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  1. Get Kibula training with Wardy and Cropper and there won't be a brick wall left standing
  2. Just need Gledhill to re-sign to make it a really great pack
  3. Excellent signing. He has the size and mobility to be a really great signing. Hasn't always delivered the goods but with a good team round him and good coaching I think we'll see the best of him- and at his best he can be a devastating forward.
  4. No, no no! It shouldn't be a double header. Give the girls their own standalone fixture. They deserve that at least. It shouldn't be in Warrington. Small time thinking, poor response to the RLWC games there It should be in France. Give the French a chance to start building interest towards 2025 WC
  5. Walking to the ground from Finsbury Park an hour before kick off I was pleasantly surprised at the number of fans I saw. Pubs en route were rammed, crowds drinking on the pavement outside. I began to feel very optimistic about the attendance. Crowds outside the ground as well. Inside at 13.45, nothing. Went to my seat, upper tier west side, Clock end- almost empty. At kick off I moved from opposite to the goal line to right on the centre line and had a block almost to myself. (It was high up). I would guess max 35k there, probably less. Atmosphere only picked up at the end of the second half when admittedly it was electric. Did the fans stay in the pubs to watch on TV? Samoa deserved their win, we looked way off the pace for most of the game. Hope they can give Australia a good game nexr week, though not holding my breath.
  6. Didn't see that. Needed to expand the view!
  7. Interesting if this is the new shirt, that Whiteley has his name on one. Has he resigned then?
  8. Brilliant game, two great sides, terrific entertainment. Roll on Arsenal next week!
  9. Buchanan and Walshaw already confirmed?
  10. Even worse, I believe he even had to give up his job as a teacher to be able to be available for the World Cup. Seriously unfair, he would have been a far better choice than that useless lump Byrne.
  11. Squad looking good so far. Dews obviously aiming to repeat going the season unbeaten. Let's get you back into the Championship!
  12. What has gone wrong with all the posters on this message board? Are you all OK? No outrage, no vicious criticism? Mr Kendall was the referee on Sunday and I haven't seen the usual series of complaints and allegations about his refereeing. Not a single one. Have to concede that he is not my favourite referee BUT..... On Sunday he let the game flow, didn't try to become the main attraction himself, didn't keep interfering by awarding pedantic or questionable penalties and I'm sure Leigh benefitted from this by being able to play quick, high intensity rugby and keep the pressure on Batley. He also refrained from using my unfavourite rule of 'six again' a call which in the hands of a poor ref can easily influence the result of a game unfairly. It only needs a couple of six agains on the fourth or fifth tackle and almost inevitably a try will result. By not calling out six agains he helped Batley stay in the game against a fit full time team who would surely have loved to reduce stoppages/handovers to a minimum and made the game a much better spectacle. I thought the referee had a really good game. Well done Mr Kendall!
  13. Unlike other posters on here, I read that as a vote of confidence in Batley being promoted next season! That is surely what was meant??.....
  14. When, if ever have we had SIX players who scored 10 or more tries?? Fantastic!
  15. Kept going to the end, competed well, with luck might have score a couple more tries through Leak and, if he'd only been on the pitch, Campbell when Hooley passed into touch exactly where Jonny would have been! Proud of the effort of all of them. Plus what might have been if Morton had taken in the pass in that first attack?!! They all deserve to enjoy a few beers now.
  16. Agreed that 17 heroes out there tonight but thought that there were standout performances from Manning Reilly Brown
  17. Appalling. The game will be well rid of him. Don't think he has done anything to promote the game positively in all his time as CEO.
  18. That's not a bad Ireland squad, could surprise quite a few I imagine.
  19. And Greg Johnson in the Jamaica squad.
  20. When the poster I replied to is suggesting Doncaster and Sheffield are better qualified for the top tier, then what hope is there for a team that just delivers results on the pitch?
  21. Someone should get in touch with Batley and tell them not to bother turning up on Sunday then.
  22. Not Workington but London (Coleman) and Dewsbury (Greenwood) . Maybe it's FIVE !!
  23. That makes it four this season, I think!!
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