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  1. He'll be right at home here. Nice little Toronto connection now, with Greg Worthington coaching and now Corey Knox playing.
  2. They played against an amateur side, a not great amateur side at that. It was a rubbish game. Granted a lot of good athletes on the Toronto side but you'll see better rugby players week in week out round the amateur scene. The Brighouse number 18 was by far and away the best player on the pitch.
  3. Cos we've moved on so much since then at this level?
  4. The Canadian kid was quality.
  5. Total hypocrisy from the Fords. Mike walking out on his South Queensland contract and George walking out on Leicester. How dare they question Sams integrity?
  6. To imply that Sam lacks character and heart is very bitter and disingenuous. Don't these RU types know the huge challenges Sam has faced and over come in his life. This whole episode has shown them up for the bitter and arrogant people they are. How they can ever say RL fans have a chip on their shoulders after this. Problem is it will soon be glossed over and forgotten about by the media. Next major RU tournament the line about morals etc will be trotted out again without been questioned.
  7. I think the inference been that it was long and drawn out without a great deal happening. Or maybe they were expecting a dramatic ending.
  8. Seven of us went yesterday. All big RL fans, three of us who have played or still play. Everyone of us thought it was an awful game. Comments in heard from people around me included "super league more like super boring" and "this is like an extended Coronation Street". Basically skill were lacking, kicking game from both sides was poor. England looked clueless in attack and were set up like a poor under 13s side.
  9. No doubt waiting to see if Bulls beat Wakey. Probably!!
  10. Wallabies unashamedly admitting they will use Yanks lack of knowledge about "rugby" to claim Jarryd Haynes during friendly game in US. I'd get annoyed but it doesn't suprise me.
  11. Quality is down. The Pennine League didn't help themselves last year messing with the divisions and allowing teams to move divisions after season had started. Notice Queensbury are fielding 3 teams again.
  12. I've been expecting this for weeks. Lowes use of his squad and interchanges baffles me. Sunday I think he used only 9 of his interchanges. Villa wasn't brought on til 12 mins from the end, when o'Brian was clearly knackered. Last night he took off a centre, Henry only to put him back on at Centre. Luaki, well not sure what's going on there. At first I thought it was his fitness. But he has to be fit now. Lowes plays him for 15 mins a game in 2 spells. He always looks unhappy at coming off. Give a good 20 min spell for god sake he hasn't had one all season. Lowes will go 35 mins before making a change at prop. And instead of recalling half backs out on loan let's okay a 2nd rower and a centre there.
  13. Last home game for Queensbury teams was beginning of Jan. And I think teams lower down the valleys have had as many called off as us. Last season we went all winter without a weather related postponement.
  14. Our club had a meeting this week and a move to summer was raised as the Premier div has become a complete joke. Many lads feeling they are now playing what amounts to a friendly league each week but getting battered for the privilege.
  15. So are they Satanists then, Heaven backwards? Or perhaps she was concieved at a populat Holiday Park and they threw in an extra e to be pretentious!!??