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  1. No thats right mate we never ever got near 650 attendance at the Stoop No we got thousands instead.. Granted they will get over a thousand with the likes of Bradford and Hull KR in town these days.but that is basically it., You immediately form the opinion that it was Union mob who was at fault ultimately. So what proof can you provide of that ? How many venues has Hughes been at now then ? Perhaps there is something to read into that, Ever since Lenaghan was forced out it has been down hill. Perhaps they should arrange a home game at the same as a wedding to boost the numbers. And you never know Dave might even get the admin to post an attendance at some point on the clubs website,.
  2. To be fair it was a disappointing display largely by Skolars today but as ever was well worth the visit, In my opinion we will always be Champ 1 standard but I am quite happy with that. Yes Bridgend were clearly outclassed today but the best contest has not got a mention in GB Police v Weald Warriors. A deserved win for the latter in the end but with a good deal of skill on show. Looking forward to seeing Toronto down here. We may well get spanked but at least it will be at "our" and London`s home of Rugby League.
  3. Have been to Toulouse a few times mainly to be fair to watch Quins Union team but also using that airport due to the lack of flights to Perpignan in late January to see Broncos in a friendly versus Catalan.Those were the days when Kieron Dixon was starting out and his last minute try brought to a smile to my face on an otherwise forgettable occasion from a London point of view. I think Cats got 40 odd but it could have been seventy. Those were the days when Rob Powell was head coach and Gus Mackay was the C.E.O. Best leave it there . Already booked up to see Toulouse versus Broncos in mid June, and Looking forward to it immensely. Booked flights from Gatwick at £78 return a few weeks back friday pm to sunday pm Hotels are reasonably priced,and going on last february`s prices it was no more than one and a half Euro`s` from the airport to the City centre which is about 25 mins on the tram. As for Toronto it clearly wasnt to be for an away fixture.for Skolars. s .
  4. Couple of us are off to All Golds for the Skolars fixture.. It will be interesting to see how we react to last Saturday's loss to Doncaster at New River. Skolars to prevail, hopefully.
  5. They played at Enfield whilst the pitch and floodlighting was upgraded.
  6. Hard fought win for the Skolars yesterday at a rather damp Caerphilly. After going over early on it appeared as though it would be a less than difficult encounter. Not a bit of it. Skolars dominated largely in the first half increasing there lead to 16-6 at half time which was a fair reflection. It was a different Scorpions in the second period though with them dominating for long periods, with Skolars forced to defend set after set. A combination of errors but particularly effective defensive play kept the homesters scoreless. I was fearing the worse as we neared the start of the last quarter due to the pressure believing it only to be a matter of time before South Wales scored, and perhaps setting the platform to go on an win. Maybe a few seasons back that would have been the case, but the Skolars are much more resilient these days and saw the match out after a final try in the last few minutes. As a side I am not one for the doubling up system but as we have to have it was pleased to see Broncos Joe Keyes making his Skolars debut yesterday. Whilst not being spectacular he had an ok game and his defence has seemingly improved since I last saw him at Broncos some time back at The Hive..
  7. Agree entirely. I must admit to being taken in at first by Dr K.
  8. Good to see March get his just desserts here.
  9. Agree completely, I bailed out when I got to the Old Trafford seat selection quiz and so you got further than I was prepared to go.
  10. Unable to get out and about currently so missing the Skolars tie. Should be a good contest at the very least. Ideally a home win of course.
  11. Agree totally,absolutely spot on.
  12. It would be nice to think they can kick on from here after there recent performances. Pleased to see Jymel Coleman signed also this week.
  13. .. When it came to Really,so whats changed, you were adamant they should not play at a "union" venue or at least that applied to them playiing at The Stoop.But then again anythng goes when it comes to Dave`s sycophantic following..
  14. To be fair Broncos would not be where they are today without Hughes,
  15. To be fair they don't now Barry64. Mostly it will be Skolars Saturday and Broncos Sunday.