurting them. Threw away a 24 point lead, sinbinning in the last 10 minutes was crucial. Think the coach needs to reappraise the 'in their face' tactics and just calm down as they really are gaining a reputation which will follow them round and result in more penalties and losses.
  6. And the answer is.....? Would really appreciate player stats being updated!
  7. This sounds like the ideal solution- a channel that excludes football, F1 and golf would be much better and cheaper. All they have to do is exclude darts as well and it would be perfect.
  8. But at least it maybe saves us from viewing a horror show?
  9. Ridiculous!
  10. Plus no Farrell or Ainscough
  11. Think fredm is absolutely right. We have the website now, it should be easy for the club to advise everyone what marketing initiatives are being started so that any unsolicited texts don't come as a surprise and get binned as potential spam. fredm is not asking to be removed from the list (I think) he is merely asking for the common courtesy of being kept up to date on what the club is doing.
  12. 48 hours before match.
  13. An intermittent Periscope feed in Spain but from what I could see- Walker Leak Farrell
  14. Looks like it's going to be a strange team on Saturday. No Brambani, Southernwood or Holmes , so not sure who the halfbacks will be. Hallett not travelling, Maher not available. Time for the squad to prove itself!
  15. Match at Arnaune des Minimes in Toulouse not at Blagnac