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  1. Will not be entertaining this in any shape or form . I believe the women’s London Spirit team are to play fixtures at Chelmsford. Will show about as much interest in watching them as I will traipsing up to Lords to watch the men.
  2. Congratulations to Essex County Cricket Club on their second County Championship title in three years. And of course 3 titles in four years if you count the lower tier of the game Not forgetting the double this season what with the T20. Well done Tendo, Harmy, players and coaching staff. Great to see the Test Counties floundering .It would be good to see Somerset get the title next season if we fail to do so. .
  3. Was told the other Broncos player was Hindmarsh. Don’t do Broncos so would not know.
  4. The lad who was injured just on the 40. I’m told by Broncos fans today is a real speedster. Also told the player you mention is Meadows who played at 7. Scored a decent try under the sticks as I recall .
  5. Already dealt with the Broncos scenario.The Wigan lads are so good they are playing third tier.
  6. Maybe not but he won’t have Super League DR players available like Thunder today. Only those not required from Broncos who are let’s be fair a Championship standard as a starting 13. Those DR players are also young and have little experience unlike the opposition they are likely to meet this season when it comes to dual reg.
  7. At least you didn’t have to suffer a journey back from Wales this week. If you don’t like what you see perhaps watch Coventry.They seem pretty confident these days.
  8. I bet it didn’t take long for the Hearns to come to that decision.
  9. Agree with the comments from Essex RL and Amber Avenger. Great to see a good crowd there. Sods law though that I should be in York for a family commitment on the day when we clearly did so well against them at New River.
  10. Decent effort from Broncos but thought Toronto were quite subdued tonight. Points in the bag though for the homesters.
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