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  1. Yes, it works. Don't have a season ticket to qualify for the 40% off so had decided not to purchase but this offers more than 50% (£69 off the £129 annual cost). Brilliant! Thanks for the info. Plus the subscription includes La Liga so I can watch Valencia CF (used to live there and was a regular at the Mestalla Stadium)- Bonus!
  2. If money were to come into the game it should be spent on 1) Establishing a national network of fully funded and supported development officers and 2) Staffing the RFL marketing department with marketing professionals who understand how marketing actually works. Building stadiums for Wakefield,Castleford, Salford, Swinton or whoever should be way down the list and be covered by loans not grants.
  3. At least the Lyles coaches were reasonably comfy. I remember doing a trip to Bramley with a double decker bus from Yorkshiire Woollen District when they picked the oldest, most rickety bus in the fleet. It overheated on the hill up from Birstall Smithies, had to stop to top up the radiator and eventually made it to Bramley about 3 minutes before kick off. YWD used to organise trips from the bus station. They were very cheap but you got what you paid for!
  4. Any statisticians out there know where Wayne's 89 tries place him on the all-time Batley list? Less than Linners, Tommo and JC but I would imagine still in the top 10 all-time list. If he is up there in the top 10 it would be a shame if this wasn't recognised in some way. His departure was very low key and in my opinion he deserved a much bigger send off and thank you from the club.
  5. They sound like two highly promising young lads. Great news! Welcome to the Bulldogs!
  6. Sent via Paypal (I think)- pse let me know if it has arrived! Tks R
  7. Worse than flukey. The tryscorer wasn't the guy who tried to drop a goal . He was standing about 15 yards offside when it was kicked and had an easy job touching down. Ref missed this completely. Rather unfortunate for Wath Brow!!
  8. Think you're getting your Tuesdays and Fridays mixed up Phil. The 11am watch this space was for the Meadows signing!
  9. I'm in too! Greetings to all from the Bromley Branch of the Bulldogs supporters!
  10. Have the Super League confirmed that Toulouse will get an equal share of the TV money next year? Just hoping they don't impose a reduction on them like they did to Leigh this year. Wouldn't put anything past them. Can just imagine them saying we need to pay a parachute payment to the relegated club, so you don't get the full whack...... Paranoid ,I know but......
  11. Well done, Workington. Looking forward to welcoming you to Mount Pleasant next year! Enjoy today! and....Looking forward to a trip up to Derwent Park next year.
  12. Think that Levi E on a season long loan would be a great result. Also, not sure that Jack Logan has actually signed for 2022 at Leigh, maybe a word in his ear and a welcome back to the Mount?? Either way, centre should remain our main priority.
  13. Facebook 5/10 Batley Bulldogs RLFC updated their status. 25m · Onwards and Upwards Squad News Tomorrow!
  14. Flynn injured in first half. Must have had a big influence on our defence, plus we ended up with four wingers on the pitch (counting Hall as a winger) so the disruptions there can't have helped. Great first half and overall a brilliant season. Well done to all players, staff and all at the club.
  15. Oh, come on POR!! No season would be complete at Fev without the usual end of season raid on the Bulldogs!
  16. Says it all about our performance when the Man of the Match (in my opinion at least) was a 40 year old bloke running on one leg. But he kicked us to death and I'm imagining that Broughton is wishing he hadn't been recalled for this match. Sykes must be causing him nightmares.
  17. Well, he was at the match, in the Long Stand and wandering around with beers in his hand. Did anyone ask him directly why he wasn't playing? Or even if he's off to Fev??. Would be interesting to know....
  18. On the RL site (match squads) they list Oli Burton again. Maybe he's no 21 replacing the missing Kaye?
  19. Gledhill signed up yesterday
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