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  1. Mariano Released

    Do we need a quarterback?
  2. Exactly, well said. We have to admit to one season long loan player in youngster Izaak Farrell but apart from him the team was all Batley, it was a sunny day so no excuses about rain and mud and Toulouse were outscored 26-12 while playing down the slope.
  3. And so Proper sports are also providing free live streaming to all of Bradford Bulls home games as well?
  4. Batley Bulldogs v Toronto Wolfpack MOM

    Brown Ward Walker
  5. How's Mick Ward doing?

    Weekly man of match table tells its own story Posted 17 hours ago Scores from Fev at home 1) James Harrison 3 pts 2) Michael Ward 2 pts 3) Dave Scott 1 pt Ongoing Totaliser 1) Michael Ward 8 pts 2) Dane Manning 6 pts 3) James Brown 3 pts 3) Dave Scott 3pt 3) James Harrison 3 pts 3) Brad Day 3 pts 7) Joel Farrell 2pts 7) Alex Rowe 2pts 7) Lewis Galbraith 2 pts 7) Adam Gledhill 2 pts 7) Alistair Leake 2pts 12) Patch Walker 1pt
  6. Players Stats 2018

    Guess the extra 4 points will be the cup game v Leigh
  7. Sheffield away monday

    Brev is back!
  8. How's Mick Ward doing?

    Runs in hard and has been a standout performer so far. Good signing for us.
  9. Onto Fev

    No Joel again?
  10. The 8s system works really well for the middle 8 where the games actually mean something, promotion, relegation and the chance for Championship teams to test themselves against Super League opposition. The problem is that the top group of 8 includes far too many meaningless matches which are just repeats of early season games leading to boredom and the bottom group of 8 is worse. A meaningless trophy for coming least bad of the failures and the only real issue to settle being relegation, which is generally clear after the first 23 games of the season anyway
  11. News- mailing list

    Did I read somewhere that a list of War Chest winning numbers for last season would be published? Plus was there a draw before the Barrow match for the Swinton win?
  12. Injury's

    Any news on Alex Bretherton? Seems to have been forgotten so far this season. I'm sure he's still worth his place if he's fit
  13. News from the RLEF

    Well, we managed to pay a certain N Wood £300k plus (allegedly) a further £500k golden goodbye....
  14. Bulldogs V Barrow MOM

    Day Manning Gledhill (I know he only played a few minutes but his tackle stopped it being 6-18 and that could have been it)
  15. Home Game at last

    Careful BSJ or we'll send Vinnie round