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  1. That last sentence sums it up perfectly.
  2. Agree with the comments from Essex RL and Amber Avenger. Great to see a good crowd there. Sods law though that I should be in York for a family commitment on the day when we clearly did so well against them at New River.
  3. Decent effort from Broncos but thought Toronto were quite subdued tonight. Points in the bag though for the homesters.
  4. Quite right Southerner Gigot is a real talent .Great result also ultimately tonight.👍
  5. That is a fair summary to be fair. We were dominant for the first 30 but as ever cannot see it through and let the opposition back into the game. We seem to concede so often just before the break A couple of early concessions just after the break left us catching up and to be fair we battled well ultimately, but it was too late. A game lost ultimately having been 18 zip up. That said there were no cards against us so from that point of view it was a bonus.
  6. Looking forward to the Chargers and H Hoists, and of course Skolars to follow.
  7. Spicer

    Cricket 2017

    Oh well you have had long enough to acknowledge the little county of Essex CCC thrashing your and the ECB`s blue eyed boy test counties over the current season. Great effort from Essex only having been promoted from the second division last season. 10 wins and no losses is pretty impressive to say the least. As an example Yorkshire thrashed in 2 and a half days at Scarborough and barely 3 days when Ryan Tendo picked the the Championship Trophy up at Chelmsford at the conclusion of the season , That said most impressed to see Ryan Sidebottom and the Yorks players applaud Tendo when he picked the trophy up. Cant say I was impressed to see Chris Silverwood appointed as head coach after Grayson was sacked, Thought It was the cheap option as we normally go for at Chelmsford. Glad to have been proven wrong and to rightly acknowledge Silverwoods influence along with the great captaincy of Ryan Tendoeschate. Its been a long wait but well worth it, if we blow out now which I supspect we will not I will not be too disheartened.
  8. The result aside I enjoyed the experience at Hunslet yesterday. Theres no doubt both teams were well up for the fixture looking at there reaction when the tries were run in. Skolars run came to an end of course and I would suggest that wast to a large extent self inflicted with all the errors, and penalties conceded. Apart from the try conceded just prior to half time the defence overall was pretty good. Cracking try run in by Smokey J and of course a special mention for Jamel Coleman playing with that damaged arm from quite early on in the game. Well done Hunslet when all said and done, Hopefully come the return sunday Skolars will prevail. Sadly I will not be one of those in attendance due to work.
  9. Nothing like the performance I witnessed at Coventry, but a fair assessment by JonM. Credit to South Wales needless to say. Not the best of games but another Skolars win when all said and done.
  10. If they can continue on from the second half showing we witnessed at Coventry I will be more than happy. Always a good night is this.
  11. Ok I thought I may mention a little about this fixture having calmed down a little. At the outset I was expecting something in the region of a 24 point defeat. In the end though Skolars acquiited themselves well in the circumstances and as the scoreline suggests was always in it. Very pleasing workrate and defensive effort with a couple of obvious exceptions As tends to be the case though we don`t have enough of creativity or guile in approaching the oppositions try line. That said Barrow defended as well as expected. Not too downhearted after watching that and was great to see no dual registered players from Ealing ..
  12. Sorry yes 10 not 6,but hardly Toronto loss proportions was it, Being a multi sports facility perhaps the dressing rooms were double booked. Who knows eh,I am not saying that is ideal but when all said and done would Barrow have preferred to have come back midweek in the very near future before the cut off in order to be guaranteed a free dressing room.. Presumably not. Its also worth pointing out that Skolars have to book the pitch for use via a third party, id say its fair to say the same would apply to the dressing rooms..
  13. It was quite shocking. There was no excuse, I say stop Skolars funding and give it to Workington. Social media eh How about they throw all the Southern teams out and look after the heartlands, You know all those clubs that will command no interest at all from the broadcasters and sponsors