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  1. Yes absolutely Wire Quin. It’s just a pity he left but in the circumstances you can’t blame him. As you allude to after that all that positivity dissipated.
  2. He hasn't had to this year but yes it was always amusing to hear that announced. Well done on breaking those records Dylan
  3. Not necessarily Scubby. DH is quoted in the Currant Bun as claiming the Stoop is still an option along with Barnet, Orient and Gillingham.
  4. Needless to say quite agree. Having e mailed the RFL with my concerns yesterday it should be interesting to see whether they get back, but Im not holding my breath. I also e mailed Broncos for there take on this, and definately dont expect a reply from them. Thats not due to the content of the e mail but more due to the fact they are probably ringing round trying to find somewhere to play next year. (if there is to be a next year)
  5. I appreciate what you are saying here but Im sorry its a Challenge Cup semi final and it should be played a truely "Neutral" venue. If the RFL are so concerned about showing empty stands why have they authorised Sky to show Broncos v Leeds on a school night on thursday 1/8/13.Perhaps they RFL should switch that to Leeds. Im sorry but If the RFL have to take a bit of a financial hit on this one occasion,so be it.
  6. After the Sheffield fixture friday evening a few of us flagged this up as a good option. Shame it wasnt selected as yes it would have been ideal and fair travel wise. Thats probably why the RFL didnt select it. Playing in Wigan`s back yard is clearly more neutral.
  7. There was talk according to a poster on here of Cats V London being in Perpy at The Aimee Giral (Union Ground) in the French Press. Heard that mentioned friday at Sheffield also.
  8. Will get to this fixture one way or another but sent a whingeing e mail to the RFL re the Wigan home game. Will make no difference but I feel a lot better now.
  9. Cant make the Broncos fixture but will definately be there for this sunday, Sadly thats the only day I can make. Weathers looking good to boot. Come on GB..
  10. I wondered why Kenny Jackett resigned at Millwall yesterday.
  11. Jeez thats serious money we are talking here. Praying that he stays but still reckon a lack of Champions League action will be a deciding factor. Just have a feeling we could see Bale going one way and Modric plus money to Spurs. Assuming of course Levi hasnt browned "Modders" off over the previous transfer shannanigans.
  12. And of course well done to Gareth Bale on his Player and Young Player of the Year award. Thoroughly deserved, Just wish as a Spurs fan though that he could curb the occasional needless fall to the floor, Still best make the most of this season as I think he will be gone next. You just know we will finish fifth you see.
  13. Yes he had stagnated for me. Great move for the lad. Two Essex boys in the Quins team tonight. We will be exporting them up North next.
  14. Quite right, but it will be good to see a game as it seems an age since the last home encounter. Being a glutton for punishment and all that. 34 14 to the visitors.
  15. He never got much of a look in under Mac. Wouldnt be surprised to see him and Sheriffe back. Will be two less Championship players to seek going into next season.
  16. You can rest well tonight knowing that there were at least half a dozen Quins shirts on show in Block 141 lower tier near the Press Box. Saw a couple wearing Crusaders shirts in Wembley Way afterwards. Didnt think overall though there were as many neutrals as in previous years.
  17. I seem to be in a minority with those I have discussed this with at Quins but I am not so sure that playing outside of Super League and in the Championship would be a total disaster. Its certainly not my preferred option but I would say they would keep the majority of the 2,000 or so hard core fans, but only if they played in the London area. Fortunately as the junior game is pretty much embedded around different areas of London I would say it will keep growing. Add to that the fact that a good few junior clubs are catching the youngsters at a very early age as minis hopefully they will turn out to be "league" only players as oposed to playing union in the off season, which was invariably the case a few years ago when I was involved. Also I am not convinced that a lot of the prospective players of the future in London are necessarily aspiring to play for Quins as opposed to representing some of the bigger clubs around the m62. And until Quins become a tad more glamorous and start threatening to win a few games over a season on a regular basis I am not sure things there attitudes will change.
  18. I dare say there will be a fair number rubbing there hands together with glee at the thought of Quins folding. Yes it does not look good the fact that with one game to go we have not heard of any season ticket renewal packages and made any announcements regarding signing up players for next year. That said at the fans forum a few months back David Hughes seemed very upbeat about the future prospect of a franchise. We shall have to see what happens but whether its good or bad news for us Quins fans I doubt there will be any criticism of the Chairman and rightly so.
  19. I suppose we could sign a couple from the London Junior League
  20. At least it`s another Quin on here fighting the good fight on behalf of the club.
  21. You never know as Crusaders are at home they may get a decision as opposed to the the usual heartlands homer calls from the officials.
  22. Indeed yes but Earlies that morning. Will be travelling on the tube from Knightsbridge so that will take me a fair while. Understand its only a 10 or so minute walk from Uxbridge station. May not make the start but will get there a.s.a.p. Hopefully we will have a 10 to 6 on so that I can take some time off.
  23. Indeed Northern Eel. Not many Quins Community clubs at finals day this year. That said the coverage in the Quins programme after the event was actually pretty well balanced for a change. Dont suppose you know the kick off time for the County High fixture at Hillingdon on cup final eve. ?
  24. Had a rare trip to Skolars yesterday. No shortage of effort or desire from the Gateshead side. Well done to the loyal 16 or so that travelled down chanting and encouraging their side from start to finish. It made the atmosphere. Hope someone from Quins was on hand watching Skolars Sam Gee. Seems far to good for that level.
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